Making the Rounds

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A helping hand

Kara looked in disbelief at the sight before her. It was only a glance, but it was enough.

The patient, Logan, hid the evidence with the bed sheet, but Kara saw the outline of his cock underneath. What a cock! The sight intrigued her.

“Hi! I’m Kara, your new nurse. How’s everything feeling today?”

It looked to her that everything was feeling fine, except for his leg, which was in traction.

“I’m okay, considering,” Logan said. “Trish said there’d be a new nurse, and that she was transferring.”

“Yep! Nice to meet you. Let me review a few things, and then I’ll check your vitals,” Kara said.

Trish hadn’t told her there was a fine hunk on her rounds! A busty blond, Kara had “made the rounds” of the hospital on several occasions. There was the married attorney to whom she gave a daily blowjob, and swallowed the evidence. She had a ball with the young Mormon man, taking his cherry. There were others. Most guys were dicks, and made lewdly suggestive comments, or copped a feel. These she made sure not to give any special favors to.

Kara played it cool with Logan as she worked. She always got to know a patient before getting friendly with them. That way she was less apt to get in trouble.

“Okay, everything’s progressing as expected. I’ll bring up some dinner later. Bye!”

Kara’s pussy was wet for the rest of her shift. She was unable to get the image of the outline of his cock out of her head. At dinner time, she brought him his meal and then said goodnight, leaving him to the night staff.

The next day, Kara kept Logan for the end of her shift. She sneaked in without knocking, and again caught him stroking his pole. Kara closed the door to his room.

The agony of indecision was painful. Kara was aware of possibly getting caught in an intimate situation with a patient. Too often her wild side got the better of her judgment. She would hate to be out of a job, and how would she explain that to a prospective employer? She weighed the pros and cons while going through her routine with the patient.

“How are things today?” she asked cheerfully, ignoring his hard-on. Catching male patients like this happened a lot.

“Pretty good,” Logan said, embarrassed to have been caught. “Looks like it’s a nice day out there,” Logan added in an awkward attempt at making conversation.

“It is! Don’t worry, we’ll get you out and walking around soon!”

She went through her routine, and then said “Right on track!”

Kara looked at a machine’s display and scowled.

“Oh. That’s not good,” she said.

Where did that statement come from? Damn it, she’d committed herself! Let the dice fall where they may!

“What’s wrong?”

“It looks like you have a problem in your groin area. Could be an anomaly, but I’ll need to look closer.”

“In the groin?” Logan asked scowling, confused but intrigued.

“Uh-huh. It looks like you have some stiffness there. Have you had this for a long time? Is it hard to take care of on your own?”

“Um, I haven’t had the condition for long. And it’s not hard to take care of myself, but I know I should get professional help with it,” he said, catching her meaning.

“I’m a professional, you can trust me. Do you mind if I Samsun Escort take a look at the place and test it for response?”

“I don’t mind,” he said, calling her bluff.

“Could you raise the sheet, please?” she asked quietly.

Logan moved the sheet, watching her face. His gown was around his waist.

There it was, in all its glory. It was magnificent, even in a flaccid state.

Kara held it in her hand, and it started to grow and warm at her touch.

“Yes, there’s definitely a problem here-lack of appropriate use. I’ll need to treat it.”

“Whatever you say, nurse,” Logan replied.

She fondled it in her hand, and his cock grew more. In a moment it lay long and hard in her hand. She jerked it back and forth for a minute.

“Wait. It’ll be better if we add some ointment to it, that’ll make it heal faster.”

“Okay,” he said as she went to the supply cabinet and took out a small jar of petroleum jelly.

“This will be cold at first, but it will warm up fast,” she said as she rubbed some jelly in her hands.

Kara slid her lubed hand around Logan’s shaft and smeared jelly all over it. The effect in arousal was exponential. Kara’s eyes widened at how much his dick grew. It was quite warm and solid.

“That’s nice, nurse. I’m feeling better already,” Logan said.

“I’ll have to give it a full treatment to be sure. Relax and we’ll see what the outcome is.”

There was no doubt in Kara’s mind what the outcome would be. Kara jerked his cock with solid strokes, as she watched her hand slide along its length. Logan gave a quiet moan. Then the room grew silent except for the soft, squishy noise of her lubricated hand.

As Logan’s excitement grew, so did the tempo of Kara’s handiwork. It didn’t take long for her to progress from a leisurely pace where she could feel each detail of his rod. Soon her hand moved at a fast tempo, pumping it so she’d lost the details in her speed.

“Oh, my god, I’m close!” Logan moaned.

Excited and feeling her pussy’s wetness between her legs, Kara pumped his shaft wildly. In a moment Logan stiffened, and tried hard to keep from crying out.

Kara held her other hand in front of the shiny head. Cum squirted out, hitting her hand with a soft splashing sound. More spurted, soaking her hand with a sticky, white sap that dripped onto the sheet.

She slowed her pace, going back to slow, solid strokes as she tried to squeeze it all out.

Satisfied that she’d done her job, she went to the cabinet for wipes.

“Yes, your responses are excellent. But we’ll need to keep an eye on things for the duration of your stay.”

“Whatever you say, nurse,” Logan said wearily.

Kara wiped her hand and then Logan’s dick, and put the jelly away.

“Sleep tight!” she said to Logan before leaving.

Elevating the therapy

Kara helped Logan with his groin problem as regularly as she was able. One day she moved to giving blowjobs.

One afternoon, Kara found some time to perform another “oral therapy session,” as she called it. These sessions didn’t last long. She had excellent skills and admired his equipment. Besides, short sessions meant less chance of getting caught.

Sometimes she’d stand at the head of Samsun Escort Bayan the hospital bed and bend over to suck his cock, while Logan played with her pussy. Kara rarely had an orgasm during these therapy sessions. She waited until she got home from her shift to get off from the memory.

“Hey Logan, I think I need to give you more oral therapy. Would that be okay with you?” she asked.

“I was hoping you could do that!” Logan replied.

“Let’s see how this guy is doing,” she said as she lifted the sheet. “Oh, he’s been anticipating this!” she said as she lifted his gown above his hips.

His cock was growing in anticipation of Kara’s service work.

She squatted next to the bed and took his rod in her mouth, not wasting any time with preliminaries. “Mmm,” she moaned as she felt the warm stalk of flesh slide into her mouth. Logan gasped.

Kara slid the rod back out, and took a long, slow lick up the underside of the shaft to the head. She circled the head with her tongue a few times, and pressed it into the little hole at the top. Logan always liked it when she did the circling move, and he moaned and grabbed her long blond hair.

Next, Kara went to work on his balls. Doing this always had the effect of bringing Logan’s arousal higher. She lapped away at them, matting the hair with her wet tongue. Her tongue pressed into one full nut, and then the other as she pressed a finger against its partner to rub it. As she licked her way to the base of his cock, the ridge around the head bumped her forehead. She chuckled, knowing it was the combination of his size and the angle at which she’d moved.

She glanced at the stiff pole and grinned.

“You’ve got a raging one there, don’t you? Should I bring you off now, or tease it out of you long and slow?”

Logan didn’t say anything. He couldn’t make up his mind either.

Kara wrapped her lips around the head and slowly took him inside her warm, waiting mouth. She made him feel it as she went down the stalk, her soft brown eyes on his face. Logan watched dumbfounded as she took him deep. Kara heard a noise behind her, like the clicking of one of the machines that are common in hospital rooms.

Logan had a look of terror on his face. He motioned with his head. Kara froze, afraid to look. Her heart pounded in her chest. She heard the door click shut.

“Right. I had an idea this was going on, but I had no proof. Now, I have proof!” a woman said.

It was Emily, Kara’s supervisor!

Kara quickly covered Logan’s cock as best she could with the sheet. The cover-up was in vain, because she could feel her slobber around her mouth. Logan’s dick made a tent pole under the sheets. Kara moved aside and stood.

“I was doing some routine inspection,” she said sheepishly, facing Emily.

“Move the sheet,” Emily said in a stern voice.

Kara moved the sheet, knowing it was over. She’d be fired from another job for making a patient feel good.

“Then why is there sp… Oh. My. God.”

Kara looked at Emily, whose eyes were glued to Logan’s perfect cock. She came closer to the bed.

“Logan, I’ve seen a lot of penises, but yours should be a dildo model! A big dildo model. I see why you couldn’t keep away from him, Escort Samsun Kara. I want to get my mouth on that thing too, but I’m married.”

She walked around the bed to the other side.

“Pretend I’m not here, Kara. Go back to what you were doing.”

“You’re kidding, right? You can’t be serious!”

Emily had slid her hand down the top of Logan’s gown and played with his nipple.

“Just follow orders, Kara. I want to watch every juicy detail.”

Kara and Logan exchanged looks, and shrugged. She squatted on the floor as before. Looking again at her supervisor, she took Logan’s half hard cock in her mouth and sucked it in slowly. She began to slide it in and out of her mouth, leaving it wetter each time it came out. Logan’s cock grew again, getting big and hard at her special oral therapy.

“Fuck! Look at that!” Emily said in a quiet voice.

Kara’s hand went to his balls and gave them a good massage. Logan sighed, unable to restrain being vocal. She glanced at Emily, and saw the brunette had forced the top of Logan’s gown to the point of ripping to get at his chest. Logan’s nipple was a tiny rock from Emily’s stimulating it.

Feeling like a porn slut, Kara’s pussy was as wet as she could remember. Sucking a patient’s cock while her supervisor watched gave her an thrill she’d never known. Kara slipped the rod from her mouth. Then she took a long, slow lick up the underside of the shaft and once again swirled her tongue around the head.

Emily moaned. To Kara’s utter disbelief, she slid her hand down her scrub pants and cupped her pussy. Kara saw her hand move back and forth under the cloth. Logan saw it, too, and his cock got hard as a steel rod!

“Damn!” Emily cursed under her breath. “I’d like to fucking ride that thing to oblivion!”

Her words excited Kara, and she began to suck harder.

“Yes! Suck it! Suck it, Kara!”

Kara couldn’t believe what she heard from her supervisor’s mouth. She wanted to show Emily what she could do. Releasing Logan’s dick for a moment, she caught her breath and took a long, deep intake of air. Then, breathing through her nose, she began the long dive down.

In a minute she’d worked his cock in all the way in, and her lips rubbed against Logan’s groin. He groaned, and she pumped his cock once with her throat and then released it.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you took it all!” Emily exclaimed.

Kara’s knees were tired. Taking him back in her mouth, she sucked him hard and fast.

Past the point of no return, Logan moaned with delight as she worked him. Kara felt his impending orgasm-his rod stiffened and widened, and grew warmer. He grunted, and Kara clamped her lips around his cock. She didn’t know why, but she faced Emily. A wad of hot sticky liquid hit the back of her throat. With each spurt of cum her throat muscles worked to swallow it.

“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck, yeah!” Emily exclaimed.

Kara sucked the last drops from him, and then released him with a satisfied smile.

“Well done!” Emily said. “Do you feel better, Mr. Gonzalez?” she asked.

Logan gave her a thumbs up, a dreamy expression on his face.

“Nicely done, Kara. It’s nice to keep a patient feeling good while he’s cooped up. A word of warning, though I’m sure it’s unnecessary: Don’t ever let anyone else catch you! If Virginia hears about this we’ll both be canned. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make sure the women’s nursing lounge is empty.”

She gave a quick, sly smile, and then left the room with a wink.

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