Lost and Found Ch. 04

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Kelli checked the time. She had ten minutes to get ready, then she had to leave. She had wanted a shower, but there was no time. She threw on some mascara and lipstick. Sprayed herself with perfume and rushed out the door. She arrived back at Alex’s with two minutes to spare.

She felt nervous as she approached the front door. She told herself that no matter what, she was going to prove herself today. She reached for the door knob, but the door opened and there stood Alex. Black jeans, black t-shirt, black boots. If he was trying to intimidate her it was working.

She walked past him into the house and as she did she felt the sting of his palm through the thin fabric of her dress. She flinched, but continued walking into the living room. Alex followed.

“Strip and display.”

For some reason she felt shy, but she slipped off the dress and went to her knees. She kept her eyes down, but she could feel the blush staining her cheeks. She waited for her next command, eager to do whatever it took to please him.

“Do you remember your safe word?”

“Yes Master Alex, it’s ‘lollipop’.”

“Lift your hair off your neck.”

Kelli did so and felt a collar go on. Once it was secured she put her hands back behind her head. Alex stroked her hair. She relaxed a little until he pulled her head back by her hair and kissed her. Sucking her lower lip into his mouth he bit and sucked at it. He released her and she looked a little dazed.

Alex sat back down in front of her, “Up over my lap now, slave!”

Kelli quickly draped herself over his knees. He spread her legs. “Put your hands behind your head and keep them there.”

His hands fell like rain on her ass. The smacks were everywhere at once. Hard and fast, they took her breath away. She felt tears prick her eyes. He stopped and began caressing her burning cheeks. Kelli relaxed against his palm believing it was over. Alex pulled out a wooden hairbrush and began methodically beating her ass. This hurt much worse than his hand.

“Ow!” Kelli cried out, tears no longer in her eyes, but spilling down her cheeks.

“You know how to make it stop, slave.” Alex replied and continued on. He moved down to the tops of her thighs just below her buttocks. Kelli groaned. She refused to use her safe word. It just wasn’t time yet.

As her bottom heated up so did her core. She became wet. Each strike pushed her pussy against his jean clad leg creating a delicious friction. The spanking stopped and Alex took his fingers and slid them down her cleft. He spread her labia and dipped his fingers inside. Slowly sliding in and out. The throbbing pain and the pleasure his hands created melded into one and her breathing grew heavier. He took his slippery, wet fingers and rubbed her clit. She began to squirm against him. He held her down with his other hand. He took turns rubbing her clit and sliding in and out of her hole. She was building up to a frenzy, legs shaking, and eyes squeezed shut. She was on the brink of an orgasm. Just about to tip over the edge when he stopped and began smacking her ass again.

She lay there like a cat in heat, mewling sounds coming from her mouth, unable to control the movements of her body. Alex brought her to the brink two more times. Almost, but not quite enough to push her over. She was frustrated beyond measure and was ready to explode. She started to beg.

“Please Master, May I cum?”

“No, not yet. We’ve only just begun!” Alex said and once more he took her to the edge. She cried out in disappointment when he suddenly stopped. Her body was shaking and she was so close.

Very nice,” Alex said as he ran his fingernails across her burning ass. “Now, get down and display.”

Kelli almost cried. She did as she was told and Alex had her release his hard cock from the confines of his jeans. He touched it to her lips and she began sucking and licking the head. He held her still and slowly ran his hard member in and out of her mouth. Going deeper and deeper with each thrust until she was nearly gagging. She could taste his pre-cum and she licked harder, desperate for more.

“Stroke me.” He said and she wrapped her fingers around his hardness and stroked up and down while continuing to suck and swirl her tongue around the head and sensitive underside. She was so excited and turned on. She could feel her ass still hot and throbbing and the ache of her cunt. She stroked faster and harder.

Alex’s legs began to shake and now it was his turn to come to the edge of an orgasm, but there was nothing holding him back and he grunted and groaned as he shot his load into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as if it were her last meal here on earth.

He was getting ready to move the action to his bedroom when his cell phone rang. Normally he would ignore the interruption, but when he saw who it was he looked at Kelli and said, “Don’t move.”

She looked surprised, but held her position. She wondered who was calling that he would stop what he was doing. She didn’t want to stop, Starzbet she needed release. She wanted to touch herself, but that was not allowed. So she stayed kneeling, hands behind her back.

Alex answered his phone, “Hello Martha.” Kelli’s eyes widened as she listened to the one sided conversation.

“And how did you know I was back?”


“Yes, I heard you met.” Alex reached over caressed Kelli’s cheek.

“Oh yes, we need to talk. Tonight? Well, I had plans.” Kelli became nervous at this turn in the conversation. Knowing that Alex was not happy with Martha, she didn’t think them getting together would be a good idea.

“Okay, fine, I understand. No, seven is good. We’ll be there.” He ended the call without saying good bye. Then he turned back to Kelli. He looked at the innocence of her face, innocence that he was going to take away. So much beauty there in her curvy form. She was nothing like Angel and that’s what made her so endearing to him. She was so new and unjaded.

She looked back up at him with a concerned look, but she didn’t speak. Alex walked around her. Touched her lightly on the shoulders before speaking, “Obviously you know that was Martha. She’s invited us over this evening to chat. I believe it will be just us. We need to be there by seven.”

Her mouth suddenly dry all Kelli could do was nod. They would not be going as a couple, they would be going as Master and slave. It would be a big test for her and in front of Martha, of all people.

“However, that still gives us plenty of time. So, why don’t you crawl your sexy ass back to the bedroom and get on the bed?”

He wanted to see her crawl? That she could do. Putting as much sway into her hips as she could she slowly crawled away from Alex towards the bedroom. She glanced back once to see his expression and there was a look of hunger on his face that made her crawl a little faster.

Once on the bed she lay back and Alex walked in and stood admiring the view. He spread her legs apart and secured them with rope to the posts. Then he walked to the head of the bed. He drew her arms down in front of her and tied her wrists together, he then pulled them over her head and bound them to another rope. He opened the drawer in his bedside table and brought out a small ball gag. He fit this in her mouth and secured it behind her head.

Her dark eyes were wide with both trepidation and lust. It was a beautiful look and it made Alex hard all over again. He went down between her legs and started kissing her thighs working his way up to her apex.

The kisses felt like little electrical shocks and caused her breathing to accelerate. When she felt his hot breath on her mound she moaned behind the gag. Then it was his tongue licking her clit. Licking, sucking and releasing, meanwhile he slipped a finger into her tight, wet hole. It was so slippery and hot it made him want to jump up and ravish her. Instead he pushed her higher and higher. When she was so close she thought she couldn’t take it anymore he plunged his shaft deep into her, she exploded like a million stars.

He fucked her hard and fast, seeking his own release for the second time. Her pussy clamped down hard on his cock and these spasms caused his own eruption and he poured his seed into her. Afterwards, he lay slumped on top of her, catching his breath.

Kelli was trying to say something. He had forgotten about the gag. He lifted himself up and began releasing her bonds. He did her legs first, then her hands, and finally he removed the gag. She rubbed her wrists and looked at him wryly.

“You know, you could have just removed the gag first.”

“You know, I could just gag you again.” Alex returned, with a glint in his eye.

“Sorry, Master Alex. What I meant to say was thank you so much for everything!” Kelli smiled innocently.

“Right. What were you trying to say?”

“I was saying that I wasn’t sure I want to go tonight.”

“Oh no, you’re going and you’re going as my submissive. She’s so desperate to know if this is real, well, we’ll just show her.” Alex looked a little too grim for Kelli.

Eager to change the subject Kelli said, “Can I at least go home and change?”

“Nope, I’m not letting you out of my sight. Besides I brought you a present.”

“You did, Master? Really?”

“Yes, really!” Alex laughed. Kelli’s eyes were lit up like a child’s.

“What is it?”

“Wait here, I’ll get it.” He got up and came back with a medium sized, white box, tied with a black bow. He held it just out of her reach, smiled and said, “Beg me!”

“Oooh! Please Master Alex! Please may I have my gift?” Kelli bounced on the bed.

“How could I turn that down?”

He handed her the box and she quickly undid the ribbon. She opened it and underneath several layers of tissue paper was a black and red silk dress. It was cut low in the front and the skirt on it was short and tight with slits up each side to her hip. It was the sexiest thing Starzbet Giriş she had ever owned. She held it up and grinned.

“I’m going to wear this?”

“Yes, you are?”



“Wow, now this is a dress, Master Alex!”

“I thought so, slave. Any questions?”

“Just one, will you shower with me?”

After a long leisurely shower where they soaped each other up and rinsed each other off, they took a nap. Alex wrapped his arm around Kelli and drew her in close. As they drifted off Kelli thought she heard her phone ring, but she ignored it.

They woke up an hour or so later. They were both starving so they ordered Chinese and ate naked in bed. He talked about his camping trip, she talked about her time with her mother. Finally Alex said, “You know we have to talk about it.”

“I was hoping we could avoid it.”

“Sorry, no such luck. Martha and I have been friends for a while. She’s like a dog with a bone when she gets her mind set on something and right now her mind is set on us. So why don’t you tell me what all you’ve talked about so that I can be prepared?”

So, Kelli told him about the party and the subsequent lunch. She told him about seeing the playroom and Robert’s performance. She did not tell him about the emails or the phone calls. He seemed pretty grim about the whole thing and she didn’t want to make it any worse.

“Well, when I said I wanted you to talk to friends and family, this wasn’t what I had in mind. However, what’s done is done. I’d like to know her motive behind telling you about Angel. Tonight when we go you will stay by my side. You won’t speak unless spoken to and you will do whatever I ask you to do. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master Alex” Kelli “May I go get ready now?”

Alex nodded and started getting himself dressed. He chose black pants, a dark maroon shirt, and his boots. It didn’t take long before he was done and waiting in the living room. He was looking out at the street when she walked in the room. He turned and let out a low whistle.

Kelli had used what make-up she could find in her purse. She had on mascara, eyeliner, and red lipstick. She looked like a doll. The dress fit perfect. The deep v in front showed her cleavage and the skirt came down about two inches below her pussy. The slits up the side just enhanced how little she was wearing.

“Wow, you look fantastic!” Alex growled. Kelli slowly turned around. “Yeah, maybe we should just stay home…”

“Really?” Kelli asked.

Alex sighed, “No not really. We have to go. Let’s get this over with.” He escorted her out to his truck.

As per usual, Robert opened the door. He was wearing a pair of leather chaps and a collar. He kept his eyes cast down as he greeted them, “Good evening Master Alex, Kelli, please come in.”

He led them to the living room where Martha was seated on the couch. She looked dressed for battle in a leather corset top, black leather pants, and knee high black leather boots. She smiled at us as we entered the room and lifted her hand to Alex.

“Alex, dear, so good to see you!”

Alex took the proffered hand and placed a kiss on the back of it, “Lovely to see you, Martha. Wish it were under better circumstances.”

“Oh really, Alex? Are we skipping all the nice bits and getting straight to the point?”

“You know I don’t play games, Martha.”

“Well, sit down at least. Have a drink before you ruin the evening.”

Alex nodded and sat down on the love seat across from her. Kelli quickly sat at his feet, on her knees with one hand on his leg. Robert stepped up to ask what he could get them. Alex asked for a jack and coke and a glass of white wine for Kelli.

Drink in hand Alex started the conversation again, “So I hear the rumor mill has been in full swing in my absence?”

“What rumors? I deal in facts. Kelli is, in fact, your new sub and Angel was, in fact, your past sub.”

“And what? You felt it was your moral duty to share that information as soon as possible?”

“Look, I was completely taken by surprise when Kelli walked in with Leila, but Leila is, after all, a dear friend of mine. I had forgotten that Kelli was her daughter. It’s been years. Anyway, when Linda told me who she was I felt a sense of obligation to…”

“To what? Try and discredit me? Make me out to be the bad guy here? You and Angel were close. You knew the truth! Yet you took delight in making my sub doubt me, why?” Alex snapped.

“Maybe I was hurt that Linda knew something that I, as your friend, didn’t know! You haven’t been around lately, Alex. You haven’t called or come to any of my dinners. You shut me out and that hurt. So yes, maybe I was getting a little of my own back!”

“Really? You’re playing the poor, pitiful me card? Please, I know you better than that! Not only did you reveal your version of my past, but you also took my sub to your playroom without my consent. So, who’s breaking rules now?” Alex looked grim. Starzbet Güncel Giriş

“It was just for a demonstration, Alex. I just wanted to show Kelli what submissive really meant because I could see that she didn’t have a clue!”

“I don’t care what the reason was, we agreed that taking someone else’s sub into a play space without their permission was rude. I thought we were on the same page.”

“Okay, that’s true and I’m sorry for that! I just wanted her to be aware of what she was getting into.”

“Since when is that your job?” Alex shot back at Martha. “I’ve been working with her all summer. She knows what’s involved. I’ve taken my time to get to know her and for her to get to know me. I didn’t rush into this one. Of all people, you’re the last one I thought would judge me!”

Kelli felt the heat go out of the room with that last sentence. Martha looked chagrined and Alex just stared at her. Everything was quiet for about thirty seconds.

“Oh Alex. I’m sorry, I really am. I didn’t mean for it to upset you and I didn’t mean for it to get out of hand. You know that I would never judge you. It’s just that well, I guess I had snakes whispering in my ear and I hadn’t heard from you, so I acted badly. You’re right and I do apologize. Forgive me?”

“She’s an innocent, Martha, don’t attempt to sully her again or I won’t be so forgiving.” There was steel behind those words and Kelli shivered at his tone. Alex stroked her hair. Kelli realized she had a bit of a death grip on his leg and released her hand.

Martha smiled at Alex, “I’m glad that’s over with! Are we good now?”

“We’re good, for now.” Alex answered, still a little stiff. He took a couple of swallows of his drink.

Kelli sipped at her wine. She wondered if Martha was the one behind the emails and the phone calls, but it hadn’t sounded anything like her on the phone. Besides she didn’t think Martha would stoop to that level. She seemed like the type of person who would just spit her bitterness out into the middle of the room.

Kelli needed to go to the bathroom. They hadn’t discussed this eventuality. What was the correct way to ask permission? She didn’t want to embarrass herself or Alex. She didn’t want to interrupt their conversation, either. Yet, she couldn’t wait much longer. She gazed up at Alex and lightly tapped his knee.

“Yes?” He looked bemused.

“Excuse me, Master Alex. May I use the restroom?”

“Yes, you may, but you must crawl from here to the foyer and then when you return you will crawl from the entrance back to me. Understood?”

Kelli blushed, “Yes, Master Alex.”

She kept her eyes down as she got on her hands and knees. Her dress was so short that it left her ass and pussy exposed. She felt more naked than if she’d been naked. She took a deep breath and slowly started crawling for the foyer. She tried to be as graceful as possible knowing Martha and Robert were watching her. When she reached the edge, she stood, smoothed down her skirt and walked across the floor to the bathroom.

“Very nice!” Martha smiled.

“I think so.” Alex said, returning her smile.

“So, do we get to see any more of your sub’s charms this evening?”

“Well, since you’ve already given her a tour of your play room, I thought maybe something a little more hands on.”

“Wonderful!” Martha grinned like the Cheshire Cat. Even Alex had to chuckle at the expression of delight on her face.

Meanwhile, Kelli had relieved herself and was currently giving herself a pep talk, “You can do this! You don’t have to be afraid or embarrassed, it’s no big deal! Just crawl your ass back out there and do whatever he says! Go!”

She took a deep breath and opened the door. It looked much father from here to the living room. She walked back and sank to her knees. She crawled her way back to Alex and resumed her position. Her mouth dry, she took another sip of her wine.

“No time like the present!” Alex said. He brought the leash out of his pocket and snapped it on her collar. Kelli stared up at him with big eyes. “We’re going downstairs. Get up and follow me.”

She looked over at Martha who was grinning at her, leering actually. She could do this. She would show them!

She followed Alex down the stairs to the playroom. Her heart beating faster with every step. She had watched others, but never been watched by anyone other than Alex. She was nervous and excited.

Alex unclipped her leash and said “Strip and display.”

Almost without thinking Kelli lifted the dress over her head and went to her knees, arms behind her back. Her nipples were hard and there was already a heat building between her legs. Alex walked to the different stations, as if trying to decide which one to bring Kelli to. Each time he stopped in front of one Kelli’s heartbeat jumped up a notch.

He picked up a crop and tapped the padded sawhorse in front of him. “Over here, Kelli. I want you bent over this, legs spread wide.”

Kelli got up and went to him, she laid herself over the sawhorse and spread her legs. Alex put a set of Velcro cuffs on her wrists and ankles and attached them to the sawhorse. Once she was in position Alex began caressing her back, butt, and thighs with the crop. Kelli tensed up waiting for the first blow.

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