Longing for a Taste of Daddy

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When I am home from college on summer break, often my hunger for him keeps me awake at night. My thighs ache to be spread apart and my pussy longs for attention. I am obsessed with sex. I am told it runs in the family. Sometimes I just can’t stand it and have to take action. Here is one such instance.

Laying there I listen to silence unable to fall asleep. Despite trying to stop, my hands are constantly touching my shaved pussy lips and my hard nipples. I want him so badly I am going out of my head. I sit up in bed for awhile again listening to for anyone who might be up and about in the house. Still hearing nothing I slip from bed and tip toe to the other end of the house peeking into their room. I am thankful that the door is well lubricated and is silent as I push it open ever so slowly. My eyes have been adjusted to the dark and I can see them sleeping.

Smiling to myself I see daddy laying on his side facing the edge of the bed. Perfect. My mouth starts to water as I drop to my knees escort bayan şişli and silently crawl across the carpet to the side of the bed. Nuzzling his sex through his shorts I breathe in deeply and a peace settles over me. I reach for his shorts and draw out his cock and quickly place it into my mouth sucking softly making a concerted effort to remain silent. I am suddenly so content and happy it’s hard to not let out a sigh.

Holding the base of his cock firmly in my hand my lips slide up and down its full length as it grows thicker under my undivided attention. His hand suddenly caresses my cheek as he is drawn out of his sleep. My tongue twirls around the head of his cock and purposely licks intently at the tip for his pre cum.

Becoming more awake his fingers slip through my hair and then grip firmly at the back of my head. He knows what his baby girl needs and that simple act sends shivers through me. I feast on his beautiful cock as he lies sarıyer escort there silent. I can tell we are both struggling to control our breathing but it feels so good, neither of us can stop what is happening.

Using my other hand I take a hold of his balls gently caressing them and rolling them in my hand. Releasing his cock, I suck each one into my mouth and bathe them with my tongue as his grip tightens on my hair. They both get proper attention as they are the source of my sweet treat. Returning to his cock, the tip of my tongue presses into the slit tasting his sweet pre cum. The words “daddy feed me” are running through my head and it’s all I can do to not speak them aloud. I know there must be some chosen words running around in his head as well that he is fighting not to speak. How magnificently we torture each other.

That thought makes me smile and I glance up into his dark eyes staring down at me. I mouth silently “I love you daddy. I love your cock.” At that çapa escort his eyes roll back and his grip on my hair forces my mouth balls deep onto his shaft as it shoots a delicious load of sweet cum down my throat. I feel my pussy contracting as I nearly cum as he does. It’s hard to explain the amazing satisfaction I receive when I know he has used me for his sexual pleasure, but at that moment I am so happy I could burst.

I lick and suck his cock perfectly clean before crawling up to his face. He kisses my now tender lips and presses his tongue to mine and we smile at each other in the darkness. Dropping back to my knees and looking over my shoulder I hike up my night gown to my lower back leaving my naked ass and pussy in his clear sight as I leave their room. Standing up just outside the door I pull it mostly closed and head back to my room.

Laying back on my own bed, trying not to giggle with delight, I quickly shove two fingers into my hot hungry cunt and replay the scene in my mind, still tasting him in my mouth. Pressing into my g spot I am cumming in two minutes flat, contracting, gushing and feeling so much additional wetness on my thighs. Pressing my fingers into my mouth I suck them clean and finally fall asleep content with the taste of our cum in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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