Making a Maid Ch. 01

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PART ONE The New Maid

Like many other days I had returned home from work anticipating the rummage I was soon to have among the dirty clothes. The primary items I always sought were the under garments my lover had worn earlier in the week, specially the panties she’d worn yesterday. Oh those panties, a satiny pair of red hipsters or boy shorts I think they’re called whenever I saw her in them my dick would always get hard.

I walked through the door and headed for the hamper in our bedroom, along the way to the upstairs I shed the clothes I wore. I stopped only for the briefest moment to step out of the Levis I had on.

I dropped to my knees and threw back the lid of the hamper and there on top were the panties I had wanted most. It should have struck me as odd they were on top of the pile. I didn’t care, if I had given it my complete attention I probably would have realized I was being set up.

I brought the smooth fabric to my face and inhaled deeply, enjoying the aroma of my wives sex. I noticed a few stray, curly hairs in the crotch which only seemed to make my cock grow that much harder, it was already pointing straight up toward my belly button, twitching with every beat of my heart.

I sat down on our bed and began to pull the garment on enjoying the feel as I pulled them up my legs, I stood and padded towards our dresser so I could look at myself in the mirror, I thought I looked really hot. The head of my woody already pushed past the lacy waistband of the panties screaming for my attention.

I returned to the bed an slowly lowered them to just above my knees with my hard cock in my right hand and a small g-spot vibrator in my left, remembering the talk I had had with her last evening, I was completely unaware that my every move since I had returned home was being observed.

Last night we had spent the better part of the evening talking about my desire and to my complete surprise, hers as well to see me dressed in a maid uniform, we had played dress up a couple of times early in our marriage and I had loved it, other than those few episodes we hadn’t done it again, in the last several years. (To my disappointment) The truth is told I loved the feel of her silky camisoles I had donned as we had made love those few times. I had thought those episodes would continue, but as the days and then weeks passed it never was repeated, I sensed her reluctance to relive those events, and that had puzzled me. I had been afraid to ask her why they hadn’t. At that time I had guessed because we were newlywed , and I was concerned she might think bad things about me and maybe she’d freak and out and think I cross dressed. I didn’t ,I just liked how her lingerie felt on my body. Now here it was eight years later and I believed that what I wanted back then was finally going to happen.

I had lotion on my hand as well as the vibrator covered with k-y jelly and with each stroke of my cock I pushed the four-inch toy up into my ass, with the vibration stimulating my swollen prostate, each thrust was pushing me closer to my orgasm. My cock now leaking a few drops of semen.

My tool is a sweet eight inches long, topped by a pinkish purple mushroom-shaped head and it was starting to grow as I sped closer to my release. I closed my eyes and when I did I heard a footstep in the bedroom doorway, I froze as I opened them to see my beautiful wife standing there, hands on hips with a mischievous glint in her eye. To my surprise she looked at me and told me, “Don’t stop on my account.” And as close as I was, I didn’t, (couldn’t)I gazed at her smile and pushed the pink vibe into my puckered hole, the vibrations pushing me over the top, I exploded, my cum shooting onto my legs and onto her panties which were sitting just above my knees.

Thank heavens I was sitting because as hard as I came if I had been standing I would have of collapsed for sure. When I came back to the moment man was I totally embarrassed caught with my cock out the vibrator pulsing in my ass, my load spattered on my legs, and her panties. I quickly shed the panties as I did I started to say”Sweety this isn’t what seems.”

She smirked and in a throaty whisper said to me “Shut up whore!” I was stunned, those words or others like them I had dreamed she’d say to me, of course it instantly began to arouse me again. She approached me and next said “Give me those panties whore.” I quickly raised my hand and offered them to her, I handed her the cum soaked panties. Taking them from my hand she wiped the remains of my explosion from my legs, she balled them in her hand and in a stern voice asked, “Are you sure this is a road you want to go down?’

I nodded my assent she said to me, “I’ll take you there if you really want me too, but it will be on my terms, and if you refuse at any time the fun stops, and it will never happen again, understood?”

I didn’t know what to say, I assumed by my lack of an answer she had taken as my agreement to her terms. With Bostancı escort her next step, she grabbed a handful of my hair and as fast as lightning forced her panties into my mouth, the combined tastes thrilled me, a mixture of dry, pussy secretions and fresh cum.

She took a step back and looked into my eyes and she uttered the words I had hoped to hear “Clean those up, there had better not be a drop of you’re nasty cum on them when you get out to the living room, understood?” As I nodded my head she spun and walked out of our bedroom and ‘when she walked away she said, “Then put those panties on! You have two minutes so you better hurry!”

I fumbled with her undies pulling them from my mouth savoring the taste of her pussy as I licked them I hesitated only for a second and turned them inside out so the fresh load would not be visible and I prayed she wouldn’t notice I hadn’t cleaned them completely.

Not wanting to dally I hurried out, but in my haste I stumbled and fell face first onto the floor. Typical of me I rushed down the stairs knowing that the panties were now on inside out realizing only as I reached the bottom of the stairs that, that might piss her off.

When I stumbled into the living room I saw her sitting on the couch with a kitchen chair pulled in front of her, she pointed to it and then told me to sit, I quickly did as told and was thrilled at the tone she used,there was no question I was being ordered not requested.

“Darling for the next week you are going to do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it, if for any reason you refuse this adventure stops, I want to fulfill your fantasy, and though I am a little uncomfortable taking this on, the idea excites me also, so I am not going to do this half way for one week, I will do this for you completely.”

I was very aroused my cock was quickly straining the elastic at the waistband of the panties.

“From this moment on I am to be addressed as ma’am.; next I am going to the mall and when I return I will have a few things for you, also while I am gone I expect you to shower and shave, from your shoulders to your toes, the only hair I want left is the hair on your head you may keep your pubic hair, so now I’d suggest you get busy.”

I agreed instantly, yet I was momentarily stunned, I was too lost in my thoughts to reply, as I thought to myself she stood, I knew right away she was already quitting this game.

I sprang to my feet and stammered out “Yes ma’am.”. She stopped and turned, with a smokey look in her eye she pointed at me “You had better answer me a hell of a lot quicker, and for heavens sake put some clean panties on, after you clean yourself up then wait for me in the bedroom.”

She turned and picked up her purse she then she walked out the door.

I stood there with my mouth open, frozen as the thought that her orders had made my cock twitch which brought me back to the moment. I heard her car start in the drive and it brought me back to the task at hand, one that I had to complete before she returned.

I hurried to the bathroom and when I saw my reflection in the mirror the panties tented by my hard on which I needed to address, I quickly pulled the panties off and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. My hardness needed me to finish so I picked up some bath soap poured it out on my cock and stroked it’s length at the same time squeezing my balls the soap was a great lubricant. As the bath filled I stood over the tub and began to cum, with each pull of my cock, each squeeze of my testis the ropes of semen launched up the length of my tool squirting out of my pulsing cock head, it landed in the bath water sinking to the bottom of the tub.

I released my cock and balls my length was still pulsing, I’m sure if I had started stroking it again I could easily repeat the orgasmic encounter, but I had work to do. When I turned, I saw two cans of depilatory I knew she had left them for me. I used the sideburn trimmers on my shaver and got to work, I started the hair removal which was fairly easy because I’m not particularly hairy, it really wasn’t difficult.

I thought about what she must have planned, a new outfit? Maybe some new panties I thrilled at the thought. because of the sexy ideas she had planted in my head.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the hair removal details but suffice to say except for my pubes I was indeed bare from the shoulders down. I toweled off stopping briefly to admire the thorough job I had done I knew she would be happy. I returned to our bedroom, then our dresser into her under ware drawer and chose a lilac pair of panties which were not particularly sexy but they felt really good as I slipped them over my legs and up to my crotch. I sat on the side of the bed and waited.

Milly (my wife) soon returned and anticipating her purchases my cock began to twitch, she walked into the room with only two bags, she threw them on the bed beside me and sat down Anadolu Yakası Escort to my right, “Well go ahead open them, no wait first let me see how good a job you did shaving.”

I stood before her and she ran her hands up and down my legs then pulled the panties down and in an offhand way told me, “If your not going lose all the pubes then we are going to trim them sweetie.” Other than that I knew she was pleased with my handiwork.

She stood taking my hand she led me back to the bathroom, she told me to sit down on the side of the tub, she then picked up my razor off it’s charger flipped it on , then she said, “Until I finish no peeking, all right.” She leaned in and began to work.

When she was finished I was ordered again not to look, she took my hand and we returned to the bedroom.

“Before you pull up your panties you may look at the work I’ve done then pull them up and sit down here.”

“You may look now.” I gazed down and saw myself completely shaved except for a narrow strip about 2 inches wide and 3inches long,”Oh ma’am that is sexy.”

I pulled up the panties and sat again next to her and opened the first bag, reaching in I pulled out a satin maid frock and apron with the white hair piece and barrettes to hold it in place. I knew it would feel wonderful to wear I said “Thank you darling, it’s perfect.” I reached for the other but before I opened it she put her hand over mine and said,

“I’m glad you like it sweetie, now open that other bag!” I did as she asked and pulled out seven pair of panties, each satiny and each a different pastel color. Then to my surprise several pairs of stockings, and finally two garter belts.

Instantly my cock began to grow when she noticed this she said “Don’t touch that I’ll be right back.” She stood and went to her night stand and pulled out the k-y and her vibrator it was same length as mine but this one about as big around as a half dollar coin. She slapped it in her palm and then told me to lie down in the middle of the bed and spread my legs.

Lord I was getting hot when she stood to undress I could see the front of her panties were soaked, she climbed onto the bed and straddled my body, picking up the k-y she then squirted some onto her fingers and then lowered her panty clad ass onto my face. She rubbed her sopping crotch on my face. The smell and the musky taste was making feel like I was on fire.

I felt her begin to rub the lube on my anal pucker and then she inserted one and then two fingers into me slowly fucking me until I began to loosen up, then she took the vibrator covered it in jelly, and pushed it into me. Because of it’s girth it hurt at first but after a half a minute it began to feel really good.

Then she raised up and slid her panties off moved down so her pussy was just above my cock she said then “I’m going to fuck your brains out, and then it will be your turn to go to work.” she pulled her pussy lips open and slowly lowered her steaming twat onto my erection, it was incredible watching my cock slowly disappear as she buried it to the hilt and then stopped. I was so lost in the incredible feeling her tight dripping pussy walls squeezing me I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d cum. She slowly began her up and down motion sliding so just my cock head stayed in her then lowering her tunnel down and as she did I could feel her muscular contractions around my tool. “Tell me when you’re about to cum baby.” I told it would be very soon. All I could do was grunt my answer, “Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh YES YES I’m Cumming baabbbyy!” As soon as the words came out of my mouth she flipped on the vibrator which caused me to gush and gush and with each ejaculation she would push the vibe in deeper in and out pushing against my prostate milking even more semen out of me and into her. She paused for a moment and then with one last squeeze of her pussy she looked over her shoulder and said, “Now my new maid I’ve got a mess in me that needs to be cleaned out. It’s time for you to go to work!”

——————————————— Part Two—————————————-

She slowly raised up off of my shrinking cock then turned and slid up my body and with her knees she pinned my shoulders to the bed her pussy inches from my mouth I could see a large wad of jizz beginning to form on her labia, as the large drop formed and dropped onto my lips, she looked into my eyes and said “Here are the rules for the week. Tomorrow call work and get the week off.” I knew I had to answer but I also knew when my mouth opened the first wad was going to be dropping into it, I knew that was what she wanted, so I opened and the thick white drop entered my mouth, I tasted my cum for the first for real, not too unpleasant oddly I wasn’t that grossed out.

“The legs I want shaved daily, a garter, hose and panties after your morning shower, then your uniform with the and hair piece on with barrettes to hold it in place and finally Kadıköy Escort you can wear your sandals to complete your look.” “This attire will be worn at all times!” “Understood?” I then quickly agreed to her terms “Yes ma’am.” Looking at her pussy as another drop of semen began to gather, “The last thing you need to know is that if you disobey or break any of these simple guidelines lines you will be punished, the first time and again for two more transgressions, after the third time I will end the game. Now we are going to see just how serious you are.”

I watched then as she lowered her hands to her labia and spread them wide open, she told me to open my mouth and to start cleaning, then she sat down on my face when she did my spunk began to drain into my mouth. I hesitated for a moment she grabbed a handful of my hair, and said “That’s number one, now GET BUSY!” I pushed my tongue up into her as deep as it would go, almost instantly the junk within her began to flow into my mouth. I was shocked at first as to how much there was, it was quickly filling my mouth the taste was slightly bitter and the more I swallowed the more inspired I became. I attacked her dripping pussy. In a sing song voice she said. “Now don’t miss a drop, and when you are done cleaning you can finish by bringing me off.” I lapped and sucked as fast as I could the flow was heavy at first then it finally began to slow and then stopped.

” Does it taste good? I tried to answer but I was more interested in the task at hand the vibrator that was still in my ass and still buzzing and what I was doing was exciting me again my cock was beginning to grow. I moved my tongue to her clit and started to flick it side to side taking the opportunity to suck on it as well moving between it and her vagina there is nothing I enjoy more than eating Millie’s pussy and given the circumstances I attacked her with gusto. I was a little concerned about my earlier hesitation knowing I had a punishment coming, but I was so caught up in the moment in pleasuring her that I quickly forgot it and concentrated on her quickly growing arousal.

She leaned back and pushed her dripping cunt harder onto my face rocking back and forth soaking my face and hair with her juices. I could tell her orgasm was quickly gathering strength as it approached. ” Suck my clit now!” I quickly complied and was rewarded with her screams of release. “Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhh Yesssss eat it, eat it eat my pussy, Make me Cum!” and as she came a gush of her juices covered my face and filling my mouth with one more blast of my own cum dropped into my mouth, as her pussy contracted again and again. I had brought her to orgasms 100’s of times before but never to one of this magnitude.

Her panting began to slow, her breathing as well. She breathed out a final deep breath raised off of me and smiled a lusty smile. “Well my sweet for the first time this next week you have done very well, so good in fact I think I will forgive your first mistake, unless of course you want to be punished. If you do, I will gladly comply with your wish and not count it as one of your three strikes.”

I knew this must be another test so I replied, Ma’am if it is your wish to punish me I gladly accept,”

“A very good response my pet.” “Now stretch out across the bed with your feet on the floor and get a pillow under you and get that ass in the air and I will grant your wish.”

I quickly stood on the floor placed a pillow on the bed and leaned forward laying on my cock lifting my ass into the air she came around to my side lifting her hands to my ass and pushed the vibrator in as hard and deep as she could and as deep as she done it, it hurt. ” What’s the matter, didn’t her like that?” “Did it hurt her?” These two questions made me blush with and groan with lust and a little embarrassment.

“Yes ma’am it hurt a little but then it felt good.” She snickered and said “Maybe the next time I will use a bigger one, or perhaps maybe I’ll buy a dildo and fuck you properly.” again I blushed because I knew I wanted that.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

I responded “If it would make ma’am happy that would be what I wanted and that would make me happy as well.”

” I might just grant your wish.” She looked into my eyes grinning said , “But first my sweet you’ve earned a spanking!” she walked to her closet and chose an 2 inch wide braided leather belt, turning she held it up before my eyes and said, “This will do I think, Don’t you?” “Yes ma’am.” was all I could offer as she swung the belt it lashed on to my bottom with a stinging blow, “Just nine more to go sweet heart I hope we don’t have to do this again because the next time will be worse for you.” The belt rained down on me nine more times making my ass burn, but also exciting me so much at about blow number five I came again, shooting a small load onto the pillow, sensing this she snickered, and said you love this don’t you?” I could only answer with a soft “Yes ma’am.” She gently rubbed my burning cheeks her hands they felt cool and healing.

Then felt a tear land on my ass cheek, that startled me. I turned over and looked into her brimming tear filled eyes. “What’s the matter baby?” She looked in mine. “Does this make me awful or cruel?”

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