Mary Jo and Her Ah-Ha Moments Ch. 03

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Mary Jo would stay with Cindy on Friday and/or Saturday nights depending upon either’s commitments. Mary Jo had experienced another girl from her dorm but it was a less than satisfying. The girl was a novice. Mary Jo was more than content having Cindy as a friend with benefits. She felt herself fortunate. She was aware of what Cindy did. She understood the difference between being an escort and being a high-paid call girl.

Cindy had a lounge couch. You know a couch with one arm and a half back, basically a corner to sit in but a seat long enough that you can stretch out your legs. They would enjoy sitting in it while watching TV. They would spoon sitting up, the spooner in back, the spoonee in front sitting between the spread out legs of the spooner. When they were in a playful mood the spooner would kiss the neck, nibble around the ears, play and tease the breasts, the nipples and pussy of the spoonee sometimes easing the spoonee into an enjoyable orgasm. They always sat with a towel beneath them. Often than not, they would end up with one lying somewhat in the corner with one leg draped over the back of the couch and the other leg with its foot planted solidly on the floor. The other would be laid out on the couch searching her pussy for the nectar of the Gods.

One night while they were watching TV, and with Cindy, the spooner, playfully fingering Mary Jo’s pussy, Mary Jo asked: “How does it feel having a cock in your pussy?”

“It depends” responded Cindy. “You can feel the length and girth but it really is all about how the man uses it. Fucking for the sake of fucking is boring. Fucking to provide a woman a unique experience is awesome. I have only been with a few men who can to that. Are you asking an academic question or do you have something else in mind?”

“I’d like to experience it. How would I go about it? Mary Jo asked.

“Well, I have this client with whom I’m intimate. He’s one of those few I mentioned. He is very much the gentlemen. Some would call him a “mensch”. He is an awesome lover. But he is 57 years old. He is single now and unattached. I think that he would enjoy introducing you to boy-girl sex. Interested? Should I contact him?”

“Yes, please, if you would.”

Several days later Cindy told Mary Jo, that her client, John, would very much like to meet her. He suggested that the next time he was in town that the three of them should meet for dinner. Mary Jo was exited. “I would like that. I look forward to it.”

A couple of weeks later, Cindy told Mary Jo that John was coming to town the following weekend.

Dinner was a wonderful time. Their table chatter was more than social dribble. They discussed what was happening in the world, in the country and with them. The discussion was open and freewheeling. Mary Jo “held her own”. She felt very comfortable with John. She felt that he was someone in whose arms she’d enjoy being.

Mary Jo didn’t see Cindy for a couple of days. She was with John. When she did see her, she was eager to learn if John was interested. Şanlıurfa Escort She tried to be patient but failed. Eagerly she asked Cindy “Well, does he want to do it?”

Cindy wanted to tease her. “Well, he was very much impressed with you. He liked your intellect, the way you interacted, your self confidence, your overall attractiveness” she paused and then continued “and your boobs.” As she said “boobs” she couldn’t help but smile. “How about the next three-day holiday weekend? He’ll pick us up in his jet and we’ll go to his private island in the Caribbean.

Mary Jo rushed to her and hugged her, whispering in her ear “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

A few weeks later she and Cindy were on their way to John’s hideaway island. John was piloting the jet.

John showed them to their room in which to put their stuff. It was understood that they would all be sleeping in the master bed together. Was that not the purpose of the weekend? John gave them each a shawl to sit upon. Heck it was a private island. Only the three of them were there. Clothes were not necessary. John was surprised how easily Mary Jo accepted nudity. He was please. Cindy had a gorgeous body upon which to rest his eyes. Mary Jo had an equally gorgeous body in the making. He felt very fortunate to have two beautiful women there naked!

They spent the afternoon lounging about; going swimming in the ocean and in the pool, enjoying the sun and exploring the beach and surrounding hills. Food for the weekend had already been prepared and was in the freezer. They weren’t interested in food though.

John suggested that they watch the sunset from his bedroom. There was a couch on the balcony. They sat with Mary Jo in the middle, all sipping wine and watching the sun set. Every now and then either John or Cindy would lean over and kiss Mary Jo. They were gentle kisses, ones with longing. Their frequency increased. Their length increased. They felt good to her. At some point she realized that she was being caressed. She felt hands and fingers caressing everywhere and anywhere: her neck, her shoulders, her arms, her chests, her breasts, her nipples, her abdomen, her sides, her thighs, between her thighs and along her labia. She was “drowning” in the sensations. When she slumped back and spread her knees further apart, Cindy rose and taking her hand told her “I think it is time to move to the bed.”

Mary Jo followed. She had surrendered her body and mind to what was to come. John and Cindy placed her on her back in the middle of the bed and lay down on their sides besides her. They returned to kissing her and continued their caressing returning Mary Jo to her “drowning” state.

If there was someone watching things unfold they would wag their head in disbelief. John and Cindy were kissing, caressing and teasing Mary Jo with their fingers, tongues and mouths everywhere on her body. First one would do something like suck on her nipple and when they would stop and go elsewhere the other one would come and continue Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan where the other left off. It was a ballet, a symphony but there was no script, no communication. It just flowed naturally.

While licking Mary Jo’s pussy Cindy sensed that Mary Jo was near ready, she reached up and began fondling John’s cock. She was very familiar with it. She knew what to do. Soon John was fully erect and hard. He moved over Mary Jo and settling down, laid his cock along her labia lips. He rubbed them stroking up and down. Mary Jo arched her pelvis to increase the pressure. Her natural being sought penetration. John holding her shoulders firmly rotated them both until Mary Jo was on top. Cindy quickly tucked Mary Jo’s knees beneath her forcing her into a sitting position. Getting behind she reached around and cupping Mary Jo’s breasts whispered in her ear “rise a bit” and urging her up with her breasts. As Mary Jo raised herself, Cindy grabbed John’s cock and positioned it at Mary Jo’s entrance. Mary Jo knew what do. She gently and cautiously lowered herself onto John’s cock until she could go no further. She sat still just focusing upon the sensations. Cindy continued to fondle her nipples.

Mary Jo began to raise and lower herself. Short strokes. Long strokes. She rotated her pelvis in circles and sideways and back and forth. She searched out what felt good to her. She kept mumbling “Oh, how good!” After a while she enjoyed an explosive orgasm. She fell back into Cindy. Cindy knew that John had not ejaculated. She urged Mary Jo to raise herself off of John cock and she pushed her forward until her pussy was in reach of John’s tongue. With his first lick Mary Jo scuttled forward to cover his mouth with her pussy.

Meanwhile Cindy had impaled herself on John’s cock and was riding it a like bronco buster. Whatever the magic, they all came almost simultaneously.

They laid together in a big hug. Mary Jo was tired. As she fell off to doze, she said to herself. “I got to do that again.”

In the morning, when John came down to the kitchen he found Mary Jo sitting on the low counter talking to Cindy. Cindy was preparing coffee. He went to Cindy and gave her a ‘good morning’ kiss. As he approached Mary Jo to give her one, he realized that her pussy was level with his cock. He walked over to her, spread her knees and hugged her, kissing her. As their kiss continued he began rubbing against her pussy. He came erect. She reached out and guided him into her. He penetrated her fully. She wrapped her legs around him holding tightly to him. He picked her up and walked with her into the flower garden next to the patio. It was a 6′ circular lawn surrounded by flowers. The garden was full of richly colored flowers and rich scents. The walk by itself was sending new sensations throughout Mary Jo’s body. She didn’t know how John did it but he lowered himself to sit on the lawn with his legs crossed beneath her. She was sitting in a “bowl”, mons-to-mons. Through it all they had maintained their Escort Şanlıurfa closeness,

As she sat she placed the soles of her feet behind him. Her knees were high. Her pelvis was tilted upward. The penetration was deep. She found just a slight rocking was enough to maintain the sensations. .It was awesome. She searched out John’s lips and kissed him, hugging him and kept kissing him, rocking until she orgasmed. When she did, John rose, Mary Jo slipped to her knees and John presented his cock to her. She took it gladly into her mouth enjoying the taste of her nectar and sucked on his cock aggressively. When he came, she swallowed. He pulled her up and kissed her, open mouth with his tongue swirling within hers.

He stepped apart and smiled. Cindy was clapping. She had watched it all.

That evening they were sitting out on the patio watching the sun set. It was beautiful. Mary Jo was moved. She went to John, sat down in his lap, straddling his legs, and kissed him deeply. When they broke the kiss she looked at him and said “Thank you for a wonderful weekend.”

He pulled her into him for another kiss. He was a good host. His cock came to attention. Mary Jo felt it and moved to impale herself on it but John was too quick. He spun Mary Jo around, bent her over so that she was supporting her body with her arms on a chaise lounge. John took her from behind. His cock was a bit longer than average but his girth was smaller. He was able to stroke longer and could position his cock so its head could reach everywhere in her vagina. He was a sexual artist. He had stamina. Mary Jo, eyes shut, was moaning up a storm which attracted Cindy’s attention. Cindy seeing what was happening, seeing Mary Jo hunched over the chaise lounge, walked over, straddled the lounge, sat down, scooted below Mary Jo’s face, lifted her knees grasping them behind her knees, and said “Time to open your eyes, MJ.” She was smiling broadly. MJ opened her eyes. Cindy’s pussy was illuminated by the sun. It glistened. It was pink. It invited her. She accepted the invitation. She really did like having her face in a pussy.

The rest of the night was a blur. Every combination was tried. Every attempt was enjoyed by all. John fucked MJ in the missionary position. She didn’t like being held down by his body.

In the morning MJ wanted to ride John’s cock again. He accommodated her. Afterwards she sucked his cock clean while Cindy cleaned her pussy.

They showered, packed, drove to the airport and were off flying home.

Mary Jo was a woman. She would come to find that she was a spoiled woman. John was endowed with a magical cock. Cindy and John together had brought her repeatedly to a state of mind that she would find difficult to replicate with others.

When they arrive home Cindy shared with her that John had told her that he enjoyed her as well as the both of them together. When he came to town in the future he wanted her to join them for dinner. If Cindy had other commitments, he asked her if it would be Ok with her if he asked Mary Jo to escort him. He would introduce her as his niece who was attending the University there. Cindy said that she’d like that idea and thought that Mary Jo would also. She did.


This concludes the introduction to Mary Jo. There will be more stories about her in the future.

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