Mama’s Naughty Boy

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I was walking by my son’s bedroom one Saturday evening soon after I cleaned up the dinner table, when I heard a funny sound coming from within. It sounded like a drum being struck in a steady heart pounding rhythmic beat. Thump thump – thump – thump thump – thump. My curiosity was aroused. I gently pushed my son’s bedroom door open a crack and peeped inside. There was my son, totally nude, with his feet toward the door. His eyes were tightly shut. Legs wide spread and his hand clenched around his erect penis. The thumping sound was coming from him jerking his piece of meat in a regular heart beating rhythmic fashion. I had never seen him naked since he had entered puberty. It was the first time I’d seen him naked since I bathed him as a toddler. But as he lay on his bed naked and aroused, I saw my 18-year-old as a man for the first time.

His penis was at least eight inches long; slim, with an upward curve. His balls were two smooth, hairless sacks jerking up and down to the rhythm of his stroking fingers. His crotch was slightly covered with a tangle of dark blond fuzz. I could see the head of his cock was covered with pre-cum, making it glisten in the dim light from his computer desk. I glanced over at his computer and saw a porno picture of a young man face fucking an older woman. There was cum all over her face. I wondered why he was jacking off to an older woman instead of a young babe. Then it emerged on me, my son was sexually aroused by old broads and a quick current went through me.

I heard him muttering something over and over. I could barely hear what he was saying. It sounded like, “Oh Mama, suck it faster. Make me come in your mouth.”

As I said, I could barely hear him. I was not very sure if that was what I really heard. I watched him as his body started to rise and fall on the bed. I knew he was close to shooting his man-seed all over his body. I was feeling a little guilty spying on my son as he was pleasuring himself, but I could not take my eyes off that astonishing sight. I felt my fanny start to itch and just knew that if my fingers searched out my cunt, there would be plenty of lubrication for finger fucking.

He was moaning loudly now and I distinctly heard him say, “Oh yeah, Mama, take my cum down your throat. Swallow your son’s cum … uuhhggh …” just as he shot a long stream upward. It arched up and fell back all over his tummy and crotch area. I had never seen a squirt like that before. Of course, I had never seen a teenager jacking off before. I slipped quietly away from his door and hurried to my own bedroom. As soon as the door closed behind me, I started to throw my clothes off and headed for the bed. As I lay down on my bed, I slid off my already damp black lacy panties. I lay back and grabbed my cunt with both hands. I forced my fingers into my pussy and started to furiously rub my clitoris. I began pinching my left nipple as I finger fucked my snatch. I could smell my own hot pussy juices as they flowed all over my hand. I stopped rubbing myself and lifted my fingers to my mouth. I sucked off the slimy residue from my overflowing cunt and then once again jammed my hand as far into my hot box as I could. I was stroking my clit as fast as I could now. My son’s words echoing in my ears. “Oh yeah, Mama, take my cum down your throat. Swallow your son’s cum.”

I could feel the heat start to rise from inside my vagina. I knew that feeling even if I had not felt it in a long time. I came with a shuddering, thunderous roar in my ears. My body was racked with wave after wave of spasmodic mini-orgasms.

After I had calmed down, I tried to analyze what had just happened. I had watched my only boy jack off to visions of his mother and it had made me so hot that I damn near ripped my own cunt apart jacking my clit to a vision of me sucking my son’s teenage cum down my throat. I knew what this meant. I was one sick puppy doggie. This was incest I was thinking of. Not something to take lightly.

I thought again about his strong, youthful body and his impressive cock. A lucid picture of it lingered in my mind. It did not appear to be one of those fat, cunt-stretching monsters, but it was an admirably long and rigid rod. It also had that slight upward curve which could stimulate your pussy’s sensitive front wall. I admitted that it would feel amazing to have him on top of me, easing his full length into my neglected, cock-starving cunt.

That neglect, I decided, was the problem. I married late and divorced early, leaving myself a single mother at the age of 40. That also put me near the peak of my sexuality, which probably explained my frequent horny urges. Attending to never ending demands of my job and raising a teenage son on my own, I hardly had time to date. Nevertheless, I once had a hot little fling with a man, and we even fucked a few times in a motel. But that was almost three years ago. For the past couple of years, a vibrator and shower head had provided my only sexual release.

So here I was, lying on my bed, naked, with pussy niğde escort juice dripping down into the crack of my ass, thinking about having sex with my own son, who just turned legal age. What a pervert mother?

Was it possible we could give it to each other?

I knew the very thought was so wrong, so dirty. But I loved my son more than anything in the world, and I wanted him to be happy and fully satisfied. Besides, I literally ached for a hard cock, and there was one in my own house that was shamefully underused. Perhaps I could be my son’s personal sex teacher, moulding him into the perfect lover for the young women who’d be lucky enough to have him.

Back and forth, back and forth, my mind swung like a pendulum between longings for forbidden fruit, and waves of consuming guilt. I rationalized that just thinking about what we could do was OK, as long as we did not actually do anything. Finally I drifted off to a fitful sleep.


I awoke the next morning in a daze. My hand was stuck to the bed sheets. My legs seemed glued together. I pulled my hand off the sheet and spread my legs apart. I slid over to the side of the bed and sat up with my feet on the floor. I realized I was completely naked. I never slept in the nude. What happened to my nighty?

I felt a twitch in between my thighs as I slowly remembered what I had done to myself last night. I had sucked off and fucked my son… in my imagination, of course. I could never really do that. No matter how horny I got.

I stood up and looked at my reflection at the mirror. Even though, I am 43 years, I was still proud of my face and figure. Out of habit, I tucked strands of my light-brown hair behind one ear. I have green eyes above a small, slightly upturned nose and full pouty lips. My slender neck leads down toward average-sized breasts. My bra size is 34B, but I would not want much bigger boobs on my dainty five-foot-two frame. I gave them a squeeze and turned to one side for a good look. I’m pleased that child bearing and breastfeeding didn’t turn them into saggy mommy-tits. Most men I courted loved my nipples. They’re a good quarter-inch long when erect, and very sensitive. Surrounding them are large, suckable, dark pink areolas.

I ran my hands down my tits and flat stomach, and was again thankful for the effects of frequent workouts.

Then I walked for my shower after pulling on my robe. I was naked under the robe. Something I never did before because it was always over my nighty. It felt kind of kinky. Walking down the hallway to the bathroom, I saw my son’s door open and he stepped out without looking. We collided and I fell to the floor. As I sat there spread-eagled on the hall rug, Tom, my son, went red in the face and stammered, “God Mom, I didn’t see you, I … I … I’m sorry. Here, let me help you up.”

I then realized why his face was red as a beet. He was starring at my completely nude body. My robe had fallen completely open and was giving him a good display. I hastily pulled my robe closed and lifted my arm up to take his outstretched hand. He easily pulled me back up on my feet. As I rose, I noticed he had begun to sport a noticeable bulge in his pyjamas. I could not help myself. As I regained my feet, I pretended to fall forward into him and grabbed his cock through his pants. We stood there like that for what seemed like an hour but were in reality only few seconds.

“Sorry,” I managed to say, “kind of lost my footing honey.”

I reluctantly let go of his rock hard dick and turned to go into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and let fly a steady stream of hot morning-piss into the bowl. After I had finished, I wiped the piss off my pussy lips. I stood up and faced the mirror. My robe fell open and I noticed that my nipples were sticking straight out. They were hard as little eraser-buds. I gently rubbed them and felt a new series of spasms emanating from my twat. I grabbed the hairbrush and stuck it into my well-lubricated pussy. I did not take only a few quick strokes to make me have a shuddering orgasm. I almost collapsed on the bathroom floor as my knees buckled from underneath me. Then I heard a banging on the door.

“Come-on, Mom. I gotta go. I can’t hold it much longer!” my son wailed.

Composing myself as best as I could, I opened the bathroom door and let him in. He immediately rushed over to the toilet. He was taking his woody out as soon as he entered the bathroom. He barely got to the toilet when I saw and heard the piss exploding from his stiff pole. He looked at me and stammered, “Sorry Mom, I couldn’t wait any longer.”

“It’s alright, honey,” I said, smiling. “It doesn’t bother me to watch you pee. After all, it’s a natural body function. No worse then washing your hands.”

He blushed and said, “Yeah, right, but would you say the same thing if I was watching you pee?”

He stepped back from the toilet and put his dick into his pyjama bottoms.

To answer him, I backed up to the toilet ordu escort and pulled my robe open. I sat down and proceeded to pee a little more. I smiled as I looked up at the startled expression on his face.

“Like I said, it doesn’t bother me as long as it doesn’t bother you baby.”

I saw him lick his lips and inwardly grinned at how his eyes were bugging out of his head. He couldn’t take his eyes off my peeing pussy. Soon I was done. I reached for some paper and noticed we had used the last of the roll.

“Be a dear and get me a new roll of paper,” I told him.

He turned and opened the bathroom closet and reached inside to retrieve a roll of paper. He did all this without taking his eyes off his semi-naked mother sitting on the shitter waiting for paper.

He unwrapped the roll and placed it on the roller. I smiled at him and asked, “How would you like to wipe Mommy clean as long as you have the paper there?”

You would have thought I had given him a Ferrari for Christmas. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as he pulled a wad of paper off the roll and proceeded to wipe my pussy with it. I let him rub me for a while and then said, “OK stud, that’s about enough. I can’t have you rubbing it off now, can I?”?

As he started to straighten up, I reached into his pyjama bottoms and grabbed his dick. He froze and looked at me. “Hey, you rubbed me. Turn about is only fair play.”

I looked up to see his magnificent cock stretching the fabric of his pyjamas. Then slowly, teasingly, I pulled the band of his pyjamas out and slipped it down over the length of his cock, revealing his rigid shaft inch by inch. My son’s cock was in full mast now, with a spongy purple head and smooth, heavy balls. The shaft was twitching and throbbing with excitement, and it was all because of me, his horny mother. My head was spinning with the thought that this handsome young man was achingly hard at the sight of his naked mother, and the desire to fuck her.

I stroked his hard pecker with my fingers clenched. His pyjamas fell down to his knees as I continued to stroke his dick. Soon I felt him start to throb and knew he was going to blow his wad soon. He knew it also and tried to back off. He stared down into my eyes but looked a little awkward and embarrassed, as if unsure what to do next.

“Relax, baby,” I told him in a soothing voice. “I just want to taste your sweet cock.”

He literally gasped at my words and I looked down to see a fresh bead of pre-cum emerge from his prick. I took the base of it in my hand and licked the salty fluid away. I loved the taste of sperm, and it had been far too long since I’d been able to enjoy it. But I also know that I’d get a mouthful very soon.

Tom and I locked eyes as I began running my tongue up and down the length of his shaft. He sighed and groaned at the sensation, and kept shaking his head slowly in disbelief. I swirled my tongue over the swollen head before dropping my head slightly so it slid between my lips of couple of times.

“Bet you never thought you’d see this,” I told him with a dirty smile. “Your own mother sucking your cock.”

“Oh my god, mom. It feels so fu–” he paused, still hesitant to cuss in front of his mom.

I laughed as I told him, “It’s okay, you can tell me it feels fucking good. Say whatever comes to mind, I like dirty talk.”

Not giving him a chance to answer, I returned my attention to his beautiful cock. I grabbed his ass with my other hand and guided his prick into my mouth, sliding good two or three inches into my mouth. I licked the sensitive underside of his prick head as I sucked. I reached for his balls and began stroking and fondling them as I bobbed up and down. I gradually sucked more and more of his shaft until I could feel the tip nudging the back of my throat. I loved the sensation of him completely filling my mouth, stretching my lips, sliding across my tongue.

I knew my 18-year-old son couldn’t last long, so I wasn’t surprised to feel his cock swell larger in my mouth.

“Mom! Oh God! Mom — I’m gonna cum!” He actually started to pull away slightly, obviously unsure what to do with his load. The boy was in for a treat.

I couldn’t bear to take my mouth off his cock, so I answered him by wrapping my hands tightly around his tight ass.

“Shit… you’re gonna take it in your mouth! Fuck! Oh, mom… uhhhh!” He began grunting and groaning as he began to ejaculate. The first spurt was thin but powerful, splashing against the back of my throat. Then a series of fat loads coated my tongue and filled my mouth, and I began swallowing his cream as fast as I could to avoid seep out.

I had never anticipated how much there would be. I was swallowing as fast as I could, but he was filling me up to overflowing. It leaked out of my mouth and down my chin onto my tits.

I look up to see my son staring at me with eyes wide, blazing with lust. I decided to give him a little show, so I slid his cock nearly out of my osmaniye escort mouth so the tip of it sat on my tongue. I pumped his shaft with my hand and felt the last few cumshots fire into my mouth. I swallowed eagerly and gave him a slutty grin.

All this time he kept saying, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Mom. I couldn’t help it. Your mouth is so fucking hot, I couldn’t stop it from coming.”

I removed his cock from my mouth long enough to assure him, “That’s alright, baby, I knew it was coming and wanted it. It’s just like peeing, honey. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Now finish up coming and let me get cleaned up.”

He fucked my mouth for a few more minutes until his dick started to go soft. He reluctantly pulled it out of my mouth and let it fall back onto his now empty balls.

“So I bet you’ll never look at your mother quite the same way,” I told him.

“I don’t know what to say… what to think,” he finally answered. “What got into you, mom?”

I confessed that I had watched him last evening, and that it ignited a powerful lust that I must have long suppressed.

“So did I do okay?” I asked him.

“Oh my god, mom, I’ve never felt anything like that before. No girl has ever… done it like that. That was fucking awesome.”

“Now be a good son and let me get cleaned up.” I admonished him.

I expected him to leave the bathroom and let me take my morning shower. Instead, he kneeled down in front of me and started to stroke my tits. I was flabbergasted. I did not expect him to do this.

“So soft… Mom, your tits are so soft and beautiful,” he murmured. I blushed at the compliment as my son bent forward and eagerly began sucking and licking my nipples and stroking my soft flesh. Several times he flicked his tongue over my long hard nipples and marvelled at their size.

“That’s it, baby, suck Mommy’s titties,” I urged. “You make me feel so good… oh yesssss.”

He loved on my breasts for perhaps five or ten minutes, seemingly unable to get enough of them. But I was getting hotter and hotter, and gradually found myself rubbing my clit against his invading fingers. I just had to cum.

After my breast was done, he started on my belly. As he was doing this, he was pressing my legs apart. Soon he started to rub down my belly, heading towards my pussy. Oh no, I thought. He would not. He could not. I could not believe it. His fingers actually going to end up in my wet pussy. I could feel my clit starting to vibrate all on its own.

Without warning I stood up above Tom, who looked surprised until he realized that my pussy was now at his eye level. I leaned against the side wall and placed one foot on the edge of the commode so he had a clear view of my swollen pink snatch.

“Suck me, Tom,” I pleaded. “Eat Momma’s pussy. Make me cum!”

He needed to lean forward only a few inches before I saw and felt his nose and lips brush against my crotch. He planted kisses on my neatly shaved pubic-mound and outer cunt lips, and then looked up to see me watching intently.

“You have a beautiful … er … pussy, Mom,” he admired. Then he dipped a tongue inside me, making me shiver with the delight of first contact. “You taste so sweet too.”

With that, he dove into my snatch, rubbing his nose against my clit as he licked and tongue-fucked my dripping hole. I pushed my hips forward to give him better access — and myself a better view of the forbidden act. Every lick, every suck sent waves of pleasure though my petite body and I knew I’d cum even quicker than he had.

I almost screamed when I felt his tongue start to slither across my clit.


It had been over few years since a man had eaten my snatch.

“That’s it, son, eat my pussy. Fuck! That feels so good! Suck your Mommy’s cunt, suck my juices!”

Tom attacked my pussy greedily, and I could see him lapping my sweet cream. He had been stroking and squeezing my ass cheeks, but now move his hands between my thighs and used his thumbs to pry open my lips wide. He fluttered his tongue over my clit, and I began to go over the edge.

“Oh god, oh fuck… yes! You’re gonna make me come, Tommie!!! Don’t stop, baby!”

I could feel the orgasm building up to a titanic swelling about to burst in my crotch.

He latched onto my clit and began sucking it hard, and jolts of pleasure overtook me. I lost control of myself and began humping his face as I came.

“I’m cumming! Yessss!”

I squealed with delight as my entire body shuddered with waves of orgasm. My pussy-hungry son licked and sucked me all the way through it, drinking my juices as I came.


I could have gone on forever but nature never intended for us to experience pure pleasure forever. It would burn out our brains. Finally after what seemed like several minutes, I returned to earth and gently pushed my son’s face away from my now satisfied love box. Then I collapsed down in to Tom’s arms. I was panting and gasping with the release of intense, pent-up incestuous passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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