Making Music Ch. 04

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Long distance relationships are tough. Luckily, after graduation, I hadn’t moved too far away from my dear Juliet. She and I were able to make the 4 hr drive to see each other at least once a month. We also made the most of our phone calls (phone sex is a wonderful thing).

This weekend however was a special weekend at my alma mater: Christmas Concert weekend. I had a ticket to the Saturday night concert. Since there wouldn’t be much time to get together between the afternoon and evening concerts, we made plans to meet up after the concert to celebrate. I knew I wouldn’t get to see too much of Juliet since she would have a busy schedule full of performances, but I planned to make the most of my night there.

From experience as a student there, I knew parking for the concert would be limited. Pulling into a parking spot at a little after 7:30, about a half hour before the concert was scheduled to begin, I stepped out to a blustery evening. At that moment I was glad I had chosen to wear my black, pinstriped dress pants with a shirt and tie instead of a skirt, though I wished I had worn my heavy winter coat instead of my red leather jacket. Wrapping my scarf around me, I hustled as quickly as I could in heals to the auditorium.

The auditorium was already hustling and bustling with activity as more and more people were arriving and being ushered to their seats or waiting in line to see if by chance there were any more tickets available. Like every Christmas Concert at this school, I knew the concert was sold out. Juliet had purchased mine well ahead of time and since choir and orchestra members have first dibs on tickets, I had a really good seat: third row, left of center, right next to an isle.

By the time I was finally ushered to my seat, the concert was getting close to starting. The orchestra, which always played a prelude, was already getting seated and warming up. As the lights began dimming, warning those in the audience to find their seats, the Concert Choir made their way on stage. This was the top choir at the college and the one that Juliet had made this year at auditions. Though it was getting darker in the auditorium, I was still able to pick her out of the sea of robes. She had pulled her long dark curls back into a ponytail and had worn her contacts (both actually requirements for choir members with long hair or glasses). Just watching her I could feel myself already starting to get hot.

The concert was beautifully arranged. There were many traditional and familiar songs, such as This is My Father’s World and Silent Night, as well as new arrangements and works, like Come to the Living Water, a piece written by one of the directors. The flow of the concert was so smooth and harmonious, I found myself getting more and more turned on (not to mention the seats Juliet had gotten me gave me the perfect view of her).

By the time we reached the carols portion of the concert where the choirs move out into the audience and sing by candle light, I was incredibly wet. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer and found myself very thankful once again that I was wearing pants and not my skirt, and even more thankful that, except for the candlelight, the auditorium was pitch black.

Strategically placing my jacket on my lap, I reached one hand underneath and unzipped my pants. Slipping my hand inside my pants, I could feel the heat radiating from my pussy, my underwear already moist with my juices. Cursing myself for not having the foresight to not wear any in the first place, I slipped them to the side.

Setting my sights on my beautiful Juliet, of whom I still had a great view of, I began to loose myself and let the music take hold of me. The carols this year were in all different languages, another thing that I find incredibly sexy. I pulled the lips of my labia apart with my pointer and ring fingers and began to finger myself with my middle finger. My clit, I could feel, was extremely engorged. As if keeping time with the music, gaziemir escort my fingers rhythmically danced across my clit. Focusing on Juliet, I imagined it was her hand stroking me and her tongue that licking me. I quickened my tempo to an andante. I envisioned all of the erotic things I planned on doing to her later tonight, again hastening the speed of my finger to a moderato. I fantasized about running up to her, ripping her robe off and taking her right now in front of the entire audience. I accelerated to an allegro. With that final vision and crescendo my body began to quiver and quake. As I reached my finale, I let out a slight gasp that I hoped the woman in the seat next to me didn’t notice.

The choirs had completed their carols and the audience at this point was invited to stand and join them in singing Joy to the World as they returned to their places on stage. I inconspicuously zipped my pants as I stood up. My underwear were now soaked and I could feel my juices running down my inner thighs.

The final pieces of the concert were even more moving than the previous works. I could feel a warmth beginning to grow between my legs again as I gazed a Juliet and allowed the music to carry me away. I knew I’d be ready to go again once the concert was over.

After the concert, I waited for Juliet in the lounge of the music building. As I sat on one of the couches awaiting her arrival, two soft hands reached around from behind and covered my eyes. I knew it was Juliet even before I felt her velvety lips kissing my neck.

“Mmmm,” I moaned agreeably, lightly taking her hands and turning my head towards her to kiss her sweet lips.

“Did you enjoy the concert?” Juliet asked as she joined me on the couch.

“More than you know,” I replied coyly, thinking back to my sexual escapades that had taken place.

As my hand traced the side of her face, I took a moment just to take in all of her beauty. She had let her hair back down, her dark curls cascading over her shoulders. She wore a pale blue spaghetti-strapped dress that brought out the blue flecks in her hazel eyes. It synched up at one side, hugging all of her supple curves. Though she had no make-up on (another requirement for choir members) she didn’t need any. She looked gorgeous.

“Anna will be at her boyfriend’s tonight and Kate is staying with her family at a hotel,” Juliet began, referring to her roommates, a coy smile forming on her face. “We’ll have the apartment all to ourselves.”

“Well what are we waiting?” I asked, returning the grin. “Let’s go. We can take my car since it’s freezing out.”

With that, we stood and headed for the door leading out to the parking lot. Noticing that she did not have a jacket with her, I slipped my own around her shoulders. Still holding onto it, I pulled her in close to me, our eyes locked in deep desire. She obliged my gesture, pressing her body against mine, her hands slipping into my back pockets. I could feel the heat of sexual tension building between us as our lips locked in passionate embrace. Lost in the moment and forgetting where we were, I began kissing my way down her neck and along her collarbone. Her breath quickened and she let out a small gasp of pleasure.

“Let’s move this to someplace more comfortable and intimate,” she said as I continued to kiss her, nipping at her earlobe. “Besides, I have a surprise for you back at the apartment.”

“What is it?” I inquired, pausing from my pursuit, my ears perking up at the word ‘surprise’.

An impish smile spread across her face, “If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise. Why don’t we take these antics over there and find out.”

No further urging needed, we headed out, arms around one another, into the bitter night. We drove across campus to Juliet’s on-campus apartment. As we entered the building walking past the desk worker without so much of a glance, I was once again thankful that I did not have to check in at the desk karabağlar escort to see my girlfriend and that, unlike any males visiting the on-campus apartments, I did not have to leave at a curfew. It was an on-running joke around campus that intervisitation rules were the only gay friendly policies at the college.

Juliet unlocked the door to her apartment lead me by the hand over to the couch. “Wait right here and no peaking,” she teased, slipping a blindfold over my eyes, totally playing into my bondage fetish.

“Oooo… you are turning me on already.” I replied feeling the warmth and wetness growing again between my legs.

I could hear her rustling around in the bedroom. After a minute or so, she returned and removed my blindfold. My jaw dropped; I could scarcely believe my eyes! It was as if my greatest fantasy were coming to life. Before me stood my beautiful, sexy Juliet clad in a black leather corset and garter set. The garter belt held up black stockings and the black lace thong complimented the black lace trim that adorned the edges of the corset. Her long dark curls cascaded down her bare shoulders directing ones attention down to her round, supple C-cup chest nearly spilling out of the corset. In her hand she held a whip. I practically came right then and there.

Juliet cracked the whip, snapping me out of my stunned fog. She mounted my lap, wrapping her whip around my neck and pulling my face up to hers. She brought her mouth close to mine, lightly brushing her lips against mine, but never making full contact. She was teasing me and it was driving me wild.

“Jules!…” I began to protest, but Juliet choked off my words, pulling the whip a little tighter around my neck.

“I’m in charge, tonight,” Juliet began, “and you are going to do everything I say and take what ever I give you. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” I replied.

Again I felt the whip tighten. “It’s ‘Yes, Mistress’,” Juliet commanded.

“Yes, Mistress,” I managed to choke out.

Juliet kissed me. Then, with a sly, sexy glint in her eyes, she dismounted my lap. Still holding onto the whip around my neck, she led me to her bedroom. I could tell Juliet had gone to a lot of trouble to make this night one I would not forget. The room was lit by candle light. In the shadows I could see that there were tethers tied to the bed posts. The tempo of my pulse quickened and the tingling sensation between my legs grew. She then released me, pushing me down onto the bed. Instead of joining me, she walked over to the chair at her desk and took a seat.

“Take off your clothes,” she decreed from her throne.

“Ok, I mean, yes Mistress,” I stammered.

Two can play this game, I thought to myself. Slowly and teasingly I began to remove my clothing, starting with my tie. Leisurely I loosened it, gingerly pulling it over my head, giving it a twirl around my finger before tossing it to the floor. I then began gradually unbuttoning my shirt, one button at a time.

Juliet cracked the whip, rising from her seat, “You tease. You are a bad, bad girl.”

With that, she ripped the rest of my buttons open, tearing off my shirt, and pushed me back onto the bed. Lifting my legs into the air, she pulled my pants off. She then proceeded to remove my bra and thong as well. She tied my wrists and ankles to the bed posts with the tethers she had prepared.

After taking a couple moments to ogle my stark nude body splayed out before her, taking in her prize, Juliet opened a draw at her near-by desk and pulled out a drip candle. Lighting from one of the candles already lit on her desk, she joined me on the bed, sitting up on her knees over my hips. She held it at an angle over my body, letting the hot wax drip and fall on to my breasts and stomach. I let out a yell and bucked, causing more wax to trickle down onto me. Juliet blew out the candle and set in it a convenient holder on her desk.

“I know no one is here, kemalpaşa escort but we still can’t have you making such a ruckus,” Juliet stated.

She dug back into the desk draw, producing this time a ball-gag. Tying it around my mouth, she relit the candle and set back to work, causing me to moan and buck some more. After she felt satisfied, she again blew out the candle, replacing it in its holder. She began slowly peeling the large pools of hardened wax of my body.

Juliet removed my gag. Positioning herself on her hands and knees overtop of me, she began to tease me as she’d done before out in the living room, lightly brushing her lips against mine, but never coming close enough for me to actually lock lips with her, especially in my new found restraints.

Flashing me a mischievous grin, she shifted her attention lower and began to do the same to my breasts; softly brushing her lips across them. Gently, almost imperceptibly, she would lick them and then blow on them, nipping at them lightly. Brushing her lips across my flat stomach, she made her way down further still. I began to writher and writhe, whimpering as she delicately blew on my cunt, never actually touching it.

“Stop teasing me, Mistress!” I said, wishing she’d stop teasing me and take me now.

“You want me to stop teasing you?” Juliet inquired slyly. “Then beg for it.”

“Please, Mistress, please!” I begged. “Fuck me now and fuck me hard! I want to feel your mouth on me and your fingers inside my pussy!”

“That’s more like it,” Juliet replied.

Juliet kissed me on my mouth, hard. As our tongues found each other, Juliet’s nimble fingers found my already firm and perky nipples. She pinched them hard, rolling around and twisting them relentlessly, causing me to yelp and moan.

Nipping at my earlobe, she whispered naughtily, “I’ve been wanting to take you like this ever since our first time together on tour when I found out you like it rough.”

Thinking back to that night turned me on even more as Juliet licked her way down my neck to the spot between my neck and collarbone that she knows drives me crazy. She began to suck so hard, I knew there would be a mark there in the morning. She then bit my neck (playing into another one of my fantasies and fetishes: vampires).

Without warning, she jammed two fingers into my hot, wet pussy. I was so wet, I scarcely noticed her slip a third and then a forth finger in as she brutally pumped them in and out, harder and harder, faster and faster. She began to slow down a little though, and suddenly I knew what she was going to do: she was going to fist me! Adding a little lube, she slowly and gentle worked the last of her nimble piano fingers inside of me. I let out a cry as I could feel my self being stretched. Once in, she again began to pump them in and out, gradually upping the tempo, cresendoing fast and going in deeper and deeper.

Juliet began licking and sucking my clit, drinking in all of my wet juices. I couldn’t handle it any more. I came and I came hard! It was harder then I’d every came before. I screamed so loud I knew there was no way the students in the apartment next-door on the floor above us didn’t hear that. My restraints pulled taut as my body gyrated, shaking the entire bed.

When my orgasm finally concluded, my body fell limp, more exhausted than ever before. Juliet removed all of my tethers and curled up next to me on the bed. I must have passed out from exhaustion, because I don’t remember anything after that. I awoke the next morning to find Juliet watching me as I slept in her arms.

“Good morning, beautiful,” I yawned, still pretty worn-out from the night before.

“Good morning,” Juliet replied, grinning at me with her gorgeous smile. “So, did you enjoy yourself last night?”

“Oh my goddess, thank you! That was the best sex ever,” I began, a wet tingling sensation beginning to return as I reflected on last nights escapades. “It was everything I’ve ever fantasized about and more.”

“I aim to please,” Juliet replied cockily, a teasing glint in her eye.

“I don’t think I can get out of bed,” I said, yawning again.

“Well,” Juliet began, “why don’t we relax here for a little bit, and then go get some coffee?”

“I’d like nothing more.”

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