Mary on Her Own Ch. 01

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Mary wasn’t too thrilled to have return to school. Normally she didn’t mind going back to her standard life, but she felt something was missing after a couple days of classes.

Over the summer, Mary had experienced a lot. Normally she would have spent the vacation relaxing, but this year she had a lot of adventures that usually left her scared, worries, and even excited. Her friends Julie and Jenny had stripped her naked and shown her an all new world. Mary would have never been so bold on her own to do anything as crazy as getting naked in public, flashing strangers, or even walking naked around people.

Julie and Jenny though felt Mary was missing something in her life, so they pushed her to try many new things. Although it often left Mary very embarrassed, Mary began to think it wasn’t all bad. Something about how her heart raced, adrenaline pumped through her veins, and her senses would go into overdrive made Mary actually want to try it some more.

Mary wasn’t going to admit she was addicted or anything. She knew that there were a lot of risks when getting naked, and she still blushed when thinking about people seeing her. She convinced herself that if Julie and Jenny weren’t pushing her, she’d never take her clothes off except to shower or change.

At least that’s what it was at first, but after a few mundane days in school, she realized she could use something to spice her life back up. That something she already had an idea what it was, but she was trying her best to not give in to her subconscious desires.

After their first classes, the three girls had decided to get together and talk about how school was looking. It eventually though turned to them talking about the summer. Julie and Jenny kept teasing Mary, telling her how proud they were of her.

Mary was relieved when they had started talking about their own adventures. Mary still didn’t know much about the two girls past as far as nudity went. They usually kept most of it the secret.

Mary was shocked and amazed about one of their short tales in particular. Julie was explaining about a time when she had actually locked herself out of her house naked. Apparently Julie had hid a key deep in her neighborhood, away from her house. Then after making sure her house was secure, she stripped naked, and closed the door behind her. Mary couldn’t even begin to fully comprehend what it would be like to be stuck in that situation.

Julie talked about it as if it was just an everyday occurrence. She shared about the close calls, the bits of flesh a few people driving by saw, and even her run in with a neighbor out for a jog. Mary wish Julie would go into more detail, it wasn’t often she heard or saw Julie being pushed to her limits. Jenny and Julie both seemed like masters of the naked trade, and rarely showed any signs of worry, unlike Mary.

Days passed, and Mary kept thinking about being locked out naked. Every time she thought she could picture the shock and fear it would leave on her, she kept second guessing herself. She could swear her heart would stop and she would drop over dead, or that she would tear a hole in her door just to get back in. Yet even though she thought all these horrible scary thoughts about it, something made her want to try for herself.

The idea wouldn’t leave her mind. She wanted something to thrill her again boring life, and she wanted to experience being locked out naked. She told herself she was nuts, normally she would never do something without Jenny or Julie there. She considered telling them about it, but she couldn’t bring herself to it. She knew they would probably only tease her for being too into this stuff. They also might get the wrong idea and start pushing her even more.

Mary began running more and more scenarios in her head, but instead of Julie as the star, it was her now. She pictured how she could do it. Since she was now staying Escort bayan in the dorms, she couldn’t do it from college. She also didn’t want to risk her neighbors seeing her or anyone she knew if she were to go back home for a weekend and do it from there.

She started to think of a way around it though. She didn’t have to lock herself out of her living quarters. She remembered the time when Julie and Jenny had the car locked and her clothes inside. That would be essentially the same. She could just lock herself out of her car naked instead. She could also choose where she was locked out.

She knew a place in the town over. She knew a route she could take. It was a quiet town, and it got plenty dark during night. It wouldn’t be the first time Mary walked around naked at night. During some free time Mary even drove over there just to look. She could picture just the path she would take too. It scared her, but Mary was now thinking she could do this.

So Mary made a plan. She would get her work done one night, and then stay up late. The next day she had no classes, so she wouldn’t need to go to bed at any time. She would leave late at night and drive into the nearby town. She’d make sure to check her path, and if all looked good, she would do it.

“You must be nuts,” Mary thought as she sat through her last class. She wasn’t concentrating the best any more. She was a bundle of nerves thinking about her own adventure she set for herself. She knew she’d be alone this time, and she knew she probably shouldn’t. Her usual rational brain told her to just relax and enjoy the boring days.

Mary finished her work and was pacing in her room. She knew if she got cold feet too late, she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. She didn’t want to give into this desire. She told herself she wasn’t that into this stuff. Her curiosity was becoming too strong for her to fight. She also felt like she had to prove something to herself. “Yeah, I’m not doing this because I really want to. I just can’t back down. I mean it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not the scared and boring girl those two think I am,” and with that last thought, Mary got her keys and set off for her destination.

It was late, a little past midnight. The roads were empty, and she didn’t see a soul except one other car as she drove along the path she set for herself. She was becoming more and more confident that she could do this.

She arrived at her main destination without seeing any more people. She had parked her car in the town’s main park. Mary hoped her car wouldn’t raise suspicion there, but she figured that most people would just assume she was visiting one of the nearby houses across the street.

Mary took her key, and made sure the doors to her car were unlocked. She then set off across the park. She followed the paved pathway past the lamps there. She noticed they were on, and it worried her that it wouldn’t be totally dark, but she knew that no one would be visiting the park so late.

She exited the park on the opposite end of where she parked in a short time. She now faced a row of houses on the other side of the street. She could see their lights off and no one about. She then turned left and followed down the road. There wasn’t a side walk, but there was plenty of room to walk on the grass. She had the houses on the opposite side of the street, and trees and woodland on her side. She figured she could hide in there, but she wouldn’t be able to traverse the forest since it was too thick and she wouldn’t know her way around it.

The walk took a bit, but she knew even if naked, she would probably be able to get to hiding if any cars would come by. It was so quiet and the road was so straight and long that she figured she’d be able to see and hear them come from a far way.

As she walked, Mary tried to picture herself naked right then and there. She Bayan escort got chills thinking about it, but she was sure it was doable. She did a test run to the trees to see how fast she could be, and she was happy with the result.

The row of houses ended as the other side of the road also had trees now. This was Mary’s planned finish line. After a few steps she was now crossing a bride that went over a small river. She could see up ahead the intersection where she would hide her key. Near one of the street signs there were some decretive bushes. She knew it would be a great spot.

She had worried that hiding the key so close to this intersection would be risky. Not only was the risk of cars coming by more than doubled, but this part of town was where the residential area ended. It was more of business area. Past the intersection, shops lined both sides of the streets. The shopping area on Mary’s side was even a strip mall with a large parking lot. Mary also noticed a car go by as she arrived.

All Mary saw was that one car. There was a large break in the traffic. It was late, and the stores weren’t open. Almost everyone was probably asleep. No freeway ran through town, and no one was probably out partying on a weekday night. Mary stood and again pictured herself naked. She couldn’t help running her hands down her sides. She even slipped her finger tips in the waistband of her pants.

“Being naked here wouldn’t be so bad,” Mary thought as her hands dug deeper into her pants and underwear. She subconsciously just wanted to feel her own bare skin. Her hands slid across her hips and over to her bottom. She drifted her hands across her soft cheeks and gave them a little squeeze. She pushed her pants and underwear half way down her butt.

Mary again looked around both ways and then pushed her pants and underwear down to mid thigh. Again she moved her hands across her hips and around her waist. She was essentially bottomless now; the bush in front of her hid only a portion of her. She saw no one, and began push her shirt up.

Mary was nervous and began breathing deeper, but it didn’t stop her from raising her shirt. She clumsily lifter her bra too, letting her breast fall out into the open. She then began to slowly walk. Her pants were falling close to her knees, and she held her shirt up to her neck. She made a full lap around the bush and street sign. She was almost naked out on that street corner. She knew that it was so dead that this wouldn’t be a big deal.

“I could probably hide the key a little farther, I mean even if there is a car or two, I can hide until I need to cross.” Mary now adjusted her clothes until she was decent. She made her quick dash across the road and began to rethink where she would put the key now.

She noticed that there was a bit of an overhead ceiling all along the strip mall. There were also large pillars going all the way down. Mary noticed that there were also potted plants near each pillar. She again was trying to pretend she was naked as she traveled to those pillars. She figured the short dash only left her visible to the road for a short time, and then she could just use the columns to hide.

Going down past two stores, Mary decided that the third column she was near would be good. It sounded pretty crazy in her head to be so close to all these businesses with no clothes. It wasn’t much extra distance from her original plan, but Mary was still cautious to not extend the risk too much.

Mary made sure the key was very well hidden. Even if she hadn’t seen a soul walking about, she didn’t want anyone taking her soon to be only way out of this little game.

Again Mary was trying to picture being naked where she was. She looked around, and since she had only seen one car go by, and she could barely see the road from where she was, she figured it would be fine to test it out Escort a little. This time as she pushed her pants and panties down her legs, she kicked off her shoes and stepped out of them.

Mary’s heart was racing. Jenny and Julie weren’t there urging her on, but she was still getting naked. She looked forward to being able to brag how she did this on her own. On some levels she couldn’t believe she urged herself on her own to get bottomless out in public.

“You’ve done worse than this, this won’t be bad at all,” she encouraged herself.

Mary was hidden by the pillar so she decided that she could keep pushing herself. She pulled her shirt up and off her body. After dropping it on her pants, Mary removed her bra so she was fully naked.

She could see herself in the reflection of the dark windows of the store in front of her. Besides her socks, she was naked out here at this strip mall. The road wasn’t far, and she could hear a car go by. She knew the column hid her, but she still shivered thinking about it. She tossed the idea around of just heading back naked, but she knew she had to go through with the whole plan, not just part of it.

Mary made herself do a walk around the column, make sure she was Ok with this. A street light not too far into the parking lot kept her area lit well enough, and she was quite nervous. She didn’t run or cover up though, and she knew she could do this. She reached for her clothes, but decided to do something different. She got her shirt, pants, and shoes back on, but pocketed her underwear. She figured walking back commando would be a good enough warm up.

Walking away from her key, Mary was starting to feel pretty confident. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she felt she could actually do this. She was worried, but also getting excited. Since she no longer had a bra, she could feel the fabric of her shirt rub against her hardening nipples. She blushed thinking that even before this started her body was starting to become aroused. Mary wondered if she was just weird, or if most people got kicks from the idea of being naked in public.

As she crossed the bridge, she again was picturing herself naked. Mary looked back and forward as she slid her pants down, but only enough for the back of her butt to stick out. It wasn’t much, but it made Mary giggle. She gave her pants a little more of a push until a few of her hairs in front were sticking out. She ran a hand over them. She couldn’t believe how bold she could be on her own.

She knew since her pants were down past her hips they wouldn’t stay up, but she told herself to not touch them. It didn’t take long, but after just the right step they feel within an instant to her feet. It partially shocked her, but she was still enjoying herself. She covered her now exposed pussy with her hands as she wiggled her butt and pretended to be embarrassed.

She tugged her pants back up her legs, but still left them barely hanging on her hips. She was feeling silly letting her butt hang out like this, but she was also having fun. She was starting to think that when Julie and Jenny weren’t pushing her too far, she could actually stop to enjoy this type of stuff once and awhile.

Mary turned her head to houses as she passed them. She knew they were asleep, so she started to again play with her pubic hair. Her pants barely hung on, her ass was sticking out, and she was even stroking her little fur below in front of them, and yet she wasn’t at too much risk. She had plenty of freedom to be a little naughty, and she was having fun with it. She giggled as her pants again slipped off.

She pulled them up, but left her butt sticking out again. She started to fiddle with her shirt. She kept pulling it up and flashing the houses as she went by. She tried to convince herself to slow down, to save the fun for later.

This was going to be nothing like what she had done before. She was actually doing something on her own. A mixture of worry and excitement were the most prominent emotions going on inside her, and yet she still was about to go through with it all. “It isn’t as risky as past adventures,” she thought, “it’s on my terms, I’m in control.”

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