Losing It

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I woke naked in your bed and was disappointed not to find your slender body pressed against me. You were long gone, rushing off to an early morning meeting leaving me to sleep in.

Rubbing my eyes, I surveyed the room, smiling as I noticed the evidence of last night’s sex. Your favourite knickers lay on the dresser where I had tossed them the evening before, a collection of sex toys lay strewn across the floor next to a half-empty wine glass that you had interrupted me from drinking.

It was then that I noticed the white envelope on the bedside table. It was initialled with the letter N with a neatly drawn heart nestling next to it. Intrigued I tore it open to see what was inside. You had kept it brief knowing that the lack of information would drive me wild.

The note promised “an unforgettable night” and gave me a set of short instructions and a train time. There was nothing else. No hints, no clues, just a note.

Later that day on the journey back from work, I re-read the note and tried to call you for some answers to the note’s many questions. But you didn’t answer. I knew you wouldn’t. It seemed that the note was all the information I was going to get.

So I went to the station the following day and boarded the 11.33 train, smiling as I noted that the destination was Brighton. We had always talked about a weekend by the sea. A big hotel room and lots of sex, and my cock began to stir in anticipation.

As the train was nearing Brighton you texted me telling me to get a taxi to the Belmont Hotel and ask for the key to room 217.

Half an hour later I was standing outside the door, my cock rock hard in anticipation of what the next few hours would entail. I unlocked the door and moved into the darkened room.

A spacious bathroom lay to my right off a short corridor that seemed to lead to the main part of the room. I couldn’t see you but I could hear a faint buzzing noise and see the flickering of a screen that sent eerie shadows across the room.

I moved further into the room and soon there you were on the bed, your right hand slowly thrusting your favourite toy deep within your pussy as you lay transfixed by the porn that was being played out on your laptop.

You smiled lustily at me as your breasts rose and fell in pleasure. I dropped my bag and moved to join you on the bed but you signalled for me to stop and motioned for me to sit on the chair. It seemed I was meant to play audience to begin with.

“Take of your clothes,” you whispered as your pace began to increase. I slowly did as I was told making sure that I didn’t miss a second as I watched my lover fuck herself.

Your eyes had moved from the screen and were now locked on mine and as your orgasm approached she moved yourself to the edge of the bed so your feet were on the floor and your naked form was just inches from me.

Your pace increased still further and then almost without tuzla escort warning your body tensed, your head arched back as your orgasm shot threw you.

You collapsed on the bed panting and motioned for me to join you. But I had other ideas. I pulled you up the bed and then brought my mouth to your throbbing clit. You spasmed at every lick and tried to push me away as you tried to recover from the orgasm that had just ripped through you.

But I wanted to make the most of your fresh juices, I needed to taste you. I held you firm as my tongue danced over your pussy, licking and sucking, with each contact bringing a moan to your lips. I sucked on your clit and then moved two fingers inside you. Your moans became louder as you no longer tried to fight my touch.

My pace increased and you began to grind your hips against me, fucking my face and fingers. Your breathing began to change and your hands grabbed my head pushing it further towards your pussy. I knew your second orgasm was approaching so I slipped a moist finger into your arse and began to move it gently back and forth.

The added sensation sent you over the edge and you screamed out my name as this time you squirted your juices up into my face and across the bed.

This time I did join you on the bed taking your face in my hands and kissing you gently as you lay trembling and recovering from your ecstasy. You always loved the taste of your own juices and quickly the kisses became more passionate before, with a cheeky grin on your face, you rolled on top of me and began to slide your tongue down my body.

“Now your turn,” you whispered.

You were now in control and were adamant that you would take your time and slowly you licked and sucked my nipples before continuing the journey south. Your tongue drew shapes on my stomach before flicking down to my freshly shaved balls.

“Mmmm, I see you have followed my instructions,” you cooed as you sucked first one and then the other.

I inhaled sharply as I willed you to end the suspense and take me in your mouth. But you were determined to take your time and began to lick all the way up my shaft before gently kissing and teasing the head of my straining cock.

Then after a pause and without warning you enveloped me, taking my cock deep inside your silken mouth. I gasped and moved my hands onto your head, playing with your golden hair as you increased your pace.

I looked down and your sultry eyes were staring straight at me as you sucked my cock in the way that only you know how. Your skill and the anticipation were soon too much for me and when you nestled your breasts either side of my cock as you continued to let me fuck your face, I came with an orgasm that had me writhing across the bed.

This time it was your turn to cuddle up to me and mine to taste myself on your tongue. We lay there for a few minutes, enjoying each the warmth and security of each tuzla escort bayan other’s nakedness before you slipped out of my grasp to the bathroom.

I don’t know whether I had fallen asleep but the next thing I remember was your clear voice piercing the silence.

“Put on the blind fold lying next to you and get down on your knees at the end of the bed,” came the order.

I obeyed and then heard firm footsteps coming in from the bathroom.

“Put your hands behind your back.” Again I obeyed and soon felt a cord being wrapped around my hands.

“Good. Now face the front.”

You then paused and the silence added to the feeling of being completely exposed. My mind tried to predict what would happen next while my cock had already decided that it would be worth being hard for.

We had tied each other up before but this time there seemed to be an added authority in your voice, an added sexual purpose and it made me even more arosed.

I sensed you moving in front of me and then felt something pressing against my mouth. Instinctively I opened it.

A plastic cock slipped effortless into my mouth. Surprised I momentarily stopped unsure of what to do next.

“Suck it baby. Take it all in your mouth,” came the answer to my question.

I complied just like I had done various times before. We both had a fantasy where we would share a cock and often when I was on top slowly fucking you would bring out a 6 inch cock and we would pretend that we were sucking the same cock. The fantasy of having another guy in our bed always made both of us cum more powerfully.

But this cock was different, smaller perhaps, yet the thrusts were more powerful. I took it in my mouth, sucking and licking it in the way that I would want someone to fellate me.

“Yeah, that’s it. Suck it, suck it deep in to your mouth. You like that? You like sucking my cock don’t you baby?” you murmured.

I moaned my agreement and then without warning you tore off my blindfold causing me to gasp at what I saw before me.

You were dressed in your favourite black lingerie. Black high heels lead up to lace stockings and a see-through black bra which your perfect white breasts strained against. Your pale tits made a striking contract to the rest of your toned and recently tanned body.

But as if this spectacle was not enough, the thing that caused me to gasp was the cock that protruded from between your legs.

“Do you like my cock?” you demanded.

I grunted my approval before feeling your strap-on thrust back into my mouth. It was probably the most erotic moment of my life. My lover had me completely at her mercy and with every stroke that you fucked my mouth you would shudder in ecstasy.

“That’s it you cock sucker. Suck my cock good. Mmmm, yeah. That feels so good. Does it fell good for you baby?”

And it did. I had always fantasised about sucking a cock but now escort tuzla here I was with my beautiful girlfriend fulfilling a fantasy that I never really knew I had.

I loved the feeling of her being in control and from her moans I think you appreciated it just as much. Your pace increased and you moved your hands to either side of my head and then began to fuck my face like I had done so many times to your before.

But just when I thought you was about to cum once more you stopped and moved the cock out of my mouth.

“Good,” you said authoritively. “Now get on the bed on your hands and knees.”

Without out protest I moved to the bed and in doing so saw you prancing across the room your cock swinging as you went.

The click of a tube and a cold feeling snapped me back to reality. My senses were on overload as you prepared me to lose my anal virginity. You smeared lube all over my arse and then I felt a finger slowly ease inside me.

I exhaled and then felt you move behind me. Then for a moment there was nothing before I felt the cock ease against my arsehole. I inhaled and then without warning you lunged your hips forward and you were inside me.

I gasped but was not allowed to recover before you started to slowly fuck me in the arse. Initially tt burnt but as your pace increased and I began to relax the feelings changed to pure pleasure. I loved the feeling of having a cock inside me.

It felt good but I wanted to see you while you fucked me. I asked and you turned me over so I lay on my back with my cock pointing hard to the ceiling and my arse ready to be entered again.

If being fucked from behind was erotic, seeing my beautiful girlfriend, dressed in heels, the finest lingerie and with a six inch strap-on between your legs, was purely orgasmic and my straining cock twitched in anticipation.

Again you began slowly but soon your pace was brisker and just as you got into a steady rhythm you bent down towards and kissed me with a lustful passion that was reserved for our most erotic liaisons.

Your kisses and right hand also settling on my cock made me feel my orgasm begin to stir inside me and maybe noticing this you began to increase your pace.

“I want to cum with you,” you told me as your breathing began to quicken.

“Go on fuck me baby. Fuck me with your cock,” I pleaded as I began to wank my cock with an added exuberance.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” you began to exclaim. “I love fucking you so much. Take it you little slut.”

And that was all it took for me as I began to ejaculate. Streams of cum spurting across my body as you continued to pound me and just before I thought you would pull out of me your pace increased and with an earth shattering scream you came, violently and loudly.

You collapsed next to me your body slick with sweat and your strap-on still emerging for between your legs.

“I think I may have just taken your anal virginity,” you giggled before cuddling up to me and kissing me gently on my mouth.

“Now get sleep,” you added. “I want you to have lots of energy for round two later.”

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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