Love On A Front Lawn

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Big Cock

This story is based on a real incident that happened some years back in the UK. The details of the story are factual as far as what is retained in my memory, and only a few details have been omitted to remove any possible chance of identification of the individuals concerned.

Our house was located on the edge of a small village with just a small community centre and then fields beyond us. We had a small front lawn of the open plan style with a few low shrubs to the front edge, and at one side we were screened from view of the next house by some high hedges.

One evening I was on my own in the house enjoying a beer in the upstairs front lounge looking out across the road at the fields in the last of the mid summer twilight. The house lights were switched off, and the large low level windows were rotated into a full vent position to catch any breeze. It was one of those clear nights when every sound seemed much louder although all was quiet except for an occasional passing car.

Around 1030pm I heard some voices in the distance coming towards me, and a group of about 20 late teenagers came into view going home from the nearby community centre. A small group detached themselves from the rest and stopped under the street light on the grass verge right outside our front lawn. Some sat on a low-level road name sign whilst others stood around.

We had occasional trouble in the past with vandalism, and so I kept an eye on their activities. I could hear every word through the open windows, as they were only a short distance away from me across the small front lawn. They appeared however to be only having an innocent chat and smoke together before finally going home, and I carried on supping my beer.

Eventually most of them moved off leaving just one couple behind. This couple carried on talking for a while about some issues discussed earlier with the group.

Then the girl stepped into the road and looked up the road towards the village centre and said

“It’s OK – I can’t see anyone now. If you want a kiss and cuddle let’s do it here”

“What if someone comes this way”

“No-one will walk out this way so late. Come on it’s our only chance”

“OK but we’d better watch out”

So they started kissing and cuddling in a gentle sort of way, stopping occasionally to look around to make sure no one was coming back up the road from the village. At this stage I was occasionally Trabzon Escort looking down in their direction out of curiosity and fully expecting that they would stop shortly. They were very visible to me in looking down on them from above with the glow of the streetlight above them.

This scene progressed to where he put his hands on her small breasts over her tee shirt asking if this was OK with just a mumbled reply “Yes that’s good” as they carried on kissing.

Shortly afterwards a car’s headlights started to light up the road from the distance and they stopped all activity and stood apart. Nothing was said as the car drove past them and on into the village

When the car gone past she walked out into the road and looked up towards the village, saying “It’s OK there is no-one in sight”.

They embraced again and started kissing again with his hands back on her breasts.

He then pulled her tee shirt up at the front, pulled her bra up over her small breasts, dropped the tee shirt down again, and caressed her breasts with his hands under her tee shirt.

She responded “Oh that feels good, I was hoping that we would do this!”

At this stage I had long ago lost interest in my beer and my heartbeat had increased substantially. I was now aroused myself, and was now in a dilemma as to whether to carry on ‘spying’ or to retire to bed. I was also worried about making a noise in getting up from my chair and thereby disturbing them. At this point a strong urge came over me to carry on watching them although at the same time with a guilty feeling.

By this stage she was leaning back against the back of the low level road name sign facing towards me whilst he was caressing her. He lifted her tee shirt up again, and sucked her nipples whilst she held her head back making encouraging noises.

He resumed kissing her mouth again, and moved his hands to the front of her jeans rubbing her crutch area. She in turn started rubbing the bulge in the front of his jeans.

She then said out loud “Oh I’m getting wet, put your hand inside!”

He undid the front of her jeans with her help, pulled her pants forward, and put his hand down between her legs. After he did this she struggled to open up the top of his jeans, and he then helped her by unfastening the belt, opening his jeans at the top.

She put her hand down inside his pants and then asked Trabzon Escort Bayan ” Have you done this before with anyone?”


“Neither have I, but I was dreaming of holding your cock earlier tonight. It feels really hard and so big”

She pulled his pants down further to release his cock and caressed it with a hand, whilst he continued with a hand inside her pussy. Her jeans were by this stage now pushed down past her hips.

They were still visible with the streetlight illuminating every move as I looked down on them from above. Most of their conversations were spoken quietly and clearly and not as a whisper.

“Rub your cock against my pussy!” she exclaimed quite loudly

“Are you sure it’s OK?”

“Yes I am sure. I am very wet!”

They pulled their jeans down a bit more and he started to move slowly against her as they kissed with her butt leaning back against the road sign once more.

As they gently moved against each other she said “Oh that’s good ..I’m really turned on, put your cock right inside me”

“What if I come inside”

“Got any condoms?

“No my brother has some in his bedroom but that’s no use now”

“Just pull out just before you come”

” re you sure that’s OK”

“Yes I am sure. I want your cock inside my pussy now!”

“OK but where can we do it?”

“What about lying down there under that bush? No one will see us there”, she said as she pointed to the small shrubs just inside the front edge of our lawn area.

So they stepped across the boundary of our lawn and lay down close up to a small bush that shielded them from the road. He rolled her over onto her back and pulled her jeans and pants right off her legs, and then did the same with his own clothes. I could still see most of the activity clearly and the small dark mound of hair around her pussy was visible briefly at this stage.

I was now getting to the very excited stage myself and hoping that they would not be disturbed or change their minds. I had undone the front of my own trousers whilst remaining seated and I was now slowly masturbating.

She said, “Just go slowly, and pull out when you are close. We can probably do that a few times before you come. Let’s enjoy it last a while”

He rolled on top of her and there was a loud “Ooh yes that’s good” from her as he thrust into her. He carried on slowly thrusting Escort Trabzon in and out and then muttered, “That feels great … but I need to stop soon or I’ll come”

She replied “OK let’s stop for a minute!”

So they lay side by side again quietly kissing for a minute or so.

She then asked “This time I want to try with me on top as some of my friends say it’s great!”

“OK but go carefully!”

So she climbed on top and both of them muttered, “That’s great!”

She started slowly riding up and down him

By this stage I could hear the sound of the wetness as she moved up and down. I was also feeling close to coming myself from all the visual and audio stimulation of the erotic scene in front of me.

Soon he muttered, “Stop, I’m close again!” and she rolled off him and they lay still for a while.

She said, “We need to come this time. You climb on top again but don’t pull out until the last minute”

So he rolled on top again and started thrusting, and she pulled her legs up high over his shoulders.

After a short spell he muttered loudly “I’m coming!”

“Carry on until you are really close…. it feels so good!”

“I’m coming, I’m must pull out now!”

She replied ” No leave it right in deep and push hard!”

“I’m coming .. are you sure?”

“Yes yes yes!”

He was now riding up and down much quicker with loud wet sounds mixed with heavy breathing as they moved

“I’m coming…?”

She was muttering “Yes, yes, yes,….” as they both came noisily.

He carried on shooting his load deep inside her for what seemed a long time.

By this time I too had grabbed a tissue and was quietly shooting a load of my own.

They lay still in each other’s arms for a while

Then she said quietly ” That was great. I’ve been hoping to go all the way with you for ages but did not have the courage to start anything until tonight.”

“Want to do it again with me another night?”

“Yes but you’d better borrow some condoms from your brother for next time though. We’d better get off home now as it’s late”

Then she got up and had a pee on the lawn. She pulled some tissues out of her bag to clean them both and they put their clothes back on. They threw the tissues under the hedge and walked off up the road towards the rest of the houses in the village.

The following morning I did wonder if this had all been part of an erotic dream, but the discarded tissues were lying under the bush in the front garden to prove otherwise.

Fortunately I hadn’t any idea of the identity of either party although I still feel guilt from having watched such an intimate love scene.

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