Lockdown with Mum Ch. 01

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Jack and mum were on the first week of lockdown, the coronavirus was affecting everyone’s lives. Mum was an Accountant with her own firm; all her staff were working from home apart from the receptionist, who was still working from the office. She was the contact for everyone who was handing in files; once she had them, she would arrange delivery of them to the staff member that was handling the audit. Once they had it, all the files were available on the secure Cloud that the firm used. Mum, had the easy job, she would study the figures then tell who was responsible how they could improve their performance.

Jack was in his final year at University; he could receive all his lectures online; he didn’t need to leave the house. His only problem was his final exams; they were still trying to find a way to have these exams without all the students gathering in a large group. It was now mostly revision for Jack; he discovered that he was taking in more from the online lectures.

The first week was no problem for both of them; mum was a widow, Jack’s father had also been an Accountant; it had been his firm that mum had joined just after she graduated. His dad had been older than mum; they had married, had Jack then when he died, mum had taken over the firm. Jack would join the firm after he graduated.

The first weekend was the first problem; they could only go out for shopping. Jack would drive mum to the shops; she would put on her mask and gloves then do the shopping as he waited in the car. They couldn’t go out for a meal as everything was closed. They also couldn’t have a coffee as no cafes or bars were open.

The weekend was tough; mum suggested that they could meet in the kitchen for coffee, they had a marvelous coffee machine there that made an excellent Cappuccino, which they both loved to drink. So twice a day they would meet in the kitchen for a coffee. Jack had a study where he worked. Mum had converted the dining room into her office; she now had two large screens and her computer and printer from the office there.

They had plenty of wine, in fact, a cellar full of it. Jack’s father had been a member of six good wine clubs, every month cases of wine arrived. He enjoyed Champagne, White Burgundy and Chablis, the cellar was packed with this.

Mum enjoyed cooking; she was an excellent cook; some of her meals were outstanding. There were a local butcher and fishmonger, who they had dealt with for years. They provided a delivery service; their products were of the highest quality.

Halfway through the second week, mum suggested, that one way to break the boredom of the lockdown would be if they both made an effort and dressed for dinner. From Wednesday night, they started to do this.

Jack was tall and handsome, mum was also tall and very attractive, she had a voluptuous body, but the clothes she wore to the office were plain boring business clothes. Jack got a surprise on Wednesday evening when he went into the kitchen for dinner; he was dressed in a nice shirt and tie and trousers.

Jack was pouring himself a glass of wine; he topped up mum’s glass, she liked to sip while she was cooking. Jack noticed mum was wearing a dress; he had never seen it before. The dress came escort şişli just above mum’s knees. Jack then realised mum had beautiful long legs. It also showed mum’s tight butt to perfection. Jack sat at the kitchen table chatting with mum; mum complimented him on his shirt and tie. The meal was ready mum placed the plates on the table then removed the apron she was wearing, Jack couldn’t believe how much cleavage mum was showing, her massive tits looked gorgeous.

Throughout the dinner, Jack just couldn’t keep his eyes off mum’s beautiful breasts; he was utterly overwhelmed by them. When they finished their meal, Jack said, “Mum, that was a great idea getting dressed for dinner, it has taken my mind off the lockdown, you look stunning when you’re dressed.”

Mum replied, “I’m glad that you have enjoyed it. We needed to do something as it was all starting to get boring. Jack, thanks for the compliment. I have something to ask of you. The hairdressers are all closed; I’ve a couple of grey hairs starting to appear in my head. Could you apply some hair-colouring to my head tomorrow? It’s easy to do, and I’ll explain everything.”

“Mum, no problem, just tell me a time and I’ll do it?”

Mum smiled then said, “That’s super. After our coffee, tomorrow afternoon would be terrific. Then my hair will be perfect for tomorrow night’s dinner. I will wear something low-cut for you; I think that you like my big tits?”

Jack could not believe what his mum had said, he blushed then said, “Mum, you have a beautiful body, I like it when you wear clothes like tonight, it takes my mind off everything, I find it very relaxing.”

Mum laughed then said, “That’s nice of you to say, if you make a good job of my hair tomorrow then I’ll wear something risqué tomorrow night.”

Jack then helped his mum clear the table and stacked the dishwasher. They both went to their rooms after. Jack lay on his bed; he was stroking his hard cock, he played with it until he came. Jack had no idea that his mum was lying naked on top of her bed, her left hand holding her massive left breast to her mouth as she licked and sucked her hard nipple. Her right hand was on her very wet hungry cunt, her fingers worked her pussy until she orgasmed. They were both thinking the same thing.

The next morning at breakfast, everything was normal except mum gave Jack a hug and a kiss on the cheek when he came down for breakfast. Mum was dressed in a top and jeans; this was the first time Jack had seen his mum in jeans, they showed her tight butt and long legs perfectly. After their afternoon coffee, they went to the bathroom; their bath had a shower head attached to the bath taps. Mum was now wearing a t-shirt and her jeans. She had taken the shower chair out of the shower which she sat on as she shampooed her hair, Jack helped her shampoo as mum told him he would have to do the same thing, massage her scalp, as with the shampoo with her hair colouring. Fifteen minutes later it was done, Jack had been very thorough as he applied the colouring, Jack then left mum to dry her hair.

Jack went to the kitchen a little earlier than usual; he was keen to see what mum was wearing tonight. Mum had another dress on; it was figure-hugging nişantaşı escort too, she had her apron on, he couldn’t see her front. He poured himself a glass of wine then topped up mums. He sat on a kitchen chair then mum said, “Jack, my hair is wonderful though it’s getting a little long. I trimmed it a little before I dried it, but I should have taken a little more of it. The colouring is perfect; you did as good a job as they would do in a Hair Salon. It’s a big relief to me, thank you.”

Mum then came over, hugged him and kissed him on the forehead, mum smelt terrific. When the meal was ready mum served it, then she took off her apron and sat down. Jack couldn’t believe the sight he saw; mum had her dress top unbuttoned to the middle of her breasts, the cleavage she was showing was unbelievable, she must have been wearing a push-up bra as her tits went straight out and looked enormous, Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous, thank you for wearing that for me.”

Mum didn’t reply, but as they ate, Jack had the feeling that mum was deliberately pushing her tits out for him, every time he glanced at them, she would push them out. They finished their meal. Jack helped tidy up and fill the dishwasher. Then mum hugged him, she held him close, he felt the weight of her massive tits on his chest, then mum said, “I was wearing a push-up bra tonight, if you’d like, I won’t wear a bra tomorrow night?”

“I’d love that mum; your tits looked wonderful tonight. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

He kissed her on the cheek then he went to his bedroom. Mum did the same, fifteen minutes later they had both cum, both unaware of what the other was doing.

On Friday morning, mum was wearing leggings and a top at breakfast; they hugged when he came into the kitchen. It wasn’t until their morning coffee that Jack noticed mum’s leggings; they were very tight-fitting, they showed mum’s long sex slit to perfection, mum had a beautiful Camels Toe. Jack had his eyes on it at lunch and afternoon coffee; it looked so good. Mum said over coffee, “Jack, that’s two weeks of lockdown over, let’s have some Champagne tonight to celebrate. There’s also a good film on television tonight. Would you like to watch it with me?”

“I’d love to watch it with you mum.”

That night Jack put on a white dress shirt with a black bow tie and black trousers. Mum got a surprise when he came into the kitchen. Jack got the Champagne from the fridge; mum had two glasses ready, she hadn’t started drinking yet. They toasted each other; mum was wearing light coloured leggings and a matching light coloured tight fitting v necked pullover, she was also wearing her apron. She had prepared goulash; it smelt delicious; it was already cooked. Mum served it on the table, she took off her apron, she looked stunning, as she walked to the table, her massive tits swayed, they looked amazing, her nipples were hard, and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

They finished their meal, stacked the dishwasher then went into the lounge with a bottle of Champagne in a wine cooler. They sat on the sofa, mum moved close to Jack and said, “That was nice of you putting on your bow tie, you look so debonair, it was a nice thought.”

Jack fatih escort saw mum’s beautiful Camels Toe in her tight leggings; he felt his cock twinge, Jack said, “You look, gorgeous mum, you’re dressed plainly but beautifully.”

Mum leaned towards Jack; their lips touched, then Jack felt mum’s tongue in his mouth; they kissed for several minutes. Jack’s hand found mum’s left breast, he squeezed and stroked her hard nipple. He slipped his hand inside her pullover. He massaged and played with mum’s tit. Mum was purring with pleasure, she then said, “Jack, my tits are very sensitive, you’ll make me cum, I’m not wearing any panties, pull off my leggings otherwise I’ll get stain marks on them.”

As Jack pulled off, her leggings mum reached for a towel that was beside the sofa, she spread it out then sat on top of it. She then pulled off her pullover; mum was now naked on the couch. Jack then started to strip; he loved mum’s body, her massive tits which didn’t sag. Her flat stomach with her smooth and swollen vulva, she looked beautiful. Mum gasped when she saw Jack’s huge erect cock; it was so thick and long, mum said, “Jack, that’s enormous, what a magnificent cock you have.”

As Jack slid his hand between mum’s legs, he felt her very wet pussy; he said, “Mum, I want you to love my body as much as I love your magnificent body. Don’t worry how wet you get as I’m going to make you so wet. Mum, let’s lie on the sofa, you lie on top of your towel.”

Jack then put a cushion for mum’s head; mum’s butt was on top of the towel, her legs were spread. Jack then began teasing her hard clit with the bulbous head of his cock; mum was moaning with pleasure. Jack then with a gentle push slid inside her hot wet pussy, he slowly gave her his full length. He then started to ride her tenderly, mum then wrapped her legs around Jack, she was riding him too, mum said, “Jack, go slowly, it’s a long time since I’ve been fucked. It feels so good but go slowly until I get used to it. You’re filling me, and it feels wonderful.”

Jack slowly and gently increased his tempo, his rhythm was steady, mum was taking his full length now, but he was now riding her faster. They were kissing as he was pounding his cock inside her, Jack said, “Mum, it feels so good, you have a lovely tight cunt, I love how you’re gripping me, how’s it for you? Would you like me to go a little deeper and harder?”

Mum kissed Jack passionately then said, “I love Jack, your filling my cunt, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix, no one has ever done that before. It feels so good, you’ve made me realise how much I’ve missed it. I was worried in case there was so discomfort, but it’s so good, will you promise mummy that she won’t have to wait so long for it again?”

“Mum, I’m here when you need me, you won’t need to ask, I’ll know when you want me.”

Mum kissed Jack again then said, “That’s what I want, Jack, I’m so close, go harder and deeper, and I’ll cum for you, baby, you’re making your mummy cum.”

Jack moved into turbo; he was going so hard and deep, mum’s legs were wide open, she was holding her ankles with her hands as Jack pounded into her, then she cried out, “I’m cuming, it feels so good.”

Mum’s body then started to shake uncontrollably; she loved it. When she composed herself, she was holding Jack inside her with her powerful cunt muscles gripping his cock, mum said, “That was amazing, I’ve dreamed of this for ages, Jack, I need more, I have got a lot of catching up to do.”

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