Mary’s Christmas

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Rick met Mary at their workplace early in August. They began to date later that month and Mary moved in with Rick after Thanksgiving.

Mary had finally resolved her seven year relationship with her ex. She had married right out of high school to her childhood sweetheart. They were still good friends but the chemistry just wasn’t there.

With Rick, Mary felt safe and they were inseparable. Everywhere the two would go together they would always hold hands, just had to feel each others touch, and the smiles that were lost over the years had returned.

Mary was now twenty-five years old and beginning to find out who she really was. At ten years her senior, Rick had instilled her confidence once again. It wasn’t a big reach. Mary was 5’5″ tall with Brunette hair. She had Hazel eyes that you could get lost in. If you asked Mary, she would say that she was overweight, but at 130 pounds, when she paraded around in those blue jeans of hers, it was pure perfection.

It was Rick and Mary’s first Christmas together. They were like two kids waiting for Santa. They decorated the house, picked out the perfect tree and hung ornaments signifying their first Christmas.

There was no doubt, they were in love.

Rick was somewhat of a rebel. His long hair and goatee had stereotyped him as a bad boy, but that’s what attracted Mary to him.

He was much more sexually experienced which led him to the world of BDSM. Rick was into bondage, toys, and other fetishes.

Mary, on the other hand, only had one sex partner her entire life, and that was strictly vanilla. She had never even had a toy.

Rick would tease Mary, telling her he would tie her up and lick her little pussy for hours. She was intrigued of how he would talk to her, how it got her wet, and how she wanted to please him.

It was the thirteenth of December when Mary saw a small package under the tree with her name on it. She picked it up carefully, grinning from ear to ear and shook it.

Rick looked at her smiling, “Open it.”

“Can I?” Mary asked, all excited.

Rick shook his head yes and Mary tore off the paper in a second. Inside Mary found a set of wrist and ankle cuffs and this note.

“Should you accept this gift of bondage, you will become my slave for the next twelve days. This includes abstaining from sex, or even masturbation unless supervised by me. On the twelfth day, on Christmas Eve, you will receive your final gift.”

Mary took out the cuffs and held out her hands to Rick with approval.

Rick placed the cuffs carefully around Mary’s wrists. He stood Mary up, unbuttoned her pants, then pulled them down around her ankles. Mary stepped out of her jeans as Rick fastened the wrist cuffs together. He knelt before her securing one ankle cuff at a time. He ran his fingers up the inside of her right thigh to the edge of her panties. He slowly pulled her panties to one side exposing her glistening pussy.

Mary moaned at his touch aching for more.

Rick stood up, raised Mary’s arms above her head and kissed her passionately.

“I can’t wait to tease your helpless body. I want to part your wet lips with my tongue, tasting you and licking your perfect little clit.”

“Please,” Mary begged.

Rick kissed her softly. “Patience, your training has only begun.”

Mary Starzbet could only fantasize the night of the ecstasy that awaited. Her fantasies turned to dreams and her dreams led to her fingers exploring her wetness. She knew that she needed permission, but she ached to be touched.

The next evening, Mary found another gift under the tree with her name on it. She opened it immediately with Rick’s approval. It was a satin blindfold.

Night after night Mary opened another gift. Each night Rick would tease her mind just enough to get her wet.

December 23rd had arrived and Mary had revived eleven gifts. Among the toys were two vibrators, a vibrating egg, a butt plug, a whip, a rabbit vibe, a spreader bar, Ben Wa balls, and nipple clamps.

It had also been eleven days since Mary and Rick had sex.

It was finally Christmas eve. Mary had to leave the house for awhile and when she returned, her final gift was waiting for her under the tree.

Mary opened the gift slowly. Inside the package, she found a coochy trimmer, a triple edge razor and special shaving cream.

Rick escorted Mary to the bathroom where a bubble bath awaited. There were vanilla candles burning everywhere.

Rick kissed Mary tenderly.

“I want you to enjoy your bubble bath and shave completely. No playing either. Call me when your done”

“I’ve never completely shaved, down there,” Mary said.

Rick just smiled. “If you need help, I’m right outside the door.”

Mary closed the door behind her and disrobed. She very slowly lowered herself in. The water was still very hot.

Mary closed her eyes as her body quickly adjusted to the temperature. Her thoughts were of the ecstasies to come.

As Mary opened her eyes, she adjusted to the flickering candles. On the edge of the tub was her new razor.

Mary shaved her legs, then began to shave where she had never shaven before. Mary touched her bare skin. She loved the way it felt, smooth, naughty and even more naked. She closed her eyes and began to finger her smooth pussy in the warm water.

Mary screamed when Rick startled her. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Mary said red faced.

“C’mon, play time is over,” Rick said holding out her towel.

Mary climbed out of the tub to the soft towel that awaited.

Rick softly dried her body, padding the moisture away. Rick hung up the towel and led Mary to the living room.

The Christmas tree was lit and there were candles everywhere. Mary could feel the heat from the fireplace as Rick led her to the chair near by.

Mary stood there as Rick applied her wrist cuffs.He fastened the cuffs together, then raised Mary’s arms above her head to the rope over the beam that awaited.

Rick kissed Mary softly, then grabbed the blindfold from under the tree. He walked behind her placing the soft material over her eyes.

Mary’s sense of sight was now gone. She could only imagine what Rick was to do next. She felt his hands on her breasts, playing with her nipples, then the gentle touch of his hands lower.

Mary ached for his touch and spread her legs hoping and waiting for his skillful hands. But there was nothing.

Mary felt the cuffs being applied to her ankles. As Rick secured the bindings, Mary could feel his breath on the inside of her Starzbet Giriş right thigh.

Mary felt the snap of the binding on her left ankle. She felt Rick pinch the inside of her right thigh causing her to spread her legs apart even further. As she did, Rick fastened the other end of the spreader bar to her ankle cuffs.

Rick ran his fingers up the inside of Mary’s legs, barely touching, to just inside her thighs to the edge of her labia.

“Very nice,” Rick said admiring Mary’s smooth pussy, teasing her labia.

Mary moaned and her legs went limp as she felt Rick’s tongue parting her awaiting lips. “Oh God, yes.”

As quickly as Rick started to please her, he stopped. Rick stood up and began to suck hard on Mary’s right breast. He teased her nipples with his tongue making them hard for the nipple clamps that awaited.

Slowly, Rick applied the clamps, tightening them hard on her

helpless body.

“Yes,” Mary begged. “Please, I want to feel you inside me, please!”

“I don’t think that you are ready yet,” Rick said sternly. “You haven’t had your punishment yet.”

“What punishment?” Mary asked.

“Hmmm, didn’t I tell you that you were not suppose to play with yourself without approval?”

“Yes,” Mary mumbled under her breath.

Mary felt something cold being rubbed on the cheeks of her ass. Mary searched her mind wondering what this was. Could it be that whip? Would Rick really use it on me?

Just then Mary felt the sharp sting across her ass cheeks.

“Ow,” Mary cried out. “I’m sorry.”

Rick continued with Mary’s punishment. None of the lashings were painful, but just enough to sting.

Mary couldn’t believe just how submissive she had become. She was totally naked, blindfolded, her wrists and ankles cuffed and secured. She was now being punished for masturbating without his permission.

Mary felt her tender ass cheeks being pulled apart. She could hear the sound of one other vibrators being turned on.

Suddenly, Mary felt the parting of her wet lips. The vibration of the toy was felt throughout her helpless body as Rick pushed it deeper inside.

Mary tried to meet every thrust with Rick, but he would stop, then slowly pull it all the way out. Mary felt Rick shove it in all the way holding it there from behind. She heard the sound of another vibration, a higher sound that was soon applied directly to her clit.

“Yes,” Mary gasped. “Right there, yes, yes yeeeeeeees!”

Mary’s knees went weak as she felt her flood gates open.

She felt even weaker as Rick very slowly pulled the toy from inside her.

Rick stood up and released Mary’s restraints that bound her arms from above her head. Rick guided her helpless body to her knees. “I want you to suck my cock.”

“Oh yes,” Mary said as she heard the sound of Rick undressing.

Mary felt the wet tip of his cock just teasing her lips. Mary opened her mouth and reached up with her cuffed hands to his cock.

“No hands,” Rick said as he guided his swollen cock in her hot mouth. He grabbed Mary’s long hair and forced his cock deep down her throat. She could feel how swollen he was and his scent turned her on more.Mary gagged slightly, but continued to satisfy his throbbing cock. Rick moaned loudly as Mary sucked him harder Starzbet Güncel Giriş than she ever had in the past.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come!”

Rick exploded in Mary’s mouth. She sucked him dry trying not to miss a drop. Rick shook with every swallow and pulled away quickly as Mary began to suck him harder.

Rick lowered Mary further to the floor. She was now on her hands and knees with her beautiful ass high in the air. Her legs were still spread wide with her spreader bar still in place.

Rick walked around behind Mary rubbing her lower back and ass.

Mary felt something cold dropping on her ass, slowly running downward. She could feel the heat from the fireplace from behind and then Rick’s finger slowly entering her forbidden hole.

“No,” Mary pleaded, but Rick continued to probe her tight hole. She felt his warm finger go deeper and deeper inside her. It hurt, a little, but was beginning to excite her in a way that she had never known.

“Just relax,” Rick said as he slid a butt plug slowly in place.

Mary then felt the coldness of the steel Ben Wa balls being slid into her sopping wet pussy. One at a time, Rick pushed them as far as he could. He inserted two fingers deep inside her and wiggled his fingers.

Mary could feel the vibration of the balls bouncing off one another and felt herself starting to come again. Rick pulled out his fingers slowly tasting her sweet juices.

Rick grabbed the small vibe with the long slender shaft. He turned it on high and inserted to meet the Ben Wa balls deep inside of Mary.

Mary screamed as Rick pushed down on the butt plug hard as he thrust the vibe in and out of her.

“Not again,” Mary cried out loud as she felt her self gush once again. Rick pulled out the vibe and left Mary catch her breath.

Mary felt Rick guide her even lower to the floor. She was now laying face down with a small pillow tucked under hips. She could smell her own perfume filling the air, even over the candles.

Mary had barely caught her breath when she heard the sound of yet another vibrator.

Rick turned on the rabbit vibe on low and slowly parted Mary’s awaiting lips. Mary felt it slide in deep, then stop. At the same time, She felt her plug being pulled from her tight hole. Mary whined at it leaving,”No.”

Mary felt the small plug being replaced with the heat of Rick’s hard cock. She felt her tight ass hole being forced open.

“Stop Rick, please, please stop.”

Rick pushed his cock slowly in and out of Mary’s virgin ass, deeper with every thrust. He lay on top of Mary, his cock all the way in her tight ass. He reached back and slid the switch on the rabbit vibe to rotate.

Mary lay there helpless as Rick continued to fuck her tight hole. The vibe inside her with the Ben Wa balls filled completely. It rotated and vibrated as he continued to pound her from behind.

Mary felt herself coming again, but this time, it was different.

It was building inside like nothing she had ever felt before.

She screamed as Rick thrust his cock in and out of her.

“Fuck me, that’s it, fuck, fuck FUCK ME!”

Rick felt Mary come then clamped her asshole tightly around his cock. He plunged his meat deeply filling Mary with his gift of hot come.

They both lay there, exhausted, the sound of the rabbit vibe still running between Mary’s thighs.

Rick removed Mary’s blindfold, and reached back and shut off the noisy vibe. Rick kissed Mary passionately, his cock still inside her.

“Merry Christmas, babe, Merry Christmas.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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