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“Hey, Ron,” she said, slowing her pace to match mine as I jogged. I had heard her footsteps coming behind me and I moved to the right on the sidewalk, etiquette for letting a faster runner pass.

“Hey yourself, Mandy,” I replied, noticing that she seemed to have a good bit more wind than I did at this point in my workout.

“Would you have time to stop by the house for an hour or two this afternoon? Matt and I have a project going and we could use some help.”

“Not a problem, that should work. Need me to bring anything along,” I asked, hoping to get a feel for what project I was getting myself into.

“Nope, just a strong back and the wisdom of a guy with more experience than Matt. See you around 3?” Not waiting for an answer she sped up and I got to watch her wonderful backside head down the sidewalk, her lovely strawberry blonde ponytail bob along, nearly down to her ass. I sighed, to be 28 again.

I finished my run and rehydrated. With my wife out of town I didn’t have to worry about picking up after myself and dropped my running shorts, shirt, socks and compression socks on the way to the shower. Liberating. I spent the beautiful June afternoon washing the car, sweeping out the garage, basic man stuff for a Saturday afternoon without anyone suggesting other chores to fill my day.

A bit before 3, I headed down the hill to Matt and Mandy’s. Ours was a quiet neighborhood just sixty houses and just over a mile of roads, figures I knew for sure from my exercise routine. As I was getting back into running, I would count every driveway as I passed it, ticking down from the 60 houses and eventually logging my miles instead of my driveways. Matt and Mandy had moved in last fall. Mandy and I met passing each other on the sidewalk, she always ran faster and further than I did but we shared a small connection through our runs. Nods had became smiles then even a few quick conversations if we were both heading the same direction and she’d slow down for a few dozen yards.

I headed up their driveway and noticed Matt had mowed sometime since I jogged past this morning. The neighbors were thrilled that Matt actually mowed more than a few times a summer as his predecessor had done. It was neat, always edged and trimmed and in just one spring had become one of the nicer lawns in the neighborhood.

He spotted me as I came up the front steps and hollered through the screen door for me to come in. “Ron, you want a beer?” Mandy asked from around the corner in the kitchen.

“Of course,” I replied, entering the kitchen to see her tight derriere bent over to the bottom shelf of the fridge where the beer was. She was wearing the shortest pair of white Daisy Dukes I had ever seen, with just the bottom curve of each cheek showing. The white fabric showed her curves bursa eskort bayan magnificently. I swallowed hard and wondered how I wasn’t going to slobber all over her as we moved furniture or did whatever they needed done.

It actually got worse when she stood and handed me my beer. Her t-shirt was snug, well-worn and cut off just below her breasts, again showing just the bottom of her curves. Her erect nipples poking through the thin fabric made it clear there was nothing on underneath.

“Drink your beer, you look like you need one,” she purred with a grin. I wondered how red I was and what Matt was thinking as I nearly stepped on my tongue with his scantily clad wife in front of me. I took a quick gulp of my beer and somehow managed to ask what the project was they needed help with. “There’s something new we’d like to try and we both thought you’d be the one to help us with it,” she said, leading us into the living room and gesturing for me to sit on the leather sofa. “Ron, do you know what cuckolding is?”

The question hung there in our silence. “You mean, where a couple has sex and someone else, uhh, usually a guy, has to watch?” I have to admit the thought of watching Mandy fuck got me instantly erect.

“You’re close,” Matt said. It’s where a wife has sex with someone else and her husband can only watch.”

I thought I knew where this was heading, but I felt I was on thin ice. “And you’re asking me to…”

“We’re asking you to be that someone else,” Matt finished for me.

“So what do you say neighbor, interested in playing with the ass you’ve been watching run around the neighborhood,” she cooed with a grin.

“You two are serious about this?”

Mandy stood moved to the couch, turned her back to me and sat on my lap, grinding her tiny ass against the front of my shorts. She took my hands in hers and moved to her breasts as her beautiful hair filled my nostrils with her scent. “Do you think I’m kidding?”

“I’ll sit over here in this chair and watch,” Matt said. “Don’t worry, I have no interest in men so it will just be the two of you.”

“And you’re OK with this?”

“Completely. It’s been my fantasy to watch my wife fuck another man. We’ve actually talked about this for months.”

Mandy sat forward, her palms on my knees and twerked against my cock. “What do you think hon?”

“I think if a beautiful woman wants me to fuck her, it would be rude of me to say no,” and pulled her back against me kissed her neck as my hand wandered to the front of those shorts.

She had the build of an athlete, solid and muscular more than the very thin physique of a long-distance runner. Her skin was smooth and soft and devoid of the tattoos that many of her generation were drawn to. As I touched the front bursa merkez escort of her shorts, I noticed she was very much aroused and could feel her lips pressing against them. She ground against my hand, gyrating her hips and seeking the pleasure she had been anticipating since we talked that morning.

My hand came back up her flat stomach and reached under what little bit of t-shirt she was wearing. Her breasts had the firmness of her youth with large dark areolas and very erect nipples. She pulled the shirt over her head and tossed it playfully to Matt. My eyes followed it as it arced and watched the husband to detect any sign of trouble. But Matt seemed completely entranced, watching his wife’s body grind against the older neighbor.

Mandy turned around and straddled her guest, kissing me deeply, her tongue probing my mouth. My hands went straight to her ass and explored every curve the shorts offered him. It had been a long time since I enjoyed a back side like hers, possibly since high school, I mused, and enjoyed the firmness.

She began unbuttoning my shirt, taking time to lick, kiss and nibble each newly-revealed patch of my chest. She seemed to enjoy playing with my salt and pepper chest hair and spent plenty of time toying with each of my nipples. With a hand behind her head I pulled her face back to mine and again kissed her. She then presented each of her breasts to my mouth, allowing me lick and suck them as her hair provided a cocoon around my head.

My hand reached down her tight body and unbuttoned her shorts, not an easy accomplishment as tight as they were but when I undid the zipper my hand was greeted with a soft tuft of hair, a well-trimmed landing strip. She stood on the couch and shimmied off those amazing shorts and not surprisingly had nothing on beneath. I slouched as she leaned forward and soon I was tasting her delicious wetness. She was clean and fresh and very, very wet. Her clit had already presented itself and she moaned deeply as my tongue found it. It didn’t take long until she was shaking, releasing an orgasm from deep within. I must admit it was good for an old man’s ego to know he could excite such a sexy, nubile young woman.

She slithered down my body until she was kneeling in front of me. She undid the front of my shorts and pulled everything down, releasing my cock. I had no idea that this was why I was coming down and was grateful I had put on a decent pair of underwear. But she didn’t seem to notice as she took big, long licks up the underside of my shaft before plunging her entire head down its length. She held it there for a moment, showing off her deep throat skills then began to bob up and down on me.

I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, the actual action in her bursa sınırsız escort bayan mouth or watching her body perform the act. Her hair on her tan back led to the incredible ass I had only enjoyed watching with running shorts on.

She turned to look at her husband, “Matt, honey, you ready for me to fuck Ron?” He nodded. “This is your last chance to say no. You’re sure?” He continued to nod. “Ron, slouch down to the edge of the couch,” she commanded, and I complied.

She turned her back to me and lowered herself onto my cock. I wondered how much of her deep groaning was authentic and how much was for my benefit, or Matt’s. My hands were on her hips as she started a gentle rocking. Matt seemed transfixed and I figured they probably had some great eye contact going. I reached forward and handled her perky tits and kissed her neck as she picked up the pace.

It was honestly the tightest pussy I had explored in quite some time, and I was very much enjoying it. The rocking was replaced with bouncing, as she lifted her body nearly completely off of my rod then suddenly slammed it all the way back in, providing a wonderful little jiggle on her tight little tush. I realized that this was the normal routine for Matt, and I became just a bit jealous.

Mandy stood and released me, then turned around bent over at the waist and licked my cock clean. I can only imagine Matt’s view of this. She then got down on all fours, again facing Matt, and beckoned me to be behind her. She had been loosened up by now and I slid into her easily. I started to thrust, but began pushing back against me, swiveling her hips as she did and emitting deep groans. She flipped her hair onto her back, offering it to me to hold and pull and I was happy to comply. I pulled a bit harder and she sat up a bit, wrapping her arm around my neck and whispering “fuck me, fuck me” into my ear.

Matt hadn’t moved a muscle the whole time. I was at that point and grabbed her hips to hold them still as I pounded into her with all that I had. Her whole body shook as I did and her groans leaned more toward screams. “I’m cumming,” I groaned in warning, but she continued the pace. I held her close to me as I exploded deep into her and she slowly coaxed the last drops from my cock.

I collapsed on the floor and she cuddled up next to me as we both recovered.

“That. Was. Amazing” I offered through my breathing.

“You were pretty amazing yourself,” she replied as she played with my chest hair.

I caught my breath for a few minutes but got the feeling I was only the appetizer for this amazing woman.”I should probably get going, I’m sure you and Matt have a lot you want to do now,” I chided. She found my clothes for me and the two watched me dress.

As I walked to the door, Matt shook my hand and Mandy wrapped herself around me in a hug. “Thanks for coming down, we can always count on you. I probably won’t be running tomorrow. If I know Matt I won’t be walking very well tomorrow.”

I walked back up the hill, trying to process what I had just experienced, and hoping it happened again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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