Looking At Tasmin

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Britney Amber

“What do you see?” Tasmin asked. Always that question, their little game. The question that she and she alone would be allowed to ask.

In the darkness, she asked him. When the night had fallen and the curtains were closed. When no light seeped in, not even the faintest of difference between shadow and deeper shadow were visible in those late hours, when the brain readjust and the natural night vision takes over. This was complete and utter darkness. But not of the scary kind, that makes you wonder what horrors lies hidden. No, this was the chosen darkness in the safety and privacy of his home, where no dangers loomed and he, Joel, was in control. His home, his bed, her chosen darkness.

In that darkness, they were equal. No that was wrong. In darkness, he was miles ahead of her. That was their game, darkness, and what he could see.


“Blind? What do you mean he is blind?”

Tina could be like that sometimes. They had been best friends since kindergarten, and they still, trough adolescence, teenage years and growing into full blooming women, shared all things that mattered with each other. Whenever there was a new crush in the hemisphere, trouble in their families, hopes, dreams or love on the agenda, they turned to each other. When it came to boys, and later, when the teenage years was left behind them, men, Tina had always been the wild one. She made out with guys before Tasmin, from her strict patriarchal family background, even knew quite what that meant. Tina went on with breaking far more young hearts than Tasmin, wearing the more revealing outfits, letting the boys go further, and finally winning the race towards the lost virginity with over a year.

Now however, Tina was the shocked one.

“Uh, I don’t know, maybe I mean that he’s blind?” Tasmin replied.

“You’re really serious? You mean, sunglasses, white cane, Stevie Wonder kind of blind?”

“Is there any other kind? Well, he doesn’t use any cane. He has Hillay.”


“Dog. Named after Clinton. They are both real bitches sometimes, and have some experience in leading around helpless men.”

The coffeshop was almost empty, the place was large, and little secluded niches gave them pretty good privacy. This was where Tamin and Tina always went to discuss matters like this. Tina peered at her best friend over the foam of her grande latte with a suspicious glare.

“You know this film? With Val Kilmer, and whatshernamenowagain… Mira something…”

“Sovrino?” Tasmin replied. “Blind guy, career woman, mushy romance, miracle operation…”

“That’s the one!”

“Never saw it.” Tasmin said and took a sip. It was something called a moccachino this time. It tasted like cocoa with one drop of coffee in it for good measures. “I don’t like Val Kilmer. A refridgerator can act better than that guy.”

“Who cares if he can act? He can poke me with his cane any time. But why are we talking about that? We should talk about you now. Tasmin, are you sure about this? I mean the guy is handicapped! Do you know what you are getting yourself into?”

“Oh, come on! He is a perfectly normal guy! Blind people live quite regular lives these days you know.”

“All right, all right. So, tell me all about it. Who is this wonder boy?”

“His name,” Tasmin said, with a content little sigh. “is Joel.”


She sat there, naked, on her knees, in the middle of the bed. Her hands resting on her thighs, her back straight, attentive, and her lips parted in apprehensive breathing. Her eyes were open, stared out into complete darkness. She could feel him shift around, moving beside and behind her. She repeated the question.

“Joel, what do you see?”

Then, a hand brushed past her shoulder, came to rest on her back, and instantly began to slide, ever so slow, bursa escort with the sweet sensation on skin against skin, up towards her neck.

“I see you.” came the reply, and as the hand slided up to the fallen locks a feet below her shoulders, “I see your hair.” Fingers played with the edges of her long, wavy hair. “It’s different. More airy. Lighter. What have you done with it?”

“It’s a new shampoo. Makes it fluffier. Do you like it?”

“I love it. It…looks bigger.”

“Very good. What else do you see?”

Five fingers lingered on her back while five other reached her shoulder, and over to her neck, ticking fingertips down front to her slowly heaving chest.

“You’re tense, Min.” Joel said. “I see your shoulders crouch, and your neck, it’s strained.”

Of course she was tense. She was strung like a bow, not wanting to end the game, wanting this tender torture to go on in darkness forever. And still knowing what lay ahead, longing for it with every bone in her body.

“I’m sorry…” she started, but was interrupted by his amused voice.

“Don’t apologise. Don’t be sorry. I’ll take care of that, soon. Now, don’t move. I’m not done looking at you.”

She stayed still. It was hard not to move, not to extend her own arms in search of shape, skin, him. But somehow she managed, and his fingers moved on. One hand slided down into the valley between her breasts, and the other followed the same path down along her spine. It soon caught up with a trickling bead of sweat, and Joel stopped.

“I see you glitter.” he murmured. She felt his mouth on the back of her shoulder and his tongue taking a long lick off her skin. “You glitter of sweat all over.”

“So warm outside today…” Tasmin whispered. “Can’t help it.”

“I love it. It looks good on you.”

His hands continued down, slippery from that thin film of perspiration, down to the crack of her ass and to the softness of her crotch. He lingered there, knowing that there was nothing that Tasmin would want more than to have him continue down.

“Mmm…” she moaned, frustrated, but knowing fully what was expected of her. “What do you see now?”

“You’re closing your eyes, you have that sweet little frown in your face. You don’t know what to do with your hands. Maybe your jaw is trembling. Something is.”

All those things he sensed, or knew about her already. All Tasmin could do was to utter an affirmative moan to every observation, until Joel was satisfied with the answers, and his hands started moving, ever so slowly down to her pussy and ass crack. As his fingers came in contact with her pussy lips and slid in between her buttocks, Tasmin allowed herself to move her hands and placed them on his hips. She could feel his erect cock resting on her ass, and she reached up to caress it.

“Stop that.” Joel murmured, and abandoned his hand exploring her ass, and used it to place Tasmin’s hands on her breasts. “Take care of those instead.” Then, with a kiss on her neck and a nibble on her earlobe; “I’m just looking.”

But he did not just look, his hands began to slowly caress the outside of her pussy, the clit, the inside of her thighs and rubbing her sensitive skin from her ass, down and under to her pussy lips. She gave in to the soft massage and leaned her body back on his, kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingertips. Joel inserted a finger into her pussy, then another, and eased them into her, rubbing against the upper wall of her cunt. His thumb rested on the knob of her clit, and he began to fuck in and out, slow at first, but then faster and faster. Tasmin grunted in pleasure and threw her head back. Joel kissed, licked and sucked her neck and shoulders, then up to her ear, and finally found her mouth as she stretched her head back even further. His lips locked to hers, and in the same rhythm bursa escort bayan as his fingers, he probed her mouth with his tongue.

Tasmin felt it quite suddenly, that telltale surge of an impending climax, and then her body exploded in an intense, rapid rush of pleasure. Her back arched and her lungs exhaled in a primal moaning scream. Then, as fast as it had come, the orgasm subsided, her breath and back relaxed, and she leaned back on Joel.

“Thank you.” she murmured. “That was wonderful.”

Still, the game went on. “So…what do you see now?”

Joel laughed softly. “I see… now what do I see? I see that you are ready.”

“Yes. I’m ready. After that, I’ll do anything for you. How do you want me?”

“On all four, baby.” Joel said, and Tasmin gladly followed his instructions. His hands traced her full length, from her feet to her shoulders and back. “God, you look sexy. Especially standing like that.”

There was no further warning. A poking cockhead, a slight pressure, and her cunt was eagerly accommodating the invading meat. He pushed slowly, until the full length of his cock was inside.

There was nothing else, just his body above and behind hers, his hands on her thighs, her tits, everywhere and anywhere, him sliding in and out, in and out, fast, slow, fast, faster, slow again, forever it seemed. There was plenty of time, he didn’t reach for that peak, but just made the most out of the moment, prolonging it as much as he could. Tasmin rode that wave, conscious only on a certain level, her hearing obscured by the pounding of her own heart, everything but that cock sliding, filling, fucking forever faded away, further and further. She felt the ripples of pleasure running through her body with each thrust, each pinch on a nipple, each kiss on her neck, until she was carried, almost casually, over that threshold, and a softer, longer and warmer kind of orgasm than the one she had before washed over her. She gave up a long, wordless moan, her legs and arms gave up supporting her, and she sank down into the mattress, spent, exhausted, completely satisfied.

That was Joel’s cue, and he ground his himself against her still upturned ass, and thrust his cock as deep into her as possible, faster, harder into her welcoming, still from afterglow contracting cunt. The force of this new assault, combined with one hand now massaging her clit, once again ignited the heat between Tasmin’s legs, and although she was physically shaky, she managed to raise herself on her elbows, and began thrusting back. For a minute they drove their bodies against one another, not a word, not a grunt, just their rapid breathing, and the wet slapping sound of sweaty skin colliding. Until finally, Tasmin felt Joel freeze up and shoot his semen deep into her with with a few loud gasps and throbbing spasms that sent intense waves of pleasure up her body and down into her legs. Tasmin squeezed at the hard, hot cock, felt Joel’s fingers almost forcefully pinch and twist her clit, and her own fingers on her nipples. It was too much, and once again she trembled in orgasm. She collapsed headlong on the bed, and Joel pulled out of her. He laid down beside her and lovingly stroked her sticky hair and sweaty arms.

Tasmin was out of breath. She could barely speak, but here was one more thing. The game was not over, not quite yet.

“Wh… what do you see now.” she breathed.

Joel’s reply was equally muted and breathless, but in Tamin’s minds it rang like a siren.

“You, Tasmin. I see you. All of you. And you are beautiful. So beautiful…”


Tina was just staring now, straight out into the air with a fascinated grin on her face.

“You lucky bitch. You fucking, lucky girl. That sounds just awesome.”

“Tina, you’re drooling. Pull up that jaw, or people will start to escort bursa think I’m your nurse or something.” Tasmin replied dryly.

Inside she was swooning. Her whole adult life so far had been about her listening to Tina yapping on about her escapades. Finally she had her speechless. She had a very special man, a doorway to more intense delight than her friend could imagine. What she had told Tina just now was just the technicalities. What she and Joel really experienced together, she had no words for.

“So, you’re blind…he’s blind, and then he takes you. Fucks you in complete darkness?”

“I’m telling you, all I have left is what I can feel. All I have is his touch, and what he says. Sometimes…” she said, then hesitated, and Tina leaned forward, urging her on.

“Sometimes what?”

“Sometimes, it’s more than that too. I take this.” Tasmin said and pulled up a small MP3 player, one of those that you wear around your neck when working out, from under her sweater. She dangled it in front of Tina’s still kind of silly face. “He gave me this. Sometimes when we do it, I put it on and turn up the volume. Then I don’t hear anything either. That’s when it’s me that is missing a sense.”

“Wow! I just got to try that some day. I mean, the guy don’t have to be blind, right? He could be any guy, and it would still be the same when it’s dark, right?”

She didn’t understand. Not completely. Tasmin didn’t expect her to either.

“Yes.” she replied absently. “Right.”

But her mind was already gone, tracing days and weeks back to that steamy, warm summer afternoon that she would never forget.


“Hey.” Joel had said that day, that first day, Hey. He always started conversations like that, as if it was just a passing thought. “Tasmin? I just thought of something.”

They were sprawled out on the sofa in his apartment, her head in his lap. She read a book, he listened to the news. Tasmin loved those quiet moments, where they both could just not give a damn, and relax.

“You said you wished I could see you…” Joel began, and Tasmin shot up from his lap.

“I know, that was dumb. I say dumb things all the time, you should know that by now.”

“Oh, I know all right, and that’s ok. But listen, I have an idea.”


“Come. Just come with me.”

“What is this?”

Joel laughed. “Will you stop asking silly questions and just do what you’re told, woman?” he chided her. Tasmin tried in vain to stifle a laughter.

“Sir, yes sir!” she said, or tried to, through a giggling fit.

“You know, you’d make a terrible soldier.” He laughed while he lead her by the hand into his bedroom.

“Now,” he said, his voice suddenly serious. “Take off your clothes, please.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. “…and get on the bed.” She flung herself headlong over the sheets. “In the middle. Sit up straight. No, sit on your knees.” He walked over to the windows, closed the shaders, pulled shut drapes and curtains. “Are you there now?” he said over his shoulder.

“Yes. Joel what are you trying to…”

“Ssh. You’ll see.” He walked over to the door to the livingroom, closed it and flipped a switch on the wall. The only lightbulb still on flickered and died.

Darkness, complete and utter darkness. The drapes and curtains didn’t let any daylight in, and nothing seeped through form the rest of the apartment either. Tasmin could hear him undress behind her. The clink of a belt, the rustle of clothes. Then the light creaking of springs and the shifting of weight as he entered the bed to sit right behind her.

“Now, ask me.” His voice was close to her ear, calm, quiet, but not whispering.

“Ask you what?”

Fingertips on her back. Warm breath right behind her neck. Close, so close she could almost feel the warmth of his body. And that request. The first time. Those words.

“Ask me…what I see.”

Author’s notes: I hope you enjoyed this little story. Thanks to Janice for knowing alot, Petri for the darkness, and Lin for constant supply of coffee.

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