Loosening Up Bk. 09 Ch. 01-05

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Loosening Up – Book 9

Fantasies Among the Weeds

Chapter 1 – The Atlanta Group Takes Off

Dave stood at the entrance to the living room in the home of his hosts – Bret and Jean Edwards. The couple were the apparent ring leaders for what had come to be called the Atlanta Group – another, smaller group of like-minded friends that were forming a Circle-like group a few miles southeast of Atlanta. Dave was naked and holding hands with a similarly unclad Jaime Boyle, one of the Atlanta Group members who was married to Jack Wead.

Jaime whispered to him, “God, look at your wife. She is sooooo sexy.” She nodded a few feet away to a couple on one of the mattresses placed on the floor of the room.

Alice lay back in the missionary position as Ed Cray finished off inside her body with a full load after an energetic fuck by both of them. Alice fucked back as much as he fucked forward. She had her lithe legs wrapped around him as they moaned through their climaxes. Ed crooned, “God, Alice, I love you. You are one hot babe. Thank you.”

Alice kissed him and drove her tongue into his mouth again. She then told him, “I should be thanking you. You’re a skilled and practiced lover. You showed concern for my pleasure before your own. I consider that a very high calling.”

“I’m going to miss you after you leave tomorrow.”

Alice rolled her eyes, “It’ll take us all day to get home to Sarasota. I love riding on the bike, but all day gets to my backside. I’ll be numb from the waist down by the time we get home.”

“I thought you had a jet?”

“We do, but Motorcycle Man wanted a long trip for the long weekend, and I volunteered. Next time, I’ll fly.” She pointed to her husband as he grinned at her compromised position.

Motorcycle Man was Alice’s husband – Dave Prentiss. For his previous birthday his ten wives had gotten him the motorcycle that had appeared in the movie Road Trip that one wife, Scarlett Johansson, had starred in. Another wife Cricket had written the book the movie was based on. The bike was a 1988 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail.

Jamie knelt and then started to fellate Dave only a few feet from Alice and Ed. They watched with great interest at her technique. She was one of the few that could inhale every millimeter of a large cock, such as Dave’s. She dazzled him, and when she pulled off of his renewed shaft the meat stick wavered in her hand right in front of her face.

Jamie moved her body forward and impaled herself on Dave’s cock, sliding slowly down the wet shaft and moaning in some ethereal satisfaction every bit of the way, until she ground her body into his, leaving no doubt about his deep penetration and her desire to rub her clit against his groin.

As Jamie and Dave had merged their bodies together, Alice and Ed slowly separated, leaving Alice well exposed to the sudden cool air in the air-conditioned room. In an instant Julie was on her sister, sucking up the excess cum leaking from her pussy. Julie made a humming sound as she vacuumed up the fluids from Alice, even bringing a further small orgasm to her target.

Jamie gasped and nodded at Julie, “Is she always like that? Since Owen and Julie started living with us, she seems to do that a lot.”

Dave chuckled, “She is exactly like that. Julie started doing that to any of us that had just had sex. She tells us she loves the taste, texture, aroma, temperature, and everything else you can think of about a fresh injection of cum into a pussy. She wants it. She’s a self-described nymphomaniac cum-slut, and she doesn’t consider any of that a derogatory term.”

As Jaime rose and fell slowly on Dave’s upright rod, she told him, “The first time she did it to me, I was astounded. I’d just fucked Owen. I didn’t think I was even multi-orgasmic at that point. She proved me wrong. She munched away at my pussy for a long time – probably half an hour, and brought me to four more orgasms, some of them earth-shattering. If I didn’t enjoy making love with a woman before that night, I sure did afterwards.”

Dave smiled, “She does like to get those kinds of results.”

“You do, too. That first time you gave me The Experience, I really thought you’d killed me and I’d gone to heaven. I’ve never had that kind of pleasure. The rapture had arrived, and I’m not religious. That was a phenomenal experience, and then you brought me three more orgasms when we did this a few more times. I really do love you; you know.”

“And I love you, Jamie.”

“Not that I’m into quantity and not quality, but you’re about to give me … another … one … Oh, fuck, that feels sooooo good.” Jamie’s whole body shook and then she shuddered and practically fell into Dave’s open arms.

* * * * *

Alice was getting a lot of ogles from motorists that passed by the motorcycle on the Interstate highway. What caught their attention as they approached the bike in the passing lane on Interstate 75 were her hot-looking bare legs. Alice’s legs were straight and slender and Ankara escort with that sexy flare to her calf, and despite wearing her riding boots and sitting with them on the passenger pegs with them sliding up behind Dave’s legs, they looked sexy.

The small amount of luggage they carried behind Alice hid part of her ass, but enough showed to make checking out her derriere worthwhile.

Alice was bare in her midsection and she wore a halter top that snugged in nicely around her firm breasts and because of the cooling effect of the air around her body, left her nipples standing visibly erect to observers lucky enough to look over at her at just the right moment as they passed by the motorcycle.

Alice wore her fancy helmet, and a single braid of the long blonde hair hung out from behind the head protection, clearly showing that it was a real ‘Babe’ on the back of the Harley.

Dave cruised along right at seventy miles per hour on the Interstate. Faster and the wind would buffet the two of them almost forcing them to slow down. Slower and too many cars started to pass them, often causing some kind of bottleneck in front of them that Dave didn’t care for.

Dave wore his jeans, a Harley t-shirt, boots, and his black helmet with the facemask. Both Dave and Alice’s helmets had two-way radios in them that connected them to each other so they didn’t have to yell to talk to each other. The headphones also cancelled out much of the wind and road noise, leaving them not feeling an auditory assault from the noisy environment of the wind and machine noise.

Dave’s first stop was to refuel and take a break near at the exits for Moultrie, Georgia. After filling the bike, they got cups of coffee and sat at a weathered picnic table beside the nearly defunct gas station stretching their legs.

Alice teased, “How much longer daddy?”

Dave chuckled, “This stop is probably about a third of the way to Sarasota – maybe a little less. We’re making good time and the weather looks ideal. Do you need more sunscreen?”

After another layer of suntan lotion, the pair mounted up and continued south on the Interstate. Shortly after Valdosta they crossed the border into Florida. A sign alerted them that they were 270 miles to Tampa. They stopped for an early lunch in Lake City, Florida, sampling the fine dining at a Wendy’s fast food outlet after gassing up the bike. They stopped again in Ocala for something to drink, and then pushed to make it home.

Dave and Alice pulled into the Circle compound about four p.m. on Monday afternoon. The Monday was a holiday, so most people in the Circle were milling around on the patio.

Both Alice and Dave stripped off their boots and other clothing and fell into the pool and just floated for a few minutes as they talked to some of their friends along the side about their 450-mile trip from just north of Macon, Ga. After the pool, they both sat in the spa with the jets hitting aching muscles and sore spots.

Dave speculated, “That was a good lesson in trip planning. From now on, I should plan for six-hour days and nothing longer. I was ready to give it up in Ocala. My butt won’t fully recover until next Friday.”

Tatiana had accompanied them to the spa carrying her eight-month-old baby on her hip. Wade cooed and made vocalizations matching his mother’s as she talked to Dave. She asked in a serious tone, “But the rest of your equipment is functioning in an acceptable manner?”

Dave laughed at her concern. “Yes, my darling little Russian. My love machine is just fine. Are you ready for another baby?”

Tatiana looked relieved but replied, “Not quite yet, but that day may come. Wade is proving to be a handful and I’m not sure I could handle two.”

Dave asked her, “What happened for the five days we were away?”

Tatiana shook her head. “Not much. It was a quiet weekend, and days were consumed with Wade and keeping him happy. Friday and Saturday nights were very nice – and last night, too. I had a busy social schedule.”

Dave teased, “Oh, you got laid a lot?”

Tatiana blushed. “If you must know, yes, I was promissory.”

Dave looked puzzled for a moment. “Do you mean promiscuous?”

“Yes, that is word I meant. I was slutty and I fuck many men. They give me many orgasms, fill my pussy with their man juice, and love me much – in one case, two men at a time. I liked that. I very full of cum all the time you away. Before you ask, they included Ken, Paul, Nathan, Ron, Tony, Jace, and Ben. I have date with young Luke tonight and he may bring friend who has clean bill of health.”

Dave just nodded, “You were busy, and it sounds like you will have a nice evening.”

“You were probably busy with girls in Atlanta, no?”

“Yes, I was busy. Over the five nights we were there I managed to sleep with each of the women – all twelve of them.”

Tatiana laughed and teased in her cute Russian accent, “Except, you not sleep. You make love to them, I know.”

Dave shrugged. “I do Ankara escort bayan what I do. They all seemed to like it. They’re all very nice. I kind of wish all of them could be here at one time for a few days so we could all get to meet them. Maybe in the summer we can get something like that to happen.”

Dave pushed his question again, “So, did anything else happen?”

“Not to me, but Wendy told several of us that she got another peculiar telephone call about Dev. She was upset, but happy to hear he was all right. The caller told her he was on a long mission, had gone under cover, and was physically all right. He assured her that Devlin had been in situations like this before, and all worked out acceptably. That was about all that was said, and the man ended the call.”

Dave tucked that away, and made a promise to himself to console Wendy when he had the opportunity. She knew her husband lived a life full of intrigue and clandestine missions, but even she knew little of the details. This wasn’t the first time she’d been left alone for a long time.

Tatiana shrugged after that indicating that her ‘report’ to her husband was complete. Dave kissed her and she scampered off towards the house.

* * * * *

The following Saturday Dave was reading on the patio when a slightly panicked Emma raced up to him. She was clad in the standard Circle weekend monokini, and looked absolutely beautiful.

As she approached, he could hear her muttering, “Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit,” repeatedly. She stopped in front of him and changed her mantra to one word, “HELP!” She stated the plea loudly, but only Dave seemed go hear her.

Emma had long luxurious blonde hair to her waist, and cute little perky breasts that kind of showed through the hair in a sexy way when she had long trails of her hair over her shoulder cascading down her front. She was wearing a thong that left little to the imagination, except that the tuft of pubic hair she carried was slightly darker than her long tresses.

Dave put his hand out to her, “What’s wrong, honey?”

Emma rolled her eyes heavenward, “My parents are coming – today. Now. Any minute. They called me five minutes ago and they were on the Tampa Expressway or something like that.”

Dave advised, “You have about a half-hour before they arrive.”

“What should I do? They don’t know anything about the Circle or my lifestyle or anything? They want to see where I’m living.”

“Where are you living?” Dave asked.

“I moved in with Cord, and, of course, he had to drive up and see his parents today outside of Winter Haven. He won’t be back until tomorrow. I had Larry in my bed last night, but he’s already gone.”

Dave said, “My advice is to put on a nice dress or some casual clothes, straighten up your apartment, and then only give short answers to the questions they ask. Don’t’ volunteer too much information. Most of us have had to go through this with our parents. Remember you’re an adult!”

“Yeah, says the guy whose mother joined the Circle, and is still one of the horniest women in the world.”

“I will remain here, and you can introduce me as a board member, the CEO of EneRG, a jet pilot, and anything else you think will earn you brownie points. Scarlett is here this weekend, so we can arrange for your parents to meet her, too.”

“They’re going to croak at just the fact that I’m living with a guy, and when they see the nudity around here, they’ll flip a nutty.”

Dave glanced around the patio, “Emphasize the European atmosphere of the place before you bring them to the patio. Look at the kids are around, so point out that it’s a family place. Tatiana is here, too, so tell them about the sweet Russian you know that is an expert in robotics and computer science. Think of the positives about the Circle, not all the negatives.”

Emma nodded firmly and then hustled off towards the townhouse where Cord lived.

Dave went back to reading, but an hour later he saw Emma lead her parents and a person he guessed was her younger sister onto the patio. He noted that she now wore crisp looking light-blue Bermuda shorts and an opaque white top with flip-flops. He could see her pointing here and there, giving a guided tour of the place. The younger girl looked interested. The parents were trying to be tolerant of Emma’s obvious enthusiasm for the place.

Emma led the trio in Dave’s direction, so he folded up his reading and rose to meet them. “Mom, Dad, Sissy, I’d like you to meet Dave Prentiss. He’s a board member and a founding member of the Circle, a jet-rated pilot for a cool plane he keeps at our little airport that I pointed out to you, and he’s also the CEO of EneRG – that great battery company that is doing so well.”

Dave shook hands with Mrs. Roberts first, and then Mr. Roberts. After using those names, Mr. Roberts said, “Please call us Dean and Marcia. This is our other daughter Carla.” He shook Carla’s hand, too, guessing that she was either a junior or senior in Escort Ankara high school.

Dave said, “Welcome to the Circle. We’re very pleased to have Emma as our friend. If my memory is correct, her grades have taken a major leap since she affiliated with us.”

That last point was speculative on Dave’s part, but most other university students who’d joined the Circle had indeed raised their grade point average since they got more serious about life, love, and doing something that counts.

Dean Roberts turned to Emma with a surprised expression, “Is that right? What he said?”

Emma nodded, “Yes. I’ll probably be on dean’s list for the first time this semester. Between having a serious boyfriend and the mentoring I can get for my coursework around the Circle I’m doing the best in school I ever have.”

Dean shot his wife an approving glance, as though to say, ‘This thing called the Circle our daughter has joined might not be all that bad.’

Suddenly, Dean realized that some of the other women on the patio were only wearing monokinis. He froze in position gawking at Leann, Jill, Talia, and Carolyn who were sitting as a foursome, topless, chatting about something. They were ultra-casual in their postures, and glowed with the suntan lotion they’d smeared all-over their sexy bodies. Further away, others on the patio were also topless.

Dean sputtered and thus Marcia also looked and gawked. Carla glanced over and then rolled her eyes. To her, the nudity was no big deal.

Dean said, “They’re … they’re … they’re almost naked.”

Emma tried to carry off the moment, “I TOLD you that we have a very European ambience to the Circle. We’re casual about our bodies. Do not equate nudity and sex.” Unfortunately, her voice was a little shaky in her delivery.

Dave added for her, “No one makes a big thing about our dress code. On nice days such as this, it’s not at all unusual to find that many of the men and women enjoy the tanning rays for an hour or so each day.” He chuckled, “No bathing suit lines seems an important trait to the women.”

Dean whirled back to Emma, “Do you dress that way?”

Emma’s back stiffened. Dave could see she was suddenly ready for battle. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I was dressed that way when you called, but threw on the shorts and top to greet you.”

Marcia said, “Did Dave see you undressed?”

Emma smiled, “As a matter of fact, he did. He did not jump out of his chair, paw at my breasts, make lewd comments about my tits, make any other suggestive or rude comments, or physically assault me. We had a brief conversation when I told him you were coming, and he said he looked forward to meeting you; nothing further happened. I’m not sure he even noticed my boobs.” She glanced down at herself.

Both Dean and Marcia turned to Dave. He shrugged. “I am glad to meet you or any of the parents of some of our younger members. We seem to have a strong connection with the university because some faculty members also belong here, as well as several other students. Overall there are about a hundred-and-fifty members in the Circle.”

Dean challenged, “What do you have to DO to become a member?” There was an undesirable undertone to his comment.

Dave responded, “Be friendly; meet people that are here and decide that you like them. Be helpful. Laugh with us. Celebrate life with us.”

“That’s all?”

Dave explained, “If someone thinks they’d like to belong here in the Circle, I tell them what I probably told Emma weeks ago when we first met. Hang out here. Meet the other people who’re here. Really get to know them – their values, how they think, what they think is important, and other in-depth things – and if you still want to know them better then you’re probably on the road to becoming a member.

“We don’t do a big membership song and dance. People self-select into the Circle because they like it here – they like the relationships they’re forming, the friendships, the mentoring if they want it, and they like the atmosphere and ethos of the place. In some ways, we’re non-traditional, but in others we think we offer more than society does outside our gates. We are a private community and the board controls the housing, so we only have members living with us.”

Dean and Marcia both seemed taken back slightly at Dave’s statement. He said “So, Emma is a member?”

Emma spoke up, “No, not yet. I’m still meeting people and I have that decision to make sometime soon. If things keep going the way they have been, I will ask to be a member. I already asked for an assignment on a work detail that helps three or four days a week in the kitchen. I’m also on the landscaping committee, but we haven’t met yet. Doing something to support the whole Circle is important here.

“I’ve started to pay dues, in part so I can eat the fabulous food that gets served to members. I even have my own nutrition and meal plan that Chef Bobbie and one of the nurses who’s also a nutritionist prepared for me. I’ve actually lost weight, and I work out in the Circle gym four days a week, so I’ve also been trading fat for muscle.”

Marcia said, “You don’t prepare your own meals?” She sounded disappointed that her daughter wasn’t being domestic.

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