Mark , Jenni Keeping Secrets

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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts sex between consenting adults, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Another customer kick-off, another day sat achieving little apart from adding the odd snippet and listening to the Salesperson promise the earth as Sales tended to do while disappearing into the metaphorical sunset with their commission. Sales were handing over to Mark and his Project Manager. The salespersons last act was to introduce the Implementation team, although these were the only ones a customer would see, they were at pains to stress that there were a significant number back at base supporting the on-site team. ‘Time to earn you corn’ Mark thought to himself as it came round to introduce himself.

The customer had brought six people into the meeting room and Mark had deliberately sat among them rather than with his colleagues. He didn’t like the us and them seating arrangements of the usual meeting room table. The customer had introduced their people and Mark had taken note of the one’s he would be working closely with; he used his usual line of “I’m your newest best friend from now onwards until we go live.” The others around the table he decided were talking heads and his interaction with them would be limited.

Mark couldn’t shake the feeling off that he had met one of the people he would be working closely with — Jenni was her name he remembered — looked very familiar to him but where had he seen her before? During a break in the meeting, he was stood in the corner getting himself another drink when Jenni came to do the same. He towered above her at 6 3 compared to her diminutive 5 4 slight build, what the difference afforded him was a nice view down her low-cut top to show the nice round globes of her boobs — he guessed at least a 40DD if not an E. Yes, he was going to enjoy spending time in her company if today was anything to go by. “Erm, do you need to rush off after this meeting as I’d like to have a discussion without all the hangers on.”

John shrugged “Sure thing. I did say I’d be your new best friend. Just grab me when everyone starts filing out. This might seem weird, but have we met before. Have you ever worked at Taskers, or maybe Imperial?”

Jenni blushed and looked down at her feet as she answered “No, neither of those I’m afraid.” It was at this point that the customers project sponsor came back into the room from the toilet break and got the meeting back under way. The lunch provided was the usual meeting buffet, Mark had sampled so many that he was starting to dread them. Occasionally a customer would think different and make alternate arrangements. The afternoon had progressed according to plan, so much so that they wound up earlier than expected. Mark nodded to Jenni as she stood at the door waiting for him. Once he’d finished the handshakes with the others, he gestured for her to lead the way and followed Jenni down a series of corridors.

Once Jenni came to an office, she had expected to be empty she said, “This will do” and shut the door once Mark had entered. Mark took a seat and waited for Jenni to start. “Thanks for doing this for me. I have a big, big favour to ask and wanted it out in the open at the earliest possible opportunity but away from prying ears.” Mark kept his face neutral indicating for her to continue. “Based on what you were saying earlier you are going to be looking at me to give you some steer,” he nodded, “It’s just… erm, how do I say this… err, I don’t actually know what I’m doing here.”

Mark was temporarily floored and after a bit of mouth gaping asked “How…”

Jenni cut him off saying “I bluffed my way in here, you know, used my feminine persuasion and just basically blagged it. I saw you looking earlier and yes, I did use these babies… “she hefted her bountiful chest in her hands which Mark judged as impressive “Now I know what you’re probably thinking — how did you get here? or maybe even what’s it to do with you? — but I need this job right now for my families sake and I would really, really appreciate if you could cut me some slack and maybe help me over a few speed bumps?”

Jenni then sat back and waited for his response, she had to wait a while as he evaluated her words. Eventually he nodded his agreement and said “It’s not exactly something I had planned for, but I see no reason why it can’t be accommodated. It will change how we train people. I think it prudent for me to prep you prior to a session with our trainer who will take you and your staff through everything, jot down any almanbahis adresi questions you don’t feel comfortable asking in front of the others and I will take you through those as a one to one. Would that work for you?”

Jenni gave a sigh of relief and replied, “That would be more than fine, I’ll be a happy bunny rabbit…” Marks’ face changed slightly “… It would work perfectly for me.”

The first sentence suddenly struck Mark; he knew where he recognised Jenni thanks to the words ‘happy bunny rabbit’. Jenni looked curiously at his change of expression and waited patiently while he debated if he should say something but eventually, he did, and Jenni wished he hadn’t. “I’ve just realised where I recognise you from…” the colour drained from Jenni’s face. She had hoped that her ‘extra-curricular activities’ outside of work would never come to light and sat looking down at her hands as she wrung them in each other, waiting for the inevitable. “I have to say that I don’t have too many of your videos, but I am a big fan” Mark continued.

“Please don’t say anything to the people here, I’m begging you.” Jenni said as she looked him in the eye trying to gauge if her world was about to come crashing down. She knew when she did the videos some time ago that posting Amateur porn was always a risk for years to come but she was depressingly desperate at the time and doing the movies not only put food on the table for her kids, but they actually raised enough to clear most of their debts that her good for nothing husband had run up when he lost his job.

Mark held his hands up to stop her, “Don’t worry, I see no benefit for anyone in saying anything to anyone — here or anywhere else for that matter. You say you need this job for your family’s sake?” Jenni nodded once “Ok, my lips are sealed but you must do what I say, when I say it.” What Mark actually meant was actually prioritise her time and work on the project.

Jenni took his ambiguous words in a different way “Anything. Absolutely anything as long as it doesn’t affect my job here” and with that started to unbutton her blouse from the top button down. By the time that the third was popped, the swell of her breasts pushed the material aside and a very impressive cleavage came into view — very impressive indeed. “I saw you looking at these earlier and you’ve obviously seen them uncovered on video before, but will this persuade you of my true intentions?”

The blouse was pulled out her waist band and discarded to the side, she then reached behind her back and unclasped her bra strap. To say the elastic breathed a sigh of relief would have been an understatement. Mark just sat there like a rabbit in the headlights. He had seen some magnificent boobs in the past, but these were truly defied gravity. “I promise that if we go live on time, in budget and with none of my colleagues here catching wind of my Onlyfans page I will let you experience with me what you’ve seen I’m capable of. As a down payment on that promise, why don’t you get your dick out and I can either put it between these babies or I can wrap my lips around it until you come?” She had been prepared to do almost anything at the time and if this is what was needed to buy his silence then she was more than willing. She had seen his fascination with her chest as plenty had done in the past so why fight it.

Mark was still a little stunned, this wasn’t what he had intended when he mentioned about her doing as he said but it didn’t stop him pulling his zipper down and extracting his rapidly inflating dick. He stood up and suggested “Why not both?” Jenni smiled, both at his audacity but also at his nice cock. It was a reasonable length but nice and thick and so she dipped her head down and took him between her lips first of all. As she enveloped his dick her tongue started to dance, swirl and flicker around its head and length. ‘She’s good at this’ Mark thought to himself. She luxuriated on his cock with her mouth for a few minutes while he placed his hand behind her head to guide its steady progression until she extracted it from her mouth and then aimed it between her breasts. She wrapped them around his length, and even though it was suitably impressive, his dick was still dwarfed by the creamy white, fleshy pillows. Mark’s hand shifted from the back of her head to her shoulder as he started to thrust his hips to saw his cock backwards and forwards saying, “Oh baby, I can see the two of us are going to get along very well.”

Jenni smiled up at his face before looking down to see his length keep disappearing into her deep cleavage as she joked to herself “Perhaps I ought to do similar with my other external contractors.”

Mark smirked back and replied, “I’m sure you already know how sensational those beauties are, but it would be a perfectly acceptable way of negotiating better deals.” He gasped and then blurted out “Oh baby, almanbahis adres that is way too good, I’m going to come. Do you have a preference where?” Jenni pulled back and took his cock in her hands to guide it back to her mouth.

Figuring that’s where she wanted him to come, Mark let go and shot his come to the back of her mouth once, twice and finally a third time. Jenni gave a final hard suck to ensure she had taken all his load, pulled her head back and, once she made sure Mark was watching, made a theatrical show of swallowing his come, “Mmmm, tasty” was her only comment as she smacked her lips.

The following week Mark was back again and was in a spare meeting room with Jenni prepping her for the first training session. Halfway through the afternoon Jenni slipped from her chair to kneel underneath the table. She crawled the short distance to Mark’s legs, prised them apart so that she could nestle herself nearer and then reached up and drew his zipper down. A quick flourish of her hand and his cock was exposed to her mouth as she took him between her lips once more.

The following week saw almost a repeat as the two were in the same room and Mark noticed Jenni shift forwards on her seat and was halfway off it to kneel again when he held his hand up and said “No. I want something different this time. Sit up and perch on the edge for me.” This time it was he who slipped from his seat, crawled to her and in one fluid movement opened her legs and reached up for her panties. As she raised her hips slightly, he pulled the flimsy fabric down until they sat crumbled around one ankle. Mark kissed his way up her inner thigh until he reached his intended destination where he could extend his tongue and rake it up her labia until her reached her clitoris and held it there while he repeatedly bashed it with the tip of his tongue.

Jenni used her left hand to comfort the back of Mark’s head, her right hand worked its way up to her breast to squeeze and flex her tit while Mark did his thing. His tongue search and enquired all over her tangy putty and when he went enquiring inside her, it seemed to go deeper than she’d ever experienced before which encouraged her to widen her legs and push her hips forward. Every now and again she would coo encouragement such as “Oh yeah” or” Please, deeper” plus the occasional “Oh my god, that’s good.”

Mark was determined to get her off and so once her hip movement intensified, he mumbled “Come on baby, let me taste your come.”

Normally Jenni was a loud and enthusiastic lover but under the current circumstance she was having to push her fist into her mouth to muffle her groans and she did a good job as she finally came on Mark’s tongue while he gripped her clit between his lips and repeatedly battered it with the tip of his tongue. After tipping over the precipice, she slumped back in her chair with her legs still held insanely wide. Mark slowly disengaged his upper body and crawled his way back to his seat, wiping her copious juices from his lower face using a handkerchief he had handy. Jenni stirred herself from her sluggish lethargy, pushed her chair back, stood up and walked to the now seated Mark. She leaned down and holding his chin upwards kissed him aggressively just before saying “My god, your good but I thought I was meant to be rewarding you.”

Mark smiled and replied “You have. You taste divine.”

Smiling, Jenni reached down to his zipper and fished his cock out saying, “After that performance you deserve a very special reward.” With his dick out in the open she pulled her shirt and bra up clear of her boobs, knelt down and then wrapped them around his dick pushing her upper body up and down so that his cock was effectively fucking her breasts. Mark took this opportunity to play with her nipples, he’d never seen a pair like them. The areolas were kind of average size but the nub itself must have stuck of an inch and a half and the way Jenni played with them, he guessed they were very sensitive. So as Jenni levered her upper body up and down, Mark was tweaking both between his thumbs and forefingers making her groan as much as when he was using his mouth on her.

Having already tasted her putty for the first time, it didn’t take long for Mark to recognise his balls bubbling and he groaned “Oh god. You’re making me come already, where do you want it?”

Jenni smiled with satisfaction and said seductively “Right down the middle of these babies.” Mark leant his head back, groaned and let his come fly, thankfully Jenni had the peace of mind to be on the upward stroke and so the head of his cock was nestled deeply in her cleavage but some of his first bolt still caught the bottom of her bra elastic. Once she was sure he had finished, she pulled back and took the head of his cock between her lips to make sure she had got all of his come and then leant back on her heels and proceeded to scoop as much almanbahis adresi of his come up so that she could feed it into her mouth. With each scoop she would give an approving “Mmmm, nice.”

Jenni had also had the foresight to stow some moist wipes in her bag and proceeded to clean her breasts which prompted Mark to say, “That looks mightily impressive, at some point I would like to take those in my hands and wash them thoroughly.”

Jenni smirked, replied “I bet you would” and then asked, “If you’re coming here next week, is there any chance of you stopping over the night before?”

Mark was thoughtful for a moment and then replied “I guess so as long as your boss signs off my expenses invoice. I can always say I was on route from another customer and therefore easier and cheaper. What do you have in mind?”

By this time Jenni had managed to wrestle her fabulous boobs into her bra and top, appearing as though nothing had happened and that’s when she replied “Well, I know I said you’d get your reward at the successful conclusion of the project but the truth is I need to sample that beauty… ” nodding down to Mark’s crotch “… and I don’t want to be waiting any longer than a week.”

Mark thought for a moment and nodded “Yes, that can be arranged but what about arrangements at home?”

Jenni looked suitably smug and said “Leave that to me. I think my female colleagues here are overdue a get together if you get my drift.”

Mark clapped his hands together and said, “I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve booked somewhere.” He actually had a hard time focussing during the following week, knowing he was going to be able to spend a suitable amount of time luxuriating over those mammary’s. Once he was given the key card at the hotel, he messaged Jenni with the room number and waited for her arrival. She must have already been on route to the hotel as within fifteen minutes there was a wrap of knuckles on the door. Mark opened the door and greeted her with “Well, of all the places to bump into you.” Jenni’s response was to step towards him, push him back into the room and then launch herself into his arms as he enveloped her, kissing her with all the passion that she needed from him. Their tongues danced together as she pushed his top over his head and then rapidly repeated the same with her own. Her bra was quickly discarded, and she pulled his face into her chest.

Taking his lead from her intensity, Mark started to kiss around her areolas before attaching his mouth to first one, and then quickly afterwards, her second nipple. “Oh god yes” came her hissed reaction. She then informed him “I’ve been going to the toilet all day diddling myself in anticipation. Would you please fuck me?”

Mark smirked and as he was shedding his trousers said, “Anything for the lady, how do you want me?”

Jenni took the joke and chuckled, saying “Lay down in the middle” as she similarly stripped down and Mark had to admit that as her tits jiggled around, he was going to enjoy this a great deal. Mark quickly assumed the position and Jenni climbed up and straddled his hips. She took a determined grasp of his cock and positioned at it at the entrance to her putty. She slowly sank down his length and they both sighed as she enveloped him in one slow, smooth movement. Jenni had the widest grin on her face as she looked down at him “Oh yes, that’s what I’ve been waiting for.” Before Mark could come back with a response Jenni leant her upper body forward and mashed a boob into his face which he took gallantly and showered as much as he could with licks and sucks.

Jenni came the first time very quickly but was riding him like a mad woman and Mark thought ‘The lady must have some frustrations to work out. I’d best just lay here and let her have her way with me.’

She managed a few coherent comments like “God it’s good” some “Oh yeah’s” plus the occasional “That’s the spot.”

She came a second time and her pussy clamped down on his cock trying to strangle it and Mark just had time to gasp “I’m done. I’m coming, where do you want it.” Jenni spung up from his lap and wrapped her tits around his cock as he started to pump rope after rope of his come. When she was sure he had finished she rested for a short while slumped over his dick but eventually sat back on her heels and scooped up as much of his come as she could and spoon it into her mouth, throwing her head back and smacking her lips in satisfaction.

The rest of his come was worked into her chest and she looked over at him with a mischievous grin saying “You did say previously you wanted to bathe these beauties. How about we try the shower out.” Which is just what they did, but it took some time as both were enjoying soaping and playing with the other too much. They didn’t bother drying themselves off and Jenni jumped up on the bed on her hands and knees facing away from Mark and wiggling her rear end at him. Mark took no further encouraging, climbed up behind her fed his cock into her warm snug pussy. They fucked again before succumbing to sleep and Mark was treated to a morning blowjob waking him up. Naturally they fucked again before making their separate ways to the office.

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