Margo and Tesa Act Out

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This story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have. It’s sort of like those old time radio shows where you have to use a lot of imagination. This story should have enough facts for you to use your imagination to fill it in though.

I like the constructive criticism comments I get back from readers because I learn from them. The slash and burn comments will be deleted as soon as I see them because they are meaningless and a waste of time both yours and mine.


Margo and Tesa Act Out.

This story took place way back when our group was a lot younger. We were young, and being young we figured we were indestructible. For those reasons all of us were fun loving, carefree and out for a good time. Those were the main reasons for our groups fun times…

Or maybe it was everyone was just a bit under the influence of the drink and horny.

Margo, and I had a house that was in a secluded place in the country and we found soon after we bought the place that our friends thought it was the perfect place for having private parties. That meant they were out fairly often just for that reason. Not that we minded, because we enjoyed a good party as well as anyone. As an added bonus, sometimes when they all came out we put them to work around the yard doing some of those jobs that were heavy lifting.

We had invited our friends out for an afternoon and evening of socializing, drinks and merriment. Of course, everyone was expected to spend the night as well. Included in the group of invitees were our friends Andy, whom I worked with, and his wife Tesa. There were also two other guys we worked with, Ray and Garry. We all were fairly close and did a lot of socializing together.

Ray and Garry hadn’t been out to our place too many times, so it was a bonus they never got lost finding their way, and everyone was assembled at our place just after lunch. We had been having fun all afternoon, drinking, playing Tetherball, beanbag toss, sitting in the sun and just generally having a lot of laughs. Come about five we ate the pot luck supper that had been arranged and never stopped pouring the drinks. It was a very enjoyable time.

I guess I should give a short description of all of us. Margo, my sexy wife, had a lot going for her. What she had was a cute face on a little frame with a firm bikini model’s body. All that plus C cup breasts and legs that went on forever. That ass. Wow. It makes her the regular focus of my fantasies. Everywhere we go she gets checked out, some guys openly staring as she walks about. Yeah, she knew she was hot. Her good looks had attracted men her whole life and she was used to the disturbance the guys made trying to get her attention. With as many admiring looks as she got, she couldn’t help but know she was hot. She once had told me the awareness of all the attention she got confirmed to her that she was good looking and it made her feel good. I knew what she thought about herself, and knew I was the one she wanted to be with, so I was a happy camper.

She literally worked her ass off in our basement gym to keep looking that good, and I was the guy that benefited from her hard work. When we first met I was drawn to her right from the start and as an added bonus she seemed to like me. Believe me it was an ego thing for me knowing I had hooked the hottest girl around and I thanked God every day that I was lucky enough to catch her. Mind you, for whatever reason she was constantly saying she was the lucky one.

When we first started dating we did everything together and found we had the same interests. There was a lot of experimenting in the bedroom and we had a ball together. After us dating for a while I found she would flaunt her body when I asked her to. If I got her on a day when she was feeling mischievous she would accidently flash some guy and she actually found it exciting. We both got a kick out of watching the guys’ reactions. It didn’t take her long before she found out it turned me on watching her flash strangers and friends, and she also found that she could get a hot session in bed out of me after “fortuitously” displaying her charms to others.

The day of our party she feeling playful and was wearing her white, very tight short shorts, and a matching colored micro bikini top that highlighted her Mediterranean coloured skin. The top she was wearing did cover her nipples, but it sure looked like those nipples wanted to escape. They actually did a few times around the Tetherball court to all the guys delight. To top off her looks that day those shorts she was wearing displayed a nice camel toe. I knew my friends were enjoying the show, and Margo was sure enjoying the showing. The way she was acting I was sure there was going to be a lot of hot action in the bedroom that night. I just didn’t realize how hot it was going to be.

Our friend Tesa had always looked pretty good herself, and that day was Ankara escort no exception. She was quite cute with nice firm B cup tits, slim waist and curvy hips with a shapely ass that was so firm I’m sure you could bounce quarters off it. As a bonus, she was covered in freckles and I’m the type of guy that just loves those on a girl.

When we first met her, she was a bit prudish, but as she got to know the group she had relaxed and was a lot more fun to be around now. The prudish girl she was is gone now. That’s because Andy told her he liked her nipples and it turned him on when she wore tight tops to show them off. She changed her style of dress for him, and found she enjoyed the way guys checked out those nipples of hers as they tried to poke through the material of her tops. Because she liked the attention she now always seemed to wear snug fitting, bare belly tops with no bra that showed her nipples off to the best advantage. Believe me Tesa had long nipples and they always seemed to be hard. Looking at those nipples on those tits of hers you could imagine them saying “Suck me,” which I’m sure a lot of guys would be happy to do.

The day of our party she was in a pair of really tight cut off jean shorts that displayed a fair bit of those firm ass cheeks she had, and to top it off she wore a thin white tube top. You didn’t have to look too hard to plainly see those brown areolas and nipples of hers.

Tesa’s husband Andy was a good guy, and a good friend that was always fooling around making people laugh. He was also the type of guy that was always flirting with any girl that happened to be around, but I’m sure if any one of those girls would have said yes he would have run for the hills. Being who he was, he kept up the flirting though. Margo said he was good looking, which I was no expert on what with him being a guy and all, but if she said he was good looking who was I to argue with what she thought.

Ray and Garry were guys we worked with and we always seemed to be socializing together with them. They could have been brothers, they looked so much alike. Just over six feet and in good condition and it seemed they had a never ending stream of female admirers after them. They didn’t take on too many of them, but they did have their share. They weren’t looking for anything permanent, thus the females they dated were just a diversion for them. I guess they looked handsome, and more than a few times Margo and Tesa told us they thought they were hot. All us guys were dressed for the warm weather in our summer tee shirts and shorts.

So after that brief description back to the story. After the evening meal Margo was getting ready to go out and take care of the horses and a few chores which got Ray and Garry’s interest because they had always wanted to ride a horse but had never had the chance. Ray jumped up and said, “Margo how about you finally let Garry and me ride a horse for a bit. We have been after you guys for a while now to let us ride but it’s never happened.”

Margo looked back and replied, “Yeah sure. At least then you will stop bugging us for a ride. I’ll put the training pads on Lucky and Pat and let you ride around the training pen while I do the rest of the chores.”

Andy then said, “Well if Ray and Garry are going out I’ll come along and help you do chores while they ride.”

Margo thought about it and added, “OK sounds like a plan.’ She then looked over at Tesa and asked, “How about you Tesa, do you want some fresh air too?”

Tesa didn’t hesitate and answered, “No I’m good. I’ll do what little dishes we have here if Bill will help me, and then that will be everything done that has to be done, and we can enjoy the rest of the evening.” With those arrangements made the four of them headed outside while Tesa and I headed for the kitchen.

As we got to the kitchen I said, “I don’t like washing so if you don’t mind, you do the washing and I’ll dry.”

“Sounds good to me, I don’t know which cupboard half this stuff goes in anyway.” While the sink filled with water we watched Margo through the kitchen window get the two horses ready and get Ray and Garry situated and let them loose in the training ring to do their thing. With the two guys finally riding Andy and Margo headed to the feed shed to get things organised for the chores. Just as they entered the feed shed, Andy who was behind Margo, grabbed both cheeks of Margo’s ass.

Tesa with disgust in her voice exclaimed, “Did you see that? That husband of mine just played grab ass with your wife as they went into the feed shed.” I had caught the action in the corner of my eye and saw that Margo had jumped when that happened, but when Margo turned to face Andy she was laughing. I wasn’t to worried, but wanted to see what Tesa was going to do about what she saw, so I replied, “No. I missed that. Are you sure?”

Tesa was still agitated “Damn right. You can bet that I’m going to give him a piece of my mind when they come back in. He has no sense of what’s right or wrong at all.”

I tried to calm her down by telling Ankara escort bayan her, “I wouldn’t worry too much about that little bit of fooling around. After all, we all do some flirting every now and then, and I’m sure it’s the drinks they had earlier that has made the two of them act that way.”

Tesa never said anything but started to wash the dishes. As the two of us were doing the dishes I kept rubbing up against her using the excuse of looking out the window. I could tell Tesa was still upset as we keep watching our spouses naughtily playing grab ass back and forth with each other. I knew what I was going to do and just needed an opening to do it. Suddenly there was a kiss exchanged between Andy and my wife and I’m sure there was some tongue action involved.

I told Tesa, “It looks to me like Margo isn’t upset, she is still smiling at him and doing her own ass grabbing as much as he is her. They seem to be enjoying themselves so it’s only fair we do too.” That’s when I tossed the dishcloth on the counter and pressed her up against the counter with my hands firmly on her ass. I didn’t waste any time as I proceeded to give both her cheeks a good molesting.

That got a reaction. Her body stiffened up and that ass of hers tightened so it was real hard and she exclaimed, “Wooah. Jesus Bill what are you doing? That’s my ass you’re playing with. What would Margo think if she saw this? God she’s my best friend and Andy’s yours.”

I countered with, “Yeah I know, but the way I see things is if Andy is my best friend, and my wife and him are fooling around in the feed shed, then I am entitled to play grab ass with his wife.”

“Haven’t you ever heard that two wrongs don’t make a right?”

I waited a bit as I continued to molest those cheeks of hers thinking to myself. “She has a firmer ass that I thought, and it feels pretty damn good in my hands.” I countered her question with, “That may be so, but you have a nice tight ass and it feels pretty good…” I paused and thought about what I was going to say then said, “Just tell me this. I’ve had my hands all over your ass for a few minutes now, and if you must know I’m enjoying it, but you haven’t complained too loudly, or stopped me, does that mean you like it?”

Tesa never said anything for a while and I could see she was thinking about her answer. When she did speak, she said, “I was so involved in watching your wife and my husband play around, my mind seems to have blocked out what you are doing. I have to admit, I just now realized just what is going on, and yeah, it is giving me a bit of a buzz.”

“So you like huh,” I asked.

I was still standing behind her molesting her ass as she said. “Well like I said, it does feel kind of thrilling, plus knowing if our two spouses looked over this way they could probably figure out what you are doing. I think the kick I feel is because we aren’t supposed to do things like this.”

Tesa was washing the last bowl when I took my hands off her ass and slid them up the sides of that slim waist she has and pushed her tube top up exposing those tits of hers and grabbed them in my hands. She almost dropped the bowl, but luckily didn’t. I immediately found those nipples of hers and started to flick them with my fingers.

My actions sure surprised her and her response was almost immediate. There was squirming and her trying to twist away from my hands, but I had her pinned against the counter so she couldn’t get away. Mind you she wasn’t fighting too hard. Her voice increased in volume as she asked me. “What the hell are you doing? Anyone could look in the window and see what you are doing.”

I responded by telling her, “I just thought it was the thing to do. After all, if a bit of having your ass molested while in front of the window where your husband might see you gives you a thrill, this must give you a real feeling of excitement. Besides I’ve thought for a long time now that I would like to get in your pants, and this seems like the time to let you know I would love to screw your ass off.”

Tesa surprised me by not being more upset when she said, “God that’s some way to let a girl know something like that. Couldn’t you just ask? Hell having some guy just grab your tits and then tell you he wants to fuck you is a funny way of trying to get in my pants.”

She wasn’t resisting my advances so I stated, “This is more fun, and to just let you know, you have the hardest nipples I’ve ever felt. They are like rocks.” Just then she surprised me by moving one of her hands down between us and she started to rub my cock through my shorts. Boy I tell you it sure didn’t take long for me to get a hard on.

Tesa exclaimed, “You feel like you have a nice package there. Can I play with it?

What a dumb question that was.

I just thrust my pelvis at her hand and said, “Well the way I see things is I’m playing with your tits and have told you I want to fuck you, so if you want to play with my cock go right ahead.” I stepped back a bit to let her turn to face me and it didn’t take more Escort Ankara than a second for her to be undoing buttons and slipping my zipper down to free my cock.

In a quiet voice Tesa said, “Oh yes that is a nice package and it’s so hard already. I think I would like to let you have your way with me.” She giggled and in a mischievous voice said, “Or maybe when it’s time I will be the one having my way with you… We are definitely going to find some time to set something up so we can get together.” With her stroking my cock all I could think about was how good her hand felt on my cock. I knew being with her, going all the way, and enjoying her charms would be a lot of fun.

I told her, “Anytime you can arrange things is OK with me. Damn that stroking you are doing feels pretty good.”

Just then I looked out the window and saw everyone heading for the house, Shit! “We’re going to have to stop. It looks like the four of them are heading back in.”

Tesa looked over her shoulder out the window and told me, “To bad, this was getting to be fun… But after thinking a bit I think I have an idea how we can continue to have fun, so for now get your prick back in your shorts and straighten up and I’ll see if I can organize something.”

We both managed to get organized just before everyone came back in. I don’t think anyone noticed anything because they were more interested in the jug of Margareta’s that was in the fridge. Drinks were poured and Tesa and Margo stayed back in the kitchen fixing another jug of Margareta’s to put in the fridge to cool while all us guys went to the family room to kill time watching a bit of the ball game that was on.

Before we separated from the girls I was curious as to what Tessa was going to say to Margo so I turned on our intercom that was in the house when we bought it. I then quickly headed down the hall to our office. I just had turned on the intercom in the office when I heard Tesa say, “Guess what I saw when I was washing dishes?”

Margo replied “What?”

Tesa then said, ‘Imagine my surprise when Bill and I looked and saw you and Andy in the shed playing grab ass.”

Margo was surprised by that but answered, “Oh, oh sorry about that. I think I’ve had a couple of drinks to many.”

Tesa then declared, “The real kicker was when Bill saw that, he decided that if you guys could play around we could to, and that’s just what we did… So did you and Andy enjoy yourself doing your bit of forbidden playing.”

Margo said, “Well… I admit it was a bit of a turn on knowing someone besides my husband finds me sexy. Hell I’ve had guys check me out my whole life and he was the first one that ever did something that aggressive with me, so yeah it was fun.”

Tesa told her, “Bill and I found that was the case too… I have to admit I’ve had fantasies about Bill and after a bit of teasing today I can see a lot more of those dreams in the future.”

“I’ve thought the same things about your Andy.”

Tesa then said, “Now that we both had a bit of a teaser with the others husband what’s next? You admit it was fun, so I suppose you would like to take it further with Andy. I must confess I sure would like to try out that cock of Bill’s.” She paused for a bit, then said, “I know it’s kind of weird but have you ever thought of swinging? With the four of us swapping partners, we all can have our fun.”

There was a bit of a pause then Margo said, “I’ve heard of people that have done that and it could be fun. Are you saying you would like to try it with Bill and I?”

“Yeah it could be a rush, and with all of us swapping there shouldn’t be any hard feelings like if someone caught the other one sneaking around. With everything out in the open we could really get it on with no one being upset with the others.”

Margo stated, “Makes sense. It does sound like fun, but I wonder how are we going to go about arranging something like that.”

Tesa thought for a bit then said, “Well that’s where things get a bit complicated. If I had my way I would do it right now and I’m sure you do too, but we also have Ray and Garry in the house and sneaking around after dark seems a bit dangerous because I can get to be quite noisy.”

Margo then said, “I almost forgot about the two of them. Should we plan to do this another time?”

Tesa said “I don’t really want to wait for it to happen because this seems to be the right time now. Andy and you are hot from flirting the same as Bill and I are, so now would probably be the best time.”

Nothing was said for a while then Tesa excitedly said, “I got it. I got it. You invited all of us to spend the night so it would be bad manners and not right to suddenly kick out Ray and Garry. About the only way to get our fantasy happening tonight might be to include them in the action, too. What do you think about that idea?”

I could tell that thought caught Margo by surprise. She finally spoke and said, “Holy crap, when you first came up with the idea of swapping it sounded exciting and I was getting hot thinking about it. This new idea of yours of upping the stakes, from a swap to an orgy may be pushing things a bit, even though I have to admit it does sound very exhilarating though. I’ve never had more than one cock in one night, How about you?”

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