Maria and Her Boys Ch. 19

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I tried my new princess butt plugs — two of them. Given my limited experience with anal fun, I chose only medium sizes, one pink and one purple. I can’t decide which colour I prefer. They were delivered to my office and I could not stop myself from blushing. Or from glancing at the plain, brown package repeatedly during the day as I thought about what was inside.

Next day, I decided to wear the pink plug. It was so shiny but very hard as I gingerly pressed it into my tight hole. Even with lube there was a brief stab of discomfort until I got it nicely seated inside. Soon, though, it was comfortable and unobtrusive — just perfect to wear during the day.

It felt lovely and brazen to be aware of the shiny steel toy whenever I sat down or moved in my chair. The dull sensations were a secret thrill and many times I realised that times my vag was tingling. The real excitement, though, was the knowledge that I was going to let Matthew find me wearing a plug that following Saturday.

My sweet young man. I have to admit to myself that I am developing feelings for him. And I intend to keep him for as long as I can. And why not? He is attentive and obedient and so accepting of me. As if I am more than a dirty older woman. Someone with needs as well as lust. He gives me confidence and, somehow, my own desires seem to be expanding as I explore his youthful sexual ideas.

Yes, I have had sex with other boys – my almost men. I have enjoyed anal sex. I tried a threesome — which was strange and satisfying — and even had sex with a man while his wife watched us with her own excitement.

With Matthew as my young lover, I am ready to do more. To really let go of my inhibitions and know that I won’t be judged. I can see the pattern in my behaviour. I’d been worried about feeling like I was becoming a slut, always ready and hungry for more. But I am older and experienced and confident — I can have everything I want. Wearing my steel plug in my bottom through the day, and thinking about Mathew, was my mind telling me that I am ready.


I showered carefully and used just enough lube to insert my little toy with the heart-shaped purple jewel. My heart was racing faster than usual when I opened the door for Matthew — wearing nothing but my robe hanging open at the front to show him my toned, lust-filled body. This time there was anticipation for something new. For him to discover the secret I so wanted to share.

I slipped off my robe as I went through my bedroom door. There was no shyness. But I wanted him to discover it for himself, to watch the reaction on his face. I imagined that the purple jewel looked so enormous in the cleft of my bottom. That he would see it readily as he followed my backside to the bed. But he said nothing.

We hugged and I felt myself tingling as his hands ran over my boobs and down to my hips. Then around to my butt cheeks. Would this be the moment he discovered my secret? I didn’t interrupt his lovely touch, happy at the greedy groping of my young lover.

In bed, he went straight for my boobs. Oh yes, he was horny and needy. I love a young man who comes to me full of lust and hormones. His mouth on my boobs was sensational and I felt even better when his fingers started stroking my vag. Surely he would go lower and discover my little treasure. I was already soaking when his finger slipped between my labia, spreading them gently. Matthew flicked his tongue over my nipples. I knew he was intent on making me cum — such a good boy. When his finger found my clit, I arched my back for him.

“Oh, Matt…” I murmured, urging him on.

What I discovered was that my involuntary movements worked the steel plug in my tight bottom. That sent such lovely tingles all through my body. I moaned softly, still waiting for him for him to find my toy. And then his hand went low. This time he could not avoid brushing against my newest piece of jewellery. I was ready for more but I saw him hesitate. It was, in my state of arousal, the worst possible moment — and also the best. At last, my secret was revealed. I was excited physically and also knowing it was such a wonderful first for my young man. And I knew that Matt was not going to judge me. He looked at me and I gave him a naughty smile, feeling deliciously naughty.

“Its OK. Touch it.”

I was wearing a butt plug in bed with a young man. And I was showing it, letting him touch it. I’d wanted this so badly. I felt a little giddy.

“What?… Is that?…”

“I got it for us. Touch it.”

Oh yes, I wanted him to touch it. Matthew pressed gently against the purple jewel. I felt that first little poke deep inside my body. What a moment. I was feeling exultant – free and open. He pressed again I felt the whole plug move deep inside me. It gave me a surge of pleasure. I had not imagined it could be so good. And it got better because, being curious, he grabbed the edge and tried to move it while it was stuck tight. I moaned a with pleasure, the sensations all through my bum and deep in my vag.

“What do you think? bahis şirketleri Do you like it.”

“It looks great. Ummm… I didn’t know you were into those.”

I’d never been so open and wanton with any man. Not even when letting Clayton use a vibrator on me.

“I wanted to try for you,” I replied.

It was one of my little white lies. My boys don’t need to know everything. Still, there was no need for being coy or denying how excited I was. My heart was really thumping. And now it was time to flip onto my tummy, legs apart to give a good view of the little jewel in my backdoor.

“Kiss my bum,” I ordered with a moan.

Matthew got behind me and started to plant soft kisses all over my cheeks. His mouth always feels so good on my bottom. And my special jewellery was only inches from his lips.

“Play with it,” I told him. “Gently…”

I tell you, I was hooked the moment Matthew started gently rubbing and jiggling the thick metal toy in my bum hole. Everything about it was incredibly sexy. It started with the soft tingles of his kisses but they were eclipsed by the feelings of gentle pressure that spread through my tummy and especially my vag. It was the most amazing exploration and already I knew that I wanted more anal pleasure with Matthew.

“Ohhh… yes, like that… move it around…” I said to my young man.

“Its not hurting you?”

It most definitely was not hurting. I’d known that the plug should be a tight fit to stop it falling out. But I’d not realised how intense it felt to have my passage, and all those nerve endings, wrapped so close to the warm steel. Every gentle touch and movement sent wonderful sensations into my vag and then the rest of my body. I love being fingered in my bottom but this was more intense than I’d expected.

The whole thing was making me more horny and needy. The amazing feeling soon overcame my caution. I wanted to share everything with my sweet boy. My desire made me brave. And my vag was desperate for relief. I flipped back, face-up and spread my legs for him.

“I need you to lick me.”

He didn’t make me wait. His mouth and tongue went straight to work. He started with those lovely long licks from bottom to top, like I taught him. But soon his young tongue was probing my opening and making me moan loudly. He has been such a good learner. And his licking and sucking was even better with the pressure of that toy wedged inside my bum. I knew I was soaking for him as I reached down to cradle his head between my thighs. Then Matthew pressed against the little jewel.

“Yes, yes…” I whimpered in response to the sudden pressure.

My vag sure reacted. There was all this extra warmth and a gush of wetness as I spasmed with my first orgasm. And Matthew must have realised how good it felt because he started pressing the toy like a button.

“Yes, more… oh, fuck…”

Of course my clit was hard and sensitive but his tongue was just the side dish. He began to pulse the steel toy in my bottom and there was no stopping my next orgasm. The feeling was indescribable and the lovely feeling of pressure spread from my bum into my vag.

I admit that I enjoy having my bottom stimulated. I could never have guessed there are so many different ways. A tongue feels so lovely and dirty. It can be even better to be penetrated and filled in my back passage. And Matthew’s wiggling of the princess plug was new and wonderful. I drank in the wicked pleasure of his mouth on my vag and his playing in my bottom

This time I remembered to pull a pillow over my face — to muffle my sounds. But Matt stayed down there, driving me to one orgasm after another. I could not believe how incredible it all felt.

“Ohh, Matt…” I cried into the pillow.

Then he tried something different, using the plug like his fingers in my bottom – each time I came loudly he dragged the plug back and then shoved it forward again. That created such amazing explosions in my body. The orgasms were so different, like being fingered in there and, yet, not the same. All I know is that they were delicious and I’d need more of those in the future.

I was panting hard, flushed, when I stopped Matt. I wasn’t sated but, then again, I didn’t want to risk too much of a good thing. And my experiment had worked. Matt was not repelled and the pleasure I’d experienced was more like sexual bliss than a plain orgasm. I was glowing with pride in my bravery — and my choice of a perfect young man — and well aware that I had now crossed a line with my sexual desires.

I signalled for him to roll over. Then I knelt beside him and took his hard dick in my mouth. The fact he was so big and swollen was a wonderful sign — he’d really enjoyed playing with my bottom as well.

With my hand stroking his base, I bobbed up and down on that wonderful young cock. I was excited and probably going too fast. But I wanted him to shoot and I gave him my best with my lips and my tongue. It worked, of course, and it wasn’t long before Matt began to pulse his hips, thrusting up to my mouth as if he wanted bahis firmaları to fill me even further. It was such a turn-on for me. I knew what he wanted and tried to stuff even more of his manhood into my wet mouth.

“Maria… Maria…”

He shot hard just as I cupped his balls in my other hand. A massive load flooded me and I swallowed fast. He was pulsing with his power and energy as he readied his next shot. It just felt “right” to have him blast into my mouth. Every young man should have a woman swallow his load. And what a reward for me. I wanted all his stuff. I needed to be primal with him. Being a young and virile, he had no trouble shooting again and again, groaning and moaning as his hips arched off the bed. Of course I swallowed every drop and then sucked him dry.

I’d been panting so hard and then, with his big dick in my mouth, I found it hard to breathe. It was almost a relief when Matthew finally was done with emptying his young balls. We lay together, panting hard as I stroked my hands gently over his six-pack and his powerful chest.


It wasn’t long after that I decided to remove the plug. Like I say, I was wary of having too much of a good thing. Without much experience, I wasn’t sure what else we should do. My other naughty ideas would keep for another day.

“Do you want to help me?” I asked with a soft smile. “Take it out for me?”

I rolled onto my side with my knees pulled up high. It must be warped to have an older woman asking a boy, barely old enough to be her son, to yank a steel butt plug from her rear end. But, really, what do we have to hide now? And Matt was game so it was lovely to share that with him. I pulled my knees up and he used one hand to spread my bottom. Luckily he was careful. It did hurt a little, though — just a shot of pain as the width of the plug squeezed through my tight opening. Let me say, that brief pain was more than worth it considering the fun we’d had already had that day.

“Better than porn, isn’t it?” I asked with a grin. “The real thing, I mean.”

“I can’t believe it. Like… porn. But you are the real thing.”

What a sweet boy. I kissed him as a little thank you.

“I promised I would teach you things. You just have to keep behaving yourself. Who knows what else I might want to try?”

The truth, as I am sure you can guess, is that I already have one or two things I want to try with Mathew. But we spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking. Now that his stamina has improved, we have long sessions of screwing. That afternoon, we used lots of positions. I rode on top for a long time, enjoying the sight of his big muscles as I worked his dick into all the right paces. I especially enjoyed feeling the way he lifts his hips — poking his manhood further into me. I don’t know if Matt even realises he is doing that but its extra sexy to feel him so needy and for him to take a little more pleasure from me.

He gave me lots of lovely, long licking. And such wonderful orgasms. Afterwards, he took me from behind a few times. The last one was a really good ramming that made my bottom jiggle and my boobs bounce. I know its normal for a boy his age to have so much lust. But there’s something delicious about Matthew having the physical power to match it. I let him fuck me like he wanted till he pulled out and shot his final load over my back and my butt cheeks.

Matthew needed to pee. I followed him to the bathroom, trying to be casual. He didn’t mind me watching. I was fascinated — that something as wonderful as his penis can do that as well as shoot his load. And to see that hard, gushing stream that so easily flows out from the little hole. I only ever stole a glance when it was my ex-husband. But Matthew lets me do what I want and I was captivated with thinking about the heat of his stream as it shoots out of his body.

Naturally, I needed to pee, as well. Especially after watching him. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t self-conscious at all. I didn’t try to sneak while he wasn’t looking. Or wait for him to leave. In all my years of marriage and having kids, I almost never used the toilet without the door closed.

That day, Matthew was standing in front of me. For some reason, I suddenly had a need to share this with my young lover. I knew he was looking. I was sitting and, holding his gaze in mine, I forced myself to open my legs. I felt very daring and sexy. And yes, I was very conscious that he was getting something my husband never did — or perhaps would not have wanted. The only problem was a little bit of stage fright.

I started with a little trickle. I forced myself to spread my legs some more. I wanted Matthew to see my hot stream, even if its not as impressive as his. Honestly, it felt dirty and weird. But I’d already decided to share more of my secret side with him. And it felt liberating — just like any man who so casually pisses wherever he chooses.

It seemed so loud as my pee splashed into the water. I wasn’t stopping, though. I almost parted my lips for him, to give a kaçak bahis siteleri better view. But I only had a small amount that day and I was finished almost as soon as I’d started.

My goodness — so dirty and wicked. But what a rush. It was exhilarating even if I felt a little embarrassed. Matthew was still looking between my legs, like he was in awe of what he’d seen. I’d been so shameless but he had obviously enjoyed it very much. His reaction made me excited and proud. Another amazing first that we’d shared.

I was inspired, too. My Matthew was still standing in front of me. His penis was looking nice and meaty. He had not wiped himself after his pee and there was a little drop right on his hole, hanging there. Something popped into my head right then and I couldn’t stop myself. I leaned forward and gave a little kiss to his penis. Not the tip, not that little droplet – I wasn’t feeling quite that brave, even though I’ll admit to being curious. I love everything to do with his penis. Even his pee. Would it be horrid? Even a tiny taste?

Well, that was not the day. I sent him home before I got into the shower. I wanted to be solo. Some pleasures should be rationed. And, as you know, I am wary of creating patterns or habits with my boys. Its important that I stay in control and don’t let them take anything for granted.

I will admit, of course, that I take for granted many things about my boys. Though it seems that Matthew is exceeding my normal expectations. I’d been wondering if he was really more special than my other young men. Now I knew the answer. I glowed for the rest of the weekend.


That was not, however, the last time I glowed that week. Later, after some busy days at work and an important meeting with a new customer, I decided on a nice, relaxing lunch in a new café. I saw a lovely boy there who was young enough to get my attention. I couldn’t help myself.

In my defence, I should say that he was checking me out while I was deciding what to order. He was trying to be discreet. But women often know when a man is showing more interest than he should. And this young fellow was too inexperienced to really hide it. I was enjoying his gaze, though, and deliberately took my time to choose my food.

He is a nice-looking boy, tall and blonde. I could see that he spends time outdoors as he has a nice brown tan. I couldn’t guess his age but he is in the right bracket — younger than my daughter. He has chosen to wear a man-bun which normally does nothing for me. But having his hair pulled back showed off his young, soft face very nicely. And he gave me a very nice smile as he took my order.

My next step was obvious. I undid some buttons on my shirt, making sure that my boobs were showing nicely. The café is not in my usual area so I wasn’t concerned about other customers. When he came back with my meal, I made sure to lean way forward. I know, its cheap and I was taking advantage of a young man. But I gave him a good view all the way down my cleavage. He was quite bold, too, having a good look. We smiled at one another and I was knew that he was interested.

I saw the proof when I glanced at him a minute later. He was by the counter and trying to hide himself. But there was a very nice lump in his pants. One can never tell — but it looks like he is very satisfactory.

So I left him a note before I left — “If you liked that, my number is…”


That Saturday afternoon, in my bed pretending to relax, my heart started pounding when I heard Matthew at the door. I finally got organised and gave Matt his own key as well as the code for the entrance downstairs. It felt like I was graduating my young man but Matthew has more than earned it. I still remember the morning when my Clayton turned-up unannounced. I did my best to show my displeasure to Clayton, as if he was treating me like an easy lay. I wonder if Matthew would ever do that. And I wonder if I would react differently.

So, I was already naked in my bed when Matt let himself inside. I was, however, already wearing my new favourite sex toy. I had waited till just a few minutes before I expected him. Then I slipped some lube into my rear passage. I lay on my side and carefully inserted my steel plug, forcing the width of the bulb past my tight little sphincters. It made my vag throbbing and wet as I waited.

He did not disappoint as he greeted me with a quick kiss before he began undressing in front of me. My legs spread in an involuntary movement as he let me gaze on his gorgeous body. Those big muscles bulged and rippled as his t-shirt came off, followed by his jeans. He was facing towards me and I just had to stare as his beautiful dick was unveiled. It was hard for me, the foreskin already retracting to display the big, spongy head.

“I like it when you come to me like that,” I grinned to him.

He was already walking towards me when I rolled onto my tummy, my head on his side of the bed, and that fabulous, hard dick was right in my face. His shaft was hard and straight. Just beautiful with a hint of veins as it bobbed. Naturally I had to have it in my mouth. I’ve never sucked a penis in that position but I guided him between my lips, sucking him deep to show Matthew how hungry I was.

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