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She went by the business a few times before she made the appointment. Her friend said he was good looking and gave a great massage, but she wanted to be sure. Her friend thought it would be fun if their kids were half siblings, even if they couldn’t tell them. After getting a good look at him, she made the appointment reasoning she still could change her mind once she got there. That night she thought about him. He was about average height, his light brown hair was a little long and he had a nice shadow bordering on a beard. He had a nice body and she could tell he was athletic. But what sold her were his eyes, creamy blue hinted with mischief. She had to bump into him to see that and his smile was a nice bonus. She wasn’t sure what kind of guy offered his services, but at least the packaging was nice.

She went to his business and was greeted by the receptionist. The receptionist was nice and friendly.

“Um, hi…I’m Denise…I have an appointment” she said.

“It’s nice to meet you! I am Nina….we are all ready for you. What type of massage did you want?” said Nina.

Now was the moment of truth. Would she go through with it? Suddenly she blurted out “I would like the handyman special….Monica referred me.”

Nina smiled at Denise. “No problem. There are a few extra forms you need to sign. Don’t be nervous, you will be okay. Just relax and enjoy the special massage.”

After filling out the forms, Nina lead Denise into a room. It smelled nice, was slightly dim but clean. Denise felt better. It looked like any other massage room.

“Gary will be in soon. Just relax. Undress completely and put on this robe. He will let you know what to expect.” Said Nina as she left the room.

Denise got undressed and slipped into the silky brown robe. There was a soft knock on the door and Gary walked in. He looked good. He was wearing a creamy tank and matching loose pants. His blue eyes sparkled when he took in Denise’s beauty. She was slightly tall with long dark brown hair. She had greenish-brown eyes over a pretty smile. What he noticed last were her obviously large breasts that the robe was doing a bad job covering completely. He was going to enjoy this customer.

He lowered the table by about a foot. “Go ahead and get on the table so I can start your massage. The special comes later. Just put the sheet over you, the bahçeşehir escort table is heated.”

She got on the table face down. Gary was pleased to see she had a nice ass. He started at the shoulders. Denise was trying to relax and his massage was helping. He made his way all over her back. It was starting to feel good and soon she forgot the real reason she was here. He pulled out her hand to massage the arm. Her hand was hanging off the table and as he made his way up her body, his crotch was in her hand. She could feel his erection pressing into her palm. She didn’t move but was enjoying the feel of it. Gary felt her muscles tense and then relax. She didn’t pull away which meant she was okay with feeling him. Part of him hoped she would grasp him, but experience told him otherwise.

A few minutes later he moved to the other side and did the same thing with her other hand. This time she opened her hand slightly. She wanted to see if she could tell how big he was. Gary pressed into her hand more. He was going to enjoy this. She could sense he was larger than average, but with the angle and the pants, she couldn’t be sure. When he pulled away and moved her hand back under the sheet, she was a little disappointed.

Now he moved the sheets off her legs. She could feel the cold air making its way between her legs and she was surprised to find she was moist. He started massaging her leg and as he made his way up, she realized he was naked. His erect cock now pressing on her foot. It was definitely big and rock hard. To ward off her nerves, she started talking.

“How many…um…women have you given the special to?” she started.

“I don’t keep count but it’s not that many.” Gary responded.

“Do you know how many successes you have had?”

“I only know of 2 since they came in for massages during their pregnancy”

“Why do you do it?”

“I like knowing I have given something to women that they will enjoy. Sperm banks seem so impersonal. Plus, I am not going to lie to you, I enjoy the sex. The feeling of unprotected sex and cumming. Imaging my sperm finding your egg. It’s hot.”

“You don’t mind being used for your sperm?”

“No, I don’t. I actually like that you have the power and can take my sperm and walk away.”

By now, he had finished bakırköy escort the other leg.

“I am going to straddle you so I can really get in some deep massage” Gary said as he climbed on top of her.

The sheet was pulled further up until it was barely covering her back. He straddled her upper thighs and worked on the muscles in her ass. She could feel that she was getting wetter and wetter. His cock was pressed between her legs. As he made his way up her body, the massage oil helped slide his cock closer to the cleft where her legs met her pussy. He took the sheet off completely as he massaged her lower back.

His cock was now sliding easily between her ass cheeks. She separated her legs slightly to allow it in deeper. She could feel it pushing them apart heading towards her pussy. The precum tip was mixing with her juices to guide it her opening. It was so hot to act like this was just a massage while his cock was pushing into her. She could feel the tip toying with her outer labia. His hard cock was separating her lips to lodge inside her. As soon as the tip entered her, all pretense of a massage ended as he grasped her hips to push into her. It was filling her up…pushing deeper and deeper until she could feel his balls pressed against her ass. He stayed there a moment savoring the feeling. She was tight and very wet. Then he started pulsing in her. Trying to get even deeper.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“Good…very good…damn you feel good…”

“Yeah…fuck, your pussy is tight…”

He laid his whole body on top of her while he rutted inside her. She could feel his hard shaft pulling nearly out before slamming into her again. Each time his cock was playing with her g-spot while he stroked her over and over. Soon he pulled up and grabbed her hips. She felt controlled almost like he was using her as he seemed to trying to go even deeper in her.

“Doggy style” he simply said.

She came up on her hands and knees. Now he really pushed into her. She could feel him touching and then pushing at her cervix. He wrapped his body around hers to grab her dangling breasts. He rolled the nipples in his fingers. He released one to reach between her legs and toy with her clitoris. She let out a moan. She arched her back, offering up her ass başakşehir escort more to him.

“I am going to fuck you now….really fuck you. Play with yourself…” he said. With that, he pulled up and started stroking deeply into her. With each stroke she could feel his cock hitting her cervix. She let her arms drop so she could reach clit. He changed angles of penetration several times. Always pushing as deep as he could. She could hear her ass slapping with each stroke, his balls pressing against her active hand . At one point, he got up on one leg to get into her deeper. He couldn’t believe he could fuck her like this. Her body was responding by pushing back into him. He kept allowing his mind to wander so he wouldn’t cum too quick, though he wanted to. He glanced to a picture on the wall and could see a hazy reflection of them. Her on one hand, the other buried between her legs, her breasts swinging which each stroke and his body banging into her pussy.

“Let me know when you want my cum. I need you to cum with me or close to mine to maximize impregnation.”

With that, she started moaning and said, “Keep fucking me…don’t stop pushing that cock into my cervix…fuck….me….harder….”

“Oh yeah…I am going to cum deep in you. My sperm will find your egg…we are going to make a baby…”

“Give me that white creamy cum…deep…so deep…oh gawd…I am going to cum….keep fucking me….yes….yesssss…..”

She could sense his cock was swelling up. He wanted to cum. She wanted his cum. “Give…it….to…me” with that she could feel the final build of her orgasm. Her fingers expertly stroking her clit and his cock tapping out her cervix. Just imagining his cum filling her up took her over the edge. “I’m cumming…oh my god…here it is….do it….fill me up….”

Feeling her orgasm pulsing around his cock took him over the edge. He could feel his cum rushing to the top. As wave after wave of his orgasm took over, his body paused to ensure every drop of cum was left in her. As his orgasm subsided and while his cock was still hard, he stroked her orgasm down. He had to be careful not to pull any of his cum out.

“Carefully lay down and stay in that position for about 10 minutes to ensure impregnation” he said. “Don’t push the cum out. Just be still.”

He pulled out slowly and climbed off the table. She pushed herself back down onto her stomach. She was so satisfied. It was worth it for the massage and sex alone.

“Do you want to know if it took?” she asked.

“Not really. But if you need another session, just let me know. I will gladly do this again.” He responded. He was already hoping for another session with that tight wet pussy, pregnant or not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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