Maryanne at the Video Store

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My daughter Maryanne decided to skip school for the day, along with some of her high school senior class. She had just turned 18, had never skipped school in her life, and figured this one day wouldn’t matter.

The local X-rated video store supposedly had a strict policy of restricting entrance to adults 21 and older, because there was a county ordinance about it and the local DA was a real hard-ass.

One of the group of seniors knew one of the guys who worked there, and he said the boss was out of town and for $100 he would let the group in—if he could get a quick feel from the girls. They all chipped in and the girls all giggled as he fondled their tits. Maryanne found her nipples getting very hard, and almost visible through her thin lacy bra and tight t-shirt.

It was her first time in a place like that and she was really surprised at how graphic the covers of the videos are, but it was really arousing to her and she found herself moistening inside as she walked around.

Then she heard a little commotion and looked around to see all her friends heading out of the store, in a hurry. She saw a cop talking to the guy at the front desk, who seemed really scared by now. The cop came over to her, and asked to see her ID. She had managed to get hold of a really good fake driver’s license, and she looked 21, so the cop decided to let her go, with an appreciative glance at her nipples.

When he left, she breathed a big sigh of relief, and hung around a bit, knowing her friends would have to wait a bit before they come back for her. She started to get really get turned on when she saw some covers of pictures of older men with younger women, and found herself surprisingly turned on when one of the men looked a lot like her dad.

Then she jumped as she felt a tap on her shoulder, and turn to see me standing behind her.

“DADDY!! What are you doing here?”

“Well, one of your friends called your brother’s cell phone, only I happened to have it with me. He blurted out what had happened before he figured out who I was. He hung up about two seconds after I told him. I think he was scared about half to death.” I laughed a little- “I guess HE has learned a tell me what YOU have learned, baby. Your mom would ground you for life if she knew you had skipped school and almost got arrested for hanging out in a place like this.”

“You won’t tell her, will you Daddy? Pleeeeeeeeeease?? I have a date to the senior prom next week and I spent all my savings on a dress.”

“Well, I will think about it. You will have to have some punishment, though, this was a pretty stupid thing to do. How did you convince the police you were 21?”

She handed me the fake ID. “Hmmmm, this is a lot better than the ones we used to buy… better not tell mom I told you about that either.” I laughed some more.

“Have you been here before, Daddy? You seemed to get here pretty quick.”

“Well, that’s not any of your business, young lady.” She noticed that I was glancing down at her hard nipples and blushed.

“They do have some, shall we say, interesting materials here.” I see you are still holding the one with the picture of the guy who looks like me. “Hmmm, that one is really interesting, baby.” I get a little bold. “They have private screening rooms here, want to watch that one with me?”

“DADDY!!???” She began to blush now. “With YOU!!???”

My eyes narrowed. “Well I guess we should just go home then, baby, and you can explain to mom what has happened here.”

“No, Daddy, Pleeeeeease… If I watch it with you, will you not Bahçeşehir escort tell mom? Pleeeeease?”

“Ok baby we will keep this our little secret.” I pay the guy at the front desk for the use of the room and he smiles a leering smile at me. I hand him $20 and tell him that if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut about you, I will call a friend of mine at the police department and he will wind up in deep trouble. His leer turns into a nod of the head and a promise to keep his mouth shut.

We were the only ones in the place, so we picked a screening room near the back. We went in, it was really a nice room, with a large couch and big screen TV. I dimmed the lights and put in the video. We sat on the couch and I motioned for her to sit closer to me. I put my arm around her and she leaned into me as the video started. The guy did look a lot like me, and the girl looked younger than Maryanne, though the video cover assured us she was 18.

The movie got pretty hot in a hurry, and I glanced down to see that her nipples had gotten even harder. I leaned to kiss her; she offered me her cheek but I pulled her mouth to mine and gave her a soft sweet kiss, my lips open, my tongue pressed gently to her lips. Her mouth opened slightly, and my hand slid down her shoulder.

She tried to push my hand away, but I kept it there. “What’s wrong baby?” I whispered. I know you have been having sex with your boyfriend. I saw him come out of your room the other day and I found a used condom in your trash can. So far I haven’t told mom, but I guess maybe I should.”

“No, daddy, please, mom would kill me. Tommy is a nice boy, I really like him.” My other hand slid down her cheek and cupped one of her tits. I felt the nipple respond.

“Mmmm, I can see you like being touched there baby. I won’t tell mom, but I want you to give me what you gave your boyfriend.”

Maryanne didn’t know how to respond, but she felt herself moistening inside and kept glancing down at my lap, seeing the bulge in my pants.

“Undress for daddy, baby, I want to watch you. Stand up so I can get a good look.”

Maryanne liked the way I fondled her, much more expertly that the fumbling efforts of her boyfriend, and the movie has been really turning her on. Her nipples were almost rock-hard. Not quite sure what to do, she stood and slowly lifted her t-shirt over her head.

I smiled when I saw that she had outgrown her bra just a little, and there was a small mound over each cup, which is a real turn on for me.

She decided to tease me a little, and lowered each strap slowly, exposing the nipples to me, before she unhooked it and tossed it to me. My hand was on my lap, touching myself through the fabric, my cock getting even larger.

She glanced over at the screen and watched as the girl gave the guy a blow job, stroking the base as she sucked it in and out. Her eyes widened as she saw how thick his cock was. Tommy’s was nowhere near that large, and she wondered what mine would be like if it were that size.

He is moaning, obviously very pleased, as her head bobs up and down. Maryanne began to wonder if I was going to want her to do that for me… She unzipped her short skirt, suddenly aware that her panties were getting very wet.

I stared at her taut nipples, and became more aroused, wanting her very badly now. She was hesitant about taking her panties off, so I motioned her over to me. I moved my hand between her thighs and smiled as I felt how wet they were. I heard her gasp as I pushed the elastic aside and slid my finger in deep. I Halkalı escort felt her legs tremble as her tight pussy squeezed my finger.

I sucked her nipples as I fingered her, fondling one and sucking the other in turn, feeling her start to ride up and down on my finger. I slid her panties down to the floor, and picked them up as she stepped out of them.

“Nice and wet, aren’t they, baby?”

“Yes, daddy.” She whispered hoarsely. I gently pulled her down to her knees and opened my legs.

“Unzip me baby, and take my cock out. I want you to do what she is doing.” I pointed to the screen.

She complied, her eyes widening as she saw see how thick and hard I was.

“Oh daddy, it’s so big. I am not sure I can take it inside me…”

“Don’t worry, baby, daddy will get you nice and wet first. You will stretch. Now take the tip in your mouth, get used to it a little.”

She put your mouth around it, and tasted the precum as it seeped out. She felt how how soft the tip was in her mouth, and wondered how it was going to feel inside her, wondering if I REALLY planned to fuck her.

I watched and smiled as she as she began to make daddy feel soooooooo good…

She felt it grow in her mouth now, and I almost came but managed to hold it back as I lifted her up and kissed her, tongues searching deep now.

I brought her to my lap, straddling me, her tits right in my face so I could suck them hard and deep, making them tingle. Her boyfriend had no idea how to make them feel this good, and she was in ecstasy now, as I flicked the nipples between my teeth and tongue, as I fingered her wet pussy.

She rode up and down on it now, her hand finding its way to my still-wet cock, stroking it as I moaned slightly.

She still wasn’t sure you could take my cock inside her, but she found herself really wanting it now. I moved her off me now and laid her back on the couch. I knelt between her legs now, lifting them over my shoulders, and begin working on her pussy with my tongue.

Her boyfriend never took time to do this and certainly didn’t ever make her cum like that, so she wasn’t really sure about the feelings that were coming over her in waves, causing her legs to tremble.

She pressed hard against my face, my beard scratching a little but she hardly noticed. My tongue moved back and forth against her clit, now up and down, varying the pressure. I brought her almost to the edge, her breath coming fast, tits moving up and down, her hands instinctively pinching her nipples.

Then I eased up, just letting her feel my warm breath inside her, her heels pressing against my back as she tried to pull my face back to her. I inhaled to make her feel cool inside and she gasped.

“Oh goddddd, daddddddddy, that feeeeeels soooooo gooooood.” she half-moaned/half whispered. I looked up and smiled, watching her roll her rock-hard nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

I wanted her to cum now for daddy, loud and hard, so I licked up and down her hot wet slit, telling her how sweet she tasted to daddy. Then I licked her clit some more, one hand teasing beneath her the other sharing her tits with her, pinching and pulling them, the sensations moving all the way to her clit. Then I surprised her by moving my middle finger deep into her, feeling her hips rise and her legs begin to quiver.

“Cum for daddy, baby, let it go, let it feel good.” She moaned loudly, almost screaming, as she climaxed harder than she ever had. She pulled my face to her with your legs, back arching, her whole body shaking Beylikdüzü Escort in ecstasy.

“DAAADDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY-oh God, don’t stop!!” Her spasms were intense, and I could feel her shaking. Her legs tightened around my face, making it hard to breathe, but I licked one last time, then moved my head away.

I watched as her breathing subsided, her face and body flushed, nipples even harder now. I stood and slid my pants down, moving over her as I laid on the couch.

“Climb on me baby, take daddy’s cock in that wet pussy of yours…” I watched as she moved to me, almost in a dreamlike state. She straddled me again, and guided me inside her, her pussy stretching as she slid onto me.

“It’s too big, daddy. It hurts!!…”

“No baby, its ok, just slide onto me.”

Tommy’s cock was almost as long as mine but nowhere near as thick, and she had to take it slowly. She was very wet though, and very hot inside, her clit still swollen from my tongue.

At last she was all the way down, and I rocked us gently.

“Just lie still baby, and get used to it. It won’t be so bad next time…” She smiled, knowing that there would be a next time with her sweet daddy.

“Yes, daddy, it’s better, it just takes some getting used to.” She managed to relax a little now, and told me how good it felt. I begin to rock us a little, and she could feel the tip move inside her.

“Just move with daddy, baby… lean over so I can suck your tits.” She complied, and I felt her pussy squeeze me as I began to suck her nipples again, nibbling them, making them very tingly now. Then I lifted my knees, moving her forward so I could suck them deeper. She tried to press back against me, wanting my cock now, but I told her I wouldn’t let her have it until she begged for it.

“Please, daddy, don’t stop…” she whispered, then gasp as I let her down hard, lifting up to meet her, the tip of my cock so deep now she could almost feel it in her belly. Her pussy tightened around me again and I felt she might cum once more. I wanted it to wait though, wanting her to cum as I did, so I slowed down now, rocking us a little, letting her feel it as she lay close to me, her nipples hard against daddy’s chest now. I rocked us more, then felt her start to move with me, sliding up and down on my cock, moaning as she did.

“I love you baby.” I whisper. “I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I wanted to make you cum nice and hard for me.”

“Ohhhhh, you did, daddy, it was sooooo good, I feel like I will do it again if you keep this up.”

“Yes, baby, you will, and daddy is going to cum in you.”

“But daddy, you aren’t… wearing any… any protection.”

“That’s ok baby, I can’t get you pregnant. After we had you, we decided not to have any more children, baby, so its o.k.”

She was relieved by that, and started to move up and down again. I was about to explode, so I held her up again with my legs.

“Ask for it baby, ask for daddy’s hot cum.” I whispered.

“Please, daddy, cum for me… I want you to feel good too.” I lifted her up and sucked her nipples again, feeling her on the brink once more. I reached for her clit now, teased it, so wet and hot for daddy. Then I let her down, hard, and as I felt her spasms she felt my cock start to pump, shooting something hot and creamy deep inside her.

“Ohhhhhh, baby,” I moaned. “Cum for daddy, now, baby, cum with me.” Her body shook with mine and I felt her tighten around me, legs trembling, moaning, telling daddy how much she loved him, then almost screaming as she climaxed once more, even harder this time.

After a moment, our breathing subsided and we lay back on the couch together, bodies sweaty and sticky.

“I’m glad your brother left his phone in my car, baby-are you?”

“Yes, daddy,” she whispered. “you know your little girl loves you very much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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