Love in a Changed World Ch. 18 – Conclusion

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We finished dinner and had drinks on the fantail. Nadia and Pudge went off to our room for something. There was music and a couple of the girls started dancing. The night air had cooled slightly, but it was still quite pleasant. I nursed a glass of Irish whiskey over ice while I watched the scene.

Misty and Denise were the first to get up to dance. They brought their new toy onto the dance floor with them. The music was slow. Misty took the boy into her arms, and they started to sway. Denise brought her massive form up behind him and wrapped her arms around him and Misty. I thought I knew how this might go and was not wrong. Misty brought her head over the boy’s shoulder. Denise met her in a kiss. They both started to grind against their trapped quarry. The poor boy squirmed and fought helplessly against the crush of their powerful hard bodies. Misty grabbed Denise’s muscled ass that strained against her tight black leather pants. Misty pulled Denise even harder against the trapped man. The grinding had its predictable effect on the boy. I saw his body spasm and he came in his pants.

Misty pulled her lips back from Denise’s and giggled. She smiled wryly at the boy and kissed him. Then, mercilessly, she pulled her body into him. He was crushed against the brick wall of Denise’s muscular body. He fought the crush with all he had, but it was nowhere near enough. Misty giggled again as the boy passed out from lack of air. The girls released their smashing embrace and the boy collapsed in a heaving heap on the floor. They returned to their embracing kiss indifferent to the crushed body beside them.

I shook my head. The physical asymmetry that had developed between men and women was difficult enough to grasp. The aggression and indifference that women now seemed so comfortable with was more alarming. I stretched my aching back a neck and considered my bruised and battered body. This was just from a few days of unrestrained sex with a woman — women — who cared about me. They didn’t intend for me to be hurt. It just sort of happened. It was almost like an industrial accident — the sort of thing that happens when weak flesh and frail bone has a run in with metal and machine. In this case, the metal and machine were the ridiculously strong and unbreakable bodies of women, and the machine was the power those bodies could exert. The weak flesh and frail bone was still that of men — just, in this case, it was “only” men. If Misty and Denise’s male plaything looked like he’d been run through a thresher it was because he had been.

Off in the shadows I could hear more muffled moans. I poked my head around the corner to see what was up and found the source. Beth and one of her boys were making out on a bench on the starboard side of the boat. I got the sense that, while the boy was willing, Beth was doing most of the taking here. She had the guy lock in an embrace that he clearly wasn’t getting out of. As I looked closer I got a senso of the reason for her distraction. One of the other boys has going down on her under her dress. He clearly wasn’t having as good a time as Beth was. She had her legs locked around his head. The guy was struggling uselessly to pull free and probably struggling to breathe. In her absent bliss Beth kept crushing his face into her sex. The third guy — pants ripped off — was passed out on the deck. Jesus, I thought, she’s been through one guy and is halfway through two others. It hadn’t been twenty minutes since we’d gotten up from dinner. I flexed my aching back and wondered how any of the male guests aboard were going to make it through the night.

“Dance with me”, came an order from behind me. I turned. It was Midge. She stepped close to me and took my glass out of my hand. She loomed over me her heels. She would have been taller than me regardless, but the heels made her about a full head taller. She was like a slightly taller Nadia I thought. Maybe not as filled out overall, but a little more buxom and probably just a little more toned — a benefit of youth. Her backless minidress was a shimmering silvery spaghetti-strap shrift that clung to her body in a way that I had to admit, despite my shame, was incredibly sexy. She emptied my glass except for the ice. “Ice?” She questioned, adding a disapproving head shake and a mockingly terse, “Simon…”

“I know,” I offered, “I could find myself ejected from the Callahan family for such atrocities.”

“Well, I don’t know about those snooty Callahan’s,” She replied, “But we shanty-Irish Ryan’s take our whiskey straight.” She smiled, pour herself at least a double, and drank it. She put the glass down and grabbed me by the hand. “Now dance with me,” she commanded again as she dragged me effortlessly to the dance floor. I resisted in protest, but, as overmatched physically as I was, I don’t think she noticed.

I put my right arm around her waist. Not finding a fabric-covered place to put my hand, I rested against the young girls İstanbul Escort toned lower back. Her skin was taut, soft, and warm. Midge draped her long left arm over my shoulder and puller herself uncomfortably close. She would have done the same with her other arm, but I took her hand in mine in an effort to create some space. We swayed with the music for a few seconds when she spoke. “Nadia was right,” she said matter-of-factly.

I had to know, “Right about what, Midget?”

She smiled as she squeezed her hand around mine just enough that I winced, and replied, “You are a lousy dancer.” With that she took her arm from my shoulder to my waist and spun me around so fast I couldn’t count how many times she turned before she stopped. I do know I was dizzy and unsteady on my feet when she did. I managed, just barely, to keep my balance.

Midge smiled at me, put both arms around me to hold me steady, and said, “Are you okay, there little guy?” She pulled me closer to her — close enough that her firm young tits pressed into me and added, “You really should be more careful about who give nicknames to.” She gave me a squeeze to emphasize her point. She took hold of my wrist and dragged me from the dance floor commanding, “Let’s go somewhere we can talk.”


Again I considered objecting, but it was clear that, whatever Midge wanted to talk about was important to her. She also had an iron lock on my wrist, so it was also clear that I was going wherever she was going. In this case that happened to be the foredeck. The moon had not yet risen, and it was clear night. From the darkened foredeck one could see just about every star in creation. She came to a stop on a padded bench that faced the bow. We sat and both looked up at the sea of stars.

I was a little on guard. If Midge brought here because her male friend had left and I was left alone and vulnerable when Nadia and Pudge went to our stateroom, then I was definitely in trouble. I had trouble imagining the 13-year-old girl I knew taking me against my will. Of course, I also had trouble imagining that girl curling a 500lb barbell and I had seen that happen with my own eyes. If the latter had come to pass, might also the former? Midge was family, after all. But, then, I had seen how sex-mad women had become, so anything might be possible. There was a weird silence that I decided had to be broken.

“So what did want to talk about, Midget?” I asked with a nervous smile.

She stuck her tongue out at me. “You won’t think your stupid little nickname is so funny when I toss you overboard,” she answered. She continued, “So what’s really the deal with you and Nadia and Jules? I mean, how far are you thinking this Simon sandwich will go?”

“That’s not really any of your business,” I started, but the look on her face — a look I’d seen from her cousin — told me she clearly intended to make it her business. So I answered as honestly as I could. “I really don’t know, Midge. I came here to prove to Nadia that we could make it work despite everything that’s changed. I’m not sure that I can. I mean look at me,” I gestured to my bruised-up body and limped over to the sit beside her. “I love Nadia. And I think I’m in love with Pudge. I can’t even tell you how amazing things are in the bedroom, but I don’t know if I can keep up this pace.”

“Well, it’s clear to me,” she replied, “That you can’t. It’s a miracle you’ve made it this far.”

“I’m holding my own, thank you very much.” I countered with building indignation.

“Simon,” Midge shot back, “You really don’t get it, do you? There is no way you can keep up with the two of them if they’re really going all out. I mean, do you even understand how much stronger than men women have become?”

“I think I do, Midget. I have the bruises to prove that I do. I mean I saw you pounding the life out of that frat boy the other night. You were holding that barbell like it weighed nothing. Still that guy made it.” I retorted. Midge smiled. I thought she was just recalling a “happy” memory or that night. I was wrong.

“That’s just it, Simon,” she started, “It was like it weighed nothing. I can easily lift twice that — probably more. That guy “made it” because I was holding the weight off of him and holding myself back. Even then he could barely take it — and that was the second guy that night. I could have easily broken them both in half.”

“There’s no wa –” My denial was cut off as she reached down in a lightning-strike movement, grabbed my ankle, flipped me off my feet and stood holding me upside down with her arm outstretched. Aside from the blood rushing to my head, the strength that must have taken — to hold me with no leverage at all was almost too much for me to understand.”

“Do you want to change your answer?” She asked as I dangled. I must have take to long to reply because she started shaking me back and forth.

“Okay. Okay. I get it. Do let me down,” I ordered, Kadıköy Escort adding “Carefully.”

Midge did so. I was a little out of breath. She clearly hadn’t exerted herself in the feat of strength. She spoke as I gathered myself. “Look, I love Nadia. When my mom died, she filled in a lot of the gaps that I needed filled = for me and Millie. And, Simon, I love you too. I can’t even think about how heartbroken you’d both be if you can’t make things work.”

I nodded. She was right, of course. A lot of marriages were falling apart over the differences between men and women, and our could be next. I just didn’t know what else to do. I stretched — my back was even more sore now. “So how can I Midge? Tell me, you’ve got that supercomputer brain,” I said, asking “How can I make it work?”

Midge had an answer. “Simple,” she said, “You share the load.”

I didn’t understand, and I guess my look made it evident.

I reality hit me almost as she spoke, “Simon, what do you think Jules is doing here in the first place?”

It was three-dimensional chess.

And I just realized I was the pawn.


It was a quick walk back to our stateroom. I had tried to decide what to say to the girls but hadn’t figured it out when I walked in on them in the bedroom.

The two of them were naked and going at it pretty hard on the bed when I walked in. They didn’t notice me at first. Nadia was on top of Pudge with Pudge’s legs around Nadia’s body. They were locked in a kiss as Nadia thrusted her sex against Pudge’s with speed and force. Nadia, unrestrained by the frailty of slamming against a more fragile body — mine — was thrusting with such force that the bed — made of steel and made fast to the floor of the cabin was actually bending with each pounding. Pudge was taking it fine — I’m pretty sure Nadia would have shattered my pelvis with those thrusts. They were lock in a kiss and moaning in absent bliss. Despite my mental anguish, the sight of them overwhelmed my irritation and I found myself growing erect in my shorts.

I cleared my throat to try to get their attention, but they were too lost in what seemed like each of their ongoing orgasms to either hear me or register. I approached the side of the bed thinking they’d stop on seeing me. I made to the side of the bed without anyone noticing my presence. It took putting my hand to Nadia’s sweating shoulder

I obviously didn’t understand how intensely lust-bound they were at the moment. Think about it like coming between a mad dog and its food. You’ve only got two options — keep your distance or become part of the meal. Failing to recognize the danger, I soon found myself on the menu.

Nadia pulled her body off of Pudge. She grabbed my wrist and flung me onto the bed with one hand. Before I could react, she’d ripped my shorts off and engulfed my now fully hard cock with her mouth. I tried to protest, but my words were muffled as Pudge straddled my head and smashed down on my face. with her powerful ass. I struggled to free myself but was no match for her strength as she was overcome with orgasmic fury making her grind on my face harder and harder. I went so far as to pound my fists on her legs — it felt like I was hitting a stone wall and produced about as much reaction as one might get from the wall.

Within a few seconds the mouth on me boner was replaced with the tightness of Nadia’s amazing hairless pussy. Pudge shifted to face her and I could somehow tell their tongues wire dancing as Nadia started her jackhammering of my comparatively fragile pelvis and Pudge’s thighs locked my head to her pussy. They had worked each other into a frenzy, and I became really worried they might do real damage to me this time. I steeled myself against the crush of Nadia’s indomitable vaginal muscles that I knew to be coming. I knew it was hopeless. As hard as my dick was, I knew it to be outmatched and defenseless in the grasp of the powerful vise between her sultry legs.

Then there was a change. On an upward stroke I felt Nadia come off of my member completely. She shifted 180 degrees and grabbed me. I couldn’t see what was happening, but then figured it out as she came down and slid my dick — slippery with her ample wetness — into her even-tighter ass. She started pounded again and leaned back to let Pudge massage her pussy and breasts. Both of their riding build in speed and intensity. For my part, I was finished withing seconds of entering Nadia’s tighter hole.

Well “finished” is probably not the right word.

“Finished” would imply that I was done or was free to be done.

Neither was true.

I did cum — powerfully and fully. I spewed what felt like every drop of available fluid into Nadia’s ass, but she just kept going and going. I struggled more as the last drops were spend and my dick became incredibly sensitive. I might as well been screaming at a storm. Nadia and Pudge both built to a massive orgasm. Ataşehir Escort I was nearly drown in Pudge’s wetness as Nadia continued to ride my dick with her ass. I was overwhelmed with sensation. I started to cum again as Nadia peaked herself. This time the crush came from the clench of her anal sphincter. I screamed in pain and was cumming at the same time. My dick and ball contracted and pumped desperately and futilely against the crush. I couldn’t take it. Between the overwhelming sensation and the lack of air I lost my hold on consciousness and the world again went dark.


I woke with a start. I don’t think I was out long. Nadia and Pudge were laying next to me on the bed. They’d had time to put on nightshirts and Pudge had found a short robe. I gathered my thoughts and shook my head to clear it. I sat up — spasming in pain as I did. Nadia notice and sat up to massage my back. I pulled away in my confusion and anger.

“Okay…” she said. “Is something wrong.”

I stood, found a pair of shorts, and pulled them on. I turned and spoke, “What the hell was that?” There was clearly no understanding from either of them. “I came here to find out what this has all been about,” I said gesturing to the two of them, “And you two practically rape me.”

Nadia spoke, “I’m sorry, honey, I thought you were into it — into ‘us’.”

“And what is ‘us’?” I asked. “I mean, what are we doing here? Did we really just ‘run into’ Pudge as we both happened to be in Key West at the same time.” I was getting pretty worked up. The girls looked at each other. Pudge got up, put a sheer cover-up on over her red lingerie, and moved toward the door. “God-damnit, don’t walk out of here. I want to know what this is about,” I was getting a lot more pissed than I had been in a while.

“Relax, sport,” Pudge said as she flicked on the light, “I was just turning on the lights.”

Nadia took my hand, and explained, “I’m sorry. I just don’t think you really understand how much sex I need. I know you’re trying but look at you. Do you really think you can do five or six hours of this a night?”

I looked at Pudge for some sort of confirmation. She just said, “At least.” Then she added, “You could have told us to stop.”

“I tried but couldn’t make the words. I was fighting to get free.” I explained.

“Oh, you were?” Pudge asked. “I guess I didn’t notice. We really need to get you in the weight room, buddy.”

“This isn’t funny, Pudge,” I replied, “I’m trying to save my marriage here.”

The is a moment right before a person goes too far in an argument between two people who love each other. Any married person can tell you about a time when they knew they crossed that line and how they wished they hadn’t. Time slows down right as that happens. I have a theory about that — and I am or was a professor of physics and quantum mechanics, so hear me out on this. My theory is that it’s the universe giving you a little extra chance to not cross it. Now, it’s not often that a quantum physicist will tell you the universe cares about you, but I think it’s a reasonable theory.

Of course, the universe really can’t always be expected to save someone as stupid and assholish as me, and it didn’t.

“It’s no fucking wonder you got dumped for tranny.”

The words just hung there in the sea air of the cabin. If I could have grabbed them and stuffed them back in my stupid mouth, I would have. Of course, I couldn’t. Even if I could, I don’t think I would have had the time.

I thought I saw Pudge start to move, but that might be my memory playing tricks on me. I know for sure I didn’t see any of the rest of her movement. What I think happed is she hit me in the chest with both hands and I flew into the paneling of the far wall. I would have fallen to the floor at that point, but Pudge crossed the room herself and held me against the wall with her hand at my throat — my feet not touching the floor. She pulled back her other hand in a fist. I turned expecting a skull-shattering blow that I almost certainly deserved.

“Jules — DON’T!” Nadia yelled.

Somehow, that was enough to spare me the blow if not to save me from what came next.

Pudge teared up, “You stupid, arrogant, asshole, cock-sucking son of a bitch, what do you think I’m trying to do here? I’m trying to HELP you save your fucking marriage,” she was crying now. “I’m trying to get you to fucking understand that you can’t fucking do it alone. Why the fuck do you think we went through all this fucking trouble? I came here and risked everything I still value in this fucking world and you keep fighting it. You need to get it through your thick hillbilly skull that you are going to lose her, and she is going to lose you and I am going to lose both of you, and I can’t. I can’t… I can’t…” She was sobbing.

She held me up by my throat for a few more seconds as tears ran down her face. She looked at Nadia. Nadia had tears welling in her eyes. Pudge released her grip, and I fell to the floor coughing. Nadia knelt to help me as Pudge walked to the exterior door. She paused in the doorway, silhouetted by the light of a full moon. She turned her head for second and walked out into the night.


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