Luau , 20 Questions Ch. 02

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In Chapter One, Lydia and Jason introduced Aimee to Alex at the girls annual Sorority Luau. After going up to her room, Aimee and Alex Played Strip 20 Questions and well…

“My god Aimee, that was…”

“Great.” I finished for him. We both laughed and started to kiss. We didn’t her that the door had opened only a few minute earlier.

“Well I see you guys have really gotten to know each other.”

I sat up quickly covering my bare breasts. I looked towards the door where Lydia, my best friend, and her boyfriend Jason stood naked watching us. “Oh my God Lyd, I…I…”

Lydia walked into my room with Jason in tow. They shut the door behind them. “It’s cool Aim, I’m glad you and Alex are, well, getting along so good.”

Alex sat up and put his hands on my shoulders rubbing gently. “So’d you ask her man?”

Jason smiled “Yeah, I did.”

“And?” Alex asked

“She said Yes.”

“What are you guys talking about?” I asked breaking my gaze from their naked bodies.

Lydia came over to the bed and sat next to me. “Jason asked me to marry him, and I said yes.”

“Oh my God Lyd! That’s great!” I hugged her tightly. Suddenly, I became aware of our naked breasts pressing together. At that moment I didn’t care. I was so happy for my friend.

“I know!” She said pulling away from me. “And I want you to be my maid of honor.”

“Really? Me? I’d love to.”

“Good, cause Alex is going to be Jason’s Best Man, so it’s really great that you guys hit it off.”

Alex chuckled and wrapped his arms around Tokat Escort my waist. “We did more than just hit it off.”


“What, we did” He kissed my neck as one hand traveled up to my breast.

Jason walked over and sat behind Lydia. His arms wrapped around her and came up to her breasts tweaking one nipple then the other. Alex did the same to me then cupped my breasts, weighing them in his palms.

“Have you ever had sex in front of another couple?” Lydia whispered to me.


“It’s really hot. Watching someone get fucked while getting fucked.”

The guys had moved to our backs, massaging them gently.

“I’m already getting hot.” I whispered back

“Let’s put on a show for these guys. Get ’em nice and hard.” She whispered back. We leaned in and started to kiss. I felt Lydia’s hand go to my breast and caress it softly. I placed mine on hers pinching her nipple gently. We forgot about the guys. Our tongues danced and our hands squeezed, pinched and rubbed all over our breasts. Lydia was the first to break the kiss. Her mouth trailed kisses down my neck to my breasts. She took one of my nipples into her mouth and sucked gently. I moaned softly caressing her hair. She switched nipples and sucked some more. Her fingers pinched at the other lonely nipple. Behind me, I felt Alex’s cock hard against my back.

Leaning Down I whispered into Lydia’s ear. “I think the boys are ready. How about a double blow job?”

Lydia gave a final suck and then kissed me on the lips. She grabbed Tokat Escort Bayan my hand and pulled me off the bed. We turned to face the bed where the guys sat, fully erect, with their mouths hanging open. My pussy started to melt taking in the sight of their two beautiful cocks. I was already familiar with Alex’s 10 inch whopper. Jason’s cock was about 8 inches but just as thick as Alex’s. Lydia looked at me with a mischievous grin on her face and sank to her knees in front of Jason. I followed suit with Alex, kneeling between his legs. We started to stroke the guy’s cock. They both moaned out loud causing Lydian an I to giggle.

We went to work with out mouths. I licked my tongue over the tip of Alex’s cock head then took him into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Lydia’s head was already bobbing up and down on Jason’s cock. Alex groaned threading his fingers through my hair. I took him in and out of my mouth and gently fondled his balls. I took in as much as I could until I gagged. I couldn’t fit his monster all the way in, but I sure as hell tried.

His fingers grasped at my hair as his hip bucked up. I fucked my mouth on his cock, my tongue working on his shaft. I pulled him out and licked up and down his length. I cast a glance towards the other couple. Jason had his eyes closed and his hands in Lydia’s hair guiding her up and down on his cock. My pussy suddenly felt much, much wetter. I never knew being with someone with two other people in the same room, doing the same thing could get me so hot. My hand Escort Tokat traveled down to rub my clit as my mouth covered Alex’s cock once more.

I felt a hand caress my arm. Taking my mouth off of Alex, I turned to see Lydia had moved to the bed and was on her hands and knees with Jason kneeling behind her. Alex moved closer to the back board, giving me room to join them on the bed. I crawled up and go onto my hands and knees facing Lydia. Jason was slowly entering Lydia from behind. I felt one of Alex’s hands on my hips and his cock rubbing up and down my slit. He entered me slowly, stretching my pussy open. After he was completely in, he and Jason started to slowly thrust in and out in sync with each other. I moaned loudly. Lydia was in front of me, her perky breasts swaying under her.

“Harder Jason, harder. Fuck me while our best friends are fucking each other and watching.” She groaned bucking her hips back against her fiancée. Jason grabbed her hips and thrust wildly into her cunt. I felt Alex’s grip tighten on my hips.

“Oh Alex, fuck me hard. I’m so wet watching Jason fuck Lydia.” I moaned and he thrust in and out of me, quickening his pace.

Lydia started moaning loudly. I knew she was close. “oh Jason, Jason! I’m cumming, harder, oh god I’m cumming!” She moaned as her orgasm ripped through her body. This set me off. My own orgasm hit me hard.

“I’m cumming, Alex, I’m cumming. Fill me with your cum. Cum in my pussy!”

My body shudder in release. Jason groaned and emptied his load into Lydia. Alex thrust into me, shooting his seed deep in my womb.

Lydia and I collapse onto the bed hugging each other. I felt Alex’s limp cock slide out of me. He lay behind me wrapping his arms around me as Jason took his place behind Lydia. We all fell asleep together sated and happy.

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