Lonely Womans Fantasy Ch. 02

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Janet had told the two young men they could only stay a little while as her master would be home soon. If he caught them here she would be punished, perhaps spanked.

The outraged looks on their faces were amusing. How improbable a story from the novel seemed, yet they accepted it. After a little more teasing she would have an excuse to shoo them out if they became a bother.

Making tea and snacks for the first visitors to her apartment was pleasant and she was delighted to see they watched her every move around the room. Purposely bending and stretching in the brief outfit was sure to keep their attention. She was no longer feeling like an old married woman compared to these young eighteen year olds.

The short skirt and tight blouse was too young for her as well as being too naughty with the stockings. With the maids cap and apron they seemed to accept the game she was playing, that she was here serving a strict master. It was probably their inexperience with their cocks doing the thinking for them.

She hurriedly hid the feminine things in the bathroom in case they needed it. The masculine things left there fitted in with the story that felt almost real.

She sat on the sofa pulling them close saying, “This is nice. It’s like being in the dormitory with girlfriends. I miss the snuggling up together. You are like two brothers I never had,” she sighed, adding a melancholy touch to the statement.

They put their arms around her and she watched the lumps throb in their trousers. It was exciting, and it was giving her lots of material for a bath-time fantasy. She even felt a pang of guilt that she was teasing them without prospect of relief; after all it was only a game, so it wasn’t going that far.

Snuggling up with them was nice and it did remind her of the times when she had shared her bed with friends in the dormitory, for it was partly true, she had been brought up in a boarding school run by strict nuns.

She felt a hand wondering from her shoulder in search of a softer target. Another hand crawled up a leg from her knee. As they became a little too bold she told them. “I nearly forgot, I must scrub out the oven. It is boring work so perhaps you want to go now,” she suggested.

Billy told her, “That’s OK. We don’t have anything much to do. We could help,” he suggested.

“Can I get you any more food before you leave?” she asked them. “I’ll be in the kitchen if you want anything,” she offered. Telling herself she had been ordered by a strict master to clean the oven she got into the task hoping they would grow bored and leave.

It wasn’t long before they followed her into the kitchen, “We can do that,” Billy suggested.

“No. You will get your clothes dirty and besides you are my guests. You have helped me enough. Stay here with me to keep me company if you like. That would be a big help,” she smiled. She made up stories of village life in France based on her own childhood, setting it over there instead.

They looked on in wonder at her hips wiggling in an erotic motion as she rubbed at the oven on hands and knees.

The two lads had calmed down enough so she guided them back to the lounge. “I am so happy to have made friends at last,” she told them. She was about to say it was time they left but the phone rang, startling her.

She almost asked out loud who it might be phoning. Perhaps it was a colleague from the office but on a Friday night that seemed odd. It was a telephone salesman and she was about to put the phone down as usual when it occurred to her to make use of the interruption.

“Yes Sir.” She said. “Whatever you say sir. Yes! All right. No problem at all, Sir,” she said to the bemused salesman. She stood almost at attention as though speaking to an authoritarian master. She felt a little foolish, but this was a convenient opportunity to end the game.

She nodded as though listening and agreeing to someone giving instructions. Should she say he was coming back here or that he wasn’t coming back tonight? The salesman had given up trying to make sense of the conversation and rang off.

Without deciding either way she found the words haltingly emerging of their own volition. “Yes Sir. I will do that. The apartment is all ready for you Sir. I will keep it that way, Sir. Yes Sir. I will see you tomorrow. Yes, Sir. Thank you Sir,” she said to a now empty phone line.

She returned to the sofa to stand before them. “My master is away on business and won’t come back tonight. I hope you can stay for dinner. I will make you roast chicken or something,” she said, with genuine excitement.

She realised it was her own state of excitement that had made that impetuous decision on the phone; to say her master would be away. She also saw they liked the idea of him not returning.

“You must choose the dinner for this evening as you are the masters in this apartment,” she said, with a demure look overtaking her expression and stance. She even curtsied before them but couldn’t help giggling. For gaziantep escort bayan reklamları a moment she thought this was going too far but her arousal was pushing her along.

“What would my master’s like? How will you have me this evening, Sir,” she asked with mock seriousness. Looking at the lumps in their trousers it was easy to guess what they wanted. Their faces reflected what was in their thoughts while they tried to look casual.

Snuggling up to them after serving a quick meal, with wine, she listened to the wind outside feeling cosy and romantic. Janet had drunk just a little more wine than usual and was enjoying the pleasant rosy glow.

Billy was trying to manoeuvre his hands around her to nudge a breast. She didn’t mind the inexperienced fumbling, finding it amusing rather than threatening. She was unaware of how much the heat between her legs was numbing her sensibility. It had more effect than the wine.

Tom was competing with his friend in exploration of her body and winning. They moved slowly with guarded, hesitant movements, aware of her soft breathing. They didn’t want to spoil the moment but the demanding lust in their loins was too much to ignore.

She murmured and sighed feeling drowsy and comforted in their arms. She kept telling herself she must get up soon before they got carried away, or was it before she became too immersed in the lovely sensation of having too young men cuddling her.

They weren’t experienced but they were men after all and she had been remorselessly teasing them. Feigning sleepiness she murmured, “Oh, that’s lovely. A lovely massage after dinner would be nice,” she said quietly.

They took the hint with a firm grip of two pairs of strong hands, concentrating on her back and neck. “Hmmm, that’s nice,” she cooed.

If she hadn’t been so aroused she may have survived the onslaught to her senses but the tingling of her breasts and the throbbing between her legs had numbed all resistance.

She became oblivions of everything, leaving reality behind, only conscious of pleasurable sensations gliding through her body into her mind. The kisses to her neck and ears became irresistible. Oblivious of how far they had taken her over she accepted sweet kisses to her lips.

At first they were gentle touches to her lips and face. One of them was still kissing her back and neck and ears. The other sucked her lips into his mouth and nibbled upon them. The gentle hesitant caresses went deeper with a tongue exploring her mouth. Little darting movements teased her tongue then curled around it for a strong passionate smooch.

It was some moments before she realised hands had encircled her body to firmly grip her breasts. Billy found both nipples hard and rubbed them between hot fingers.

Janet tried to say no, urgently needed to say more, but the words just couldn’t be formed. It was the deep arousal that prevented the protest rather than the tongue exploring her mouth.

She had no idea who was doing what to her and was past caring. Her inhibitions had been drowned in a flow of juices from between her legs. A pair of fingers rubbed against her bud sending a shiver of delight through her body.

It was only then she realised Jim had been gently stroking her thighs for some time. The touch of his fingers through her wet panties was wrong. It was going too far and she wriggled to become free of the irresistible torment.

It was no good. All she succeeded in doing was to roughly heave her breasts in Billy’s strong grip. It enhanced the stimulation in her swollen nipples leaving her gasping for breath. Her legs were wedged apart between Jim’s knees so it was impossible to close them. The wriggle of her hips pushed his fingers, entangling them in the crotch of her panties.

The feel of hardness upon soft flesh was so potent the movement of attempted escape became a forward thrust instead. Janet felt two fingers enter her panties, eliciting a muted gasp escaping a dry throat, onto the still ardent tongue.

It felt as though one of them was fingering her but instead she was unconsciously pushing herself upon his curling twisting fingers.

Jim had her chin in one hand, kissing her passionately, while finger fucking her with the other. He was following instinct, having never been this far with a woman before. Besides, she was doing all the work, moving her pussy over them to rub her clit in the rhythm she needed.

Nearing the final lap she moved faster pushing herself onto his fingers needing more, needing it deeper. After so long without a man she was out of control needing to orgasm, needing to feel full, needing fulfilment.

Jim pulled her head down with the other hand furiously pulling at the zip. With eyes closed she didn’t see the cock approaching her wide open mouth. As she gasped for air a cock entered her mouth.

Without a thought to what she was doing she sucked on his hard cock. Pulling on gaziantep escort resimleri it as though she might be able to somehow have it where she needed it, between her legs. She worked on it bobbing her head up and down with a delirious passion.

When she rocked forward onto Jim’s cock, his hand working her pussy was pulled away leaving her even more desperate to be filled.

Billy lost his grip on her breasts but was confronted by the sight of an upturned bottom. His hand went between her thighs to find a pair of wet lips no longer protected by the panties.

He rubbed them drawing the sticky fluid up between the cheeks over her asshole. He pressed a finger there for a moment. When she pressed forward into his friend’s lap Billy saw the irresistible pussy glistening and reacted to this offering.

He lifted her by the hips pushing her further into Jim’s lap where she choked on his cock as it was forced down her throat. Billy positioned what he desperately needed over his cock and thrust upward, at the same time lowering her. Her weight collapsed into his lap burying his cock deep inside her vagina.

Janet let out an ecstatic yell as two hard rods pierced her body. Impaled between them she could do nothing but rock to their enthusiastic hard rough strokes.

She rocked between powerful thrusts at both ends and sometimes small jerks that nearly dislodged them. Eventually a co-ordinated push and pull from both of them brought her to an orgasm.

She cried around the penis filling her mouth. A delirious cry of excitement was followed by little tremors over her whole body when a world of pleasure engulfed her.

They kept thrusting at the inert body moving toward their own orgasms. Janet was carried along with the sensations rising and falling on every long probing stroke. She sucked every drop of cum from his cock greedily swallowing from the desire to be filled. Their young potent seed filled her tense body at both ends. Another orgasm rocked her, this time in a long slow fulfilment of desire.

Jim looked down at her, thrilled to watch the greedy absorption of his cock. The suction was greater than his grip when in bed alone. He felt it tight in her throat then retire into her mouth, now limp, where she continued to suck powerfully.

Billy felt the quivering of the inner muscles working upon his penis sending him into an orgasm more powerful than he had managed with a hand. The final thrust was held deep inside her body as though he were trying to reach right into her womb. He felt every drop of fluid spurt inside and let out a whoosh of air as he collapsed upon her back.

Janet was caught between their exhausted bodies. She slowly became aware of where she was and what had happened. She had let this happen! She had teased them and herself beyond control. She had slipped from reality to fantasy encouraging them to slip into her.

‘How did I let these strangers go this far?’ she cried silently. The awful truth would have to be faced now. She tried to move, to push the young man from behind her, feeling his wet limp cock pressed between her cheeks.

She still had Jims cock in her mouth and tried to push it out with her tongue. Having carried out such an awful performance she was left feeling like a wanton slut.

She couldn’t pretend even to herself this could have been avoided. She had pushed them as well as herself to the point of no return. She hadn’t thought through the consequences of teasing them and how it was affecting her.

There hadn’t been a decision point where she could send them home, just a gentle meander into this sordid act. Allowing them both to take her was a serious mistake that she would have to live with.

They let her slide from between them. They were still dazed at having taken her as much as still being muzzy from an orgasm.


In a state of shock she sat on the floor where she had slid off the sofa. What the hell was she to do now? Janet felt numb, unable to think straight, with the dreadful realisation she had gone way too far.

The dreadful act of letting these two young men take her was shameful. She retreated into a fantasy rather than face up to the responsibility for what happened. She was that French maid attending to a master.

Tom recovered first. He had taken her and felt she somehow belonged to him. The game of master and servant seemed less silly now as he felt so powerful. The feeling was intoxicating and he wanted it to last.

“Come on servant do your duty. Lick us clean,” he ordered. Not believing it for one moment he waited for her to admonish him. He was ready to turn it into a joke.

She unsteadily moved onto hands and knees and pushed her head into his lap. ‘No! I can’t do this,’ she wailed silently. Taking on the subservient role from the novel, Janet sucked his cock into her mouth. She was once more living a fantasy as a naughty serving girl administering to a harsh master. As though gaziantep escort bayan sitesi in a dream she licked and sucked.

Gasping for breath around Tom’s penis she continued to work on him with her tongue and lips pulling and sucking and licking at him with passion. Once again Tom’s orgasm splashed her tongue with thick salty sperm. The depravity of such an act pushed her further into the fantasy role as a way of escaping the reality.

Without being told she bent over Billy to lick him clean too.

With the task completed Janet escaped them on wobbly legs, feeling confused and shaken. She was amazed at what she had let happen. It had been exciting at first but this had gone too far and she was at last recovering to face the consequences.

Showered and ready to dress she returned to the spare room. She didn’t want to think about the embarrassment of telling them the whole thing had been her fantasy so would have to continue pretending this was her room until they left.

All she could find were the few clothes that could only be described as bedroom play things. She was going to have return to her room to find something reasonable to wear.

She would have to change the mood by wearing something sensible, even dowdy, to get them away from thinking of her as a sex object. She would have to win back the lead in this terrible game and get them to leave since they had given her what she wanted. That thought was naughty yet she felt a pleasant satisfaction from it.

Before she could make a move Jim wandered in and cupped her breasts from behind. “I’ll find you something to wear,” he whispered. His breath was close in her ear sending a shiver up her spine.

“It’s OK!” she began, but he cut her short.

“As you said, I am your master now. I’ll decide what you’re to wear,” Jim told her.

She groaned inwardly knowing the only things he would find here were designed to show off her body. Naked from the shower she needed something to wear before they started on her again but the more enticing she looked the more they would insist on playing with her like young lads with a new toy.

She would have to do something. Nervously she cleared her throat. “You shouldn’t be in here while I’m dressing. Perhaps you should go now,” she stammered. He said something to her in French and she looked at him blankly.

Dropping her head in shame she realised he had caught her out. She had forgotten to use the contrived accent. How long had they realised this was all a sham?

“You’ve had your fun, now it’s our turn,” he said.

Janet stood still unable to bring her racing thoughts together, unable to come to terms with the realisation she had been found out. They had seen through her game and had been playing her along!

He took a look in the draws and found a white corset with stockings to match. Janet wanted to refuse but wrapped it around her body instead. Since taking her they were acting so strong and dominant she felt overpowered by them and couldn’t shake off the feeling of submission.

He pulled the laces tight while she stood breathing in shallow gasps of air. Billy joined them and slipped a stocking up her leg. He fiddled with the suspenders dangling from the corset eventually managing to attach the stocking tops.

Janet felt so wonderful being dressed by these young men. Their hands wondering over her body was arousing enough to dull the anxiety and guilt.

With the stocking on Jim continued pulling tight on the laces while looking over her shoulder watching the progress of a deepening cleavage.

When she couldn’t get her breath she gasped, “Hold. On. No. More.”

Billy looked up at his friend, “No more or you’ll break her ribs. Wow! Look how you’ve squashed her waist. Her tits look huge!” Billy exclaimed. Billy couldn’t take his eyes from her breasts balancing on the half cup, with the corset squeezing them up into a spectacular cleavage.

Her waist was being constricted so much all she was concerned about was being able to breathe.

Tom placed his hands around her waist almost touching thumbs and fingers together. “Wow! That is really something,” he said. Admiring the effect of a pair of huge breasts over a tiny waist he just couldn’t resist the urge to suck on a nipple.

“Hold on while I get the other stocking on,” Billy told his friend.

Jim’s hands cupped her breasts firmly, holding her in place. Her breasts were being gently kneaded. This combined with the luxurious sensation of a stocking being pulled up a leg and Billy’s hot breath on her thighs, pushed her further into a state of compliance.

She stood very still aware of the blood pounding in her head, aware she might faint. It was no good trying to talk she needed the strength to stay conscious. Lifting one foot then the other they slipped high heels on her feet leaving her swaying precariously.

The shiny black high heels gave her a sway she found worrying but their strong hands gripped tight, guiding her down the hallway back to the lounge. They had taken her and now they intended to play with the sexy looking doll they had dressed.

Her bottom, framed by white stockings and suspenders, wiggled suggestively as she tottered into the lounge. Her pussy wriggled rudely between the thighs. She was trapped in this outfit, made ready by them, with little energy to stop what ever they wanted to do with her.

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