Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 (Father and Farther)

*Men have children. Fathers raise them. One you are given and one you earn.*

My plan for Father was multi-staged. First, I had to show up at his office with my gym bag right before his office was opened before he had arrived. The Chief Nurse knew me from my pre-college days. She commented on how grown up I looked. I smiled. She unlocked the door and went in. What I was really doing was watching her set the security code. I waited half an hour, told the nurse I had to go, but to not bother Dad with the ‘fact’ that he hadn’t remembered. He was so overworked after all.

Stealing and copying the key was insanely easy. That very night I went to his office and put in the cameras with the snake lenses. I got all the rooms, plus the offices of the doctors. I hid the receiver unit in Dad’s office, behind the pictures he had of us. Ironically, he wasn’t in any of them. I figured that place was safe because he never looked at us anyway.

The next night I went in and removed my handiwork. The longer they were there, the greater the risk discovery and my plan unraveling. I was richly rewarded for my work. It took most of the next morning to speed through the visiting room footage, which made me wonder how any gynecologist ever wanted to have sex after so much pussy in one day. It was in the offices that I had my just desserts.

At lunch, my Father went into the Executive bathroom he shared with one of his partners, Dr. Kathryn Carter. She was a year or two younger than Dad, blonde and relatively attractive in a severe, tight-faced way. Dad entered the washroom first. He waited around, which is what got me curious. A few minutes later, Dr. Carter’s entered. Without preamble, she pulled up her knee-length skirt around her waist. She wasn’t wearing underwear. She leaned against the double sink.

“Get to it,” she barked. Dad went to his knees and began lapping up her cunt like a thirsty dog.

“Harder,” was her next command. She gave a guttural growl and began bucking her hips after about five minutes. That was Dad’s cue to grab onto her ass and shove his face even farther in. She crushed Dad’s head between thick thighs. Dad was clearly in distress and she was eating it up. He tried to pull back, but she was having none of it. He was half way to his feet when she came violently. She slammed him back down painfully. I made a note to see if Dad had an indentation on his chin where it had hit the sink.

She wasn’t done yet.

“Clean my up, you pig,” she laughed. Dad got to it, licking her juices up off her thighs and pussy. I guess he was lucky she wasn’t a major squirter.

“Are we on for tonight?” she asked.

“Of Ümraniye Escort course.”

“Are you ever worried our families will find out?” she taunted.

“Ilene is a useless bitch. I’ll be rid of her soon enough. A little more accounting magic and she’ll be totally broke. Then I jettison her ass. She’ll be someone’s crack whore inside a week. What about Chuck?” Kathryn laughed. Chuck was her husband of fifteen years.

“That idiot? Please, he believes whatever I tell him. I haven’t touched hid dick in three months, but I still make him beg for it every night. What a moron,” she chuckled. Dad stood up and rubbed her crotch.

“Do him. I want to lick his cum out of your cunt like we did last time,” he rumbled with passion. Kathryn laughed, slipped off the counter top and straightened out her skirt.

That would have been enough by itself, but Dad clearly couldn’t contain himself. He fucked four clients in his office, in a variety of interesting positions and points of entry, leaving me with the impression that his office had to be soundproofed. The best part of all was that I recognized one of those women, and it was definitely a gift from the Gods.

I worked like a madman the next day. I had to be somewhere in the early afternoon, plus I had planned a family meeting — sans Dad, this evening. I dressed in a nice business suit I had tailored with some of my ill-gotten sex money. I figured it was fitting. I walked into the main reception area and went to the secretary.

“I would like to talk with Ms. Fowler,” I asked pleasantly. She looked me over, giving me a sexy smile.

“She’s a very busy person, but maybe I can help you with something. You seem to be too young to be getting divorced.” I gave a rumbling purr because she really looked tasty, but I had to stay on target.

“I am afraid it is important. Please tell her that Damien Cullen is here to see her,” I said with a shoulder shrug that expressed my regret. I guess it had the desired effect; she had a sincere pout when she made the call.

“Ms. Peterson, there is a Damien Cullen to see Ms. Fowler. He says it is important.” She listened to something. She looked at me. “She says you need to make an appointment.”

“Tell her this concerns her ex-husband,” I continued. “Ask Ms. Peterson to give my name to Ms. Fowler and she will understand.” There was a long pause.

“I hope you are the real deal,” the secretary told me as she covered her head-mike, “because Peterson is a cast-iron ball buster.”

“I am for real,” I assured her. “What’s your name?”

“Heidi,” she smiled. “Heidi Lindstrum. So, what do you do, Mr. Cullen?”

“I’m an Ümraniye Escort Bayan engineer; structural stuff mostly, but I handle all kinds of building systems.”

“Have you been at it long?” she said as she went fishing.

“To answer your question, I’m twenty-two, single, and while I live at home with my parents, it is in a fifteen hundred foot basement apartment with its own entrance.”

“I’m twenty-one and single,” Heidi said, leaning forward and blessing me with a view of her cleavage, “and I’d like to see your place.

“Beige is a good color on you,” I said as I undressed her with her eyes. She looked confused for a moment.

“I’m not wear … oh,” she blushed. I was commenting on her bra which had peeked out when she’d showed me her chest. I looked up from the pleasure to see a woman, mid-thirties, conservatively dress and hair pulled back in a bun. She had wire-rimmed glasses over grey, serious eyes. Her attire was a subdued brown that did little to complement her features. She might be attractive if she tried, but it was hard to tell.

“Target at eleven o’clock,” I whispered to Heidi. “Laugh and act natural. Act like we are old college friends.” I doubted Heidi had gone to college, but she was attractive and ambitious enough to have dated a few college guys. Heidi laughed and gave a head bob. As Ms. Peterson rounded the desk, she gave the woman a disarming smile.

“This is Mr. Cullen, Ms. Peterson.”

“Come with me,” Ms. Peterson said abruptly. She turned and strode away. I gave Heidi a wink as I made to follow. Heidi winked back then made a ‘call me’ signal. As I followed Ms. Peterson, I drank in her large, firm ass. It was like watching two melons bouncing around a tweed sack. Normally I don’t like them that big, but in her case, she made it work for me. We moved into the heart of the firm. I caught sight of two large offices, side by side. The larger of the two had an older looking woman. The door read ‘Allen Fowler’. The one I was approaching read Danielle Fowler, his little girl. Ms. Peterson stopped at the door, knocked and opened it. She stepped in.

“Ms. Fowler, Mr. Cullen is here.” Danielle looked at me, fear and passion warring within her.

“That will be all, Anita,” Danielle said softly. Ms. Anita Peterson turned and caught my gaze in her steely eyes. That look told me volumes. If I hurt Danielle, she would make it her mission to make my life miserable. I gave her a smile, which she dismissed. She shut the door as she left. Danielle looked at me clearly confused. She was about to say something, but I held up my hand for silence.

“Danielle, call Anita back in here.” Danielle blanched, Escort ümraniye but did as I asked. “Now come around the desk and lean against it. I want you close to me.” She did so about the same time as Anita came back in.

“Danielle, tell her who I am. Not my name, but what I am to you.” Danielle paled and shook her head. Anita coughed and took a step toward me. “If you don’t tell her, I will never see you again. Now, who am I?”

“Wait,” Danielle said to Anita. She gulped then whispered, “He’s my lover.”

“Please say it louder.”

“You’re my lover. Okay, you are my lover,” she said, growing bolder with each repetition.

“Am I your boyfriend?”


“Why am I with you?”

“You want to be …, yes, you want to be.”

“What do you want from you?”

“Nothing,” she smiled, growing in confidence.

“Not so,” I corrected, “I want you. Why do I want you?”

“You find me sexy.”

“Why do I find you sexy?”

“Because I am sexy,” she grinned.

“Are you sexy enough to have a twenty-two your old boyfriend who swims fifty laps in a pool every day? Do I keep you satisfied?”

“Yes I am, and yes you do,” she beamed, leaning back sexily on her desk. “That will be all, Anita. I need a few minutes of Mr. Cullen’s time.” Anita shot me a more contemplative glance before she left. After the door shut, Danielle waggled a foot and looked down. “I am so hot for you right now,” she purred. I walked in and leaned on top of her. I kissed her forehead, eyes, nose and finally her lips. I worked my way around to her ear, nibbling and tickling it with my tongue.

“Not yet,” I whispered. She gasped then punched me in the stomach playfully.

“You are a beast,” she declared.

“Do you still want me?” I asked quietly.

“More than ever,” she panted. “I am so fucking wet, you bastard. I love it.”

“I have to go now,” I sighed. “Will I see you tonight?” She responded by beating her fists futilely against my chest.

“You bastard,” she growled. “You make me feel so fucking good.”

“My pleasure … and yours, I hope.” I smiled. I turned to go, leaving her frustrated at her desk.

“Damien?” she said to me as I opened the door.


“Thank you.” I gave her a questioning look, “for everything. Thank you for everything.”

“I wouldn’t be here if you weren’t worth it,” I replied sincerely. I shut the door as I left. Anita gave me a measured look. “I know,” I told her, “if I hurt her, you will kill me.”

“No Mr. Cullen, I will make you wish you were dead,” she replied evenly.

“Fair enough.” When I passed the desk I waved to Heidi. “I’d call you, but I’m afraid the boss would kill us. Sorry?” That left her confused and curious. All that would be known for sure was that after seeing me, Danielle Fowler had a spring in her step that wouldn’t go away. Even her Father asked her if she’d done something new with herself. She could honestly say that she had done something new.

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