Long Wonderful Weekend

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I was sitting at the airport waiting for Bill’s plane to arrive. I couldn’t wait till he got here to Philly! I came to the airport and I was waiting at the gate. My outfit consisted of a knee-length pleated black skirt and a white blouse that showed off my chest nicely. I had my red hair combed nice and neat. I sat down right where near the gate he was supposedly coming in from. I crossed my legs waiting in eager anticipation. I’ve been waiting to meet this guy for the longest time, and I was soon about too.

The passengers were entering the airport and I stood up. I’ve seen him in pictures before and he was kinda cute, and there he was. He was standing there wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. He had an Italian cut looking face with a black mustache and goatee. His hair was cut a bit short similar to a George Clooney fashion.

“Bill!” I waved over to him. He looked over at me and smiled. He came over, dropped his bag, and looked me up and down.

“You look hot Christi,” he said, “I could just eat you up right now.”

I winked at him, “Bad boy, maybe if your good I’ll let you later.”

We both laughed as I lead him to my car. He was in Philly for a convention and was going to stay at my place for awhile. We’ve always had an electricity going on between us, but nothing really came about with it until now. We stopped off and got a bite to eat and I brought him over to my place.

He entered the room and dropped his bag on the floor, “This is a nice place,” he said looking around. I did a bang up rush job cleaning up the place before he got here, and it seemed that I did a good job doing it. I saw him yawn a bit.

“You must be tired,” I took his hand and lead him into my bedroom, “Why don’t you take a nap a bit. I’ll show you around later.” He sleepily nodded and laid down. I puttered around in the room and sat down in a chair nearby. God he’s hot, I was thinking. I puttered around for an hour or two before I looked back in on him. When he looked like he was in a fitful dose I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. I laid on the bed next to him and rubbed my hand up and down his front lightly. I noticed that there was a slight bulge in his pants.

Well I can’t leave him uncomfortable, I thought as I unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans a bit. His cock was partially erect and I moaned lightly. I slipped my hand under my skirt and slid my finger up and down between my pussy lips. I was getting wet more then you could possibly believe. I inserted a finger into my cunt and moaned lightly. I couldn’t wait for him any bursa escort longer and I leaned over and started to nibble against his neck and ear.

He started to stir slowly, and turned around to look at me. He then held on to my chin and kissed me on the mouth deeply. I’ve been waiting for this moment for I don’t know how long. He started kissing around my neck, across my collarbone, and then started nibbling on my ears. He started unbuttoning my blouse as he did this and then pulled it off. I reached around him and embraced him, and started to pull at his shirt. He was dry humping me as he expertly took my bra off. The sensation was outrageous as I grabbed his shirt and started to tear it off of him, literally.

I laughed, “Sorry about that!” He didn’t mind and kissed me on the mouth again as he started pinch my nipples of my full breasts. I started moaning in pleasure as he kissed downwards and took one of my nipples in his mouth.

I was in heaven as he swirled his tongue around the nipple. He sucked it very nicely. He started to alternate in-between my nipples and then I told him, “Bite them, go ahead, bite them.” And he did, and oh did it feel good. He started to kiss downward and I stopped him.

He looked up at me curiously as I put him over on his back. I started to kiss him on the lips, and then started working my way down his body. I put my hands over the hips of his jeans and lightly tugged them downwards as I went down, taking his boxers with them. In front of me stood a magnificent pillar of cockmeat. I started to lick up and down his thighs gently, teasing him. I then took his ball sac in my hand. I looked up at him mischievously and said, “When was the last time these boys did there job?”

He moaned lightly and said, “About a month, I’ve been saving for this moment since I knew I would be down here.”

I looked at him, knowing that he was going to say something like that. I stood up and went over to my nightstand, and took out two pairs of handcuffs, and before he could protest I quickly strapped him on to my bed.

“Well,” I said, “looks like you’ve been a bad boy. You came here thinking you would get me in the sack no problem. Well, for that your going to get punished.” I went down again between his legs and slowly sucked his cock into my mouth. He started to moan gently as I bobbed my head up and down his cock. It wasn’t too long, but it was nice and wide. I continued to suck him down until my nose was against his pubic hair. He was grunting and groaning the whole time. I worked on giving him my best blowjob bursa escort bayan ever. I swirled my tongue around his cockhead teasing him. I heard him started straining as I felt his cock starting to strain too.

Then I stopped.

He started to gasp, “What was that for! I was about to cum! Please finish! Please!” I loved making him beg, and I walked out of the room. I giggled to myself as I pulled out a wine glass and a bottle of red wine. I kicked off my black satin g-string and put that in a safe place. I walked back into the room, and I poured myself a glass. I was still wearing the black skirt as I watched him.

“Please finish! I would like to cum!”

I poured myself a glass of wine, then put it down on the nightstand. I pulled his legs down a bit so his head was resting on the bed. I picked up the wine and straddled his head. The skirt covered his face completely.

“Show me how much of a good boy you are if you want to cum. If you cause me to spill a drop of this wine, I won’t let you….OHH!” Before I got to finish he was hard at work. He slid his tongue expertly in-between my pussy lips and straight into me. I closed my eyes and moaned as he expertly used his tongue in and out of my pussy. He then stopped to put my clit in his mouth and oh my god I thought I was going to die. I drank down the wine and put on the nightstand. I started to grind my pussy into his face. He took it in a perfect fashion. He was sucking my hole with abandon, and giving my clit equal time. I started to rock against his face as I felt an electric pulse go through my body. I came like a bolt of lightening.

“Oh God! Oh Bill! Oh you good boy! Suck my pussy! Oh god I’m cumming so hard! Yes! Yes!” I cried as I continued to have a massive orgasm due to his oral work. He continued licking me until I started to get sensitive and I lowered my body down from his face. I slowly side my pussy down his chin, neck, chest, and stomach, and dismounted, leaving a trail of wetness down his body. I then kissed him on the lips and decided to give him a minor show. I went between his legs and worked on his cock again.

“You’ve been a good boy,” I said as I stuffed his dick into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock quickly. Swirling my tongue around it. I continued to thrust my head down on it until it entered my throat and could use my throat muscles around it. I pushed his hips down as I gripped the head of his cock in the back of my throat. I knew it was about time, and it was.

“I’m gonna cum!” he shouted as his first shot entered the back escort bursa of my throat. I gulped it down with ease, followed by a long second one. After that the cum just started to pour out of his cock. Not squirts, just a continuous flow of cum. Some of it dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin as I continued to gulp it down. After I sucked the remainder of the cum out of his cock I looked at him, opened my mouth, swirling the cum I left in my mouth, and swallowed it. He grinned as I went down on him again to make him stay hard.

After swirling my tongue around I got up, and took off my skirt, and straddled his cock. I slid it inside of myself. God I was waiting for this. I’ve wanted Bill’s nice thick cock inside me for the longest time. The fact that it was really happening got me all the more excited. I bounced up and down on his cock, every time I landed I ground my clit into his hips. I just kept fucking his cock for all it was worth. I put my hands near his handcuffed hands on the headboard as he reached over and bit one of my nipples.

As soon as his teeth touched my nipple my pussy clenched tightly around his cock and I started convulsing over his body. I felt like I was going to black out any moment. I just had one orgasm crashing into another with every thrust. I felt a pair of hands on my hips…wait…hands?

I opened my eyes to find my hands were cuffed to the bed!

“H…h..how did you do that?” I tried to say, holding back a moan as I continued to drive myself down on his cock.

“Magic hon,” he winked and lifted me up, and slid out from underneath me. He got behind me and entered my pussy from behind and started to thrust into me hard. His hands grabbed my hips as he pounded behind me.

He just continued to thrust his cock in. It felt wonderful. His cock nicely stretched me out and made the experience wonderful, I moaned my approval. “Mmmmmmmmm…..only thing magical is how you use that cock….oh god I think I’m gonna cum!” I started to thrust back at him as he pounded into me hard. He pushed me down a bit and started to ram me hard enough to cause my tits to wobble. I started cumming like a rocket ship and slouched down as much as I could. I was exhausted as I felt him pounding from behind me during the aftershocks of my orgasm, then I don’t know how it happened. He fired a thick load inside of me which made me have another orgasm right there. I then blacked out completely out of pleasure.

When I came too, he was laying down next to me, spooning my body with his. I turned over and kissed him deeply. “So seriously, how did you get out of those handcuffs.”

“I switched yours with a pair of fake ones when you left the room during my nap,” he said as he started to kiss down my body. This was going to be a long, and wonderful weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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