Lisa’s Story Ch. 01

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I had known Lisa for a few years and always been friendly so one day when I asked her out to dinner it didn’t seem like a bad idea. We both enjoyed each other’s company and could relate well, and being parents we understood the various strains that each had to deal with. When she agreed to my invitation I was ecstatic. I had been harboring a small crush for this beautiful woman for some time but was always afraid to act upon it. So one day when she mentioned needing a break from the stress of work and kids I suggested a weekend away from it all, why not go somewhere and get pampered and taken care of for a change? If she was interested I would be glad to take her… she had joked that it was about time that I asked her out and a weekend away would be a great idea.

Surprise of all surprises she said she would love to. So I made various arrangements for the following weekend. All children were sorted out and sitters arranged. I was nervous as hell when I turned up on her doorstep to pick her up. I arrived early to find that she is just moments from being ready as she answers the door. She is dressed nice and casual in a light dress that hugs her curves perfectly. I manage to stutter that she looks great and that the weekend should be a lot of fun. Lisa smiles as she grabs a small bag.

“I am sure this weekend will be amazing, I can’t tell you how excited to be going” we stow her bag in my car and jump in. The drive into the city seemed to be shorter than it was. Time seemed to stop when Lisa speaks or smiles in my general direction. We arrive at the hotel I have chosen, in an effort to seem prepared I had already checked in so I offered to carry her bag and with my spare hand I gently grab hers and walk into the lobby guiding her to the elevators.

We got off on the 8th floor the room I got us is large and as a way of allowing Lisa some personal space I got a large suite that had two separate bedrooms. Showing her around she walks into the room that has my bag on the bed already and sits on bed

“This will do nicely” a grin on her face.

“O.k. I’ll can move my gear into the other room then” I reply putting her bag down on a chair and grabbing my bag I headed into the other room throwing my bag on bed I turn and she is right behind my still grinning putting her bag down just inside the door.

“You’re right this room IS much better” the grin on her face growing even bigger as she moves to stand right in front of me slipping her arms around me giving me a hug.

“Thank you for this” My hands stoke her sides softly.

“I am happy to be able to do something to make you happy and hopefully show you a good time.” Lisa sprang up on her toes she kissed my cheek.

“I promise that we BOTH will have a great time.”

I am left breathless as I see her smile her slender body in a dress that almost looks like it was painted on her heels clicking softly on the floor as she disappears to add the finishing touches to her make-up. Pacing about the lounge, I realize that in all the time I have known her that she hasn’t changed at all; still equally beautiful now as the day we met.

“I am really looking forward to tonight” I hear her call out from a bedroom.

“It has been a long time since I have been on an actual date” she says as she re-enters the lounge an impish grin across her face.

“So you would consider this as a real date?” I ask as I watch her walk slowly towards me.

“Well I think so… I have been waiting for you to ask for a while now…” her smile getting even bigger as she sees me fidget under her gaze.

“Well if I had even an inkling that you would have said yes or dressed as incredibly as this I would have” I tenderly reach out my hand for hers and she accepts it as we walk towards the door.

“So what have you got planned for us this evening Stephen?” Lisa says as she shuts the front door to her house and we begin the short walk to my car.

“I really wasn’t sure what you would like to do so I figured we would start out with a nice dinner and then see where the night takes us.” I reply as I open her door for her. Holding my hand out for her as she passes through which she takes. Her perfume is intoxicating and the touch of her hand has my heart pounding hard in my chest.

We walk into the restaurant arm in arm. As the waiter takes us to our table my hand slides to the small of her back gently guiding her, I relish the chance to touch her. Once seated and comfortable we start to talk not about anything special just simple chit chat enjoying being together and not having a care in the world.

Our meal and drinks pass by quickly, as does a bottle of wine and I can’t keep my eyes off of her. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. My eyes continuously drawn to her full lips and I fantasize not for the first time about kissing her. Lisa doesn’t stop smiling the whole time. When we finish our food Sinop Escort we contemplate dessert but decide to head to a nearby club instead the idea being to see how some time dancing will go.

The beat of the music hits us like a hammer sending vibrations through our bodies. We get a couple drinks and sit down in a booth for a little while just listening to the music and chatting. When the music changes to something a little slower, Lisa squeals and says we have to dance. I admire Lisa’s body as she starts to sway her hips and rock to the rhythm she grabs my hand and pulls me behind her as she heads towards the dance floor. I am totally lost and out of my element in a sea of bodies all bouncing and shaking to the loud music. Lisa turns to me she laughs as she sees me standing there uncomfortable but trying to look like I know what to do. Her hands grab my neck and pull me close to her my arms closing around her body as if it was perfectly natural and she holds me there her whole focus on me. We sway and move together our bodies pressed together and although we are in a room full of people we don’t notice a single soul.

“This isn’t so bad is it are you having fun” Lisa calls out trying to be heard over the music. I nod eagerly.

“This is better than I ever had hoped for” I reply, my hands gently stroking her spine as we move. The song finishes and another starts to thump away the crowd easing and then surging again. We continue to dance till it ends then make our way to a table near the bar. We order drinks and sit close. While listening to the ongoing music, I lay my hand on hers and she grasps it firmly and leans in to me.

“If you are worried about my running away don’t I really am having a great time.” She grins and kisses my cheek quickly and then stops and looks at me before leaning forward a second time. Not wanting to miss the opportunity I lean in and kiss her lips. She tastes sweet and her lips are very soft as they slowly part and her tongue darts out to lick my upper lip. We pull apart and smile at each other stupidly as we look into each other’s eyes.

“What do you want to do next? Anything you wish it’s my command what would the wonderful and absolutely gorgeous Miss Lisa like to do next?”

“I think that we should go out for another dance and then look at finding some dessert” she responds with a grin as she jumps up grabbing my hand and pulling me to my feet and furiously dashing out to the dance floor. Now Lisa’s moves are more suggestive, the sway of her hips and gyrations of her body bouncing her perfect breasts and tussling up her hair. She looked amazing and when she turned and proceeded to pull my arms around her in a spooning hug. Her body pressing hard up against mine, My hands staring to roam one holding and rubbing across her taut belly and the other siding up her arm and caressing her shoulder and neck.

As Lisa continued to dance her smile getting bigger as she could feel my lust pressing against the top of her perfect ass. My hands were starting to roam wider and even tremble for fear that she may have a change of heart and wish to stop. As the song draws to an end she turned and smiling wrapped her arm around my neck pulling my face towards hers. Her other hand guides mine down her side and slowly around her back till I am able to hold and squeeze her pert ass. We kiss this time it isn’t just a peck. There is passion and wanting brought on by years of friendship, confiding secrets, troubles, pains and desires, and the alcohol through the night.

Inhibitions fading away as our lips meet and hands wander. After a minute what I would list as the single greatest kiss of my life, the world continues to move around us but we are only focused on each other. Our lips separate and we both grin widely. I lean forward

“You wanna get out of here?” my hand firmly cupping her ass while the other is holding her cheek my thumb rubbing her jaw line.

“Yes let go, find something sweet to eat and some quiet.” A quick glance at my watch as we walk out into fresh air shows its almost midnight, Lisa leans against my side my arm immediately wrapping around her slender shoulders her hand reaching up and taking mine, as we begin to stroll back towards the hotel.

The elevator doors open and we step in, I’m leaning against the back wall and she moves to rest her back against my chest. Leaning down I gently move a stray curl of hair from the side of her neck and start to kiss her ear and then lower to her neck. Glancing at the reflection of her standing there in front of me my arms around her, her head tilted and neck exposed to my kisses

“Lisa you look amazing” I whisper into her ear between kisses as we ride the elevator up to our floor.

“Mmm that feels nice.” Is all she says as she tilts her head giving my hungry mouth more of her neck to nibble on. The elevator stops and the doors open as we rush out. Sinop Escort Bayan Hands fumbling through my pockets I find the door key and open it for Lisa as she steps in and grabs my collar pulling me in after her. The door closed and she turned with a flick of her head her hair flew away from her face showing her bright eyes as she pouts.

“What shall we do now? Hmm? It’s still early and I don’t really want to go to sleep yet…” she says as I pull her into my arms. Her hand wandering up my cheek, stroke her fingers through my hair. I lean in and kiss those perfect lips

“How about we have another drink and get more comfortable?” I suggest not letting go of her. She nods and says

“I will just change out this dress, will you help with this zip?” she turns to her left and raises her arm slightly exposing the offending zip that she could easily reach any other time but has decided to tease me with. Grasping it firmly I pull it down from just below her armpit to just above her hip revealing her smooth tan skin beneath. Emboldened by her actions I slid my hand in between the dress and down her back. Marveling at how soft she feels and how lucky I am to be here with her. I pull her around to me and we kiss our lips parting and my tongue brushing against hers and rubbing on her teeth. Now touching her bare flesh, my body reacts to her touch, my erection hard against her through my pants as she presses against me.

“I think I need to finish getting changed, I’ll be right back.” She says as she pulls away, walking into the bedroom. The door swinging only half shut behind her. I walk to the kitchen and grab a couple glasses of wine and head to the lounge. Glancing at the bedroom doorway I see the tight dress she had on fly across the opening and fall on the ground. After dimming the lights I sit down I kick off my shoes and get comfortable taking a sip of wine, I hear the door open and Lisa comes out her bare feet padding softly on the carpet.

“Much better” she says as she walks towards me in a tiny bathrobe that barely reached her thighs. She moves around me to sit down beside me and accepts the glass of wine I offer.

“Here’s to what has been a great night,” I say as I raise my glass. Lisa’s clinks against mine and we drink deeply. Taking my glass from me and putting both down on the coffee table she turns

“Now about that dessert you promised me earlier.” She purrs as she moves to straddle my lap grabbing my face and kissing me deeply, my hands immediately sliding up her legs, under her robe to her tight naked ass. Rubbing and massaging her ass Lisa moans into my mouth, her hands start to roam through my hair then down to my chest undoing buttons as she goes. My cock is hard and ready to burst from my pants as she rocks her body in my lap. My hands slipping up her sides finding her tits, her nipples hardened under my palms. Fumbling with the sash to her robe I undo it and pull it back off her shoulders revealing her naked beauty. As Lisa sits upright grinding her pussy on my cock, my mouth trails from her mouth gown to her neck then further till I am staring at a nipple. I draw it into my mouth sucking gently and flicking it with my tongue brushing it against my teeth and nibbling. Her hands grab my head and hold me there as her grinding gets harder.

Letting go of my head Lisa’s hands start to wander down to my belt pulling the buckle free and then unzipping my fly. Snaking her hand into my pants her hand feels cold as she grips my shaft, squeezing and stroking it firmly.

“I think we need to get rid of these” she says as her other hand playfully pulls on the side of my trousers.

“They are definitely in the way.”

“Well the lady’s wish is my command” I say as I move and stand lifting her small frame with me. Carrying her into the bedroom, holding her ass while kissing her lips and neck, she let her robe fall to the ground as we go.

When I feel the edge of bed hit my knee I stop walking and put her down. Standing upright her hands reach out and start pulling down my pants and boxers my cock mere inches from her face. She looks up at me and grins as she starts to stroke my cock again. Looking down as I finish taking off my shirt I watch as her grin disappears and her tongue starts to lick the head of my cock. Teasing me she kisses lick and gently grazes her teeth along the sides of my shaft. Then in once swift movement she runs her tongue from the base up the underside of shaft of the head and then plunges it deep into her mouth and down her throat.

A moan escapes my lips as she slowly pulls her head back her teeth gently grazing against the head as it passes her lips.

“This is the best kind of dessert a girl could ask for” she says between licks and sucks of my cock.

“Oh god that’s good… so when do you think I can have some?” I say my legs shaking from the sheer pleasure she is inflicting Escort Sinop upon me.

“Oh you can have some whenever you like babe.”

“Well then…” I say as I step back pulling my cock from her wet mouth. Leaning down with my hands under her thighs and flip her onto her back lifting her legs exposing her perfectly smooth pussy. Standing there admiring her naked body I start to slowly kiss my way down the inside of her legs biting and nibbling occasionally spending a little extra time to enjoy seeing her squirm as I reach her knees. Seeing her react as I kiss her knees makes me stop there, moving my hands now down her thighs spreading her legs more and opening her pussy. Glistening with her juices its obvious how wet she is and no surprise when the tips of my fingers slide between her lips. Hot and wet her puffy outer lips open easily around my fingers. I hear her gasp as I brush against her clit so slightly. I cannot take it anymore and my mouth leaves her knees and goes straight for her sopping wet pussy. Using my tongue I start by licking from the very bottom of her lips right to the top swirling around her clit before moving back down. I trace my tongue along her outer lips and then use it to probe her inner ones. I have moved my body so now my face is pressed into her cunt and her legs are over my shoulders.

My hands start to play with her perfect tits again. Rubbing and pinching nipples. While my tongue slips deeper and deeper into her wet hole. Soon I am tongue fucking her pausing every now and then to move up and suck and run my teeth gently on her clit. Lisa’s hands move down to hold my head moving her hands through my hair and rocking her hips fucking my tongue. I stop for a second and pull back to look at her face smiling I bring my finger to my mouth and lick it slightly before slipping it into her warm wet folds. Her pussy is tight but very wet and she shudders as I go deeper till the tip brushes against her cervix. I slowly start to piston my finger in and out of her pussy while returning my mouth to her clit.

Adding a second finger to her tight pussy I hooked them slightly rubbing her g spot as my sucking and swirling of my tongue on her clit. Lisa’s body responds by quivering and shuddering, a loud moan coming from her as I speed up. Lisa starts to pant and wriggle more.

“Oh god that feels so good, make me cum Stephen, don’t stop don’t stop”

“Mmmm ahhh AHHH Stephen that’s it yes, yes, yes, OH FUCK!” Lisa’s whole body seizes up and shakes as her orgasm hits. Her legs close on my head holding my face against her pussy as she continues to shudder and whimper, her pussy clenching my fingers the muscles throbbing and squeezing.

As she starts to come down and releases my head I withdraw my fingers sucking them clean as I kiss my way up her flat belly to the curved mounds of her breasts before reaching her neck and then kissing her mouth again. My rock hard cock now pressing against her wet lips as I rub it along her lips, Lisa looks at me and says

“Fuck me Stephen I want you inside me nowww!” she groans as I thrust deeply my cock sinking to the base in her tight pussy. I pause, my cock buried in her cunt and her arms and legs around me.

“Mmm yes oh god that’s good, your pussy is so tight Lisa” I start to slowly withdraw, till I am almost fully out of her pussy my head resting against her entrance, I then start to slowly thrust in and out shallow at first and then gradually going deeper, getting faster and harder till we are both moaning. My cock now pounding her wet pussy hard and deep, leaning back so I am upright I lift Lisa’s legs and hold them so her knees are up towards her tits. My cock now going even deeper, Liza’s moans growing louder. Rolling to my side I pull Lisa up and over till she is sitting on my lap my cock completely engulfed in her cunt.

Lisa starts to now rock her hips and writhe about on my dick. Her hard nipples in my hands as she starts to lift herself off my cock, before dropping back on it our bodies slapping against each other loudly

“Oh fuck you feel so good Lisa. Don’t stop your pussy feels so tight, work my cock, Lisa make me cum baby.” Lisa’s thrusting of her body gets faster and she starts to moan louder.

“Oh shit Stephen I’m cumming!!…” her tiny body shakes and trembles. Her pussy starts to pulse and her muscles start to milk my cock as a second orgasm courses through her body.

“Oh fuck Lisa I am gonna cum!”

“Oh yes Stephen I want you to cum in my mouth” as she quick pulls herself off my cock and moves taking it in her mouth sucking and stroking me till I erupt spurting cum into her mouth. Lisa swallows as quickly as I fill her mouth and after several throbbing pulses of my cock in her mouth she has sucked me dry swallowing every drop. She continues to suck and lick for a minute cleaning my cock before crawling up my body to my arms where I hold her tight and kiss her deeply. She sighs contently and snuggles into my chest, one of her hands rubbing my chest . One of my hands cupping her perfect ass cheek, the other brushing softly against her hand on my chest.

Feeling contented we fall asleep in each other’s arms. Satisfied grins on both our faces.

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