Master and Lover

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“Hey Baby,” You say as I pull open my door for you to enter my cozy room.

I smile up at you, loving that name. Without words I kiss you before you are more than one step past the doorway. Our lips are moving together so well I don’t want to pull away. We are very talented at the tongue dance, having much practice. My hands pull your face to me and you run your fingers through my hair. Still without words I break the kiss and begin to push you towards the bed. I can see your cock already hard and pushing against your shorts, begging to be exposed, dreaming of feeling my capable tongue. I kneel and begin to unzip your zipper, excited to take you in my mouth, ready to taste Master.

Instead though, you stop me.

“No honey. Tonight is your night. It is your birthday, so I am going to please you.” Your eyes twinkle as I stare into them, now back on my feet. I can’t retain my smile, but for good measure I am still cautious and curious.

“Are you sure Mast…” But before I can finish my question you have already started to kiss me again and in one swift motion I feel your arms wrap around my thighs and lift me onto the bed. I sit in front of you now feeling you warm mouth run down the sides of my neck and then back up my cheeks. I shiver as your hands run down my body and over my chest. I moan as your fingers graze over my nipples and you realize that I have no bra on under my loose cotton shirt. You then grab me firmly, holding both of my breasts, or what you can of them, in each hand. You’re groping in time with your tongue which flicks inside my mouth.

“I’ve fucked you wearing only this shirt before,” You say when our mouths part and we begin to breathe again. “Tonight, I want to make love to you only wearing this shirt.” You say this gently as your hands rub the soft cotton. You lips gently meet my forehead, and again I shiver at your touch.

“Yes Master,” I say closing my eyes and focusing on your hands rubbing my legs as they dangle off the bed in front of you.

“No baby.” You coo softly, moving your hands up my thighs. “Tonight it’s not Master, I’m just your love.” I feel your hands working toward the zipper of my shorts and I try to lean back to let you unzip me, but your hands catch my head and hold my face to yours. “I’m your love, all yours.” You say resting your forehead on mine and I can see the freckles in your left eye. Then you apply another kiss to my forehead and shifting one of your hands up to caress my Starzbet face. I close my eyes again feeling the tickling on your fingers as the glide across my cheek and then you trace the outline of my lips with your fingertips. You are so gentle and cause such a stirring inside me that I feel I must be dreaming.

Your hands move back to my shorts, and this time I am allowed to lean back. I offer to undo the button that keeps you from my sweet wetness, but you swat my hands away.

“No baby, I’m undressing you. I’m taking care of my girl tonight.”

At these words I shift my pillow beneath my head and watch you undress me. Your eyes light up at the sight of the black and blue lacey underwear that hold the sides of my hips and retain my wetness in the middle. I hear you exhale with excitement at my new purchase and you kiss the top of my underwear line, just below my belly button as you pull my jeans the rest of the way off. Your tongue and graceful lips follow your hands and kiss down my legs. Down the inside of one leg you move, licking, kissing, and gently nipping my inner thigh. I can’t contain my excitement as your mouth lingers only for a second over my pussy. I feel your breath through my thong, and then you move to the other leg, licking the bit of wetness that has dripped down it. You torture me lovingly down my other leg again. Your warm mouth tickles my soft skin. I feel your face rub against me, feeling my silky flesh against you. I moan with delight as you please me. I can’t control myself and I mix a moan with a laugh of pleasure as I buck my hips upward.

“Oh, did my baby want something?” You ask, already knowing the answer.

I move my hands to your hair, flipping you bangs between my fingers. I force your face closer to my pussy. “Tell me how I taste love?” I phrase it with a question, unused to telling Master what to do.

Before any response is formed, you lick up my slit and I can feel the warmness of your tongue through my underwear. I squirm on the bed and catching my eye I see you grin of satisfaction as you finally pull them down. My cotton shirt is long, but you push it up and kiss my stomach and then work your way down. After much anticipation I feel the wetness of your tongue lapping up my juices and I can’t control my body’s movements or the noises that escape my mouth. I am grinding into your face as my hands claw at the sheets.

You stop for a moment and I calm down, realizing how tightly Starzbet Giriş I am gripping the bed, and then a new sensation startles me. You have put my vibrator on my clit and now my body is convulsing and you plunge your tongue deep inside my pussy. I’m so wet that I can see the juices splashing onto your wanting lips. You pull out your tongue and replace it with your fingers so that you can speak to me.

“Cum for me baby. Cum for your lover.”

As you switch you fingers and mouth again, holding the vibrating mercilessly on my clit I explode, moaning your name over and over. “Oh Baby. Oh my god” I repeat as I come down from my orgasm and lay in bliss as you remove my toy. You lick once more up my slit to capture more cum and I shiver. I feel you kiss back up my body, but I lay, exhausted from cumming already. You pull me up to you and kiss me, giving me a taste of myself.

“You taste delicious,” You half growl at me in a sexy tone. I move my legs up onto the bed and turn, laying against you.

“Thank you love.” I whisper, opening my eyes to see you take off your shirt and pull off your shorts and boxers.

“You’re not done yet.” You smile cooly, letting me take in the wonderful sight of you. Your raging hard cock points at me, your smooth stomach and strong arms, your smile makes me squirm with delight. “I love you Baby. You’re mine and I love you.”

I smile, and feel moisture in the corners of my eyes. You crawl next to me, and I turn to your face. “I love you too.”

I kiss you, and you roll over to straddle me.

“I want to please my baby again. Please, come with me” A smile dances from my lips to yours and you slide down, I feel you hard cock against my thigh.

“I’ll tell you when I’m close,” I say with a quiet pant, already too excited to speak.

Your cock moves closer to my wanting pussy as you move up my body and positioned yourself over me. You pull up one of my legs so my foot is up by my head. I know you love how flexible I am. As you align yourself with me, you lean forward and as your lips touch my mouth your cock penetrates my other lips. You push so deeply inside me, getting a better angle having my leg up. I moan again, this time intangible words. My head begins to spin and I shut my eyes. Your thrusts hit every spot inside me perfectly, and my clit is still so sensitive that I could feel your body gently glide across as you push inside. We rocked together as your wrapped Starzbet Güncel Giriş your arms slightly under mine, whispering in my ear.

“Feel how I fit inside you baby. Feel how tight you are around me. I fit you perfectly and I love your wet tightness. I love having you shake in my arms. I love you.” Your words make me squirm and jerk even more and my pussy begins to clamp down around you. This tightening makes you pause your trusting and moan. “Yes baby, get ready for my cum.” Your naked cock rubs my pussy and I moan your name again. It is the only thing I can think to say as my head continues to spin and I feel so much pleasure that I almost feel disconnected from my body itself. You push farther and I can’t even believe you are in that deep!

“Yes baby.” I must have moaned again, I didn’t notice, but you did. I feel you cock twitch inside me. “Cum baby,” you hiss. And at your words I release. I can feel my body shaking and my pussy milking your cock. I feel the shock of the motion on your cock as it unloads in me. I grip you tighter, pulling you close, both of us sweating and hot. I love it. I love you and everything that you do to my body.

I mumble something like that into your neck as we lay after our mutual orgasms. We are still, aside from my after shocks, which cause me to shake beneath you. You relentlessly hold me tight and stay inside me. You thrust one last time and watch me shiver again. Then you roll over and sit, turning towards me to caress my face again. “You’re so beautiful” You tell me as you watch me begin to almost sleep. I am so tired from the pleasure you’ve caused me that I fight to open my eyes and look at you. Your hair is stuck to your sweat on your forehead and I gently push your bangs aside. I hold my hand there, moving down your face. “And you are so very handsome.”

You shift your gaze down to your cock. It is covered in a mix of us.

“Would you like a taste baby?” You ask soothingly. I nod with enthusiasm and begin to sit up, but again you restrain me. “No, I want to feed you.” With that you position your cock over my mouth and I begin to suck and lick. We taste so delicious, and even if we didn’t I would still never turn down a chance to clean Master’s cock.

When you are almost all clean you pull away and kiss me. “I wanted a taste.” You say after tracing your tongue along my lips. I smile up at you, knowing how lucky I am to have a sexy man like you.

“Come here baby.” You give your last command as you open your arms and pull my nakedness to yours. I rest my head on you and smile. I feel warm and safe laying snuggly in your arms.

“I love you baby.” You say one last time kissing the top of my head as I rest against your chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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