Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 25

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The following is a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and as always, I highly recommend reading the prior one first.

Comments are always welcomed as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


With a wide open mouth, all I could do was stare when I first saw Julie standing beside the bed behind Anna with a strap-on. Once the initial shock wore off…”Oh my God Julie! Where did you ever get something like that? And it’s humongous.” It was. Had to be nine inches long and close to two inches in diameter. Flesh colored with a smooth shaft and large bulbous cockhead.

But it wasn’t the size that shocked me. It was seeing her with a strap-on, and apparently ready to use it after her statement that they weren’t through with me yet.

As for the size of the dildo, it was a near duplicate of the one Maureen has. We fucked each other like crazy with it more than once and had some pretty incredible orgasms. But I didn’t say anything to Julie since I didn’t want to ruin any fun she planned to have with it thinking it might be a first for me.

“I never knew you were into sex toys, Julie. Except for a vibrator to pleasure yourself.” While I already knew the answer… “And don’t tell me you’re thinking of doing what I think you are?”

“So many questions Lacey. Getting a strap-on was more Anna’s idea than mine. As for the size, Anna insisted the bigger the better when we ordered it. But I do have a smaller attachment for when Anna uses it on me if you’d be more comfortable with it.”

I would learn later, Anna’s late husband was as well endowed as my husband Jim. Hence the reason she insisted on an oversized dildo.

“As for what I’m thinking of doing with it. You did say something earlier about fucking each other’s brains out.”

“It was just a figure of speech.”

“Too late as I took it literally. Now if you would be so kind, it’d be nice of you to get on your hands and knees for me. That’s unless you want me to fuck you in a missionary position.”

Before I could respond, Anna all but yelled… “That’s not fair Julie! You already went down on Lacey. At least let me fuck her first.”

While I was already relishing the thought of being fucked by Julie, hearing they both wanted to, got my heart racing… “Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you both plan on fucking me? Not that I’m complaining, but I’ll probably need an ambulance to take me home afterwards.”

“You may be able to fool Anna, Lacey, but I know you too well. We’ll be all but exhausted while you’ll be begging for more.”

I had to laugh… “You make it sound like I’m insatiable. Or impossible to satisfy.”

“You are, but it’s one of the reasons I love you so much. Plus your passion for sex is infectious.”

“I can’t argue with you relative to my passion for sex, but who wouldn’t be with you two.” Then without wanting to seem eager… “Like it or not, it seems you have your minds set on fucking me with that monstrosity. Since I don’t want to disappoint either of you, and the only issue seems to be who does me first, let’s resolve it by whoever gets closest to the number I’m thinking of from one to ten.”

After both Anna and Julie looked at each other, Julie blurted out five real quick, while Anna all but shouted seven.

“Close Julie, but sorry to say, Anna is dead on.” Which put a big smile on Anna’s face.

With that said, Anna quickly got off the bed and after helping Julie remove the strap-on, they put it on Anna. Once it was, she asked in what position I would like her to do me.

“As big as it is, let’s start with me in a doggie position. Then depending on how it goes, there’s nothing I’d like more than to hold you while you fuck me in a missionary position.”

By now I was pretty psyched about being fucked by both of them. Thinking of the times Maureen and I fucked each other with her strap-on, I knew how enjoyable it could be. That’s if they were as good at using it as her. Or good as Louise was the one time she fucked me with her strapless dildo.

As soon as I was on my hands and knees, Anna quickly climbed on the bed behind me. With my legs spread at the knees, and both my holes fully exposed, I couldn’t help but wonder what her reaction was to seeing them so openly displayed. Who wouldn’t be when another woman sees both your pussy and asshole up close and personal for the first time. Especially my asshole positioned as I was since she hadn’t seen until now.

As if reading my mind… “My God Lacey, I can’t believe how inviting both your holes are. And what an adorable asshole you have.” After which I felt her soft hands on my bum.

She rubbed it all over very affectionately as though she was admiring it before she spread my bum cheeks even more and I suddenly felt her warm breath on my asshole. It was quickly followed by a moist kiss just before she flicked her tongue over it. I couldn’t help but almanbahis sigh, and held my breath hoping it wasn’t just an inquisitive flick of her tongue.

She didn’t disappoint me. After a slight pause where I heard her mumble something about what an adorable asshole I had she began swirling the tip of her tongue over it in tight little circles. Her licking slowly developed into a continuous up and down lapping motion. Not just over my asshole, but the entire length of my anal valley from my perineum to my tail bone. Teasingly at first, then more aggressively with long, stiff tongue strokes.

Felt heavenly as it always does, but more so because it was Anna’s lovely face buried between my ass cheeks. And while I thought she had a talented tongue when kissing her, it paled in comparison to how nicely she pleasured my nether region with it. Not forgetting the rush I was also getting from knowing Julie was watching her as she did.

As if reading my mind again, she began “exploring” my anal orifice with the tip of her tongue. I couldn’t help but let loose with a deep moan as her exploring turned into probing, along with the lower part of my body quivering in anticipation of what I was hoping would happen next.

As her probing became more determined, I relaxed my sphincter muscles so she could achieve what I hoped her goal was. It was mostly a natural reaction from how conditioned I am to anal penetration from how often its been fucked, fingered, and tongued.

Once again, she didn’t disappoint me as I felt her tongue stiffen and ever so slowly ease into my anal canal until it was embedded as far as she could insert it. Soon as it was, she playfully wiggled it before she slowly began to tongue fuck me with a steady back and forth bobbing motion.

With Anna being relatively new to Sapphic sex, I assumed anilingus was something she learned from Julie. Who developed a love for it after I introduced her to it.

It was an amazing experience introducing her to the pleasures of anilingus. While she was hesitant at first with someone licking her most intimate hole, she quickly developed a fondness for it. She not only enjoyed it from being on the receiving end, but also performing it. Maybe performing it more as she always took advantage of any opportunity to orally pleasure my asshole. And always until I cummed, much to the delight of both of us.

Just when I couldn’t have been enjoying it more, and was well on my way to an orgasm, Anna suddenly stopped… “As much as I’m enjoying your incredible rosebud Lacey, it’s time to fuck your equally incredible pussy. That’s unless you want me to do you anally?”

While I was tempted to tell her to do me anally after she so nicely primed me with her tongue… “As big as the dildo is, I think it’d be wise to do me vaginally first.”

The next thing I knew, the tip of the faux cockhead was pressing into my fuck hole as Anna held firmly onto my hips. I thought for sure it would take some effort to insert it, but as wet as I was from Anna tonguing my asshole, it popped in easily. Not forgetting how accommodating my cunt is from being fucked by my husband’s big cock for twenty-five plus years.

As soon as the cockhead was inserted… “You okay Lacey?”

“I’m fine Anna, and I hope you’re as good at fucking my pussy with the strap-on as you were my asshole with your tongue.”

“You’ll soon find out.” After which she slowly inserted as much of the dildo as she could until she felt it bump against my cervix.

“Wow! I’m amazed you took it so easily Lacey. Seems it’s not the first time you’ve been fucked by something this big. Now just relax and let me do all the work.”

She wasn’t wrong, but big around as the dildo was, it was still a bit of a “stretch”. Not painfully so, but how my asshole feels when someone first inserts their cock or a dildo in it. But from my experience with Maureen’s strap-on, it would be just temporary and only get better as soon as I was “comfortable” with it.

As Anna continued to hold onto my hips, she proceeded to fuck me with long, deliberate strokes. Leisurely at first before her humping motion gradually quickened and any discomfort I initially had disappeared. Not only did it disappear, it was replaced by the delicious feeling of how full my cunt felt, and from the way Anna so lovingly fucked it. While some women may disagree, big is definitely better when it comes to girth. Being as well-used by a big cock as I am, it always a treat to be fucked by something bigger.

To enjoy it to its fullest, I leaned down so the upper part of my body was resting with my shoulders on a pillow and my head turned to one side. It also allowed me to reach for my clitoris, which I immediately began rubbing with two fingers.

Between Anna fucking me as nicely as she was, and stimulating my clit, it wasn’t going to be long before I orgasmed. As it slowly developed deep in my vagina like a volcano about to erupt, Julie suddenly asked… “What do you think, Lacey, is Anna good or what almanbahis giriş with the strap-on? And I can’t tell you how much of a turn-on it is watching her fucking you with it.”

While it wasn’t a good time to be having a conversation… “She is good, Julie. Very good. Nicest fucking I had in a long time. And if I didn’t know better, I’d swear she’s had a lot of practice using it on under-serviced middle-aged women.”

It was good. Damn good, but for some reason my little attempt at humor earned me a slap on the ass. Not just a “love tap”, but a hard smack. And while it stung, it surprised me how my pussy tingled from it.

“Any more snide remarks like that Lacey, and your ass will be sore by the time I’m through with it.”

Which prompted me to respond again jokingly… “Promises, promises, that’s all I get.”

Julie then warned me… “I wouldn’t test her Lacey, otherwise your ass will be sore.”

Even though I’ve never been “spanked” before, at least as an adult, I was stunned by how my pussy reacted when she slapped me. I was almost tempted to say something else “cute” to see if I would get the same reaction, but decided against it for fear I might not.

Julie then asked… “Would like to watch Anna fucking you Lacey?”

“I’d love to, but how?”

She never responded, but the next thing I knew she was placing a valet mirror she has in her bedroom next to the bed. And just at the right angle so I could clearly see Anna on her knees behind my upraised ass. While I couldn’t see the long dildo sliding in and out of my cunt, I did have a good view of the upper part of her body and her fabulous tits bouncing back and forth as she fucked me.

The added effect of watching her tits flopping around as she stared at the huge dildo she so nicely rammed in and out of my pussy caused my orgasm to suddenly crash over me. What started as a minor eruption deep in my vagina quickly magnified before it reverberated through every fiber of my body as my cunt exploded. I couldn’t help but yelp as copious amounts of vaginal fluids shot out in spite of it being stuffed as it was.

But cumming like I did, didn’t seem to phase Anna, as she kept right on fucking me. She acted like I didn’t orgasm and fucked me even harder. Her hold on my hips couldn’t have been tighter as she literally pounded my pussy. Not to be out done, I got back up on my hands and fucked her just as hard.

It was one of the most relentless fucking I ever had. She seemed determined with fucking me for as long and hard as she could.

It was also the noisiest between the loud slapping sound from us banging against each other, and both of us grunting like wounded animals each time we did. That along with the loud squishy sounds emanating from my soaking wet cunt every time she drove the dildo in it would have made for a great soundtrack for a porno flick.

“Wow! Look at you two the way you’re going at each other.” It was Julie. “You both seemed possessed. Especially Anna, who seems hell bent on fucking your brains out Lacey.”

Just as I was about to blurt out she was, another orgasm swept over me. And it was just as intense as the first one except for one difference. After another burst of vaginal fluids shot out my cunt, I all but blacked out from a combination of how exhausted I was, and from having a second gut-wrenching orgasm practically on top of the first one.

I wasn’t out for long, but when I regained my senses I found myself flat on my stomach. After rolling onto my back, I saw Julie at the foot of the bed on her hands and knees licking the huge dildo dangling from Anna’s crotch. It was all but licked clean by now, but no doubt when she started it was thoroughly covered with my love juices.

I couldn’t help but say… “Talk about someone being insatiable. You’ve got me beat by a mile Julie, when it comes to certain things.”

“Only when it comes to the taste of you Lacey.”

After which she crawled between my legs and proceeded to lick my drenched pussy and thighs clean. Every square inch including in my fuck hole as far as her tongue would reach. Felt heavenly as she did, as well as saving me a trip to the bathroom to clean myself.

In the meantime, Anna removed the strap-on and after kneeling next to me, kissed me passionately before asking… “Would you mind pleasuring my pussy while Julie does yours?”

While I would have liked nothing more than to just lie there and enjoy Julie’s efforts, I wasn’t about to say no… “If you’re asking to do what I think you are, be my guest Anna.”

Before you could count to five, she was on her knees straddling my head with her pussy not more than six inches above my face. I could immediately see and smell how aroused she was from fucking me. Her pussy was dripping wet and the aroma from it settled over my face like an invisible fog. It was intoxicating and I couldn’t wait to taste her for the first time.

The only regret I had was I couldn’t get at her asshole because of the position we almanbahis yeni giriş were in. I couldn’t even see it, let alone lick it along with her pussy. Something I’ve been dying to get at ever since she so eagerly showed it to me earlier.

Soon as she was positioned over my face, she reached down with both hands to part her long and very puffy pussy lips before slowly lowering herself. I nearly gasped at the sight of her gaping slit as it was a perfect example of a pussy in heat as wet and blood red as it was.

Soon as it was within licking distance I reached for it with my tongue and was immediately rewarded with my first taste of her sweet smelling nectar.

I licked and lapped her best as I could in spite of being in one of the worst positions to lick someone’s cunt with them all but sitting on your face. I simply didn’t have the freedom of movement needed to tongue her sweet slit and fuck hole the way they deserved to be.

But Anna couldn’t seem to be more pleased with the “seating arrangement” as she gently began rocking back and forth over my mouth and tongue. All while softly moaning as she held my head with both hands.

After a few minutes of all but tribbing my face she released my head before repositioning herself just enough so her clit was directly over my mouth.

Soon as it was, and in an almost pleading manner… “I need you to suck my clit Lacey.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and happily took her now very swollen love bean between my lips and began sucking and tonguing it. The second I did, she shuddered before letting loose with what can only be described as a loud squeal.

As I sucked her clit, it allowed me to view her fabulous tits above her slightly pouty tummy. They looked inviting hanging down as they were with her nipples swollen and erect from how aroused she was. Just as I was about to reach for them, I caught myself. I knew once I started fondling them I would get totally distracted from the main task at hand.

Unfortunately as big as her tits are, from my vantage point they blocked most of her face. Something I like to observe intermittently while sucking someone’s clit, or cock as the case may be, to gauge from their facial expression(s) how well I’m doing at pleasuring them. While I didn’t have a full view of Anna’s face, from what I could see she looked to be in a “trance”. Her head was tilted slightly upward with her eyes half closed and rolled back in her head. And while I couldn’t see her mouth, it was easy to surmise she was smiling from the way her eyes were crinkled at the corners. A gratifying sign she was enjoying me orally pleasuring her clit as much as I was doing it.

Julie by now had licked and tongued my pussy clean and was concentrating all her efforts on my own very aroused clit. As long as it is, she was sucking it like you would the tip of your little finger while flicking her tongue back and forth over the tip.

As wonderful as it felt, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I normally would. In spite of fantasizing about having a Sapphic “three-way”, it didn’t take long to realize it wasn’t possible in reality to simultaneously enjoy Julie pleasuring my clit while I pleasured Anna’s. Same as when performing cunnilingus in a “69” position. I always found it difficult to enjoy someone eating my pussy while concentrating on going down on theirs.

But I wasn’t complaining. It was a wonderful dilemma to have for the first time.

Thankfully it was quickly resolved when Anna’s legs suddenly tightened around me and she began to quiver. Soon as they did, I focused solely on her clit. To the point I blocked out the fact Julie was sucking mine, let alone being even in the room.

I never put so much effort into sucking and tonguing someone’s love nob. Not that I did anything different. I simply sucked it like I never have before and then some

using every little trick I knew. All to ensure her orgasm would be as mind-blowing as possible.

And from the way she cummed, it seemed I was successful.

She not only shook and screamed like a banshee, she let loose with a flood of love juice all while spouting a long string of obscenities. And as sweet tasting as her pussy juice was, it nearly choked me the way it gushed out so forcefully.

As for her profanity, it was mostly in Italian, which I understood to a large degree since my dad was fluent in Italian and often reverted to it when he got very angry or overly excited about something. The most notable expletive he used was “madre di puttana”, which Anna shouted repeatedly along with my name. Mother-fucker, or mother of a bitch depending on the translation.

Anna wasn’t the only one who orgasmed. I also did. But it was a “head” or “brain” orgasm as it’s sometimes called. Yes there is such a thing, and it happens often from the satisfaction I get bringing someone to a satisfying climax with my mouth and/or tongue. Be it their cunt or cock, albeit more often with the prior lately.

The best way to describe it is a euphoric feeling or a tingling warmth that starts in my head and neck before radiating in waves throughout my body. Similar in ways to an orgasm that originates in your vagina, and it was an unusually intense one from it being my first time orally pleasuring Anna.

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