Lover in the Dark

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Big Tits

(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)


She was finally off. She had worked 28 hours straight in the E.R. after a bridge collapsed. She had seen more than her fare share of human suffering for the next month at least. It took all her will power to keep her eyes open as she drove home.

She pulled into her drive way and remembered she never checked her phone. There were several new messages. Most from friends asking if she had heard about the accident, boy had she ever. There were also a few from her husband and son. She checked the ones from her son first.

“Hi mom I figured you got caught at work because of the thing with the bridge so I wanted you to know I was spending the night over at Jack’s. I made some dinner so you didn’t have to when you got off.”

“Hey mom me again just wanted you to know the power is out something to do with down lines by the bridge. OH and dad was asleep on the couch when I left. Night See you in the morning love you.”

She could always count on Sam. Most sons would see their mom stuck at work to get away with something but not her Sam; he lets her know the powers out where he went and even made her dinner. Well he let me know what was going on so David’s messages could wait until she took a nap.

She manages to get to the front door without much trouble in the dark. Though navigating the living Ataşehir Escort room was a different story. She seemed to stumble over every piece of furniture they owned and some she didn’t remember owning. Until she found the couch where she landed face first on someone. It spooked her at first then she remembered Sam said David was sleeping on the couch.

Even as tired as she was, her naughty side perked its head at feeling her sleeping husband under her. She moved off her hands and knees and straddled David’s legs. She started rubbing her hands up and down his legs.

“David wake up stud your naughty girl wants to have some fun.” She started for his pants but found only his boxer shorts, “Oh you’re already undressed were you hoping your sexy little wife would want you?” David shifted a little and mumbled something. “Alright stud you just go ahead and sleep through this I’m still having my fun.”

She then pulled off his boxers and leaned over and took all his cock in her mouth. He was semi hard already, “Oh I think at least part of you is almost awake stud wait just a minute and he’ll be fully awake.” She then started sucking his cock for all she was worth and soon he was fully hard.

“Mmmm stud you seem bigger tonight. I like it. Is it the idea that you can’t see me but can feel everything my little body does to you? I know I liked it when you blindfolded me those few times. Ataşehir Escort Bayan Alright I know you’re awake now but if you want to keep quiet go right ahead.”

She went back to sucking him and pulled off her work clothes as she did. As she tried to deep throat him she gagged which she didn’t normally do. “Baby you’re so turned on you feel inches bigger. We need to play in the dark more often. But enough foreplay your little slut needs to be fucked.”

She moved up his body until she felt his cock at her dripping pussy. She lined him up and ever so slowly slid down his throbbing cock. As he bottomed out she felt fuller than she ever had with him. “Oh god baby I don’t know why you are so hard tonight but please let me know so I can get you this way every night.”

As she started riding him he finally moved and grabbed her bouncing tits. It was different than he usually handled her tits. Normally he was rough and clumsy just pawing at them like it was his first time touching real ones. But this time he was gentle and seemed like he cared how she felt. “Oh god baby yes play with my slutty tits it feels so good. Why don’t you treat me like this every time Oh god I’m so close keep pulling my nipple I’m going to cum!!”

As she sped up one of his hands left her nipple, “No please don’t stop. OH MY GOD!” she screamed as he started rubbing her clit. “Oh my god you have never Escort Ataşehir ever touched me there before what has gotten in to you tonight? OH who (gasp) cares (pant) just (pant) keep it up.”

As she got closer and closer to her orgasm he started grunting. Soon they were both panting and groaning until they both came together. She was afraid some one might call the police at how loud she screamed.

For the next several minutes they just lay there holding each other as they catch their breath. “Oh David that was the best sex we ever had and the best I’ve ever had thank you.” She kisses him but he doesn’t respond and she soon hears him snoring softly. “Well I guess you didn’t change everything?” she gets up leaving her clothes wherever they are in the dark and climbs the stairs and is soon fast asleep in their bed.

Down stairs a head appears from behind the couch. “Holy shit did that really just happen?” a young female voice asks, “I can’t believe she just came in and fucked you.”

“I know I can’t either I tried to pretend to be asleep but she wouldn’t stop.”

“I know babe I’m not mad at you it wasn’t your fault. In fact I thought it was kind of hot listening to you two.”


“Hell yes and I’d say she enjoyed herself though I wonder?”

“Wonder what?”

“I wonder if she’d still think it was the best sex of her life if she knew it was her son that made her feel that good?”

“I don’t know I knew it was mom and I think that just made it hotter. I hope you don’t hate me for that?”

“Not in the least. Can I ask did she leave anything for me?”

“Oh I think I can manage to finish what we started before she came in?”

The End?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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