Luna vs. The Camp Ch. 02

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I stood there in the middle of the cabin, still undressed and slightly damp after my shower; the girls told me to get dressed, but Jackie snatched away my shirt when I reached over to my clothes placed neatly on the couch, saying she had an idea.

She began fishing inside her bag, after a few seconds, she produced another piece of clothing.

It was a colorful shade of green and red, intermingled in a wavy pattern, more importantly, it was a bikini top, I wasn’t sure why she wanted it at first.

Jackie gave the top to me and I appraised it reluctantly, it occurred to me that it was a few sizes smaller than me, and that’s when the gears started turning in my head, nobody would be suspicious if I wore this to lunch, it’s pretty hot outside during the summer, and an innocent wardrobe malfunction would be easily forgiven and simple to keep in check.

I tied the top around my back and neck and adjusted it as well as I could, being a few sizes smaller, it wasn’t the most comfortable outfit, but it covered enough of my privates to remain relatively decent, the fabric itself barely dug into my breasts, from afar it looked like a normally fitting top, but you could tell that it wound tightly around my body and against my breasts from upon closer inspection.

I was about to leave with the girls when I finally remembered that I was still bottomless, embarrassed though only in my own company as the girls didn’t pay much attention to me there, I hurriedly padded over to the shorts and slipped them on, finally following the girls out.

The cafeteria was close by, seeing how there were about 20 campers (excluding the counselors), and most of them were already there, they varied in ages, shapes, and sizes, though the youngest of which was under two years younger than me, and the oldest was about half a year.

Some of the boys were apparently running late, as I counted equal numbers between them and us girls, something that was confirmed by Derek, one of the boys in the cafeteria, later on.

There were three tables in the building, all large enough to accommodate each of the three groups, boys, girls, and counselors.

On our way to and during our seating at the girls’ table, I noticed a few stray glances coming my way, considering what I was wearing, this wasn’t all that unexpected, although most of them went on to mind their business as lunch went on.

When we were finished, we were told by the counselors that there will be a fireside gathering at night, mostly to discuss the shape of our upcoming schedule for the next three weeks, and what we wanted to do in that interim.

We were informed that there will be group therapy sessions to deal with our issues, and, need be, private sessions across our stay here, and when that was brought up, all I could think of was how it would go for me announcing that I was here because I had a habit of stripping and getting stripped naked, then placing myself in various embarrassing situations.

I had zoned out of the discussion by this point, thinking about sitting around in a circle, announcing how I had been caught numerous times completely naked and performing lewd acts to whoever was watching me at the time, often in public, and upon doing that, being forced to strip right there for everyone as they laughed and pointed at me while I gave everyone a demonstration, lying down on the ground masturbating for them.

I was snapped back to reality by scuffling and shuffling all around me, the talk was already over and I was sitting there with my friends, while everyone else was already filtering out.

“Anything to share, Luna?” Jackie’s sass brought me back down to earth, and I had noticed that the string tying my top behind my back was loose, it wasn’t enough to expose me or cause the top to fall off, but it was enough to leave some space between my breasts and the fabric.

“Not really, just thinking about the therapy sessions…” I answered, omitting half of my thoughts, but the girls clearly knew where my head was, they laughed as I felt the string loosen even further.

“Let’s go, feeling Escort bayan up for a walk Luna?” Becky asked, I assumed (or more accurately, hoped) that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary walk.

We walked outside, the cafeteria led out into the courtyard which stood in the center of the camp’s main area, the camp itself was technically acres wide, encompassing many places including a whole lake and a mountain trail, but those areas were generally closed off to the campers without any supervision, Apparently the counselor had explained that we would be allowed to hike around those areas when we became more accustomed to the rules of the camp, and for now, we would have to make do with the immediate vicinity, mainly the cabin areas, the sports areas nearby, and the lookout on the way to the hiking trail, the latter seemingly our destination.

The lookout area lay past the cafeteria, in the opposite side of the main area from where out cabins, the girls’ cabins, sat, it was a small clearing with an observation tower that was meant to be occupied by a ranger.

“It’s mostly left unused because the park preservation commission had built a new one half an acre away.” Was Becky’s short introduction to the tower.

The place itself was the beginning of the hiking trail, just a few hundred yards away from the tower, where the trail disappears into a thick grove at the foot of the mountain.

Aside from the tower, there was a small shack for the park rangers to use in case they needed to stay a while longer, it was supposed to have radio equipment I guess, but as far as I knew from the quick glances I could catch, the rangers had populated the shack with a table, a TV, a small fridge and a coffee machine, there was a single ranger in there, and as far as we were concerned, they neither noticed us and we didn’t care that much about her, well, I cared a bit, but in a different way.

My top was still loose as we walked into the clearing, a slight breeze blew past us and I could feel the cool air tickle my nipples and slightly jostle the loose top.

Becky said that we were going to climb the lookout tower, which seemed like a risky proposal, not really from an exhibitionist point, but just a general safety aspect, but she assured me that it was more or less safe, she’d been attending this camp for the past two years, it seems her self-medication habits are not a recent thing, but then again, who am I to judge?

The tower itself was comprised of a metal frame, with a set of stairs snaking up the middle of it all the way up to the lookout perch at the top, we slowly climbed the stairs, I surveyed the landscape below, the shack seemed so small from up here, I wondered if the rangers who worked at the park were in there, and if they did, were they aware that a bunch of girls were up to no good here at the outlook?

That question was swiftly answered when the girls hung back just far enough to make me the first person to walk into the top of the tower, though it might be more appropriate to say that I was the second to walk in because a ranger was already in there!

The man, who seemed to be in his mid-twenties, turned around in his chair and spotted me, his eyes widened for a second in surprise before he greeted me:

“Hi there, and who’re you?” He said, with the demeanor of someone trying his best not to spook a fawn that stumbled in front of him.

“Hey Rudy, how’s work?” Rebecca and the girls finally caught up with me and stood right behind me, I gulped, wondering if they were planning something.

“Oh hey girls, here to enjoy the flora?” the ranger named Rudy put a heavy emphasis on the last word, I surmised that he was aware of Rebecca’s reason of being here.

“Not this time, this time we’re here to feed the new girl’s vice.” She put her hands on my shoulders, I practically flinched, staring with terror in my eyes, and to continue the metaphor, I was like a deer in the headlights.

“None of the hard stuff, I hope.” Rudy’s face contorted into a mix of suspicion and concern.

“I dunno Rudy, there’s definitely Bayan escort some hardness here.” And with that, I felt Rebecca’s fingers tugging at the only string keeping my top attached to my body “see for yourself.”

I looked down and saw the top already a crumpled pile by my feet, I didn’t dare to look up, not at first, but eventually, I let my eyes tilt upwards and locked eyes with Rudy.

Oh my god! I was standing in front of a strange man whom I only met a minute ago and who didn’t even know my name, and I was completely topless.

“Wow, that’s some vice!” Was all that Rudy could manage “Just to be sure, you’re okay with this?”

I froze, but it dawned on me that we might get in trouble if I didn’t answer, so I managed an embarrassed nod and a soft yes to clear the air.

“Well, I have to say, this is a first.” Rudy laughed, I rubbed my right foot against the back of my left shin, getting such a relaxed but amused response was also a first for me too.

“Trust me, Rudy, you haven’t seen anything yet.” Now it was Jackie, standing at my side, who reached down and pulled against the elastic of my shorts, for some reason I thought she was going to pull it down just enough to expose my pussy, but I should have expected her to completely pull them off like she did, leaving me standing there, wearing nothing but sandals and stepping out of the shorts Jackie was tugging at.

“Damn.” This time, Rudy seemed more entranced than before, though he wore the same goofy grin he had, it was clear that now? Now he was impressed, extremely busy burning my image into the back of his mind, and that only caused me to blush harder.

“Take a picture Rudy, it’ll last longer.” Kylie rolled her eyes, and that snapped Rudy out of his intense focus.

“Hah! I wish.” Rudy howled in laughter, but he quieted down significantly when he saw the girls exchanging glances “Wait… Really?”

“Why not? You don’t mind, do you, Luna?” Rebecca’s hands, now back on my shoulders, gave me a massaging squeeze, I was too preoccupied with the thought of standing here naked racing through my head, and I don’t know why it mattered that much considering that Rudy is seeing me naked (and will probably be taking a picture as well), but the first clear thought that presented itself in my head was that he now knew my name.

“Sure.” I was still half-lost in my thoughts when I replied, I shivered in excitement.

“Alright then.” Rudy, not wanting to question this rare opportunity presenting itself to him, fumbled for his phone and opened up the camera, I heard the click and somewhat breathed a sigh of relief, but it seemed that Rudy was not satisfied:

“Uh, I know I’m in no position to make demands or anything, but… Could I ask you to turn around?” Rudy’s bashful request stunned the girls it seemed, but not for long, I heard a unified ooh coming from them in response, they all stared at me, waiting for mine.

I didn’t speak, I simply turned around and clasped my hands in front of me, giving Rudy a view of my bare, round butt, I even leaned onto the girls a bit, slightly sticking my ass out when heard the click of the camera app again, as well Rudy speaking:

“Thanks, Luna.” His use of my name riled the butterflies in my stomach up, I hesitated to turn around, thankfully, the girls decided to spare me any further exposure and bid Rudy farewell before ushering me out to the stairwell, still naked of course:

“Yeah, let’s go before Rudy asks you for a whole photoshoot.” Kylie took a jab as we descended the stairs.

Heading down, I could finally feel my brain catching up with my body, I realized just how turned on I was, my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was soaking wet, then, as if on cue, Rebecca leaned in and asked me:

“Did you enjoy that, Luna?” it seemed that Rebecca was just as giddy as I was, she (and the other two as well, for that matter) was in disbelief that we had gotten away with that.

I giggled and nodded, I usually had to hide the fact that I was enjoying myself, but thanks to the girls, I could truly Escort let it all hang out, the girls were still chattering about how insane this all was.

We all calmed down a bit as we reached the base of the tower, I looked over in the direction of the rangers office, the lady ranger in there that I could see from the window seemed busy with paperwork.

“Don’t think about it, she’s not as nice as Rudy, take it from me.” Rebecca once again read my mind somehow, but she also seemed to think for a bit before grinning “Wanna up the ante, Luna?

“I want you to lean against this tower and play with yourself, right in the sight of that ranger, if you can cum before she notices you, you win, but if don’t, you have to take a special forfeit.”

All of this explanation occurred as Rebecca fished out her phone and began recording, I looked at its camera, feeling my heartbeat racing a little:

“What’s the forfeit?” I asked, playing along with Rebecca.

“Oh I dunno, let’s say… If you lose, we’ll choose a cabin at random, you have to knock on its door, give its residents a striptease and let them touch you however they want, how does that sound?”

My heart, already racing harder and harder with every word, skipped a beat when Rebecca put that emphasis on her words, I agreed and set my eyes on the lady, who was about a hundred and fifty meters away, putting my back against the tower, she was at the center of my vision, so I’m sure I’d be in the center of hers should she look over.

I let my hands take over like they’re always bound to do, except this time I wasn’t fighting it.

One hand squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples, and the other toying with my clit and pussy lips, gliding against the moist flesh with ease before slipping inside and pumping steadily, producing a fairly audible squishing sound that the girls around me could hear.

I was really getting into it now, with my hands moving by themselves I was left to stare at the ranger, still busy doing her job, oblivious to the naked girl fingering herself outside her window, part of me wanted her to look up and see me, I imagined her rushing over to reprimand me, maybe even report me to the police.

After that, my thoughts wandered to my forfeits, wondering who might be in the cabin that I have to knock on, maybe it’s the other girls? Or maybe one of the boys’ cabins, they’d come out, see me strip naked and then start playing with me, fingering me and molesting every inch of me, then it occurred to me that Rebecca didn’t specify how they were allowed to touch me, meaning they could easily justify using their dicks to “touch me”.

And that set me off, I orgasmed on the spot, my legs almost giving out from under me, but I’d done it, I came before she’d looked in my direction, and just as I caught my breath, our eyes finally met as she looked up from her desk.

“Run!” I heard Rebecca hiss, and my legs had newfound strength as we darted across the clearing and back to the campsite’s path, she didn’t follow us so we slowed down to catch our breath, and as soon as our lungs allowed it, we started laughing.

“I guess you’re safe for now.” Jackie quipped, referring to the forfeit at hand.

“Hey hang on a second…” Kylie, now catching her breath, she pointed at me and Rebecca “we never said what happens if you won.”

I was taken aback, for one, I usually didn’t win, not to mention I enjoy doing this so much it never really bothered me to take one-sided bets.

“Hey yeah, Rebecca has to do something since Luna won.” Jackie concurred, I wondered if I should jump in, but like many things today, this was new to me, everybody was always more than happy to take advantage of me, someone defending me was a completely new experience.

“Uh…” Rebecca was also taken aback, she froze in her place when Kylie brought the issue up and looked at a loss here, then she looked at me with a confused expression, but she sighed and put her hands on her hips “I guess that’s only fair…

“Tell you what, the next time, I’ll be doing whatever Luna does along with her, how does that sound?” Rebecca fidgeted in place, she looked nervous, as if expecting me to… I really don’t know what she expected me to say, I myself didn’t know what I expected from myself.

“I guess that’s fair…” I replied, with no idea how this would go.

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