Love in Lockdown Pt. 01

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“Being alive during a global pandemic isn’t as much fun as it sounds” Lindsay said into the window as she gazed out at the empty beach.

“Yeah no shit, I’m starting to go a little crazy here. I thought a month of video games sounded fun, but we’re only two weeks in and all I want is my life back!” Jake replied. Before the state of California mandated a lockdown, he had been planning a trip down to Mexico with his buddies to go surfing and drinking, and of course flirt with girls and hopefully get laid. But that was canceled long ago, and since then he’s had nobody to hang out with but his video games and his sister. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his sister, but two weeks alone with her was starting to be too much. His video games were starting to bore him, and being a horny teenager with no outlet was becoming a tougher situation to deal with by the day.

Without a pandemic, Jake still would have been home, but his sister would be back at college, and his parents’ home as well. Around the time the lockdowns and restrictions started, Lindsay’s college housing was canceled and classes all went online, so she came back home to reclaim her old room and finish up the school year. Mom and Dad, on the other hand, were visiting Grandma Bess on Gold Lake when all this came down and decided they should stay to help her out so she doesn’t have to leave the house. Grandma Bess was getting old and had always been able to take care of herself, but with her health issues they decided not to risk it.

And so it was that Jake and Lindsay had the house all to themselves. As far as a quarantine house went, it actually couldn’t have been better. A 3-bedroom house right on the beach in San Diego was just about the perfect place to be, but Jake and Lindsay were starting to get a little restless, and neither one of them knew that things were about to change between them.

Sophomore year of college was a wild one for Lindsay. For most of her freshman year, Lindsay was maintaining a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend from High School. They had just started having sex the summer before she left, and it was quite the thrill for both of them, but it also masked a lot of issues that should have told them both they weren’t right for each other. Either way, around the end of the year they figured it out and went their separate ways, but by that time something primal had been awoken in Lindsay. She was no longer the innocent high-achiever in high school with no time for fooling around. Now she felt like an empowered woman, with a deep lust for cock that needed almost daily fulfillment.

Her Sophomore year then was what you might call her “slutty phase,” with multiple boyfriends at one time, parties 3 or 4 nights a week, and a few “fuck buddies” that she would call up just to fool around. All of them treated her well, but not a single one of them was enough for her insatiable appetite. She even fooled around with one of her professors who, while grateful to have a young slut to take care of him, still wasn’t enough to fully satisfy her.

While she finished up her sophomore workload online from home, she couldn’t help reminiscing about some of her favorite moments. There was the time she sucked off Chad in the back of a movie theater while they pretended to watch “Toy Story 4,” then as soon as she said goodbye she went over to the South Side to fuck Mark’s brains out. She also got wet every time she thought about the two roommates named Eric and Erick who would double team her late into the night as she begged them to fuck her just one more time.

But all of that felt like some other planet that wasn’t available to her now, and all she had was her vibrator and her memories. And she did use those often, but after two weeks of self-pleasuring she was ready to feel a cock inside her again, and had no idea what she was going to do. She tried dating apps, but most guys are too scared to leave the house or have anyone come over, and she wasn’t about to have guys over when her brother would surely tell their parents. So she suffered in silence and did what she could to pleasure herself whenever she could slip away to her room.

Jake on the other hand hadn’t had much experience with girls, and was used to jerking off into a sock in his room. But while looking forward to the Mexico trip for months he had built up in his mind the number of sexual encounters he was sure to have and was feeling pretty depressed when it had to be canceled.

He had also gotten his first blowjob from a girl in his physics class after school one day, but she clearly didn’t know what she was doing and used a lot of teeth. She texted him to hang out again, but he never texted back. Now he was regretting that decision as he was looking at a prolonged drought of however long this stupid lockdown lasted.

One day at lunch, Jake was making sandwiches and hollered into the other room to see if Lindsay wanted one too. When he didn’t get a response, he hopped upstairs and hollered again. Listening for a response, he realized the shower was sisli escort on, so he went towards the bathroom to ask about lunch, but as he approached he heard the unmistakable sound of sexual moaning coming from the shower. Not wanting to interrupt he became very silent, but found his curiosity getting the better of him as he slowly pushed the door open and peeked inside.

The room was a little steamy, but he could clearly see his sister’s naked body, with one hand pulling on her left nipple and the other frantically pleasuring her pussy. His eyes got wide and for the first time in his life he became aware of how hot his sister was.

Going through puberty she had grown D-cup breasts that never seemed to droop despite rarely wearing a bra around the house and a tight but muscular body from daily gymnastics practice. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was the envy of every girl in her class because she had naturally what most girls spend hundreds of dollars in products to achieve, and her bright blue eyes made Jake’s friends act stupid every time she stared at them. But he never really saw her as anything more than his sister, until that moment. Now, he wasn’t looking at the sister who used to take baths with him as a kid, he was looking at a sexual goddess of pure lust, and his dick was instantly hard as a rock.

In her passion and desire, Lindsay had no idea her brother was staring at her and was caught up in her lustful imagination. While her moaning became even more intense, Jake made sure to stay out of sight as he gazed at his naked sister thrusting two and three fingers inside of herself while she played with her nipples and let the hot water fill up the bathroom with ever more steam. After what seemed like hours, but really was more like 10 minutes, Lindsay’s moans became more intense until she grabbed her own mouth in an attempt to quiet herself and had a body-shaking orgasm that buckled her knees and sent her crumpling to the tile floor.

As she lay there for a minute catching her breath, Jake silently snuck away and went halfway down the stairs, then turned around and started stomping on the stairs to make as much noise as possible, hoping she would hear him coming this time. When he reached the top step he yelled out, “HEY LINS, you want a sandwich?” and this time she yelled back “YES PLEASE!” Jake smiled to himself, and with a throbbing hard-on still making his jeans feel uncomfortable, he galloped back downstairs and finished making the sandwiches.

That night, Jake had a furious masturbation session replaying the days’ scene in his mind again, dreaming he was in that shower with his sister, thrusting her up against the wall and fucking her madly. He came so hard he passed out without cleaning up and found himself with a sticky mess in the morning. When he awoke to find the mess, he immediately hopped out of bed, tore the sheets off, and ran them down to the laundry room. He must have looked worried about it because when he passed his sister in the hallway she immediately said “uh oh, did little Jakey have a wet dream?” then giggled and walked away. “Does she know?” he thought to himself. “No,” he decided, “she couldn’t possibly.”

Breakfast that morning was uneventful, just eggs and toast with orange juice like usual. Jake tried his best to keep from staring at his sister, who wore just a tank top without a bra and boy shorts that barely covered her ass. This normally didn’t bother him, but now that he couldn’t get the image of his naked sister in the throes of passion out of his head, her skimpy clothing had taken on a whole new aura of naughtiness. He did his best to cover his desire by talking about the news. “They say the quarantine could last until June or July. I’ll be so mad if that means the whole baseball season is canceled,” he said.

“Yeah, if I can’t hang out with any of my friends this summer I might actually go crazy. Like, buzz all my hair off and smash cars with an umbrella crazy.” Lindsay replied.

“Oh wow, the full Britney, huh?”

“Either that or I just say ‘fuck the law’ and hang out with them anyway,” Lindsay said as she laughed.

“Well unless they come out with a documentary as good as Tiger King or a video game as good as Red Dead 2, I’m about to lose it too,” Jake said. “What seemed fun a couple weeks ago is getting really old, and walks on the beach by myself just aren’t cutting it.”

“So let’s do something crazy today then,” Lindsay suggested with an excited look in her eye. “Let’s break out of this boring quarantine routine.”

“Okay, but what can we do? Everything is closed, and we’re not supposed to go anywhere.” Jake replied. “What kind of crazy things can we do anyway?”

Lindsay got a fiendish look in her eyes and Jake could swear he saw her bite her lower lip, just for a second. “Well… I know where mom and dad keep a few bottles of champagne for special occasions.”

“No way dude! They’ll find out for sure and be super pissed!” Jake protested, even though he thought it did sound like a lot of fun.

“Oh escort istanbul whatever, they’re not even that expensive, we can buy new ones before they get home to replace them. Don’t be such a little bitch!”

Jake knew that when she told him not to be a “little bitch” that she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Jake sighed. “Fine, but you’d better remember to replace them! I can’t buy alcohol for another 3 years, so it’s on you.”

“Deal,” Lindsay said. “Let’s go put them in the fridge so they get cold while we go for a walk.” She scampered off to the master bedroom and emerged with two bottles of champagne. After they were in the fridge, Jake and Lindsay enjoyed a long walk down the beach and back, where they chatted about what they will do when this was all over.

“I just can’t wait to see all my friends again,” Jake said. “Even just a low-key party at one of our houses sounds like the greatest thing right now.”

“Me too,” Lindsay said. “Facetime is fun for a bit, but I miss hugging and high-fives, and butt slaps with my girls. Can’t do any of that through a computer screen.”

“Yeah, and you can’t get a blowjob through a screen either…” Jake mumbled.

“What did you say?!” Lindsay shot back with a mixture of shock and curiosity.

“Sorry, I didn’t really mean to say that out loud,” Jake replied sheepishly. “I’m just going a little crazy, sometimes I forget who I’m talking to.”

“Well nothing wrong with wanting a blowjob,” Lindsay blurted out. “I know a couple buddies back at college that are missing mine… or so they tell me.”

Jake’s eyes got wide. “Oh… uh…” he stammered. “Yeah… I mean, it’s not like I was getting them all the time or anything, I mean…” and his voice trailed off, embarrassed to be suddenly discussing blowjobs with his sister.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about little brother, you can talk to me,” Lindsay said. “It’s totally normal for boys your age to want to stick their dick in anything warm and wet, or so I’ve learned.”

“Thanks Lins, it’s just a little weird, and there’s not much I can do about it in our current situation,” Jake said. “Probably best just to ignore the problem and pretend it’s not there.”

“Yeah, THAT sounds healthy,” Lindsay said as she rolled her eyes. “Whatever you want little bro, I just wanted you to know it’s normal and you don’t need to be ashamed.”

“Thanks Lindsay, that’s nice of you,” Jake replied, and gave her a side hug. He tried not to stare too hard at her cleavage from that angle, but with a half-hard dick in his pants that was easier said than done. He just hoped she didn’t notice.

(She noticed)

When they got back to the house, only about an hour had passed and the champagne wasn’t quite ready to drink yet, so they decided to pass the time playing video games against each other. Jake’s favorite game was Smash Bros, but Lindsay thought that game was dumb so they agreed on Mario Kart. Neither of them was very good, they decided, so it was the fairest game to compete against each other.

The first two games Jake won handily, but Lindsay was too competitive to let that slide, so she proposed a bet. “Alright Jake, how about we make this more interesting. What do you say to $5 bucks a game?” Feeling cocky after having won the first two, Jake quickly agreed.

“Okay, but no whining when I take all your money,” he said.

“Don’t be so sure of yourself mister, I was just getting warmed up,” Lindsay replied with a smirk. The third game started out just like the first two, but around the second lap Lindsay started to gain ground. She got a few power-ups that got her all the way up to 3rd place, and on the last lap hit Jake with a blue shell that allowed her to take the lead at the last second.

“Ahh, beginners luck, let’s play again,” Jake said, exasperated.

So they played again, and again, and again, and after about 10 games the score was 5-5. “So we’re even? After all that, we’re right back where we started?” Jake protested.

“Well, we just killed an hour, and I’ll bet the champagne is ready. You in?” asked Lindsay.

“Alright, let’s have it. I’ll go get some crackers so I can tell mom I ate lunch today,” Jake replied.

Lindsay went and got the bottle out, almost broke a ceiling light popping the cork out of it, and poured two glasses. “Is this my little brother’s first sip of alcohol?” Lindsay teased him.

“Oh shut up, you know I’ve been drunk before, you saw me at Cindy Peterson’s party last summer,” Jake snapped back.

“Who could forget that? What a shitshow that was! I vaguely remember you being there, all I really remember was trying to get Jimmy Clasker to fuck me but he drank too much and threw up before passing out on the back lawn. Never talked to his dumbass again,” Lindsay said.

“Well, his loss,” Jake said. “So what should we toast to?”

“How about… to crazy indoor quarantine adventures,” Lindsay said.

“I’ll drink to that,” said Jake, and they both took a sip.

“So what şişli escort should we start with?” Lindsay asked. “Wanna play a drinking game?”

“I’m not even sure what that is Lins, is that a college thing?”

“Pretty much,” Lindsay replied. “It’s basically a way to get drunk quickly while having fun at the same time. My favorite is quarters. Wanna play?”

“Sure, I’m down for anything,” Jake said. “How do you play?”

“Come here, I’ll show you,” Lindsay said as she sat down at the dining room table. As she walked him through the basic rules, Jake couldn’t help but realize that he was about to get drunk with his sister and that when he gets drunk he gets pretty touchy-feely too. ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ Jake thought to himself.

“And that’s pretty much it, any questions?” Lindsay finished.

Jake snapped back from his lusty daydream and answered: “Yeah, seems pretty straightforward, who goes first?”

“I will… watch and learn little man,” Lindsay said. As they went back and forth throwing quarters into a little glass, they actually loosened up a lot and started having a ton of fun with each other, laughing and shouting and poking each other. Pretty soon it was clear they were both pretty buzzed, and the first bottle was almost empty.

“Wow, that was fun! So what should we do next?” Jake asked.

“Well, we’re a little tipsy, why not try Mario Kart again? I’ll bet I’m a way better drunk driver than you!” Lindsay teased.

“No way, you’re on!” Jake replied. “But I don’t wanna just pass five bucks back and forth, got any better ideas to make it more interesting?”

“Well…” Lindsay bit her lower lip, “How about the loser has to take two shots of champagne and take off one article of clothing.”

“What? No way, you’re my sister, that’s crazy!” Jake protested, trying to sound sincere rather than excited about the idea.

“Come on, I’m clearly wearing fewer articles than you so I’m already at a disadvantage,” Lindsay said. “Besides, we don’t need to stay naked, it’s just for extra motivation.”

“Okay, fine, let’s do it,” Jake agreed.

While Lindsay briefly wondered if this was a step too far with her little brother, she quickly focused on the task at hand, and after selecting a character and a car she set all her attention on winning this race.

The game took on a slightly serious air, and Jake and Lindsay were quieter than usual with only the occasional “YES” or “shoot!” as they navigated the virtual terrain. On the last lap they were neck and neck with Jake in front, but once again Lindsay got a helpful power-up and disabled Jake’s car to take the lead in the last 10 seconds. Jake was miffed, but was also a man of his word, and without saying a thing he made a big show of taking off his shirt, grunting with the effort, and acting like he was all jacked up for a rematch.

“Jeez little bro, you could have started with your socks or something,” Lindsay said while admiring his biceps and chest. Gosh, when did her brother become such a hunk? She must have been really horny to be thinking that way. She tried to shake it off and focus on the next game.

“Sorry, drinking sometimes gets me competitive,” Jake replied. “Among other things…”

“What’s that mean?” his sister asked, having her suspicions she knew what he meant.

“Oh nothing,” Jake responded cooly. “Rematch?”

“You’d better take your two shots first!” she reminded him. Without any hesitation Jake picked up the two shot glasses, downed them both in quick succession, and slammed them back down on the coffee table with a loud ‘aaahhh’ before filling them both up again, ready for the rematch.

“Let’s do this,” Jake said, trying to sound serious. The next race was a little easier, Jake was playing fast and loose and getting pretty lucky with the power-ups. Lindsay didn’t even stand a chance.

“Alright, fair is fair,” Lindsay said. She downed the two shot glasses with as much lady-like poise as she could muster, then stood up, slid down her jammy shorts, and sat back down. Jake tried hard not to stare at her panties, which he noticed were partly sheer in the front and revealed her fully shaved pussy. He knew any erection would be hard to hide at this point, so he did his best to focus on the video games and not his sister’s pussy, but he found this to be a difficult proposition. Lindsay poured two more shots and announced “Alright, round 3.”

This time they both were starting to feel their tipsiness, and kept flying off the edge of the level. At first, it was annoying but then they both started cracking up about it, and by the end they were laughing so hard at first it wasn’t clear who had won. But when the dust settled, Jake was dead last and Lindsay was 2nd to last. “Yeah!” Lindsay exclaimed in mock triumph. “Loser!” she said and held an “L” up to her forehead while laughing with her brother.

“Alright, fine, I guess technically that counts as a win,” Jake said. “But definitely the lamest win ever,” he added as he took off his socks.

“Well, two articles of clothing left each, getting down to the wire. I say we both take a shot for that one,” Lindsay suggested, and they did. Feeling warm and tipsy, they turned their attention once again to the game and started an easier level.

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