Lindsay RN and the Swiss Army Table

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Note: I almost put this one in the fetish category but I like to think it’s a story about the people and not the place.

I hope you enjoy it!


The day I met her was, without a doubt, one of the most embarrassing days of my life.

I had spent months digging my way out of a deep hole after losing my job and my marriage in the same week. The icing on the cake had been learning my soon-to-be ex had been cheating on me with the same guy that had laid me off. I can still vividly remember hearing the guy that was fucking my soon-to-be ex-wife tell me that my position was redundant and the upcoming restructuring would mean my services were no longer needed.

The marriage had lasted four years and it hadn’t been perfect. We got married too young and too quickly because of a pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage so she always doubted that we “belonged” together. To be fair, I doubted it at times also.

Anyway, after a very rough year I was finally putting the divorce behind me and starting to enjoy life again. I was dating a bit and hooking up occasionally with an old girlfriend from college. A second pregnancy scare was enough for me and I decided it was time to get a vasectomy.

That’s how I met Lindsay RN.

The referral I received from my doctor included instructions to provide a fresh sperm sample when I saw the specialist. They mailed a plastic container with more specific instructions to my home.

Which brings me to most embarrassing day of my life.

I showed up at the specialist’s office 15 minutes early hoping the receptionist would look like a middle school P.E. teacher that was close to retirement. No such luck.

The reception desk was unattended so I sat down in the waiting room and placed the paper bag containing a small plastic jar of my fresh semen on the coffee table in front of me. I tried to distract myself from my upcoming procedure with an eight-month-old copy of Sports Illustrated but it was no use. When the door next to the reception desk opened a genuine distraction entered the room… Lindsay RN.

She wore what I suppose passes for a nurse’s uniform these days, a solid black outfit that fit her like a college volleyball jersey and a pair of yoga pants. Her light brown hair (piled up in a perfectly messy bun), bright green eyes, and a knowing smile made my awkwardness complete.

“Mr. Rollins?” she smiled.

“Yes!” I answered, a bit too enthusiastically. I stood and tossed the magazine onto the table. It struck the paper bag which came open as it fell to the floor. The clear plastic container with the yellow lid rolled lopsidedly across the floor and came to rest under a row of chairs on the opposite side of the room.

“I’ll get ’em,” she giggled.

She spun around walked away as if we’d been playing catch and the ball had gotten past her. Her perfectly ample ass shifted deliciously with each step she took. Knowing which chair my semen sample had rolled under, she bent over and began reaching around on the floor between two seat cushions. It took her a while to feel around under the chair and find the jar. Unable to see through the seat of the chair, she widened her stance (twice) as reached around on the floor and I took in the view.

Her skin-tight pants left nothing about her shape to the imagination. Her’s was real ass, perfectly rounded yet curving softly and seamlessly from her waist to her amazing thighs. She was short, about 5’3″ and she had that kind of obscenely hot ass that it seems only the shorter girls are allowed to have. She eventually planted a knee in one of chairs and the gap between her thighs revealed an intimately distinct roundness, right there in front of me, hidden by only thinnest layer of skin-tight material. My cock twitched involuntarily and I quickly adjusted myself while she still faced the other direction. As she stood and faced me again, she found me stupidly examining the ceiling as if it were more interesting than watching a beautiful girl struggle to retrieve a jar of my cum out from under a chair.

“They almost got away,” she said, smiling victoriously. Then she totally misunderstood my awkward silence and shifted into a professional mode. I silently cursed myself, knowing that if I could have said anything that was even slightly cool she probably would have kept smiling.

“I’m sorry,” she said, dryly. “If you’ll just follow me, please.”

Thinking I would follow her just about anywhere, I watched every tic and tock of every step she took until she moved aside and ushered me into a small examination room.

“There’s a gown on the table,” she said, as she left me alone, closing the door behind her. It went without saying that I needed to get naked and put the gown on. I decided I could probably keep my socks on so that’s what I was wearing when Lindsay RN knocked softly on the door before opening it and stepping back into the little room.

“If you would take a seat right here, Mr. Rollins,” she said, as she patted the end of the exam table with one hand and Sinop Escort began to raise the back rest up with the other. My heart rate and blood pressure were higher than usual but she kindly dismissed it as normal.

“Just relax, Dr. Burton is the best.”

She started to unfold the examination table like a Swiss Army knife and seconds later I was staring at the ceiling with my feet in stirrups, my legs spread, and my shaven man parts hanging out over the edge. I grabbed the table edges with white knuckles and wished for an anesthesiologist that could knock me out.

She was busy between my raised legs so, after a long moment, I decided I had to see what Lindsey RN was doing. Wrenching my eyes away from the ceiling tiles, I found her staring at my cock and preparing to shave my already shaven balls. That’s when my cock twitched and began to get hard.

“This may seem unnecessary, Mr. Rollins, but the procedure requires the area to be sterile. It’s a very routine procedure and there’s no need to worry but it is minor surgery so all the normal precautions must be taken,” she said, in her most professional voice.

I think my nervous laugh surprised her a bit and she looked me in the eye. I’m usually a confident enough guy but I had to look away as she began snapping on a pair of latex gloves.

“Sterility is the reason I’m here” I joked, nervously. “Do what you have to do.”

I heard her exhale loudly and felt her applying some type of shaving gel to my balls. Even though the gel felt ice-cold I still struggled to reverse the increasing hardening of my cock. It was pointless.

“Please try to relax, Mr. Rollins,” she said, more kindly than professionally. ” …and let me assure you that this is all fairly routine.”

Her thinly veiled message was clear enough. She obviously wasn’t looking at the first erection she’d ever caused this way. I looked down between my naked legs, past my highly inappropriate hard-on, at the angel that was very professionally shaving my balls and decided to face the truth and admit it.

“I can’t imagine this ever happening any differently.”

She smiled almost imperceptibly and went about her task. When she had finished shaving me she began to prepare a tray of medical instruments and my hard-on all but disappeared. All fairly routine, I’m sure.

The doctor entered the room and by the time he had filled a syringe with what he called a ‘local anesthetic’ I was completely limp. It was my ‘location’ he was talking about, right?

It wasn’t terrible. It was actually no big deal. I glanced at Lindsey RN a few times during the procedure and her smile was different. She was still smoking hot (of course) but her smile was the compassionate and kind smile of a nurse and I knew what she wanted me to know… ‘You’ll be ok, Mr. Rollins. You’re going to be just fine.’

When the doctor was finished he spent a few minutes explaining what I could expect post-procedure and mentioned that I’d be given a detailed list of instructions before I left. After he left the room, Lindsay RN helped me out of the stirrups and folded them back into the sides of the exam table. She asked me to stop at her desk for some paperwork on my way out and left me to get dressed alone.

She barely acknowledged my arrival at her desk. Her eyes were fixed on the list of instructions she read to me; no exertion for 72 hours, no erections (if possible), no ejaculation, and no sexual activity for a week, return in three weeks with another semen sample to confirm the procedure was successful, and do not assume sterility until it is confirmed analysis of a post-procedure sample.

As she read through the list it dawned on me that she had a very good reason to avoid looking me in the eye and avoid sharing her smile with me again. She knew that helping me avoid arousal was her duty as a nurse and caring that much was simply in her nature. Could she have known she could hurt me with that sexy smile? Maybe I wasn’t reading the situation correctly but that’s the thought that struck me in the moment. Right or wrong, it was a sobering thought and I took her instructions very seriously,

I returned three weeks later to give Lindsay RN another plastic jar of my cum and I was totally over feeling awkward about it. I was determined to look her in the eye and actually enjoy her beautiful smile. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there and I met Marge RN who, ironically, looked exactly like a middle school P.E. teacher that was close to retirement.

A few days later Lindsay RN called me. I was waiting for lab results so the call wasn’t a complete surprise.

“Mr. Rollins, this is Lindsay from Dr. Burton’s office. There’s been a problem at the lab and I’m afraid we need another sample from you.”


“We could mail a sample kit but it’d be great if you could swing by the office this afternoon some time.”

“I can be there in about an hour.”

“Super. Just knock on the outer door. Dr. Burton is in the O.R. today so the office is actually closed.”


“Great! Sinop Escort Bayan See ya when ya get here.”

During the drive I let my mind wander a bit. Lindsay RN seemed very friendly on the phone, more friendly than Marge RN would have been. Maybe she’d be finishing up with her to-do list and we’d coincidentally leave together. Maybe I could charm her into grabbing a coffee with me, maybe drinks if I got really lucky.

I knocked on the outer door of Dr. Burton’s office and Lindsay RN opened it. No scrubs today. Her hair was falling over her shoulders and hiding the straps of the white cami-style top. A delightfully snug pair of khaki shorts that barely covered her round ass made me wonder again if she had played volleyball in college but at her height I knew it wasn’t likely. Little leather flip-flops completed the outfit. The head-to-toe glance I took lasted almost no time but she caught me anyway.

“Sorry about all this,” she smiled, “but I’m glad you could swing by. It’ll really help us get results faster.”

“Sure, it’s no problem.”

I expected her to hand me a sample kit that I would need to return with later but she didn’t. Smiling the entire time, she led me to the same room where she had shaved my balls. It was not a long hallway but I appreciated the view. The hem of her short shorts disappeared under her perfect ass as she walked ahead of me. Two back pockets, just as form-fitting as the shorts, offered me straight lines that curved over her ample ass and only served to make her exquisite roundness more breath-taking. Those pockets were too tight to be used for much and yet I knew that if I had my arm around her waist my fingers could be squeezed in. It was a world-class pair shorts.

“There’s a routine post-procedure examination. You know the drill, right?” She smiled, as she patted that same Swiss Army exam table. The stirrups were already folded out and locked in place. I wondered if she had remembered my settings or had the table been left that way. She gave my upper arm a light squeeze and she might have winked at me as she brushed by me and left. I couldn’t be sure. I was sure she touched my arm and sure she left. The wink had me spinning a bit.

She and I were the only people in a locked doctor’s office. There was a neatly folded hospital gown on the exam table and Lindsay RN expected me to be wearing it when she returned.

I was almost shaking and could barely believe my situation. I knew I had options and all of them made me a bit nervous. As I made my decision I could feel my cock beginning to harden, How could anything be embarrassing considering the way my first appointment went? I trusted my first instinct and got naked. When Lindsay RN knocked lightly and stepped back into the tiny room I was on the table, in the stirrups, with the gown pulled up onto my abdomen. My aching hard-on was on full display. I even took off my socks.

She over-looked my pulsing cock (literally looking over it) and looked me straight in the eye. I can’t remember ever feeling quite that naked.

“Did I mention how nice it is to see you again, Mr. Rollins?”

“Holy shit!” I exhaled, only then realizing I’d been holding my breath. “Could you please call me Sam?”

“Of course,” she laughed. “I’m Lindsay.”

“I know. You’re usually labeled… Lindsay RN.”

“Yes,” she giggled, “…usually.”

Her hands were on me, one gently grasping my aching cock and the other cupping my nutsack. She nodded thoughtfully as she inspected the very small and nearly invisible incision scars on each side of my sac just below the base of my shaft. She allowed my cock to slide through her fingers just slightly as she slowly pushed me to one side and then the other just to be sure of my post-op recovery. Just to be safe she examined each side 3 or 4 times.

“Everything looks just fine to me, Sam.”

I started to sit up but I was pushed backwards by a small hand in the middle of my chest. She smiled and told me that we were not quite finished.

“Sam, I’m sorry about the lab results.”

“It’s O.K.”

I knew it was time to say something cool but I had no idea what cool even felt like at that point.

She stood and faced the tray table, busying her hands with packaging of some kind while I took the opportunity to fully appreciate her hall-of-fame ass and flawless legs again.

“No, Sam, you don’t understand and please don’t be mad.”

She took an incredibly deep breath.

“I lied to you about your lab results. Your vasectomy was a complete success and your copies of the lab report are on my desk.”

“Oh,” I replied, still waiting for my cool to arrive. “That’s good.”

“Yes, it’s very good but you’ve neglected to shave since your procedure.”

She turned around, smiling in a way that I’m sure stopped my heart for an instant, and shrugged adorably as she showed me a brand new razor and freshly opened tube of shaving gel.

“May I?”

All I could manage was a dumb-founded smile and a hint Escort Sinop of a nod.

I still hadn’t found any cool words but the look on my face probably spoke volumes. She kicked a stool between my knees and, without breaking eye contact, she sat down and went to work.

It was excruciating.

“This is all kinda your fault, you know? You weren’t supposed to come back in on my day off.”


“Yeah, I was kinda pissed when I missed you. I was gonna give you my phone number.”

She blushed! It was amazing! Shaving my balls for fun was no problem for her but admitting she wanted me to give me her number made her blush. I was in a special corner of heaven that I’ll remember for a very long time.

The first time she had shaved me I spent nearly every second staring at the ceiling and swimming in embarrassment. This time I watched, barely breathing.

With a devilish smile that I’d never seen before, she set the razor on the tray table and squeezed the entire package of shaving lubricant into her palm. She warmed it in her bare hands as her gaze shifted to my achingly hard cock.

She cupped my balls firmly with both hands and massaged them almost too forcefully before gripping the base of my shaft and squeezing me with both fists gliding upward. A tiny gasp escaped her as I felt a huge drop of pre-cum being propelled from deep inside me by her touch. The simple fact that she wasn’t wearing gloves this time was almost enough to push me over the edge but I managed to hold on. Just before she reached for the razor she dried her right hand on my hospital gown, intentionally massaging my chest and teasing my nipples in the process.

“I hope you aren’t a malpractice attorney?”

I smiled stupidly and shook my head,

“That’s good. Just so you know, I’m not scheduled to be here today and all I have is a ’76 Volkswagen and my student loans.”

“I’m not gonna sue, I promise.”

She took her sweet time and I’m sure I watched her carefully shaving me for well over twenty minutes. I guess my cock was always in her way because she never left it alone. I was grabbed by the base and stroked, pinched and pulled, and pushed in every possible direction. She briefly used a single finger pressed against my pee hole to hold me still as she shaved the base of my shaft. I throbbed constantly as she intentionally edged me. The occasional involuntary cock twitch gave her several opportunities to giggle at me or give me a sympathetic little sigh. Every time she looked up at me she would smile like I was Santa Claus and had just given her a brand new puppy.

When she was satisfied that the razor’s work was done she spun around on the stool and searched the tray table and countertop behind her. Something was missing but I had no idea what it could be. When she gave up and spun back around to face me I continued to search the countertop with my eyes, hoping to guess what she wanted, find it, and then give it to her.

In a single and gracefully sexy motion, she crossed her arms over her tummy and pulled her white cotton camisole up over her head. Lindsay RN’s beautiful nipples hardened before my eyes as she gently dried my cock and balls with her shirt.

“I’d say you’ve made a full recovery,” she said, proudly examining her work and my aching erection while I tried to memorize the perfection of her full breasts and puffy pink nipples.

“I usually do,” I answered, finally finding something a bit cool to say. “Rapid recovery is something I’m actually pretty good at.”


“Yes, really.”

She grabbed my cock so fast that she startled me. She took me into her mouth and her lips were sliding downward, slowly. When she had all of me down her throat she started tonguing my balls at the base of my cock and I erupted. I shot rope after rope of my cum down her throat as she backed off just enough to begin swallowing. I was racked by spasms that fed her the lasts drops and she giggled, still holding the head of cock in her sexy mouth,

When I started breathing again she captured my balls in a ring she formed between her thumb and forefinger and used my strangled nutsack to pull my spent cock from her mouth with an obscene plopping noise.

“You better be right about the recovery thing, Sam,” she whispered, and she stood and faced the tray table again.

I stared at her gorgeous hair, naked back, plump sexy ass, and her beautiful legs and I wondered, very briefly, about what my next move should. I should have known by then that she had a plan of her own.

“Sam, I’m sure you realize that wasn’t exactly medically necessary,” she said.

As she turned to face me, she unbuttoned her shorts and wiggled them, along with her tiny panties, down over her hips. She made a little show of kicking her shorts, her panties, and two leather flip-flops into the corner of the tiny room. Registered nurses obviously don’t need the ability to dance and strip naked like a professional but Lindsay RN was a natural, even without music.

She stood there waiting for me. It was only seconds but I stared at her nakedness for too long. Her legs, her hips, her tummy and waist, her perfect breasts, the hand on her right hip, and her… eyes! …dammit! …and her smile …and the raised eyebrow.

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