Lola and Joey Ch. 15

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Six Years Later


“Go away, Lola! I’m tired. It’s six thirty. We just did it last night!” Joey said with a groggy irritated voice as Lola dragged her fingernails through his pubic hairs.

“Don’t be like that Joey!” Lola said in a pouty voice. “I’m horny. Really horny! I need you! You know I’m always horny in the morning! I can’t help it. It just happens. You don’t need to do anything. I’ll do all the work. Just relax on your back. I promise! It won’t take long! I’m so much more productive if I start the day with your cock in me!”

He sighed. “That’s what you always say. What does it matter if you do all the work? I still can’t sleep if you’re sucking my cock! Plus, you’re never happy with just one orgasm. You always want more. Now go away! I’m tired. You know I’m not a morning person. I have to work today. Some of us work more than one day a week!”

“Joey! Don’t be mean! You know that’s not true! It’s one extra long day! I have to ride the bus for several hours to El Paso plus I have to prepare my lessons, and I have to stay in a hotel all by myself far from my family. That counts for at least two days work! And, I spend four hours every day on my work when I’m home, plus, it took me seven years to get my degree! That’s a lot of work!”

“Oh, poor Lola! Four hours a day! How do you stand it!” he said sarcastically. “I’m quite aware of how long it took you to get your degree. I was working while you were getting it!”

She wrapped her fingers around his cock and started stroking it. “Be nice Joey! You know how much I appreciate what you did while I was in school.”

“And I can’t help it if you’ve ruined me with your cock! I just love how it looks and feels and smells. Inhaling your scent gets my pussy all riled up! The juices literally start to flow and then I need to touch it! It’s so cool feeling it grow big and fat in my hand or mouth. Satiny soft on the outside but hard on the inside. Just perfect for my pussy! If anything, you should apologize to me for keeping it a secret in high school! I could have been enjoying it for years! Inconsiderate brother!”

“And it’s not my fault you’re such a stud in bed and make me feel so good that I want it all the time! No one’s as good as you are! Now be a good husband! You can go back to sleep when I’m done. I promise I’ll stop after one orgasm! You do have conjugal responsibilities as my husband you know! What would happen to the girls if my lust overcame me and caused me to stray, and we got divorced? It would be tragic! Plus, I let you stare at Tara’s big boobs and grind against her on the dance floor. You do it all the time, and I never say anything. You owe me! I never turn you down when you’re horny! I let you take me in the shower yesterday and against the washing machine the other day. My panties spend as much time around my ankles as they do on my body!”

“FINE! But do not mark my neck! I’m tired of being razzed at work about your hickeys! ” He said with a resigned, tired voice. It was pointless to argue with his sister when she was horny. She just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Thanks, Joey! You’re the best brother a girl could ever have! Now just lay back and relax and let your sister take care of you!”


He didn’t like it when Lola woke him up too early. For some reason, he felt draggy all day if she got him up before six thirty. Not that he told Lola that! He told her never to wake him up before seven, and he always made a big stink if she woke him up earlier! He lied about the time because Lola’s pussy was a ravenous beast in the morning and she often couldn’t control herself until seven, but she rarely woke him before six thirty. So by lying to her, he usually got the sleep he needed. Sometimes little white lies were needed!

The tips of Lola’s fingernails had already been strolling through his pubic hairs and woken him up. Sure enough, when he peeped his eyelid open to see the red neon numbers of his night clock, it was only six thirty. ‘Pussy’ (that’s the name he had for Lola’s pussy) had overpowered his sister again! He started to make the usual complaints he made when Lola woke him up early. Maintaining the seven o’clock wakeup storyline was essential! Lola started whining in the typical pouty voice she used when she couldn’t control her cock addiction and start spewing out one cockamamie reason after another why she needed him. There was even a new one today! He was supposed to feel bad because he had hidden his cock from her during high school! She would say anything when she was in heat!

He let her whine for a few minutes and then acquiesced with a theatrical sigh. He had to made it look good! Lola was razor sharp even when she was sex crazed! She immediately went to work on his dick.

It wasn’t like he didn’t enjoy being woken with her mouth on his dick! He’d only slept with one other woman, but he couldn’t imagine another person making his dick feel any better! Lola was an oral sex Goddess! She made love to his cock! Her oral bitlis escort ministrations were exquisite! She knew exactly the right combinations of sucking and licking and squeezing and stroking and testicle fondling to get him right to the edge. She looked so happy working on his cock, and it felt so good when she did it. Every once in a while she looked up and gave him a big goofy sister grin. He loved it!

She had finished with her mouth and was ready to mount him. Her groin was carefully suspended over his cock, as she rubbed her pussy lips back and forth over the tip of his dick. Then she slowly glided all the way down, eyes closed, with a look of pure bliss on her face and paused for a second with her back arched perfectly erect, savoring the full filling of him deep inside her.

Damn! Her pussy felt good!

Her fingers entwined with his, and she slowly started to plop up and down his cock. Up and down she rode him with nice easy slow warmup strokes. It was important to warm up properly! The feeling of her silky smooth pussy always felt exquisite!

It was great for him! He didn’t have to do any work when she was all wound up. He loved watching her. She was a vision with her long blonde glossy hair bouncing back and forth across her naked chest with her dark blood engorged nipples peeking through as she slowly moved up and down, again and again, eyes closed in satisfaction.

Once she was properly warmed up, she leaned over until the warm skin of their chests melded together and started to kiss him with endless, soft kisses and juicy tongue darts as her groin began to grind against his in little circles. He loved the feel of her warm wet tongue sliding against his!

The kissing gradually got more forceful, the tongue thrusts deeper, and her gentle pelvic gyrations morphed into long fluid strokes up and down his cock. She treated him to a few displays of her amazing vaginal muscle control. It took all his control not to come!

A sheen of sweat started to form on her face. The short gentle kisses became longer and more forceful until her mouth never left his except for brief oxygen breaks. Her fingers gripped his shoulders tighter, and her thrusts became faster and harder until she was slamming down so wildly that he had to grip her ass cheeks, to prevent her from flying off. She grinned like a crazy woman when obscene squelching noises started to erupt from their groins.

He could tell she was getting close! It was time to give his twin some assistance! He pulled her tight and thrust deep inside her. A moan escaped her. Every time she slammed down he thrust up. Lola’s face went from flushed to red and sweat was dripping off her. She was almost there! One last wild downward thrust and then her whole body tensed as an orgasm surged through her. It was his time! He pulled her into a vice grip and jetted stream after stream of semen deep inside her. God, it felt good coming in her! Part of it was the nasty incestuous thought of dumping millions of sperm inside his sister. At the same time, he always felt a wave of love being joined with Lola and filling her with his essence. The two feelings together always made him feel like he was the luckiest guy in the world!

She collapsed on him, her naked sweaty body glued to his. Their chests slowly heaved in unison. He felt her heartbeat. Their passion slowly drained away.

Whew! What a wonderful way to start the day, she thought! Her brother had gotten her off to a good start again! Good brother! Good Husband! “Thanks, hubby!” She grinned and gave him a loving kiss on the nose.

He rolled over on his side, and she snuggled up behind him but didn’t try anything. She needed to keep her promise! The success of their relationship was built on a lifetime of trust and respect for each other, and she didn’t want to undermine that! She was still horny but knew that he would be calling soon enough!

In no time at all, she felt the featherlight rhythm of a sleeping body against her.


Oh no! Her parents were at it again! Sigh! She was going to be tired at school, again! If the school only knew why she was so distracted all the time! Amanda thought as a wave of wonderful feelings flooded out of her parent’s room. She could block it, but it would require so much concentration that it would be impossible to sleep. Double sigh!

It was so much easier when she was little. She couldn’t feel anything from her parent’s bedroom. She couldn’t sense anyone unless she was touching them or quite close or focused on someone extra hard until her head hurt!

Over time her ‘feeling’ sensors got stronger and stronger. Now that she was twelve it was the opposite. Feelings flooded her from all over the place, and she had to screen them out. With most people it was effortless. She did it without even thinking about it.

It was different with her family though. The connection had always been stronger with her family. There was a hierarchy. Her connection with bolu escort her sister was the strongest. There was very little that her sister felt that she wasn’t aware of. Her parents were next. The link with them was quite strong. Her grandparents were next, especially her grandma and then the rest of the world.

The ruckus in her parent’s room was impossible to screen out! They were right next door, and it was such an overpowering, feeling of excitement and love and warmth and joy all jumbled together! She didn’t want to screen it out! But she knew from experience it could go on for a while, and she would be dragging her bum in the morning!

She didn’t know for sure what they were doing. After all, she couldn’t read minds, see through walls or physically feel what anyone was doing, unless their physical feelings were so overwhelming that they translated into emotional feelings like when Rufus got really thirsty or when people were really hungry. What she felt were the emotional feelings generated from what people were doing.

She was pretty sure the feelings from her parent’s room were from kissing though because she often felt a milder version of what she felt now when she saw her mom and dad kissing in the house. They must be doing a LOT of kissing right now! It made her wonder if kissing would feel as nice for her? There were a few boys at school that she liked. She’d been thinking about kissing one of them to find out!

Her mom and dad had always kissed and touched each other a lot. She just assumed everyone’s parents did, but as she got older, she started to realize that wasn’t the case.

Parent-teacher nights were quite an eye-opener. Most parents didn’t even come, or often it was just one parent. When both came, she rarely sensed the same loving feelings she took for granted between her mom and dad.

There was always a rhythm to her parent’s kissing sessions. The feeling would start with one of her parents and then spread to the other. The excitement and joy would slowly build. It would get more and more intense. It was a beautiful feeling of love and joy and excitement. It would build and build and build and then explode! It was the most beautiful feeling in the world! It was pure love, and her body felt warm all over, and she was often covered in goosebumps. Then the feeling would slowly ebb away and be replaced by a feeling of contentment. Then she would look at her clock and realize she was going to be tired at school again!

Today, it started with her mom and then her dad felt excited. The usual pleasure crescendo and explosion occurred and then her dad was out like a light. Her mom was still awake and still felt excited. Guess her mom didn’t get enough kissing! Too bad mom! Don’t care! She was tired! Fortunately, her parent’s get together was short this time, and she was able to go back to sleep.


“Catherine, shouldn’t you be going to school? You’re going to be late,” Susan said and wondered if something was up with her granddaughter. It was normal for Amanda to stop by and stay until she had to toss her out so she wouldn’t be late for school. Amanda wasn’t concerned at all about being on time for school or anything to do with school! But when Catherine visited she always gave herself lots of time to get to school.

Catherine turned her head and shrugged but didn’t answer.

“Is something wrong honey?”

Still no answer. Catherine didn’t even look up.

“Okay! Spit it out! Something’s obviously bothering you.”

More silence. Then a frown and a slow deep inhalation and sigh. “I don’t like it, grandma! It not’s fair! I’m not happy!”

“What don’t you like?”

“All of it! Nathan’s been my best friend forever. We were together back home at Tara’s and even slept in the same room when we moved here. I remember! I could tell him anything, and we liked to do the same things. Then we bought our new house, and we weren’t sleeping at the same place, but he still waited for me so we could walk to school together. We hung out together at school. We went hiking and biking together with dad. I was his best friend. I went out to Sam’s with him. He was my best friend!”

“Then he started spending more time with Sam, and I didn’t get to go with him. He never goes hiking with dad and me anymore or comes to our house. Now he’s in high school, and he doesn’t even walk with me anymore. I never see Nathan anymore grandma, and I don’t like it! I came early today hoping to see him before he left for school and saw him walking with a girl! I don’t even think he likes me anymore! He never wants to see me!”

Ah! Nathan, Susan thought. She always wondered how long he and Catherine would last. After all, Nathan was two years older. They were thrown together back home when Tara was babysitting all the kids. Catherine was very confident and outgoing, while Nathan was shy and somewhat fragile. Catherine was good for him, and they became quite close. She was a tomboy, and they enjoyed doing burdur escort the same things together.

Every year though, Nathan got a bit more confident and independent. Joey helped him at first, and then Nathan started to do things with Sam and over time Nathan became surrounded by a large extended support family between home and school. Catherine had always been the dominant partner in the relationship, but Nathan gradually started to assert himself. Sometimes he didn’t want to do what she did. It was only natural that he would develop his own set of male friends at school which started to isolate Catherine. His friends didn’t invite her. They still walked to school together, until high school. The two schools were in opposite directions. No more walking together. Someone was missing her best friend! And now to see him with another girl. She obviously had feelings for him. Her heart went out to her granddaughter!

“I’m sorry honey, but I’m sure Nathan still likes you.”

“Then why doesn’t he ever want to see me?” Catherine said in a hurt voice.

“Well, he can’t walk with you to school anymore because his school is in the opposite direction.”

“But he never even comes to our house anymore grandma!”

“He’s getting older. He probably doesn’t want to play computer games anymore.”

“He could still come out hiking with dad and me! I miss him!” she said in an increasingly distraught tone.

“Sweety, I don’t think Nathan actually likes hiking.”

“Then why did he always do it before?” Catherine said, frustrated and confused.

“He did it because you were his best friend and you wanted to do those things and he wanted to be with you but now he has other friends, and he’s started to find out there are other things he likes to do.”

A look of surprise and confusion crossed Catherine’s face. “You mean he didn’t always want to do the things he did with me?”

“I don’t think so. I think sometimes Nathan just did them because you wanted to and he wanted to be with you.”

“I didn’t know grandma,” Catherine said softly, realizing for the first time that something she had always taken for granted wasn’t true. She had no idea Nathan did things just to please her. He never said anything at the time.

Susan continued. “Nathan and Sam have grown quite close which is good for Nathan. You’ve always had a good dad. Nathan never had a dad at all. How would you feel if you’re dad took off when you were a baby and you never saw him again? You don’t begrudge him wanting to spend time with Sam, do you?”

“No,” Catherine said softly. “It still hurts though grandma! I never get to see Nathan anymore. He was my best friend grandma. I like him a lot!”

“I know,” Susan said in a consoling voice and hugged Catherine. “It’s hard when you can’t see someone that you like, but I’m sure he still likes you. And I’m still here. Your grandfather is still here. Your mom and dad and sister are still here, and you have lots of friends at school. We’re all here for you!”

“I know grandma, but it’s not the same!”

Susan noticed the time. Catherine was going to be late for school. “Would you like me to drive you to school? You’re going to be late.”

“I don’t want to go school today grandma. I don’t want to see anyone. Can I stay home with you?”

Hmmm. Maybe that would be okay, Susan thought. She could keep Catherine busy. Hopefully, it would keep her mind off Nathan. “Yes, you can, but it will be a working day. You’ll have to help me out. Okay?”

“Okay, grandma. Thanks.” She hugged her grandma tight.


That’s odd. Catherine was missing. She couldn’t remember Catherine ever being absent from class, Ms. Leven thought. She phoned the school office. Catherine’s mom had called. Catherine wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be in today.

The ‘other’ one was sitting in her regular spot at the back of the room surveying everyone like she usually did.

The twins were such opposites! Catherine was studious, polite, punctual and high achieving. It was obvious she was going to make something of herself!

The ‘other’ one was polite, but that was about it! She was often late for class, didn’t pay attention and seemed to have zero ambition. Most kids came to school with backpacks full of school books. She had never seen Amanda take a book home ever! Not once! She never did any homework assignments. Not ever! She was not the least bit embarrassed about not being able to answer questions in class or getting poor marks on assignments and tests.

Catherine had been an ‘A’ student since kindergarten. Amanda barely passed each year and didn’t seem to care at all.

She could tell after a few weeks in kindergarten that something was wrong with Amanda. Amanda sat in the middle of the class and was constantly looking around at all the kids. She couldn’t seem to focus at all. It was a classic case of attention deficit disorder, but she got an extremely frosty reception from Amanda’s mom when she suggested there were helpful medications available.

Amanda’s dad visited the next day and suggested moving Amanda to the back of the room. It was a helpful suggestion, and he seemed much more friendly than the mom, but it wasn’t getting to the root of the problem. Didn’t they care about their daughter?

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