Love in Nepal Pt. 01

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Man evolved from animal. Deep down inside, man is still animal.

And, society tries to tame man. Society tries to put a chain around man’s cock and transform the bull that the man is into an ox. But deep down, man is a bull. And, not every man can be tamed. Some come out of this inhibition. Some come out of the social chains. Some brave enough do.

I am one of those men. I love every thing walking on two legs and having a pussy. You’re one of them. You fit the criteria. You have two legs and a pussy. All you’re wearing is a flimsy dress without bras. You wear a thong to ‘cover’ your pussy. Oh, god, can it be covered? I’d undress you with my eyes first. You’d lick your top lips and look down maintaining that you’re sexy but a little shy.

I call you with a slight gesture of fingers. You look around and pause. I fix my gaze at you, I mean business. I again call you. You nervously walk towards me. But you sexy little thing know how to walk. People behind you stare at your ass as you walk towards me. I can’t wait to see your ass. You come beside me but don’t look at me. I don’t look at you either. I tell you, “dol****rink?”

“mojito” you say.

“I hope, not virgin”, I ask.

You give me that look.

“Mojito or virgin mojito?”

“oh, mojito, I drink”

Of course I know you’re not a virgin. You’re an animal like me. I can see right through you. You like to fuck, you love to fuck. you love to get on all fours and love to have a warm dick inside you. you love to get spanked. you’re a doll but in bed, you’re a slut, an honorary slut. The type I love. You’re brave and true, and relentless. Like me. I fall in love with your slutness. I ask for a martini. You gobble up your drink and smile at me. I drink slowly. The night is long and ours, I tell you bursa escort with my eyes. You come closer to me and face the bartender and say, another mojito. Your hips touch mine and my shoulders are inches near your boobs. God, you brave sexy little thing.

I want to touch you. So I touch your shoulders. The get the touch of your naked skin. You’re warm. The blood of desire burning inside you. The flame that’ll engulf both of us. You raise your eyebrows and lift your chin giving me a questioning nod. I nod back saying it’s nothing, and brush my fingers down your shoulders. I hold your hips pull you a little closer. You fight back, not so easy. That’s what you want me to think. Of course I know it isn’t easy. Two animals meeting. Rare. I give you your share. I tell you, “let’s go somewhere”.


“I don’t know. Don’t worry, You’re safe”

“Safe? safe against?”


“What about you?”

“Do I scare you?”

“I’ve seen enough like you to be scared.”

Boy, you are bold.

“You haven’t seen me”

“Oh you’re all the same”

“Are we?”

You come closer, I can smell your perfume, your hair. You come closer to my ears, “You’re all the same.” you whisper.

You let your breath linger in my ear lobes, you seductive thing.

“What’s in common between us all?”

And then out of nowhere, no fucking where, you brush your hand over my cock that was fighting to spring out of my pants. Just a second and you turn back and go. You make my breathing hard. You make my heart beat fast. I turn back, hand over the money to the bartender and don’t wait for the change. I follow you. I see your ass for the first time. I think about the things I’ll do to your ass later tonight. You can be sure I’m not going to be gentle.

We bursa escort bayan go to the parking spot. My car is there, I tell you. What about mine, you say? Hmm, that’s a problem. One of us has to leave our car behind.

You say nothing.

How about we both leave our cars behind and t****rink and drive is it?

Fair enough, you tell me.

We go outside and get inside a car and look at eachother. We both don’t know which direction or place are we headed.

Your place or mine, I ask.

Mine you tell me, I like being in my place, you tell me.


As the cab speeds, you snuggle up beside me, I hold your hips from behind and come closer. You rest your head against my shoulder. I hold your hand and feel your fingers, gently. I kiss you. On your lips. Your tongue pounces. I fight back with mine. You bite my lips. Your hands are caressing my thighs. I feel yours. I begin from the knee and rub back and forth. A little further each time. I brush against your underwear. I don’t go further inside, I go up. I rub your tummy, pulling your dress further open. You gently raise your ass to allow my movement. And just like that, I grab your right boob. You angel of a slut, you aren’t wearing any bra. You moan and I can see the tax driver looking at us from the rear view. I grab your boob strongly and you kiss me harder, deeper.

And, I stop. I pull out. You’re confused and pull me closer, you’re not done. I give you the expression, wait. You’re expressionless. You’re my pet now. You belong to me. We’re minutes close to your apartment and you’re going to give me my best fuck ever. We’ve barely met and we’re deep in love. As the cab pulls over next to your apartment, you hold m****nd as we move inside. The guard looks at us as he opens escort bursa the gate. He knows what we’****o tonight.

Which floor I ask?


We do nothing fancy in the lift. That’s no fun, no one’s going to see anyway. And, I don’t like the camera up above. We go into your room. Oh, she’s got a well furnished and well maintained set of rooms, I say to myself.

Nice place, I say.

Anything to drink, you ask.

Nothing. I want to see you dance. You’re the perfect goddess. You don’t wait a second to follow my orders. I sit down in the sofa and watch you dance the dance of ultimate seduction. Your boobs swing, your hips flow. You throw your heels. And come close to me and dance on my laps. You climb up the sofa. You put your right leg on my shoulder and seductively pull your hand across your thighs. And you bring your pussy close to my mouth and again go back to the floor. You dance like a snake hissing and crawling towards me.

And just like that I see you pull out your thong. I get a glimpse of your glory hole for a millisecond before you continue new steps. You are still holding your thong. You come closer. You put your thong inside your boobs and gradually you take it to your neck, your chin and inside your lips. You close your eyes as you taste your wet thong. Your hands, now free, lift your dress and throw them****ie for. You close your eyes and fall in my body. You place your thong on my feet and wait.

I stand up, move towards the balcony, open the door and look outside. I can see building across me. Some with rooms with lights on, mostly turned off. I look down, the guard is standing, doesn’t see me. I call you.

You nervously look at me. You know what I want.

You’re going to get fucked outside. You’ll probably be seen, (and I’ll make sure, heard) by a couple of your neighbors.

You come slowly looking down. As you step outside. I pull you forward for a kiss before we fuck like animals. A fucking that will last a lifetime.

To be continued.

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