Loose Weekend (Saturday Night)

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Continuing the story of this young lady’s dirty weekend which started on the Friday night, but not exactly as she had planned. As with the first chapter, I wanted to focus on describing the appearance and desires of the woman in question.

This, and the earlier chapter, were inspired by real life – with liberal amounts of imagination thrown in, of course!



Alison woke before seven, as the early morning sun streamed through the window. She hadn’t closed the curtains when she had staggered in a few hours earlier, still excited and jubilant after an evening of intimacy with two new men. She’d been in a hurry to touch herself, to bring herself to the peak of orgasm for the third time of the evening. After that, she’d fallen asleep immediately. Only now did she pull off her stained top, then unclip her short skirt and wrench off her torn stockings before heading for the bathroom.

As she showered away the dried cum from her ass, she played over in her head everything she had done the night before. Alison was glad she hadn’t got too drunk: she had a clear memory of how good it had felt to really let herself loose, and how much she’d loved her night of no-strings sex. She thought back with satisfaction, recalling the way men had looked at her, and how easy it had been to just go out and get laid. She could still remember the taste of the two cocks she’d sucked. After cleaning off the remains of her makeup, Ali closed her curtains and slept comfortably for hours, feeling satisfied for the first time in weeks.


When she woke again, it was past lunchtime and Alison was ravenous, not having eaten since before going out last night. She dressed hurriedly in jeans and a casual top, then headed into town.

She was still on a high, feeling deliciously dirty after the previous night. She was actually glad now, that Nick – her married, secret boyfriend – hadn’t made it for their dirty weekend. Her casual encounters in the bar toilets and in that little alleyway had been so much better than just fucking him again, anyway. But she had set aside the whole weekend for him: she was at a loose end now that he wasn’t coming. She ate a relaxed brunch, then decided to wander around the shops for a while.

Alison decided she could do with something new to wear after what had happened to her tight green top last night. The stains might wash out, but she wasn’t sure and anyway, she fancied something new. She began to head for the street which contained some of her favourite clothing shops.

The shops all had their summer outfits on display. She browsed a number of flimsy, flirty outfits, considering what she would look like in them. Since dressing to show herself off had worked wonders last night, she thought it would be fun to buy some more daring clothes than the type her wardrobe usually contained. Heading for a rack of skirts, Alison grabbed some of the shortest without really thinking, then a little red top she liked the look of and headed for the changing rooms.

She tried the top on first. It was cut low across the front, and as she posed in the mirror with hands on hips, she saw that with its loose design meant that even more could be seen when she moved. She wiggled experimentally, and thought it showed her cleavage off to good effect – even more than her green top had done the night before. Apart from a pair of thin straps it left her shoulders bare and it was cropped short at her waist, to which it clung tightly. She hadn’t worn anything this skimpy for years! Did she really want a sexy little number like this, she asked herself? Well, after last night’s debauchery, she didn’t see why not!

Alison tried on the skirts one after another. After last night she was feeling more comfortable with showing off her legs, and after all she did need more summer clothes. But finding one in a style she liked wasn’t too easy. Eventually, she found herself wearing a little black skirt that showed most of her toned thighs, but was still pleated to flare out alluringly. Combined with the red top, she was barely covered at all. Even just standing here in the changing room dressed this way felt daring; but, as she appraised herself in the mirror, she found herself excited by the look it gave her. The top and skirt were stylish individually, but between them showed off so much of her toned, olive skin that she couldn’t help but grin wickedly. Sure, she looked slutty, but kind of slick with it. This suited how she was feeling after last night. Still, she wondered if she would ever have the nerve to wear them together.

Alison paid for her new outfit, blushing as it was bagged up for her. The male assistant gave her a lecherous look as he folded the thin little top down for her, which she enjoyed pretending not to notice. As she strolled home having accomplished her mission, she started to think about how to spend her free evening.


By the time she reached her flat, Alison was starting to think that she wanted another Sivas Escort night like the last. She’d been so desperate for sex yesterday, but really what she’d had had been quite fleeting. The idea of a night home alone was starting to make her feel frustrated again already. A hint of that awful tightness she’d felt between her legs was starting to return, and didn’t really fancy spending the rest of the weekend feeling like that.

Guiltily at first, but spurred on by Friday night’s easy successes, Ali started to wonder about the idea of putting herself out there again tonight. The idea was almost demeaning. Last night, she had found herself in a bar alone in her sexy outfit, but that had been unplanned – she had been there to meet Nick, and hadn’t known at first that he had cancelled. The rest of the night had just happened sort of naturally to her.

But the thought of deliberately going out on her own, looking for a man, was very different to that. That was what real sluts did, the sort of girl who just wanted sex and didn’t care where she got it. Ali remembered how cheap she’d felt getting fucked in that alley last night, and realised that if she went out looking for it tonight, she’d be acting that easy right from the start. She couldn’t help feeling a pang of excitement, even just thinking about it.

Usually if she was out on the town, she just happened to get men approaching her and decided which, if any, she fancied. Usually, although she was screwing another woman’s husband, she stayed true to one man at a time, so she didn’t often meet men that way. But now, the idea of simply going out on the pull, like some common floosie was quite alluring. She was starting to feel horny. She knew she’d look pretty tarty if she wore her new top and skirt together… If she went out like that and ended up getting off with some guy, that would be so cheap…

And she’d felt cheap last night – deliciously trampy. It had made the sex so good for her. A gentle, insidious need was starting to pulse through her body. Deep within her breasts, an excrutiating, gently promising tingle was beginning. As she turned her attention to it, the feeling soon snaked maddeningly through her, reaching right down to her pussy. In her mid-thirties, and she was finding that her desires were stronger than ever. She’d already enjoyed one night of no-strings sex, so … If it was what she wanted, then why not another?

A little guiltily, but with an overriding sense of adventure and excitement, Alison reached her decision. With her mind finally made up, she started to think about which nightclub would be the best for what she wanted.


Alison watched the Saturday evening television, cooked her evening meal and took a long hot soak in the bath. Looking down at her soft body, she knew she looked good: after all, she’d prepared herself for Nick only yesterday. Her legs were smooth, and her the soft hair around her pussy was neatly trimmed into a tempting little strip. As she lazily smoothed bubbles over her full breasts, she wondered who would be getting a lick of them tonight. She was sure that somebody would.

Eventually she dried herself off and decided it was time to get ready. Now she began to feel excited. She considered wearing a thong, but instead chose a pair of sexy black knickers. They were very small, with thin straps at the sides. The flimsy material was translucent and really did little to cover her anyway, leaving her round ass almost bare. Next she chose a black push-up bra: she slipped it on, then checked herself in a mirror. Her soft, full breasts looked smooth, their two delicious arcs meeting and pressing together gently as they were pushed upwards by the rigid cups.

It was another warm night, so Alison sat in her underwear as she applied her makeup. She wanted to make herself stand out from other girls in the club, so she layered plenty of foundation over her warm olive complexion. She shaped her eyebrows carefully into suggestive little arches. Satisfied, she pouted glamorously and streaked dark blusher across her cheeks, accentuating the naturally soft skin around her cheekbones. Going overboard on her makeup was already making her feel horny: her plan for the evening was making her feel like a slut and now she was starting to look the part.

She added black liner and mascara, then pink eye shadow, and brushed her plum-dyed hair carefully. It was soft and shining: she was looking good. She put on her lipstick last of all, checking the effect against the little ring in her lower lip.

Alison looked at herself carefully, and blew her reflection a kiss. “Hello, little tart,” she giggled as she practice-pouted. Yes – this was a good look to pull with. It felt great to really go for a full-on sexy look tonight.

Alison remembered how much bare flesh she’d seen in the changing room mirror, and decided that if she wore her new skirt, baring her legs would be pushing things too far. She rolled on a fresh pair of black Sivas Escort Bayan hold-ups. She always thought she looked best in stockings, anyway. Somehow, that just gave her a bit of class.

With her legs encased in the dark material, she clipped on her new black skirt and checked the effect. The skirt was desperately short, showing off most of her thighs and only just covering the tops of her hold-ups. She slipped into the black stiletto shoes she had worn the night before and tied up the straps: with these high heels on, her calves loooked pretty curvy too.

Finally satisfied that she’d made the most of her legs, Alison slipped her new top over her head, hooking the thin straps loosely over her shoulders and smoothing it into place. It was cut satisfyingly low at the front, covering her bra but not her prominent cleavage. This was just the look she wanted. As Alison she stood up she noticed her bare navel. Her stomach was not quite as flat as she’d have liked, but tonight was not about covering up.

She brushed her hair once more. She looked as if she was ready to party, and up for anything: glam, sexy, and a bit cheap – exactly the look she’d been after. Was she really going to do this? Alison felt a delicious tingle run through her body. She was excited now, wondering what man she might end up with tonight. It felt good not to care.

Her mind made up, Alison grabbed a light coat to cover up a little – she needed to look vaguely respectable on her way to the club. Then, eager to see what effect her new clothes and sexy look would have, she opened the door of her flat and strode into the night.


The queue for the nightclub stretched out into the street, and Alison had to wait for several minutes to get inside. She hadn’t queued outside a club since she was a student. The anticipation was delicious: she could hear the bass and beats coming through the club’s entrance, and she could taste the atmosphere. The clubs she went to with her friends were normally alternative, or upmarket and cool; but tonight she had chosen a larger one with mixed clientele: this was more anonymous, and everyone knew it as a place where singles went. She tried not to think about her tight pussy, throbbing gently with anticipation. Her fingers dug into her palms as she waited patiently outside, her stocking-clad legs exposed in her short skirt. For now, she was glad of her coat.

There were three doormen, each paying far too much attention to girls as they let them in, and it wasn’t long before one spotted her. He made a show of running his eyes over her. Alison felt a thrill as he looked her up and down. Judging by the appreciative looks he gave her, she’d achieved the effect she’d dressed for. He was pretty hot, too: tall and dark-skinned, with African looks and short curly hair. She enjoyed having him check her out, tottering slightly in her high heels as the queue inched forward towards the door. She turned and gave him a cheeky wink when she reached the door, then paid her entry and slipped inside.

Once inside, Alison was ready to enjoy the party. This place was so different to yesterday’s bar: the sexual tension seemed to be in the air all around, not just inside her. She dropped her coat off in the cloakroom, and made her way to an open area that made up the main bar. It was already quite busy, being a Saturday night, but she knew the place was just getting started. Some small groups were sitting at the tables dotted around, while others were standing. The bar was dark, with occasional flashing strobes straying from the dancefloor to light it up. Alison felt the earthy thump of bass from the dance music pounding the floor, permeating her body – it seemed to beat for her heart and right down into her tight, excitable pussy.

Alison glanced down at her legs as a strobe hit her. In their dark stockings, her long shapely legs would have put any woman in the club to shame. She strutted over to the bar in her now-familiar high heeled shoes. She ordered a drink, checking herself in the mirrors at the bar as she waited. Her soft, plum-coloured hair suited not only her tight red top, but also her pink eye-shadow and dark red lipstick. She raised a flirtacious eyebrow at the barman as he checked her out. “Here you go doll, have a good night,” he cheeked, glancing down rather obviously at her cleavage as she bent forwards to take the drink.

“Thanks,” she laughed back with a sly grin. “I’m going to.” Alison moved away from the bar, sipping her drink. Tonight was going to be fun.

She headed vaguely for the dancefloor, exchanging glances with one or two men on the way. One guy stared openly, but made no move, and she didn’t pause. There was nobody really taking her fancy, and she had all night. She surveyed the dancefloor, checking out the prospects. Some of the men out there were more appealing.

She glanced around, checking out some of the other girls. How did she measure up to the competition? There didn’t seem to Escort Sivas be too many good looking women on the floor. Only a few were in skimpy outfits, and she didn’t think they looked all that. Ali’s confidence was buoyed as she realised: she knew she looked good after the effort she’d put in, and decided it was time to start showing herself off. She downed the rest of her drink, then slowly and deliberately strutted onto the floor.

Ali had not danced in these shoes before, and she was almost surprised to find how easy it came to her. She could feel the effect they had on her legs – taughtening her slightly plump calves, giving them a smooth shape in her dark stockings. She shook her hips, her hands trailing over her bare waist for a moment as she found her rhythm. Her top felt a bit tight now and she wondered if it was a bit small for her after all, but she loved the way it showed so much of her soft, olive-toned body. She let the movement spread through her whole body and felt it swish across her front, showing her cleavage enticingly. She seemed to be getting approving looks from two or three men, so she moved a little further into the dancefloor, closer to them, her clear brown eyes framed with liner and sparkling with mischief.

Soon the music changed into a piece of sexy and upbeat, light pop. Ali changed her motion, her lithe body moving faster. She shook her long red hair as she gyrated. Knowing that she was being checked out, she started to bump and grind, feeling her tits wobble and bounce, gently straining against the thin material of her tight red top. Her skirt swished, the thin pleated material riding higher on her thighs. She did nothing about that: her legs were the classiest thing about her right now, and definitely worth making the most of. She flashed a sexy smile as she noticed one or two men looking her way.

When the music changed to a slower number, Alison flicked her hair away from her face and quickly checked around to see if anyone had their eyes on her. There seemed to be a few men who’d taken an interest in her: two who were talking and kept glancing at her, a third who was looking tactlessly over his girlfriend’s shoulder, and one or two more towards the centre of the floor were looking her way. She headed in that direction as the next tune got going, and it wasn’t long before one of them moved over to meet her.

Alison laughed inwardly as he tried to dance with her, making attempts to catch her eye. From the way he kept glancing down, she guessed that her skirt had ridden up over her stockings. She obliged him for a few moments, grinding her hips and returning his glances. Then, when the moment was right she moved away: she hadn’t fancied him much up close, and there were plenty more boys to look at. She liked the idea of a young man though, like Mike who she’d been with yesterday but not actually fucked. Looking around, she saw a young dark-haired boy near her, and moved in his direction.

Ali eyed him up as she strutted and danced her way over to him. He was good looking, and was probably in his early twenties. She caught him looking at her: she’d got his attention. She played a little with her skirt, first flicking it up to reveal bare thigh and then smoothing it down again. From the look on his face, he was enjoying the view!

Alison flirted with him as they danced together, all smiles as she showed off her body, returning his suggestive glances. Her eyes gleamed with excitement as she shook her body. She could feel her nipples hardening, the pleasure of being watched turning her on. Once again she felt that excrutiating, warm tingling sensation in her breasts, and she ran her hands down her bare waist, smoothing her top down as she did so. His eager eyes followed her every move and she enjoyed playing up to that, thrusting her aching breasts forward as she gyrated.

He looked alright to her, so she pressed forward, initiating the first contact as they moved together. She turned sideways, brushing her soft arms against his chest, enjoying being so close to this guy. When the music paused for a moment, she leaned close to his ear, deliberately pushing her chest against him. She introduced herself without fanfare. “I’m Ali,” she used her girliest voice. “Nice dancing,” she added, looking down at his body approvingly. She could smell his aftershave, as he spoke into her ear in reply.

“Martin,” he introduced himself. “You look beautiful, Ali. Buy you a drink?” She took the compliment in her stride, gently gyrating, gently rubbing her body against his for a moment. He might very well do for what she wanted, she thought to herself.

“Thanks,” she half laughed, and told him what drink she wanted. “You can find me back here, can’t you?” Martin looked disappointed that she wasn’t coming with him to the bar, but nodded and headed off anyway. Alison was enjoying flaunting herself around the dancefloor too much to stand in a queue right now. She preferred the idea of sending this sexy guy off to fetch her more alcohol instead.

One Martin had gone, she looked around again. There was a crowd of people in one part of the floor, and she headed that way, wanting to see what else was on offer. Dancing with Martin had turned her on and she fancied some more of the same.

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