Macy’s Gets Interesting

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I saw her at Macys that spring day. She had on a tight ribbed top and a green and blue plaid skirt, bobby socks and her hair back in a ponytail. She was mid-thirties, but she looked about eighteen in that get-up. Her fresh looks and her pert breasts caused me to stop on my way to the cookware section.

I picked up a halter from the aisle-side display and glanced at it idly as I watched her shopping for a pair of panties. She already had two pair and was eyeing a third, a sexy thong I noticed.

Much to my embarrassment, she looked up and coyly purred, “That’s not your size.”

Red faced I hung the short halter up and smiled back, “Just looking for something for a special lady.”

Her wicked grin sliced through me, “That’s nice, but if I were the special lady, I’d like something from over there,” motioning to the bustiers in the corner.

“Maybe you could show me one, I’m always getting something too conservative,” my cock stirred in my jogging shorts as I sauntered over to her.

“Lets go find something, before you get more, uh, uncomfortable,” her hungry eyes trailed down my tee and over my growing bulge. I saw the evidence of her hardening nipples strain into the ribbed top.

“Well, there isn’t any sale help around, so I’d love some private assistance,” my hand subtly re-arranging my cock.

“Right this way,” she purred and licked her lips.

Looking around I could see that this section was deserted, the salesgirls chatting in another section. She picked up a black corset and held it to her body, her fingers slowly lifting the hem of her skirt, exposing her soft white thighs.

“You like?”

“Uh huh,” my eyes devouring her. “Let’s see this one,” picking up a royal blue teddy, I walked behind her and held it up to her. My bulge pressing into her skirt from behind and my fingers brushing up her full chest as I brought the teddy to her body. Turning slightly we eyed each other in the 3-way mirror. Her Escort bayan hand snaked back over her head and caressed my hair as my free hand slid her skirt up her thigh and hip, exposing her emerald thong.

“Hmm, very sexy.. you must taste good, I mean have good taste,” turning her head, her lips and tongue melded into mine. Here we were, in the middle of Macy’s, complete strangers, locked in a kiss, my hands exploring her firm trim body and her fingers coaxing my now rock hard cock out down the leg of my shorts. The ultimate zip-less fuck.

Dropping the teddy, our passion built in our kiss. My tongue dancing with hers, our fingers racing over our new lover’s bodies.

“Lets go to the dressing room,” her breath escaped.

“This is crazy,” my fingers kneading her left breast and my free hand teasing the front panel of her thong… skittering over her mound.

“I know, but I want it, now.. I want to taste your cock and feel it inside of me…”

Furtively we made our way to the dressing room. She went in first, scoped it out and while I noted the sales ladies deep in gab, I followed her in.

In the end room, we melted into a long lingering kiss. Her hands pushing down my shorts and her nails running over my boxers. My hands lifting her top off and unsnapping the front of her demi-cup bra. My calloused fingers and palm rubbing her hard sensitive nipples.

Turning from me she bent over and I hiked her skirt and my fingers rolled her thong down her ass-cheeks and exposed her fat lips from behind. I could smell that she was already excited and it made my cock twitch.

Kneeling behind her as he mounted the stool, my wet hot tongue trailed up and around the backs of her thighs and her firm white ass cheeks. My finger teasing and lightly caressing her slit and ass. My tongue traced her almost hairless outer lips and then split them to taste her juices. She hissed as my tounge wriggled into her Bayan escort wet hole. Her fingers tugging her nipple.

One hand teased her puckered ass as the other rubbed her hardening clitty in small slow circles. My stiff tongue lapping at her juicy hole, probing her and tongue fucking her. She stifled her cries as I rimmed her ass and then nibbled her clitty, poking out from her wet soft inner lips.

Standing up, satisfied that she was wet, I slid my boxers down and off. My cock bouncing lewdly in front of her face as she sat down at the stool. The image of our impossible session replayed in two mirrors surrounding us. She grasped me shaft and her tongue lathered the rim of my purple head. She flicked the drop of pre-cum from my slit.

Her eyes looked up at me coquettishly as her full red lips paused over my cock. I could feel her warm wet breath, just as she slid the hard tool into her silky wet mouth. She hummed, satisfied, as she engulfed my rock hard penis. The angry veins full with blood as she slurped me softly. Now it was my turn to stifle a groan.

After wetting my cock fully and scratching my tight balls with her manicured nails, she let it plop from her mouth.

“Fuck me,” her half closed eyes heavy with lust.

“Stand up and bend over… I’m going to fuck you doggie style.”

Gathering her skirt up over her full white mounds, she looked back as I positioned myself behind her. I rubbed my wet head up and down her soft juicy slit and teased her hard little clitty. She shuddered as I pressed the thick member into her hole, stretching it. Her pussy eagerly swallowing my cock as I inched into her.

She reached back and diddled her clitty and caressed my balls as I lanced into her. My hands pulling her hips backward and sinking my hardness into her silky glove. I rocked into her with long slow strokes. We ground our hips together at each apex.

Our hearts jumped as we heard a passing Escort customer rifling a hanger or two. Our bodies coupled like two dogs in heat. We didn’t dare breathe. The customer wandered off and we regained our rhythm. Each stroke I felt the soft wetness of her wall ripple by. Her breathing was shallow and ragged as I fucked her tight pussy.

It felt so intense and our knees shuddered with the intensity of the coupling. I felt her body twitch and start to spasm around my shaft as her first wave built and the broke. Her pussy got that much more wet and you could hear the juicy slushing of my cock spearing her tight wet hole. She built up for another as my finger teased and then entered her tight ass, wet from her juices and my spit. It grasped me as she came again, her walls milking me.

Than was it, with a mighty pus I buried my cock deep into her hole and the first jet of my cum leapt up my shaft and filled her pussy. Groaning softly I shuddered as another and then another jet spurted from my cock, buried deep within her.

Her pussy dripped a mix of my cum and her juices as I felt it gripping and releasing my cock. Sliding out with a soft ‘plop’, I leaned back against a mirror. She turned around and sat down on the stool. the small room ripe with the smell of our sex.

Breathing hard, we smiled at each other and she reached out and licked my head tenderly, tasting the mixture of our juices. I caressed her cheek as she cleaned my head.

“I’m Don,” I mumbled.

She smiled, and reached into her purse. She scribbled a note on a post-it and pressed it into my hand. A local number from the prefix. She didn’t say a word as she pulled her top on, straightened her skirt, stuffed her bra and panties into her purse, and with a quick French kiss, left me staring at the swaying curtain.

She was gone. No name, just a hot spontaneous fuck in a public place. Incredible, I shook my head as I dressed. Smiling the relaxed smile of the recently satisfied I walked out, almost into a sales girl. With a bright red face I beat a quick retreat and into the mall. I searched the mall in vain for a few minutes and then went home to shower, the slip of paper tucked into a secret place in my car door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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