Lust and then Some

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“Just a quick note, this is my first story submission. It’s a bit long, but I hope you like it. Any encouraging comments or criticisms are welcome, and drop me a private note if you’d like to chat more.”

He always thought he would love it. But as Tim lay spent, his lover on top of him, he now came to grips with who he really was. And it made him smile as he thought back to how he had arrived at this point in his life.

Tim rushed into his office, late again, the kids had been especially challenging getting to school today. He had given his wife a quick peck goodbye, the most physical contact they’d had for a while. Tim had a good life, for sure, yet he had gotten to that age where he was doing a lot of soul searching. Something was missing, that spark in your life that pops you out of bed every morning.

He loved his wife, but their lives were so busy these days that they were partners more than lovers. They still had sex occasionally, Tim usually having to be the one to initiate things. But their love making was really routine, and they mostly didn’t talk much in bed.

This only caused Tim’s mind to wander, to sexy thoughts that didn’t involve his wife. In fact, thoughts that he didn’t dare share with her. Thoughts of trying new things. Thoughts of submissiveness, thoughts of being fucked, not by his wife, or even another woman. But deep down buried thoughts of being with a man.

For most of his adult life Tim’s had fantasies like these. He mostly chalked it up to curiosity, and never considered acting on them. He had been with his wife for many years, and had generally been satisfied sexually. But as they got older, and kids had entered the picture, their sex life had waned.

Lately his imagination worked overtime, certainly because he jerked off more frequently than when they were younger. But he found his thoughts drifting more and more to men, what it might be like to try something different. He’d never really noticed guys physically, having always been attracted to women. But he read stories on Literotica, and started watching more porn, and couldn’t tear his eyes away from the cocks on screen. Wondering what it must be like to be on the receiving end, letting a guy use his body as he pleased.

These fantasies seemed to dominate his thoughts lately. To the point where when he did make love to his wife, all he could think about was being on the receiving end of a nice thick cock. He always wondered if he’d have the nerve to really go through with it, to really be with another man, but he figured he’d never get the chance to know. But then his luck changed.

As he walked to his office that morning, he noticed someone struggling with a large box. That’s when he remembered the office down the hall had been rented out, and this must be the new tenant. He walked over to the guy to ask him if he needed help. “Yes, that would be great” the voice replied, although he couldn’t see him behind the box. Tim grabbed the other side and the two of them carried it into the office. When they finally set it down, they stood up and their eyes met. The man spoke.

“Thanks, I appreciate the help. I’m Dean by the way.”

As he spoke they continued to make eye contact, and Tim felt a jolt of electricity as he shook his hand introducing himself. Dean was a bit older than Tim, and he had an air of confidence about him. He was a handsome man, no doubt. Tim felt a little flush as their handshake ended. Dean asked him if he wouldn’t mind helping with a few more boxes.

As they worked together, Tim noticed Dean’s body in a way that he hadn’t with other men before. He was aware of his strong arms and chest, and even made note of his nice ass as he bent over at one point. When they were done Dean thanked him and asked Tim if he could altyazı porno take him to lunch sometime to repay him.

“Sure” Tim had blurted out, his enthusiasm hardly concealed, and he thought he saw a sly smile on Dean’s face at that. He gave Dean his email address and they said their goodbyes. As he walked to his own office, Tim became aware that his cock was a bit hard and he had to adjust himself before walking in.

That night Tim couldn’t stop thinking about their encounter. Had he imagined the connection between them? And what was he really imagining, that he was attracted to Dean, that something might happen between them? He reasoned with himself that it was all in his head, Dean was just being friendly.

But that night Tim initiated sex with his wife, sex that was more passionate than usual. At least on Tim’s side, as he couldn’t stop thinking about Dean to the point that he almost moaned his name as he came deep in his wife from behind.

The next day as he sat at his desk, an email popped up. Butterflies popped into his stomach as he saw it was from Dean. He wanted to have lunch today. Tim couldn’t write back fast enough to say sure, he would love to. They met in the parking lot and agreed on a cafe a couple of miles away.

They chatted on the way, almost like old friends. Dean was very friendly, putting Tim at ease. But as Dean drove, Tim kept stealing glances at him, which Dean caught at one point and just smiled. At the cafe, they chatted a lot, getting to know each other. Tim shared that he was married with kids, telling stories of chaos in his household. Dean mentioned that he was single, having been in a relationship with a man for a few years.

Tim realized his instincts had been correct about Dean and he found himself asking many questions about his past lover. Dean shared, all the while taking note that Tim’s interest was more than just being friendly. As they pulled into the parking lot, Dean turned to Tim and said he really enjoyed their lunch. Tim agreed, as they stared at each other.

“So when can I see you again?” Dean asked.

As he said this he rested a hand on Tim’s leg. Tim was frozen, knowing this was a rather loaded question. But as he looked into Dean’s eyes, he just melted.

“Whenever you’d like.” Tim replied.

They stared at each other, nothing else needed to be said at this point, and they got out and walked back to their respective offices, giving each other a friendly public goodbye.

Later that day Tim got an email from Dean. “Ok, can’t stop thinking about that lunch. And you. Lunch tomorrow?”

“Me too,” Tim wrote back. “That sounds great”.

As they continued chatting, Dean mentioned how he loved to cook, finally suggesting they go to his place for lunch so he could cook for him. Tim didn’t take long to write back that he’d love that.

Once again that night Tim couldn’t get Dean off his mind. He kept telling himself it was just lunch, nothing was going to happen. Besides, it’s probably all in his head, Dean wasn’t really coming on to him. But after his wife fell asleep, Tim quietly went to the bathroom to jerk off and it didn’t take long for him to cum hard, thoughts of Dean swirling in his head.

The next day, Tim found himself sitting on the balcony of Dean’s condo, the delicious lunch he had made long since eaten. The conversation had been friendly up to this point, nothing too suggestive. They finished up and were getting ready to head back. As they walked to the door, Dean turned back to look at Tim, and then suddenly leaned forward to kiss him on the lips.

It was a sweet kiss, and Dean pulled away, saying “sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.” Tim was stunned, but instinctively he leaned forward himself and began kissing amatör porno Dean back. They embraced now, their kissing getting more intense. Tim finally pulled away, a bit light headed.

“I’m married. I shouldn’t be doing this.” Tim said.

“I understand, really. It’s cool, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to kiss such a hot guy” Dean replied.

Dean smiled at him, putting Tim at ease a little. He smiled back, and they headed back to work, not saying much to each other.

As Tim sat at his desk, all he could think about was the kiss. He had been shocked by it, but not as shocked as how much he had enjoyed it. An email from Dean popped up, with him apologizing if he had overstepped his bounds. Tim told him it was ok, he was actually flattered. They continued to chat, flirting with each other, when Dean mentioned he had the office to himself the rest of the afternoon.

Tim thought about his response to this, but before he knew what was happening, he found himself knocking on Dean’s office door. Dean opened it, surprised to see him there, and without a word Tim shut it behind him as they embraced again. Their mouths were together, their tongues dancing around. Their hands were exploring each other’s bodies, their lust for each other barely contained.

“I must confess,” Tim said, “I jerked off last night thinking about you.”

“Mmmm,” Dean said “what a naughty boy you are. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one.”

They continued to grope each other, when Tim said he better get back to work. “Oh no you don’t,” Dean said, “you’re not going anywhere yet.”

He slowly started pushing Tim to his knees. Tim knew what he wanted, and he quickly realized he wanted it too. He was nervous as his hands began unfastening Dean’s belt. As his hands slowly pulled down his pants and underwear, his instincts once again kicked in. He took Dean’s rather large cock in his hand, which was fully hard, and began tugging at it.

It felt so natural, and as his mouth moved forward to engulf his dick, he felt almost euphoric, like he had finally arrived at a place he had been headed towards all his life. He kept one hand pumping his dick, with his mouth sucking hard, doing all the things he had seen in porn. He certainly couldn’t draw from his own experience, as his wife hadn’t sucked his cock in years.

Dean rubbed his hand through Tim’s hair, pulling his head closer and he began to thrust a little into his mouth. Tim knew that he was getting close, and this only spurred him on more. He kept sucking, knowing he wanted to taste it, not that Dean was going to let him up. He kept thrusting into Tim’s mouth when suddenly he tensed up and began to cum.

Tim kept his mouth clamped shut, sucking his cock, managing to swallow all of his big load. He kept sucking for another minute, milking every drop from his first cock. He finally stood up, and Dean leaned into him giving him a deep kiss. They hugged as well, and Tim reluctantly pulled away saying he should get back. They kissed a final sweet kiss and he departed.

That night Tim could hardly sleep, he was in such bliss over what had occurred between them. He found himself longing to see Dean again, longing to feel him, embrace him, taste him. He got out of bed and sent Dean a text.

“You up?”

“Hey you, yeah, just laying here thinking of you.”

“I can’t stop thinking of you too. I miss you.”

“Me too. I need to see you again.”

“Me too, wish I was there now.”

“Come on over.”

“Mmmm, I’d love that. Wish I could.”

“Can you come over on your way to work in the morning?”

“Oh god yes, I’ll make it work.”

“Great, get here when you can.”

“Ok, I won’t be able to stay long but I’ll be there.

“Ok animasyon porno sexy, see you then.”

“Ok. Big kiss.”

“You too, goodnight.”

Tim almost felt giddy with anticipation. But it was more than lust, he wanted to be with Dean. He almost felt a void without him there. He realized he was developing feelings for Dean, and for some reason this realization suddenly made him so horny. He pulled down his pants as he sat there in the dark and jerked off. He stroked for a few minutes, visions of Dean in his head, and he came hard. When he finally got back in bed, he slept quite soundly.

Surprisingly Tim didn’t feel nervous as he approached Dean’s door the next morning, just excitement. He knocked and the door opened quickly. Dean stood there in a robe, and Tim rushed to him as they embraced and kissed.

“Oh god I missed you!” Tim said.

“Me too!” Dean replied.

“I can’t stay long.” Tim said.

“Then we better be quick.” Dean said.

He started unbuttoning Tim’s pants. He pulled them down quickly, and his underwear too. Dean’s hands were caressing Tim’s ass as he kissed his ear.

Dean whispered “I don’t want you wearing underwear anymore, understood?”

“Oh yes lover, whatever you want.” replied Tim.

Dean’s fingers had moved to Tim’s hole, and as they stood there kissing, one finger pushed deep inside his ass.

“Mmmmm” Tim moaned.

Dean pushed another finger deep inside, loosening him up.

“Tell me what you want.” Dean whispered.

“I want you inside of me, fuck me, make me yours.” Tim groaned.

“You’re already mine.” Dean said.

He pulled off Tim’s shirt, spun him around and bent him over the kitchen counter. Dean pulled some lube from his pocket, then dropped his robe as he stepped up behind Tim. He squirted some lube in his hand, rubbing it all over his dick. His hard cock rested against Tim’s ass. He spread his cheeks apart and began pushing in, the pain at first causing Tim to let out a deep moan. Dean kept pushing slowly, finally bottoming out and holding still so Tim could adjust to the feeling.

Finally he pulled out slowly, and as he pushed back in, Tim pushed back, wanting his dick deep inside him again. The pain was subsiding with every thrust, and Tim felt so full and happy. Dean continued to saw his big cock into him, driving the breath from Tim. It felt so good, so raw, but Tim wanted more.

“I want to see you, I want to kiss you, can we move to the bedroom?” Tim asked.

Dean nodded, and slowly pulled out as he took Tim’s hand and lead him to his bed. As much as Tim loved being fucked by Dean he wanted to be made loved to. He had wanted this for so long. He lay back as Dean crawled above him, leaning down to kiss him as he pulled Tim’s legs up onto his shoulders. He pushed his dick back in and watched Tim’s eyes as he pounded his ass.

“Mmmm, I could get used to this.” Dean said.

“Mmmm, good, because you can have me whenever you want.” Tim replied.

They kissed again, a real connection growing between them as their love making continued.

“Oh god, you feel incredible”. Tim moaned, his hard cock bouncing up and down with each thrust.

“So do you.” Dean said, his orgasm approaching. His thrusting had grown more intense now, he was getting closer.

“Oh god, I don’t want this to end. You feel so good.” Tim said.

Tim could feel his own orgasm approaching as he felt Dean’s cock swell inside of him. His eyes glazed over, his whole body experiencing waves of pleasure he’d never known before.

Tim yelled out “Oh god, I love it, cum inside me!”

Dean gave a final thrust and held his cock deep in Tim’s ass as it exploded inside of him. At the same moment Jim’s cock erupted, spurting all over his chest. Dean continued pumping but slowly collapsed down on him. They kissed tenderly, now officially lovers.

Tim hugged him tightly, feeling wonderful, knowing his life had changed. He didn’t know what the future held, but all he knew was he was right where he wanted to be.

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