Mandingo Hostel Pt. 02

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“For the last time we’re not lost Sam!” Thirty-Eight year old Jake Fielding snapped at his beautiful wife of two years regretting it almost instantly after doing so.

Samantha looked away from her husband so he wouldn’t see the angry frustration on her beautiful face and into the review mirror. Most would say that Sam had one of those classic beauty looks but to Sam she looked a little to plain. Her lips were just a little to thin and her perfectly even face wasn’t so perfect or even for that matter. Yet admiring glances she got, much to her embarrassment and Jakes obvious chagrin.

“Hey I see a house over there with lights on lets stop for a moment and ask for directions.” Sam said.

Jake frowned but nonetheless pulled to the side he didn’t like this neighborhood very much. For one almost everyone that lived in this area seemed to be rather unfriendly and not to mention most were probably into some form of illegal activity or another. Frowning he got out of the car along with Sam who looked relieved at finally getting directions regardless from who it may be.

“Let’s hurry up and get the directions we need and get out of here.” Jake said his breath steaming the cold night air.

“Don’t worry honey I’m pretty sure that we’re not that far off track.” Sam said nervously noticing that a large looking black man was looking her up and down with an obvious appreciative look on his ugly face.

They could hear the music as they got closer to the house something that sounded like old school rap. Although since neither listened to rap or any ‘black’ music they really couldn’t say.

Jake banged his fist heavily against the oaken door, both waiting somewhat nervously for the door to open.

A rather large and imposing black man opened the door his face rather handsome but very harsh in the faded light.

“Hey sorry to interrupt but we’re looking for 19th St and we’re wondering where exactly it is. You see we are supposed to go to a friends wedding and everything.” Sam’s voice faded as she noticed at the way the black man seemed to stare right through her clothing. Sam couldn’t help but blush hotly as she reached for Jakes hand instantly seeking comfort from her husband. Black people in general never made her so uncomfortable as this man did with his frozen expressionless handsome face and cold brown eyes that set her instantly on edge.

“Where’s that fucking door man that’s supposed to here at all times?” The black man asked clearly annoyed.

“Well, uh sir, could you please just give us directions to where we need to go?” Jake said intimidated yet hiding it well.

“Sorry I’m just a visitor. “Names Tyrone by the way.” He said offering a hand that Jake reluctantly took wincing slightly as he felt his hand get crushed by Tyrone’s potent grip.

“Well nice to meet you Tyrone.” Jake said resisting the urge to rub the sting out of his hand. “But we really need help finding this place.”

“Well why not come in for a while the party just started an hour ago.” Tyrone offered opening the door further in invitation.

Seeing little choice in the matter both of them stepped inside hand in hand together. Sam gasped in pure unadulterated shock at the sight that greeted her while Jake could only stare in astonishment.

Mostly beautiful white women were in the middle of the of the living room dancing exclusively with black men while some white men watched on. What made it so odd wasn’t the dancing itself but rather how close and slow the dancing was not to mention the hot kissing some of the women were doing with their black partners.

“What the hell is this?” Jake exclaimed in surprise to his wife, who didn’t answer but rather continued to watch the dancing with an almost fixated expression on her pretty face.

“Welcome to the neighborhoods finest mandingo party.”

Startled Sam and Jake turned around to regard the tall rather imposing black man.

“So what’s a mandingo party?” Sam asked as soon as she was able to get past the lump in her throat.

“It’s a place where white women and black men get together to have fun and where the husbands just watch and enjoy.” His cold brown eyes seemed to sparkle as he silently took her in.

“Well… We’re not interested in this sort of fiasco.” Jake broke in not liking at all in the way the black man seemed to leer at his wife and jealous at the way his wife didn’t seem at all keen to rebuff his attempts at flirting. “So if you could find someone who knows a where we’re headed at we could be on our way.”

“Sure not a problem.” He replied casting one more leering look at Sam before heading back towards the party.

“I can’t believe the nerve of that asshole.” Jake whispered harshly to his wife feeling himself starting to sweat as he watched the wives flirting almost shamelessly with the various black men.

“Hey why don’t we sit down?” Sam asked feeling a sudden need to cool her husband’s raging jealousy off. She didn’t want to draw a scene, which they surely would if xnxx her husband continued to go on like he had a tendency to do.

Jake and Sam found an empty dining room chair that wasn’t occupied. Sam always sensitive to her husbands short comings couldn’t help but notice how some of the black guys seemed to be packing what looked like huge cocks. She could feel herself blushing as one black guy walked by his cock in its speedo seemed to bob back and forth threatening to burst out.

Finally after five to ten minutes that felt like an hour the black man strode back to them.

“Sorry no one knows where this location is at.” He said casually, “Tell you what though we got a phone you can use in the back if you need.”

Jake at a lost for words finally managed, “I’ll go and call Jane. You stay here okay Sam?”

Sam nodded nervous to be left behind especially with this black thuggish looking guy who seemed to stare at her like she was some piece of meat. After giving his wife a reassuring kiss Jake got up and moved to the back of the room.

“So you like what you see?” The black man had a raspy quality to his voice that set her ill at ease.

Sam looked away from the ruggedly handsome black man feeling a little ill at ease as she watched the women and men dance. “I don’t know it all seems rather racy to me.”

Laughter short and raspy answered her. “I know it does especially to people who aren’t interested in this sort of thing but you gotta understand that this is a simple way for the black man to get reparations for slavery.”

Sam keeping her eyes fixed on the dancing felt a shiver dance down her spine as the black man settled next to her. She could feel the heat from him and notice the difference between him and Jake, at how he simply seemed to take over the whole couch while her husband simply left room for her to sit.

“You ever fuck a black guy before?” The question came out teasing as he tentatively grabbed her leg, his hand smoothly resting like they were long lost lovers.

“Uh, no. I can’t say that I have.” She replied suddenly feeling very dizzy and wishing that her husband would get back soon. “One time when I was eighteen at a sisters party a black guy hitted on me but I rebuffed his attempts and he never tried again.”

“That’s too bad.” He whispered his hand slowly snaking up her dress marveling at her silky smoothness.

Sam swallowed a sharp gasp as he felt his thick fingers peel aside her panties and gently massage her pussy mound. She felt more than a little scared as he felt his hard finger rubbing against her clit. Never in all of her life had she ever felt so violated, an instinctive urge to slap his hand away was tampered by the hungry look in his eye.

“Look my husband will be back any minute so I would appreciate if you would pull your hand away.” Sam couldn’t help but feel the pleasurable sensations that this thug gave her, half worried that Jake would come in and throw one of his wild jealous rages.

“Oh don’t worry about white boy.” He replied with a tight smile as he idly began to penetrate her pussy with his index finger, marveling at how wet she was despite her apparent protests.

Sam couldn’t help herself as she felt herself to weaken towards this dominant male. Her husband never took such a brazen approach with her even at his horniest. She grudgingly admitted that she would most sharply rebuke Jake if he even tried. Yet here she sat letting this rather rough looking black man finger her while her husband was using the phone.


Jake woke up feeling suddenly very groggy. He moaned noticing that he was gagged by what felt like duct tape as he remembered to black guys knocking him out while he dialed Diane’s number. Grudgingly he tried to move noticing that he was tied to a chair and that he was it was very dark, loud mechanic-grinding noises drowned out any sounds that he made.

A hopeless feeling came over him as he maneuvered about so he could see if anyone was out there, what he saw caused his breath to catch in his throat and the blood to drain from his face.

The entrance door opened and his wife came in hand in hand with the rough looking black man that greeted them at the entrance. They seemed to be in a deep conversation that he couldn’t fully catch. Faint words about how she was worried about him reached his ears causing him to moan loudly in his gag that the loud music and mechanic grinding sounds drowned out.

“My boys said that he just had to go to the local grocery outlet to get a map and that he’d be back in twenty to thirty minutes.” He said giving her a wide genuine smile that didn’t quiet reach his eyes.

Sam felt a little unsettled all the sudden being with this black man in what looked like a rather comfy little room. She noticed that there was a glass mirror that over looked the bed and that the bed was queen sized with a nice blood red comforter on top.

“I don’t know about this.” Sam said feeling a little scared that her husband might walk bakire porno in all the sudden imagining the naked rage in his eyes. Turning to Tyrone she moved to say something but his lips silenced whatever she might have said as he gently kissed her.

At first she tried to put up a fight by pushing him away but he was simply too strong for her. A slight whimper escaped her throat as she felt herself mold to this dominant male as the desire to fight fled. Something so wrong never felt so good as their tongues touched.

Jake could only stare with disbelief any desire to scream or try to get out of his bindings fled as he saw this black man kiss his wife. The way she seemed to mold to this ebony monster was almost disturbing mainly in part because they never kissed like this. Numbly he could only watch as Tyrone undid Erica’s dress revealing the virgin see through white panties and matching bra that Jake bought for her on their anniversary.

Like a newly wed couple Tyrone, not even breaking from the kiss, lifted her in his strong arms and laid her on the bed. Jake could feel his heartbreak as he looked at his beautiful wife who seemed equally into the kiss that she was sharing with Tyrone. He could only watch as he saw this rough black man take off his shirt revealing hard muscles that you only get from working out in the gym for hours every day.

“I don’t know about this Tyrone.” Sam said marveling at the way his muscles rippled as he moved to take his pants off.

“For the last time don’t worry about white boy. He’ll be gone for a while my boys have him busy running errands.” Tyrone replied his pants falling to the floor.

Sam couldn’t stifle a gasp as she saw one of the biggest cocks in all her life flop out. It stood at least nine inches but compared to Jakes four and a half inches it was a monster. For the longest moment she could only stare at this mans cock, noticing that its blackness enhanced the veins going through it and how it seemed to stand erect like some angry god demanding attention.

“Tell me how does white boy measure up?” Tyrone demanded with a smug smile on his coal black lips.

Sam blushed as she realized that he was referring to Jake and felt like objecting although privately she felt that he couldn’t be closer to the truth. Tentatively she reached out to grab the cock, noticing as she did that she couldn’t even get her hand fully around it. Reluctantly she put her index finger more than half way down his black cock, feeling extremely sluttish as she did so.

Cruel laughter burst out as Tyrone looked at how her finger went more than half way down his cock. “Surely your joking no ones that fucking small not even a white boy!”

“Look I wish you would stop calling my husband a white boy! His name is Jake not whitey or white boy or cracker.” Sam snapped much to Jakes pleasure.

Jake was thankful and relieved to notice that his wife pulled her hand away from the big black cock and went to get her clothes from the floor but hope quickly sank when Tyrone simply swept her in his strong powerful arms and proceeded to kiss her again. She put on more of a fight than she did previously for what little good it did her.

Jake could only stare as his wife seemed to lose the fight in her once again. Noticing how her soft pale body was a direct contrast to the black mans coal black skin. His monster black cock seemed to sway and dance as he laid her back down on the bed, rubbing her beautiful body with his hard calloused hands.

“Sorry for offending you but let me give you something that’ll help mend the hurt feelings.” Tyrone said with a smile gesturing to his equipment. “Suck me off and by that time your husband will be back and we’ll simply forget this ever happened.”

Jake wanted to make a loud noise to get his wife’s attention as the grinding noise came briefly to a stop but was afraid that Tyrone would kill him if he did. Yet he couldn’t repress a groan of defeat as his wife took the black mans huge cock in her small pale white hand and proceeded to put the mans cock in her mouth.

“That’s it baby suck it nice and good.” Tyrone groaned as she went down his hard pole one glorious inch at a time laughing a little as she gagged past the four-inch mark.

“Careful baby don’t want to hurt yourself or anything do we?”

Sam looked up at the powerfully built black man with loathing in her pretty green eyes as she proceeded to jack him off as well as sucking him. Thoughts of betraying her husband like this fled as continued to suck this man off, conscious of the loud slurping sounds filling the room and the way she loudly gagged every time she went to far and fast.

As submissive and weak as Sam felt at this very moment she couldn’t help but feel proud of herself as she sucked this black cock off. This was something that she never did with her husband even though he seemed to always beg for her to do it. And she felt like she was giving this black man a rather good blowjob seeing bedava porno as it was her first time.

“Hey why not get on top of me and put my cock in your pussy.” Tyrone asked casually, as he proceeded to lie on the bed, pulling away from her pleasure producing mouth.

The cock came out of her mouth with a loud popping sound as she stared at the black man with mixture of defiance and a settle hint of wanton lust in her emerald eyes.

“Promise me that my husband will never find out about this.” Sam said taking her panties off revealing her freshly shaven pussy that she just shaved yesterday for her husbands benefit.

“Don’t worry this will be strictly between me and you.” Tyrone replied with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes as he looked at the young wife. Marveling at how innocent and fresh she looked with her nice firm breasts and how every curve seemed designed to attract the male eye. Her face had that young virgin innocent look that instantly attracted any male in the vicinity to her.

Jake could only stare with disbelief mixed with rage as his pretty white wife straddled the black man’s large cock. Noticing at the way it seemed to slide against her pussy lips, struggling to get this mans much larger cock in their depths. At the way her dainty hand, its paleness a stark contrast to its blackness in the bright light, seemed to grip it and guide it into her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck that hurts!” Sam yelped feeling his thick cock penetrating her as if for the first time. Yet despite the brief pain she couldn’t help but feel some pleasure mixed with it as well as she slowly lowered herself to where her husband could only reach.

Looking down deep into the black mans eyes cursing at the way they seem to have this self satisfied look on his dark face that infuriated and challenged her at the same time. Finally as she felt herself go all the way down till their pubic bones touched she couldn’t help but sigh.

“Wow you’re one of the few white bitches to ever take me all the way.” Tyrone grunted, marveling at how tight her pussy gripped his shaft.

Instead of replying Sam slowly moved up feeling filled for the first time in her entire life till only the head was in her pussy than moved slowly back down again gasping the whole time as she did. Nothing felt so filling or pleasurable in her entire life as she felt just now.

“Tell me you like it bitch.” Tyrone said hoarsely as she slowly rode his ebony rod pleasure filling him as she determinedly began to pick up the pace.

“God you feel so fucking good!” She screamed as one of the strongest orgasms in her life overwhelmed her. Her body doing a weird convulsion dance as she fell against Tyrone’s muscular chest.

No guilt overwhelmed Sam as she simply laid against Tyrone but rather now a sense of frustration as she realized that this would be the only time that she would do another man other than her husband. The realization that her husband never came close to giving her an orgasm as this black cock made her want to burst into tears.

Without thinking she found herself in Tyrone’s coal black arms, their lips touched in a perverted dance of pleasure as he rolled on top of her, his body crushing her in his maleness. His amazing cock still deep inside her, fulfilling a need she never realized needed to be fulfilled until now.

Jake felt his entire life turn upside down as he watched his wife make love to this other man for the lack of a better word. The way his wife just rode his big black cock like a wanton slut, how it shone with her juices as she screamed in orgasm louder than ever. Lastly at the way they seemed to kiss like long forgotten lovers.

The kiss didn’t seem to end as Tyrone gyrated his hips in and out of her once tight pussy. Her sighs of pure pleasure pierced his heart as he realized that he just lost his beautiful wife to this black stranger. Numbly he could only stare as tears blinded his vision as Tyrone’s huge balls slammed against her as he began to roughly fuck her once more.

Tyrone seemed to be fucking her like a man possessed. Pulling out till just the tip was in than pushing in till his balls slammed against her. Her gasps and sighs were like needles going into Jakes heart.

“OH GOD THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” Her piercing scream echoed the chambers like a gunshot.

Nothing felt so good as Tyrone’s cock at this very moment. The way it seemed to spread her pussy wide and how his hard powerful ebony body seemed to claim ownership over her soft pale body.

Jake screamed in his gag, newfound rage filling him as he watched his wife cum with this black man like she never came for him. Devastation filled him as he watched the black man grunt loudly and begin to cum into his beautiful wife’s white pussy. The way they seemed to merge together, like they belonged together, was what hurt the most.

Their lips seemed glued together as the black studs ass clenched and unclenched in slow motion, filling her with its potent seed. For the longest time Tyrone simply laid on top of her, crushing the breath from her as his huge black cock slowly deflated and than he rolled off her, his dark body glistening with sweat from their exertions his cock making sucking sounds as it pulled out.

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