Loves Chances Section 03

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Three years had past since Leslie and Dina had exchanged their vows in front of close friends and family. Nothing could have made Dina any happier then she already was. At least so she could think of, though of course there was always dreams. Some of the dreams she had shared with Leslie, others she knew would always remain just dreams and figure there was no since in sharing.

One of those dreams was to totally give into Leslie body mind and soul. Dina had as she normally did do, read a lot. Coming up on a section about branding and what it could mean between two people she thought about the level of trust that would be required. It would be the ultimate bonding and trust that Dina could show Leslie.

Approaching Leslie about branding was another story. Though one Saturday afternoon at lunch Dina brought up the subject to see what Leslie thought about it at a whole. Agreeing, Leslie knew of a friend that knew how to do branding and set up a design that would be applied to the skin. Dina let out a soft little sigh knowing that Leslie would make sure everything was safe and had no worries about that.

On the night of the branding Leslie’s friend, Melissa, came to the house and starts setting up heating the irons. Leslie steps behind Dina and lightly places a blind fold over her eyes. Lightly placing a kiss upon her neck, while leading her to the cross. Gently each arm was raised and locked into a cuff. Then each leg was spread and the ankle locked into the shackles.

Dina listens closely to what Leslie and Melissa was talking about, though there was so much flooding into her. Her senses was heighten by the lack of her being able to see. As the irons became hotter Leslie moves closer to Dina, both her legs was cleaned and shaven so no hair would burn. The iron came close to Dina’s skin and she could feel the heat without it even touching. Everything came down to this moment, breathing slowly she waited for the first stroke.

It took forever for the branding to start, Dina’s body was tense as the moments passed. Then all at once she felt the pain on her thigh. Letting out a loud gasping cry as she became lost in the moment and flew higher and higher from the endorphins, until she passed out. When she came too, she was still up on the rack though the blind fold was off. Licking her lips she looks toward Leslie and Melissa by the irons that was still in the fire. Softly she asked “How is it?”

Leslie turns and looks at Dina with a wicked little grin, as her sultry voice echo’s low. “We haven’t even done the first stroke yet.”

Shocked Dina looked down toward the spot that she had felt the pain. Only to see no mark at all, though didn’t understand how. She had felt the heat of the irons then the pain on her leg. Leslie said they would brand her, those dark green eyes raise to look at Leslie in silent question. It was then that Leslie explained that while blind folded they put the irons close to her skin, though deciding it wasn’t hot enough they used ice instead. While putting the irons back on the fire.

The rest of the branding went off without a hitch. The design that was chosen was two hearts with wings on either side. On the heart to the right side it had LT and on the heart to the left of that it had AT, each of their initials. The hearts clearly representing both of them becoming one, the wings meaning that together their love has lifted each other, in In the end, Melissa left the directions of with how to keep the brand clean on a paper in the bathroom. While both remain curled close within each others arms.

Some time went by as the two made sure to keep the brand clean from infection. It was clear that the two had become one. Though Leslie knew there was something else missing. She spent many of nights holding Dina as she lay awake thinking about what it could be. As it came to her a slow smile curls at the edges of her lips. Holding Dina closer she settles in to sleep, thinking on talking to Dina the next night Starzbet after work.

That night as Leslie stood watching Dina finish washing the dishes, something Dina knew she did as a nightly basis. After all it was one of the chores that she did around the house, as part of their agreement. Dina could feel Leslie’s eyes moving over her slender frame, devouring every soft curve. So it came as no surprise when Leslie’s arms wrapped around and pulled her close against Leslie’s frame. Lips lightly brush against Dina’s ear before a hushed whisper echo’s.

“Adina, My love. I want us to have a family. Will you have our baby?”

This had come as a shock to Dina because they had never spoke of a family or of having children. Dina had always thought that Leslie didn’t want children by the way she spoke of others and the lack of up bringing and parental guidance these days.

The question had made her pause on the last dish, though slowly she went back to placing the dish under the rinse water. Thinking silently, had she really heard Leslie right. With a soft clunk the dish was placed in the tray to dry with the others, as she spoke low.

“What was that Love?”

“Dina you heard me. Will you have a baby with me? Make us a family.”

It didn’t take long of Dina’s silence before Leslie turned her around. Started to say something, having a quick temper. Then stopped as she had seen the tears running down Dina’s cheeks. Gently Leslie pulls Dina closer and nuzzles in against her hair whispering low against the soft strands.

“I’m sorry if I….”

Dina broke off Leslie’s comment by leaning up and kissing her. Lips pressed sensually against each other, slowly drawing away all thoughts. The kiss remain for what seems like forever, being lost within each others taste. Dina slowly broke from the kiss, but only enough to whisper.

“Don’t finish that statement, I would love to have our baby. I love you so much Leslie.”

A few months had past with a lot of planning and talking had brought them to wanting to try having a baby naturally. They had spoken to a few friends, coming up with a mutual friend of theirs that happened to be another submissive from their community. With the understanding that he was just the sperm donor, Mathew still signed an agreement with Leslie and Dina to make everything legal. He was only to play part as the donor and had no rights to the baby that would be born.

The first time Dina didn’t end up pregnant, so Leslie and Dina sat to talk about how long they would keep trying to have a baby naturally. Also what they could do to make the next experience better. After they came to a solution plans where made to surprise Mathew on their up coming fourth year anniversary.

It was all set up for when Mathew arrived the fire was burning and candles lit to create a warm relaxed feeling. The music was turned on and a nice home cooked dinner ready for when Mat arrived. After dinner Dina and Leslie lead Mathew into the bedroom and closed the door. It was then that the attentions of the two ladies was made clear.

There was one toy out, that was a riding crop. Slowly Dina makes her way to the bed, slipping out of her clothing. Leaving a small trail of a shirt and her skirt on the floor. Climbing on the bed her legs parted slightly to let both Leslie and Mathew get a glimpse of her back side. Dina looked back at them both and smiled. Leslie leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“Undress and watch. I will instruct you when to join. Otherwise you are not allowed to touch yourself.”

His eyes never left Dina as the smile became wider. Though with a nod he murdered out a “yes Ma’am.” Then followed the instructions and moved closer to get a better view. As Leslie made her way to Dina picking up the riding crop.

Hands slowly slid along Dina’s slender bare frame, up to the nape of her neck. As fingers curled tight into the dark red strands a low purr parted Leslie’s lips. Whispering Starzbet Giriş low, though all could hear.

“Ready my sweet pet.”

Before anything could be said the crop was drawn back and the loud pop echo’s with the beat of the current song. Leslie moved from one cheek to the next, making Dina moan low. As the crop touched the inside of Dina’s legs, her legs parted more. Giving short little pops to her clit and pussy as she looks back to Mathew.

Crooking her finger Leslie motions for Mathew to kneel at the side of the bed right behind Dina. Without a word he obeyed, getting a better view and the sweet hot scent of Dina had already entered his senses. Watching as every pop landed between Dina’s legs he licks his lips.

With a wicked little grin Leslie placed the crop down a moment. Curling her fingers into Mathew’s hair she pulled him up and pushed his mouth right against Dina’s wet pussy. Speaking low as she picked up the crop again.

“You best lick her good otherwise you will pay if she doesn’t cum. You have five minutes.”

Knowing enough that Dina wouldn’t cum until Leslie told her too. She watched as he licks up and down over Dina’s wanting lips. Dipping as deep as his tongue would go and moaning. Dina thrusts her hips up against his tongue echoing his moan.

As five minutes came to pass, Leslie grins and grabs up her crop in one hand. Curls her fingers in Mathew’s hair with the other, pulling his mouth away from Dina’s dripping lips. Pulling carefully, though clear to make her point, Mathew stood up. As he did, Leslie spoke low to instruct him into his punishment. Each time the crop touched his ass, he was to thrust forward then back. The only thing was, was his hard cock would be in Dina.

Mathew positioned himself, slipping just the head of his member into Dina’s wet folds. Then in a slow rhythm Leslie started to pop the end of the crop against each of his cheeks. Each time he would thrust forward and back, following the stinging pain that was brought with the slap of the crop. As the rhythm became faster, sweat started to roll from his brow, dripping down onto Dina. Her moans filling the room slowly getting louder as she got closer to cumming.

Leslie whispers in Mathew’s ear, “Keep going and watch. You will cum when I tell you.”

She then moved from behind him and slowly strips away her clothing. Letting it drop as she crawls up onto the bed in front of Dina. Her blue eyes watching him a moment before looking down at Dina. Then extends one leg, lifting it over her head to place it on the other side of Dina. Fingers slide into the long red locks of hair, pulling Dina’s lush lips down onto her own clit.

Dina didn’t waist any time as she started to tongue and suck on Leslie’s swollen low lips. Moaning low as she got the first taste of her beloved, and her Mistress. Adding in each time Mathew would thrust into her it would cause Dina to suck a little harder and pull a little more of Leslie’s clit into her mouth. He was getting excited by what he was watching because his thrusting became quicker and harder.

A loud groan passed over her lips and onto Leslie’s tender flesh as Dina came closer to cumming. Two fingers slipped in past Leslie’s warm folds and started to pump along with each of Mathew’s thrusts. Being sure to wiggle the tips of her fingers as Dina pushed further causing Leslie to moan loudly. The sounds of hips smacking against a firm butt, the sucking sound of Dina kissing and pulling Leslie’s clit into her mouth fill the bedroom.

Leslie let out a growl and pulls harder on Dina’s hair. Whispering in a low and sultry voice, “cum my pets.”

Dina’s tongue dipped low around her own fingers lapping at the juices of Leslie’s cum. Moaning loudly as she felt Mathew grow to his full length and hardness. Her head arches back slightly as her butt buck back against his hips, gasping as she starts to cum. Reaching forward Leslie grabbed both of Dina’s nipples, giving Starzbet Güncel Giriş them a twist and a pull, knowing well enough the girl loved pain. Dina gasps louder and moans as she cums harder, pushing against Mathew’s thrusts. She could feel the heat as he came deep inside of her.

Leslie’s voice echo’s again low as Mathew slows his thrusts to a stop, “Do not move, stay still.”

She then removed herself from the bed and vanished for a few moments leaving Dina and Mathew joined. Returning to Mathew’s side, she slowly helped him back off of Dina. Though quickly replaced a dildo where his cock use to be, handing Dina a pair of tight panties to wear. At least until Mathew was ready again.

That weekend was filled with fun and lost of games between the three of them. Sunday afternoon Leslie held Dina in her arms as they watched Mathew toss his bag into his car and slowly drive down the road back towards town. A smile forms on Leslie’s lips as fingers slide along Dina’s stomach, as she lets out a soft breath against Dina’s neck. Whispering low against the soft flesh, “Time to rest before work tomorrow, My love.”

Monday morning Adina woke up and made Leslie’s coffee and breakfast as normal before she made it out of the shower. Placing the bagel and coffee at Leslie’s place Dina was greeted with a soft kiss on the cheek. Lightly she shakes her head and a soft chuckle, the bagel was swept up along with the coffee mug. By now Dina learned to put the coffee in one of those made for travel. It was rare during the week that Leslie would actually stop and eat breakfast. Leslie muttered an ‘I love you’ between a bite of bagel and closing the front door.

Over the next three weeks not much had changed, though Dina could pick out a few things that Leslie wasn’t letting her deal with. Leslie also was insistent on Dina relaxing a bit more. Dina didn’t mind to much, though she tried not to let Leslie know that. Even when Leslie came home with papers it didn’t bother Dina to much. It was said that with building a family that they should make sure all aspects would be covered if something where to happen. So Dina skimmed over the papers and signed where she had too, not giving much thought afterwards.

Though that weekend had not taken it did not get Leslie and Dina down. They would keep trying for a bit longer before resorting to something else. Dina and Mathew would spend time together when they could, then when it could be arranged the three of them would get together. Though with Leslie working the way she did, Mathew most often spent the weekends at the house alone with Dina.

On one of those weekends she saw Mathew off Sunday afternoon. Letting out a yawn and a stretch, she watches as Mathew drove off just as Leslie was driving up. Lightly she smiles watching her, this would be a very short weekend for Leslie. Though any time was better then none, specially with the fact it would be spent being close to each other and catching up with what had happened.

Dina woke up and curled in against Leslie’s side of the bed. Lightly touching the cool sheets. Softly she let out a sigh and slid out of the bed, lightly rubbing her stomach before moving into the bathroom to take a shower. She had a few appointments to attend to before the afternoon. Slipping behind the wheel not to long after, Dina backed out of the driveway and started toward town.

By the end of the day Dina was exhausted as she slipped inside the house, turning on the light. With a light toss, the keys slid onto the table while shoes and her purse was deposited next to the chair. Her eyes travel along the black and white picture as a smile curls at the corner of her mouth. Whistling softly she moves into the kitchen and starts dinner, something special for when Leslie arrives.

As the smells fill the air of the house, Dina made sure everything was on its way to being done. Not much longer and the food would be ready as Leslie was due to step into the house. The phone ringing was the only thing that took Dina out of her thoughts. It wasn’t long after that the phone was hung up, everything shut off and left. As Dina raced to get her keys, shoes and out the door she went. Not taking much time as she sped down the road toward town.

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