Making Madelaine Ch. 02

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The next day Madelaine and I reflected on what had happened. In the last story we’d gone to the mall. She teased many men. Then she ended up taking two guys, Chris the shoe clerk, and “Sarge” the big military looking guy out, one at a time, and sucked them off.

It had been a fantasy of hers for many years. She’d “rehearsed” it with her late husband, John, but he never required her to please the men, just tease. In me, she’d found someone who wanted her to take it farther. We were close, we had a deep connection, but we were taking it like we were just “fuck buddies,” an arrangement that suited us both for the time being. I’m a fit 60, she’s 46. She seems to be at the peak of her sexuality, now that she has the freedom to explore it. I still get off on sex, just not as often physically. A lot of my enjoyment now is the mental side, and this arrangement fits us both perfectly.

As expected, once we were both satiated from the fucking we had after her experience at the mall we had to reassess our plans. She’d been so excited that she insisted the next time that I make her do it until she couldn’t do it anymore. That is, she was saying she wanted to suck as many cocks as she could. In the cold light of day, and having been sexually satisfied (I’m still good with my tongue, you know!), she was forced to back off a bit, naturally.

“So you realize that multiple cocks, or that many, is too much?” I asked.

“Well, it’s not TOO much,” she said thoughtfully. “I really want to do it…someday soon. But, we probably need to build up to it.”

“I agree, we have time to explore. Plus, we need to discuss other things, like fucking, have you thought about that?”

“Yes,” she said with a hint of excitement, “I actually thought sarge was going to just take me that way.”

“Would you let him?”

“I wouldn’t have a choice. I think by teasing a guy like that, that I’d have gotten what I’d deserved.”

“I’m glad, and I agree.”

We let a week pass to let our batteries recharge, probably mine more than hers! In the mean time, Madelaine (Laney), has constant admirers. She always tells me about the guys who find her attractive or who flirt with her, or if they say anything suggestive. She knew that doing so would end up having me “make” her do something, which she craved. Lucky for us, she’s an absolute milf. She’s still got killer curves and a fit, sexy body. She’s made to thrill.

She said she gets plenty of attention at work. One guy in particular, her boss, finds her irresistably sexy. He’s one of those “old school” types. He’s very “hands on” with her. She’s his office manager. She said she used to work with him before he became boss, and that her late husband always encouraged her to be flirty with him. Since he became boss he never stopped the sexual banter. She said she knew he wasn’t afraid of her turning him in to human resources.

“Do you like him?” I asked.

“He’s kind of rude, and crude sometimes…so yeah, I guess I do,” she laughed. “I never thought of doing anything with him, though, because of my job. It was just fun to tease and flirt, like John wanted me to. It’s nice to be desired…like that.”

I could tell she was getting wet, her voice was slightly wavering.

“Well since we’re entering a new phase with you it might be time to explore.”

“Oh god,” she sighed. “I know, I knew you were going to get me going, you always do. What…what do you want me to do, sir?”

She started using, “sir,” whenever she wanted me to take charge.

“First, just a few things. Your job. I know you got a nice inheritance from John, would that sustain you if you didn’t work?”

“Yes. I don’t need to work, I just like to. I’d certainly like to keep my job.”

“Well, with any dalliances at work, it could go bad, I just wondered if you could survive it.”

“Oh, that. Sure, I can always get another job. I’m not worried about that.”

“Ok, gaziantep evi olan escort bayan and the other thing is, if you ever DID something, with someone there, you realize it probably will become an ongoing thing, right? It’s hard to resist that body, once you’ve had it.”

“Yesss,” she said haltingly, biting her lip, “I’ve thought of that. It just makes the potential even hotter. Remember, I spent 20 plus years with John, teasing guys for him, for us. Actually pleasing them is something that’s been building for all that time. I’m actually aching to do it, especially after what I did at the mall.”

“Good, because this is huge. It’s a big step.”

“I want to take that step, sir. What should I do?”

“So you’ve been teasing with him for…how long now?”

“Let’s see, less than three years, two when we were at the same job level, John died just before Ted became the boss.”

“And you like the idea that I am going to make you please the guys you tease?”

“Fuck,” she hissed. “I’ve waited more than 20 years for it”

“Ok, you know that outfit you got at the mall, between the cocks you were sucking?” I joked.

She’d bought a sweater with a V neck, which highlighted her tits nicely. To go with it, she got a tight black, mid length skirt which accentuated her amazing hips and ass.

“Can you wear that to work or would that be too much, around others?”

“No, it won’t be a problem. I’ve worn similar outfits, though not since he became boss. Plus, we generally work alone. We share an office space, he has the bigger office, I have the outer area. People come and go, but usually not without a text or a call first. We’re kind of separated from the rest of the office staff.”

“That works, Ok, wear that in on Monday. Let him see the goods.”

“Oh man,” she sighed. “He’ll just eat that shit up. I know he’s been wanting the teasing I used to do. He used to say I left him “hard and hanging,” his words.

“Well hopefully we’ll get him in the same state.”

“Fuck,” she whispered.

She told me how it went on Monday evening. It was later than usual when I got her call. I’m paraphrasing her words, to make a sexy story, like she did for me.

“Hi sir, I wish you were here so you could give me that wonderful tongue of yours. My daughter is here, though, so I guess I’ll just have to suffer.

“First, wow. I can’t believe I’m doing these things. I’m so glad you brought this out of me. I’d kept it hidden for so many years. You have to know that I NEED it, this kind of use. So, I walked in in the morning. He definitely noticed the change in my attire. He made a few rude comments, like old times. I just smirked, I knew it was going to be a long day, I wanted to enjoy the buildup.

“There are many times I have to go into his office and show him work progress so we can make changes if necessary. With my top so revealing it was easy to stand next to him and have it expose a lot of my tits. I wore the sexiest bra I had. It’s the red one you love so much.

“Ah yes,” I replied. “That is so fucking sexy.”

“I’m sure he thought so, too,” she giggled. “So, I did that a number of times throughout the day. It seemed like he was making stuff up just as an excuse to get me beside him like that. After lunch, I was doing another tit show for him and when I walked away he swatted my backside!

“I said, what was that for?”

“For being such a tease.”

“He was on the hook, sir. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I also couldn’t believe how wet it was making me. I’d actually hinted strongly to John before he passed about how wet it made me to tease him, with him being so crude and blunt. I was basically begging him to give me the ok, and now I had it, from you. My pussy was fluttering.

“The wall was coming down. The next time I came in he didn’t even gaziantep fetiş escort bayan try to act like he wasn’t looking and when I walked out, he placed his hand on my ass and gave it a prolonged caress. I just smiled and walked out. My pussy was on high heat. It was nearing 4pm. If I wanted to do something, for you, I had to move it along. I thought about making it easier, just shutting it down and going to your place and just jumping your bones, or, have you make me go back to the mall. I actually thought of asking him if I could cut out early. But, due to my heightened state, my pussy did my thinking for me.

“I knew repeating the same things would be too slow. We needed time for…whatever happened. I went in the bathroom and took off my bra. I could see my nipples poke out prominently from the excitement. I walked back into his office and started telling him about the new project. It was just bullshit. I just wanted to see his reaction and get him…motivated, as you put it.

“He was. His eyes kept darting to my nipples as I talked.”

“Finally, he’d had it. “Listen Laney, something is going on with you. First, you haven’t worn anything like that for a year now. I could see totally inside your top every time you came to my desk. I’m sure you are aware of that. Still, I wasn’t sure, now, you don’t even have a fucking bra on, for god sakes. I’m not going back to being left hard and hanging, like before. You can’t just get away with your fucking teasing.”

“Who said I was teasing?” Oh, god, I felt like such a slut saying that. I thought of you, what you’d want me to say.

“Laney,” he started to whine, as he adjusted his cock in his shorts. “Either stop, or do…something.”

I could see he was aroused, it was causing his pants to stick out. My heart was racing, my brain was spinning. Doing things is still new to me, I’d always been able to stop with the tease. Not this time. I looked around, I put my finger over my lips and said, “shh.”

This was what he’d waited for, for nearly three years. I took my sweater off for him. He finally had his eyes on what he’d ogled for so long. He could see my big tits, and my nipples flush with excitement.

“Laney, fuck. Those are even sexier than I imagined,” he said with admiration.

I was standing there, waiting. I thought he’d be mauling them by now, I had to give him the ok.

“Um, don’t you want to touch them?

“A second later his hands were full of them. He kissed me deeply as his hands explored that territory he’d wanted to feel since he met me. There I was, topless in his office as he felt me up. He got his hands inside my skirt and panties and squeezed and felt my ass. I knew I was grinding into him, we were both so excited. I knew what you wanted him to have. I pulled away from him. He looked disappointed. I wasn’t leaving him hanging, not this time, sir. I shushed him and I flipped my skirt up over my ass as I walked away. I let him watch me walk like that to the office door. I locked it. I turned off the lights. It wasn’t uncommon for us to close before five.

“I walked back to him. He was beaming. His eyes were first lasered in on my tits, then down to my panties, which I’d kept exposed for him.”

“Take them off,” he urged, his voice becoming ragged.

“I did. I showed him what he’d wanted for so long, my bare pussy.”

“Fuck,” I said upon hearing that. “You must’ve been SO wet.”

“Sloppy,” she giggled.

“He said,” oh god, a true redhead, eyeing my neatly cropped bush. “Come here,” he bade. It wasn’t even a request, it was a command. I was topless and pantiless. My skirt was hiked up in a bunch over my hips, revealing my ass to him. He made me stand at his desk. He had me place my hands on his desk. He got behind me and ran his hands all over me. It wasn’t long before his fingers found my wetness and he bayan gaziantep escort explored it fully. I heard his pants hit the ground. I knew he planned on taking me just like that. I wanted the full submission to him first, like we’d discussed. I turned around and dropped to my knees. I sucked his cock like it was the last cock I’d ever suck. I slobbered all over it I spat on, then licked his shaft and his balls. I wanted him to know what it would feel like getting sucked like that, to motivate him in the future.”

“God DAMN, Laney,” he moaned. “If you keep going like that I’m going to bust,” he warned. That wasn’t what any of us wanted. I stood back up and resumed my position, hands on the desk. He slid in behind me and bent me at the waist. I felt him getting himself wet with my slickness. He slid in. After all those years of teasing guys, especially him, I was getting fucked. I was being made to please, finally.

“Oh god, fuck me,” I begged. “Fuck me for all the time I teased you and left you hard.”

“He was getting into it. He slapped my ass over and over. “Yeah, the teasing slut is finally having to put out, how does it feel? How does it feel to finally get your slut, teasing pussy filled?”

“Oh…oh..” I said, gasping. “I know I was a tease, punish it, punish me for all that teasing.”

“It just made him fuck me harder, faster. I had to hold onto the desk, tightly while he slammed me. He was lifting me all the way up onto my toes with each thrust. I’d worn my slut heels, like you wanted. His hands were clamped tightly on my tits as he throughly used me. Finally, when he couldn’t stand it he started to pull out. I guess he worried about impregnating me. I spun around and clamped my mouth over his cockhead just as he blew his load. It was delightfully delicious and dirty. I just held my mouth on him and let him blow, spurt after spurt. Finally, when he was spent, I swallowed what I could and let the rest drip out of the corners of my mouth. I was a cummy mess. It was dripping down my face and onto my tits, before hitting the carpet.”

“He pulled out with an evil smile. “So Laney is no longer a tease. I could make good use of that knowledge.”

I started to dress but he stopped me. He took my underwear. “I’m keeping these,” he smiled. “I have an idea,” he said. He whispered it in my ear.

“God, sir, you’ve opened a can or worms with this guy. He left me there, naked. He told me to stay that way until he got to his car which was parked in the back. He’s got the best parking spot, being the boss. Everyone else has to park in the big lot and walk, quite a distance. I saw him get to his car, then he stood there, waiting. I did what he said, sir. I got up on his table, like he asked. I was now exposed to him, through the big glass window. Like he wished I pressed my naked flesh against the glass and gave him a lewd display. I guess I should’ve expected it, but he had his phone out and took at least one picture of me like that, my tits mashed against the glass. Then, he mouthed the words, “see you tomorrow!”

“Wow, that was incredible,” I gushed. “So many hot things all in one event.”

“I know, sir. Including the big one. He said “tomorrow,” you and I both know that means it’ll be a repeated thing. I’ve opened Pandora’s box with him.”

“Well, we talked about repeated use. I think you can angle this one to all of our benefits. You want to suck cock, a lot of it. Make his the one you do the most. You want to see how much you can take? He’s perfect for it.”

“I know, sir,” she sighed. “I think I’m going to end up wearing a hole in his carpet, right next to his desk.”

Oral servitude, he loved the idea, when she presented it to him. That’s how she spent part of most work days, on her knees fellating him. Often, she was topless, or even fully naked, when it suited him. He took full advantage of her oral desires. Sometimes she’d have to blow him the minute she walked in the door, others he’d tease her with it throughout the day. Then, he’d make her end the day walking out with his cum fresh on her lips. He required her to dress in the sexiest manner possible, he forbade underwear. It was the kind of use both of us wanted for her. However, we both knew it wouldn’t be forever. She was ready to expand her horizons.

{Stay tuned for more Making Madelaine}

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