Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 26

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Big Tits


The following is a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and as always, I recommend reading the prior one first.

I’ll be taking a break from publishing anything for a while. Possibly a good couple of months. But I’ll be back.

Comments are always welcomed and encouraged as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


Once again I found myself being fucked from behind with my ass upraised as I leaned down with my head on a pillow. The only difference, it was Julie fucking me, and very nicely in the ass. Best anal I ever experienced with a strap-on. Even better than when Maureen’s fucked me anally with hers.

The dildo itself was smaller in length than the nine-inch monstrosity Anna fucked me vaginally with earlier. But it still was an ass-full as it was nearly as fat. And Julie couldn’t have been fucking me better with it if I was doing it myself. Exactly the way I liked it in the ass, slow and deliberate as she held lovingly onto my hips.

Her fucking me anally was the culmination of what was my first ménage à trois. For all of us actually. Nearly seven hours of the most amazing sex any of us ever had. I couldn’t think of anything we could have done that we didn’t. Even our own little daisy chain.

As Julie brought me closer to what would be my umpteenth and final orgasm I couldn’t help but think of what I enjoyed the most with these two incredible and lovely ladies. Not that there was anything I didn’t. But if I had to pick one, performing anilingus on Anna’s incredible asshole would be it. Followed closely by them taking turns performing anilingus on me prior to Julie now fucking me so skillfully in the ass.

The way they tagged teamed me with their near ravenous tonguing of my asshole brought me to one of the most intense orgasms I ever experienced from anilingus. Damn near peed when I squirted. But as wonderful as it was, it didn’t compare to the satisfaction and “head” orgasm I experienced from going down on Anna’s incredible bumhole. And from the orgasm I was able to induce in her.

She was practically in tears by the time it subsided, and it was the first time she squirted. Much to my surprise with my nose all but inserted in her fuck hole as I tongued her asshole with her in a missionary position versus on her hands and knees.

It also made me think of how when I first explored my latent bisexuality I was mainly fixated with other women’s tits and their pussies. While I always enjoyed my husband orally pleasuring my asshole prior to butt-fucking me, I never gave any thought to performing anilingus on another woman. Even when fantasizing about having sex with another woman before I actually did. That’s until I gazed upon Maureen’s lovely asshole for the first time, and much to her delight, couldn’t resist licking and tonguing it. Not that she’s ever been bashful about licking and tonguing mine.

There’s a reason most women’s assholes are referred to as pretty little rosebuds. And while it might have something to do with my preference with who I have sex with, or simply fate, everyone of their assholes fit the description perfectly. All except Anna’s, with hers being exceptional in its own unique way, and one in a million.

Now when I find myself attracted to another woman, the first thing I notice is her ass before I find myself wondering what their asshole would look like, and what it would be like to orally pleasure it.

The wonderful feeling from the way Julie was so nicely sodomizing me eventually brought me back to reality. Every nerve ending in my anus was now tingling with indescribable pleasure from the way she relentlessly, but lovingly drove the dildo in and out of it. Not forgetting the added rush I was getting from knowing Anna was watching us.

When I thought it couldn’t get any better, my once slowly building orgasm suddenly swept over me like a tsunami. For the first time when she started fucking me, I fucked her back. And soon as I did, my cunt all but exploded.

As I’m prone to do when I orgasm from being anally fucked, I let loose with a series of cunt farts along with a burst of vaginal fluids with each one. I thought they would never stop, but did as my cunt began sputtering like an outboard motor running out of gas as my orgasm slowly subsided.

When what was a longer anal orgasm than usual finally ran its course, Julie withdrew the faux cock, which made a loud popping sound from how abruptly she did.

I then collapsed on my stomach, and while seemingly unable to get enough air into my lungs, I began to wonder if I’d ever recover. Of all the orgasms I had it was the crème de la crème from how it left me both mentally and physically spent.

Thinking there was something wrong… “Are you okay, Lacey?”

All I could do was raise my hand with one finger extended, then a second one to let Julie know I needed a minute or two before I could respond. I was simply breathing too heavily along almanbahis with my mind being a blissful mess from one orgasm too many.

Seeing I was fine, but unable to have a conversation just yet, she went to the bathroom to clean the dildo from being in my ass. Anna in the meantime laid down on her side next to me, after which she lovingly began rubbing my back and bum.

Just as my breathing returned to normal, Julie returned and laid down on the other side of me and joined Anna as far as rubbing me affectionately before saying… “You had me worried, Lacey. For a second I thought you were having a heart attack the way you were gasping for air.”

“You should have been. I felt like I was. The only thing lacking from the incredible ass-fucking you gave me was depositing a load of hot cum in my rectum. Where’d you ever learn to fuck someone in the ass like that?”

After she laughed… “The answer is lying on the other side of you.”

“Then Anna is one hell of a teacher, as well as you being a quick learner.” After turning towards Anna… “Based on what Julie said, I have to assume you and your husband fucked anally often?”

“Yes we did. More so than vaginally. Not that I minded. And as it seemed to be the case with you, I enjoyed it immensely.”

“It’s the same with Jim and me, so I can appreciate your love for anal.”

I then rolled on my back, and as they both cuddled me with my arms around them… “Now while I hate to end what has been an experience I’ll never forget, it’s well past time for me to head home to get some much needed rest.”

After Julie groaned… “With Jim on a business trip, why don’t you spend the night here with us, Lacey?”

“Thanks Julie, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to graciously decline. It’d be impossible without us continuing to go at each other like we have. It’s a recipe for disaster as far as me needing to be of sound mind and body for a luncheon date tomorrow.”

“Only if you promise this won’t be the last time we get together?”

“You can count on it as I would like nothing more. And next time I’ll be sure I can spend the entire night.”


As tired as I was, it thankfully was only a ten minute ride home. As soon as I arrived, I turned my phone back on to check for messages since I shut it off when I first arrived at the Electric Percolator.

There were a number of them, but only three of any importance from Donna, Maureen and my husband. And not necessarily in that order.

Donna’s was simply a reminder about lunch at her place tomorrow and how much she was looking forward to seeing me. Followed by a bunch of smiley face emojis.

Maureen’s was typical for her, wondering what I was up to, and why my phone was off. Followed by a single frowny face emoji.

Jim’s message was to inform me his flight to Anchorage was uneventful and on time, and after checking into his hotel, he’d be going out to dinner with his counterpart at Alaska Airlines. No emojis, just a simple “Love you.”

As often as Jim travels, and has over the years, our messaging has become very “business” like. Simple updates like the one he just sent, or me keeping him informed of anything important that might have occurred while he’s away. Rarely do we ever talk on the phone unless it’s really important.

Not that it was always that way. When we were first married, I made sure he called every night, and we’d talk at length about anything and everything. Sometimes about sex, but I’d usually avoided it for fear of him getting horny and then doing something stupid. When he couldn’t call, I’d wonder why in spite of him always having a perfectly plausible reason.

When “facetiming” came along, along with me eventually being less concerned about him being promiscuous while away, we’d sometimes watch each other masturbate as we talked dirty to each other. But eventually it grew old and I can’t think of the last time we did.

In the early years of our marriage I was often asked if I worried about Jim being unfaithful due to him traveling as much as he did. While I did at first, and would have been upset if I found out he was, I honestly believed he wasn’t.

But in reality, I’m sure he has been on occasion as much as he traveled, and with as many women as there are today in the executive workforce. So while it was probably inevitable, I figured what I didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me.

Eventually everything changed when I started going through menopause. Albeit early for my age. But unlike with most women when they do, and their desire for sex usually wanes, I was the complete opposite. My libido actually increased along with an unexpected desire to have sex with another woman.

After Jim and I talked about the effect going through the change was having on me, he surprisingly was very understanding about my interest in having sex with another woman. Even gave me his blessing to pursue it if I felt strongly about it.

Being the almanbahis giriş realist he is, he figured it was the lesser of two evils with the hours he worked and being away as often he was, and how it limited his ability to satisfy my heightened sexual needs. And it didn’t hurt that my first intimate relationship with another woman was with Maureen.

Now we couldn’t be happier. Actually happier than we’ve ever been. With my hormones out of whack, he gets some of the best sex any married man his age could ask for when we can, and I get to enjoy my new found love for other women.

But what made things even better as a result of my new found relationship with Maureen, was us eventually sharing each other with her and her husband John.

Getting to fuck Maureen was something Jim fantasized about ever since we became good friends with them after they first moved into the neighborhood. Not that I could blame him as attractive and “built” as she is. Any man would.

After I replied to everyone, I went straight to bed. As exhausted as I was, I didn’t shower beforehand, or anything remotely close to remove the lingering scent of sex on me. And I fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow.


The next morning I woke up a little later than usual. I felt well rested except my right shoulder and hip were sore. I slept so soundly I never moved during the night off my right side. I didn’t even get up to pee as I usually do at least once.

As I was having my morning cappuccino, Maureen called and we ended up having a long conversation as she wanted to hear all there was to know about my meeting with Julie, and the fact Anna was with her.

After much insistence on her part, and being as close as we are, I shared all the salacious details of our time together.

“I wish I could have been hiding in a closet watching the three of you from the way you described things.”

“Who are you kidding, Maureen? No way would you have stayed quietly holed up in a closet and just watched.”

“You might be right. But it seems I created a monster with you after the first time I went down on you.”

“If it wasn’t you, Maureen, it would have been somebody else. Although I couldn’t be happier it was you as fond as we are of each other.”

“Either way, you seem insatiable when it comes to Sapphic sex. Or sex in general. Not that I’m complaining as much as I get to enjoy you.”

“And me you. But you make it sound like I want to have sex with every woman I bump into.”

“It’s just the opposite. It seems every woman who is so inclined can’t help but want to have sex with you. Especially as attractive as you are and the sexuality you unconsciously convey. Plus you’re always dressed to the ‘kill’ even if it’s for a quick trip to the local market. You may not realize it, but you have a certain aura about you that all but screams you’d be the best ‘fuck’ any woman could hope for if they can get you in bed.”

“Very funny Maureen. But like you said, you only have yourself to blame. And I figure it’s just a phase I’m going through as a result of going through the change. So why not make the most of it while it lasts.”

“I plan to along with you for as long as it lasts. Along with Jim I’m sure, and anyone else who is lucky enough to enjoy your womanly charms. Speaking of which, when are we going to get together again for another foursome? John keeps asking me about it.”

“Funny you should ask as I’m going to meet with someone for coffee this week, and a little birdie told me her and her husband are interested in having sex with another couple, or couples. Apparently they’re at the stage in their marriage where they’ve talked about it to spice up their sex life, but don’t know how to go about finding another couple suitable for their first time.”

“And who would this someone be?”

“Nancy, who I know through her husband Walter, who works for Jim. Reports directly to him.”

“You’ve talked about Nancy before, but I don’t think I ever met her, or her husband.”

“You haven’t as far as I know. Couldn’t ask for two nicer people, and both are very attractive.”

“So are you asking me about them joining us? I know we talked about another couple to keep things interesting.”

“I guess I am, but only if you were serious when we discussed it.”

“I was, but obviously I’d need to get John’s blessing. Who’ll probably want to meet them before making a decision. As for me, I trust your judgment. You’ve always been right when it comes to other people.”

“It would be best that you both meet them first, but I wanted to check to make sure you were serious if the subject comes up when we meet. Not that I’m expecting it to, but her husband did talk to Jim recently about it so it’s possible it might.”

“Then it’s safe to say, you and Jim have already talked about inviting them to join us?”

“Yes we have, but he’s left it up to me and you to decide.”

“One last question, almanbahis giriş is Nancy bisexual?”

“I was wondering if you’d ask. I don’t think so. But when we’ve been together at company functions ever since I explored my own bisexuality, I get the feeling she’s at least curious.”

“Being the official photographer you are at the company functions, do you happen to have any photos of them?”

“Yes I do, and while looks aren’t everything, I’ll be sure to email you a few so you can get an appreciation for what a good looking couple they are. Now I think we’ve been on the phone long enough for one morning. Plus I need to get ready to have lunch with Donna.”

“You did mention something about it over the weekend, but when are we going to get together this week?”

“Listen to you. You almost sound jealous. It’s not as though I’m going to have sex with her. Just lunch and a friendly conversation. The worst that might happen is I may get to try the Sybian she bought at the special social we had. That’s if she’s received it yet, although Colette did promise her she would by now.”

“Now I am jealous. Enjoy it if you do, and obviously I expect an update this evening on your visit with Donna.”

“I’d be surprised if you didn’t. Nothing like having my dearest friend keeping tabs on me.”


After the call ended I only had a couple of hours to get ready to be at Donna’s place by one o’clock. I took a quick shower, and after fixing my hair and applying my make-up, it was time to decide what to wear.

After Maureen’s comment about always being dressed to kill, I decided to wear something that couldn’t be described as such. It took me a while, but I finally found a conservative blue on white short sleeve floral sundress I hadn’t worn in a while with a buttoned down front that came down to just below the knees with a shallow v-neck. For lingerie, I wore a dark blue bra and matching panties, which were also conservative as far as what they revealed if for some reason anyone saw me in just them. Jewelry was a simple silver pendant and matching bracelet along with large silver hoop earrings. For sandals I wore a pair of basic Birkenstocks.

Once pleased with how I looked I headed for Donna’s house, which is only a two minute drive at most. But in the short time it took to get there, I couldn’t help but wonder once again about the reason she invited me to have lunch with her.

When she did, she stated what transpired between us in Maureen’s bathroom the night of the special social got her thinking about “things” as she put it, and she couldn’t think of anyone better to talk to about it. While she didn’t elaborate, it most likely had something to do with how close we came to kissing before Maureen interrupted us.

While I was curious at the time, I didn’t press her on it. Maybe I should have, but it seemed she wanted to have a face to face conversation versus discussing it over the phone. And if almost kissing was something she regretted, it would have been a lot easier to say so over the phone.

Although I’ve driven by Donna’s house hundreds of times, I’ve never been in it. Like mine, it’s one of the first ones built in the Lost Creek development, and is also a rambling ranch. And as with most of the first homes built in the development, it’s on a very large lot with plenty of privacy.

Just as I was about to press the doorbell, the front door opened. It startled me at first, and it was as though Donna was waiting for me on the other side. Unlike me, she was dressed to “kill” in a bandeau style off white sundress that came down to just above the knees, and it contrasted nicely with a beautiful tan she developed in the short time since I last saw her.

Donna is a tall woman at five foot nine versus me at five foot five, but she towered over me even more due to the extra three inches from a pair of slingback open toe wedge sandals she was wearing. While it did make me feel shorter than usual, it gave me the opportunity to see her pretty feet. I couldn’t help but briefly stare at them as nicely pedicured as they were with a bright pink nail polish.

But what really caught my attention was the sight of her lovely bare shoulders in the strapless sundress. As nicely tanned as they were without a blemish or the tiniest mole to be seen anywhere, they all but begged to be caressed and kissed.

Having already seen her totally naked from when she took a “test ride” on the Sybian at our recent social event, I was impressed with how nicely the sundress fitted her. It was very flattering. Not snug or tight, but form fitting enough to draw one’s attention to all the right places starting with her big breasts down to her relatively flat tummy, flared hips, and nicely rounded and attractive bum.

With it being a bandeau style sundress, she wasn’t wearing a bra. And in spite of being big busted, any sagging was minimal.

To say she was dressed to impress, or to “kill” as Maureen would put it, would have been an understatement. And between her tall stature, long wavy brown hair, the gorgeous tan, and her incredible body in the strapless sundress, she was a classic example of what an Amazon Goddess would look like. Albeit a middle-aged one.

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