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Marching Band Cadet– Chapter Six This is a series about high school males in the late 1970s. They had a secret club in which they engaged in gay sex and BDSM rituals. This series is told from the point of view of a club member who served as their submissive. The initial chapters establish the background and characters. As the story progresses, in later chapters there will be hardcore sex, group sex, S&M, and some raunch and taboo activities. The series is set in the years before HIV, so condoms are not used.

This is fiction. If you object to fiction that includes the activities listed above, then you should read no further and exit from this page.

Your feedback is appreciated. You can write to the author hoo. Thank you for reading, and thank you for supporting Nifty at fty/.

Previously: The oldest of the hot shots, JT, has stirred Sam”s curiosity and excitement by a short discussion of dominance and discipline. Sam has consented to receive a spanking at JT”s hands.

JT stepped back, and pulled off his cutoffs, so that he was as naked as me and the others. “Good. I”ve been waiting for a reason to take these off. Let”s go.” And he took me by the hand and led me back toward the living room.

He led me into the center of the living room. The others were all there, including Matt and Dewey, back from their shower with damp hair. JT led me by the hand into the middle of the room. I heard Mark snicker, and I thought it was because JT and I were holding hands.

“Hey, guys. JT has a dick after all!” Mark said.

JT grinned at the joke. “It”s true. I do have a dick,” he said. “But I haven”t had a reason lately to take off my pants.”

JT let go of my hand and plopped down on the sofa. “Sam here is interested in a spanking,” he announced to the room. “Is that what you want, Sam?”

“Yes,” I said softly.

“Say it as a sentence, Sam.”

I thought for a second and I swallowed before speaking. “I would like you to spank me.” It felt scary to say it, but it was also turning me on. I felt a tiny istanbul escort plop in my cock as it began to swell up.

“Good boy.” JT”s use of the word `boy” was authoritative but kind, like a father or a coach. Wayne had also called me `boy.”

“Now tell us,” JT said to me, “do you want a soft spanking or a hard spanking?”

You could have heard a pin drop. All eyes were on me. I had no idea he was going to give me a choice. I wondered how much worse a “hard” spanking would be. A “soft” spanking would have been the less risky choice. It seemed like an eternity passed, while everyone waited for me to make my choice. In reality, probably five seconds passed.

“Hard or soft, boy?” JT repeated, “and please answer with a complete sentence.”

“I want a hard spanking. I want you to spank me hard.” My dick went bone hard.

“All right, Sam. For the next few minutes I want you to address me as `Sir” whenever you speak. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy. Now I want you in the wheelbarrow position.” He had to teach me what that meant. I guess I was expecting “over the knee.” In the wheelbarrow position, my arms and head were on the floor, facing downward. But my feet were hooked over the back of the sofa, which placed my butt cheeks right in front of JT, in his lap, at his mercy. In this position, your legs are spread, so you feel more vulnerable. Your cock, balls, and anus are exposed. Your face is down and your ass is up, which is more humbling.

Once I was in position, JT did not give me time to grow more anxious, declaring, “I”m going to warm you up, boy.”

And immediately, he began gently slapping and massaging my butt cheeks. It was not unpleasant. It was exhilarating. I was overwhelmed with a desire for him to fuck my ass. As he rigorously kneaded my butt cheeks, my anus was repeatedly tugged and exposed. His grip would tighten into a squeeze, then a stretch, then a slap. My ass cheeks felt warm and flush.

Smack! Suddenly his hand slapped my left ass cheek so ataköy escort hard it was like a flash of lightning. It stung and it burned. The sound of the smack lingered in the air for a split second. It seemed that a murmur went around the room. My head was up, but my chest was flat on the floor, so all I saw was feet.

“That was one,” JT announced. I figured that meant that the warmup was over, and we were now getting down to business. That big smack was the first one. I thought that maybe I could take a few like that, but it sure hurt.

Smack! JT”s other hand hit my right ass cheek. Lightning flash, sting, burning. I gasped. “That was two,” he announced again. “From now on, I want you to count, boy.” He kneaded my butt cheeks gently for a few seconds.

Smack! Lightning, gasp. Both hands had landed on both of my ass cheeks. Double the pain. After I sucked in my breath, I said “Three.” I was proud of myself for understanding the game, but I was surprised at the tenseness of my own voice.

Immediately came another smack! Another double handed spank, which hurt incredibly because the pain from the previous wallop had not dissipated. “Three, WHAT?” JT firmly demanded.

“Three, Sir!” My voice came out like I was struggling, like I was speaking while arm wrestling.

“That”s it, boy.” I could not see JT. He was behind me and above me. The fourth strike was to my left cheek, the fifth to my right. They were spaced so that I was able to take a couple of breaths between each one.

“Good job, boy. That was the first five. We are going to twenty.” JT spoke calmly. He was gently kneading my butt cheeks again. The tenderness of his touch was the complete opposite of the severity of the spanking. It was assuring. With his voice still calm, JT declared, “The next five will come one after the other, with no break. It will hurt more. Take a few breaths and tell me when you are ready.”

I could not imagine how it could hurt worse, and wasn”t sure I could bear it. I did as JT suggested, breathing slow aksaray escort and deep. The breathing steadied me. He continued to massage and caress my ass. I badly wanted him to fuck me. I also badly wanted to impress him, to endure the “discipline” of the spanking. Finally I whispered, “Ready, Sir.”

The next five wallops came down like machine gun fire. Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek, and another two-hander on both cheeks. I counted each one aloud with a “Sir” attached. My voice grew louder and more breathy with each one. After yelling “Ten, Sir!” I also yelled “Shit!”

The spanking halted and JT immediately turned gentle again. This time he simply ran his fingertips over my ass. My ass felt as though it had been burned, so even a light touch was electrifying. Because my legs were spread before him like wheelbarrow handles, JT was able to reach underneath me and stroke my cock. The tingly, stinging sensation of my ass added something new to the sensations coming from my cock. It had grown softer during the spanking, but it firmed up immediately in JT”s hand.

“Good job, boy,” he said. “We”re halfway done. And the hardest part is over.” He released my cock and removed his hand from my warm ass. He had told me that we were going to reach twenty.

The remaining ten slaps were timed about ten seconds apart, alternating from my left ass cheek to my right ass cheek and back again. There were no two-handed smacks. Each slap stung, and each slap rang out in the hush of the room. But because of JT”s technique, it was not as overwhelming as the five rapid-fire slaps a few moments earlier. I finally cried, “Twenty, Sir!” with a loud voice. And my body went limp, and I put my head down on the floor and closed my eyes.

The room erupted in applause.

JT gently unhooked my feet from the back of the couch, and lowered my legs to the floor. This left me kind of hunched on the floor of the living room. JT slid down and folded himself over me. He bit my earlobe and he whispered. “I”d like to fuck you now, boy. What do you say?”

Sam publicly asked to be spanked hard, and he publicly received what he asked for. Now that the spanking is over, JT wants to fuck Sam. Will Sam say yes? The answer will probably not surprise you, but keep reading anyway!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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