Masturbation Diaries: Shoe Store

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I was a shoe salesman once, in the summer between college semesters. I actually worked my way up to be one of the assistant managers after just the first month. My sales had been that good and with my accounting background from school I was able to handle the store books with ease. I think they also were hurting for employees and wanted to make sure I came back during the holidays and next summer. So hey, the extra pay was kickin’ and as it turned out the other perks of the job weren’t bad either.

I had fitted dozens of women for shoes before I became aware of the vantage point I had helping them on and off with shoes. While sitting on that low stool in front of the ladies as they put their feet one at a time on the slanted surface between my knees I got a lot of nice views. From that position I realized it made it nearly impossible for me not to look up under their skirts if they were short enough. I didn’t want to start ogling them like some damn teenager peeking into the girl’s locker room…although I was still technically a teenager for a couple more months at the time. I also didn’t want to peek up the one wrong skirt that could end up getting me fired.

So most of the time, unless it was a woman that was just too gorgeous to resist I tried to keep my eyes on the customer’s faces rather than between their legs except when I had to look down to measure a foot or fit a shoe. Still though, even then I found myself glancing down at the sexy calves presented me as I sat on my little stool.

Of course, not all the sexy women opened her knees for me to see up their skirts, although a surprising number of them did. There were some memorable times that summer and one late afternoon I remember so well…

The chain shoe store was in a small shopping strip, in a fully glass front building set off from the others. There was usually an assistant manager and at least one associate working in the store at all times. On this particular Tuesday things were slow so I gave the associate the rest of the shift off. Most weekday afternoons were slow and I knew I could handle any mini-rush that might have come up as unlikely as that was. As fate would have it, no sooner than the kid left than I had my mini-rush. Two couples and three separate women walked in within about ten minutes of one another.

I did my thing and worked them on by one, measuring, answering questions and running the register. In less than an hour I must have sold eight pairs of shoes and even better about two hundred dollars worth of accessories, which is where shoe stores make most of their profit. By the time I had finished with the second couple only one other customer was left.

As I stood at the counter ringing the couple out, I glanced over at the rather attractive woman up in front of the store as she looked at the selection along the far wall.

“I’ll be with you in a minute,” I called to her.

She didn’t look back at me but nodded and raised her hand a bit acknowledging my words.

I wrapped the couple’s purchases and while I zipped the guy’s credit card through the reader I glanced up again to see the woman up front bend down for a pair of shoes on the bottom shelf. As she did her very short skirt lifted up in back. I had only glanced at her for maybe two seconds, but with her bent over like that I swear I had been able to glimpse nearly up to her butt.

With that distraction the credit card fumbled from my hand.

I realized other than me no one else would have noticed as my only other customers were facing me chatting with one another.

When the couple left my one last customer was continuing to browse.

I took a deep breath, trying to get the previous sight of her out of my mind. Then I walked up front and approached the woman, “Can I help you?”

“Not just now, thanks,” she was a bit abrupt, but when she turned her my way and I got sight of a very beautiful face and bright smile, the brush off didn’t bother me at all. She was gorgeous back and front.

“Okay, I’ll either be at the counter or at one of the displays in back. Just call out when you’re ready.”

“Mmm-hmm.” She had gone back to studying the heels.

I let her be and went back to working on one of the new displays. I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye. As I worked the display I found myself paying more and more attention to her though. She had on a black short skirt which showed a lot of leg whether she bent over or not. When she happened to turn a little more my way I saw how nice and rather sexy she really did look. Her long straight black hair hung loose down over her shoulders. I could also tell under that tight blouse, although she wasn’t well endowed, her breasts were very round and still big enough to be noticeable even as I ogled them from several feet away.

As I covertly watched as she reached for another shoe on the display and held it up to look at it more closely. Then she bent over to place it on the floor next to her foot. When she did she bent over Escort bayan far enough so again I was treated to a pretty view of her skirt riding up to show her upper thighs. About then a guy walked past the front of the store and did a bit of a double-take. I presume he caught sight of a pair of shoes he liked as I was pretty sure he couldn’t see the sexy woman in my store from that far away.

Thankfully he kept walking.

I could certainly forego a sale for more private time with this lady.

When I looked back at my customer I found she was bent forward at the waist again and her skirt was lifted up a little more, enough to show me was wearing stockings. She was wearing a garter and stockings! I had never seen a woman wearing stockings before, panty hose yes, but not stockings. She eased over still further and I glimpsed the beginning of the smooth roundness of her shapely backside. It was still too far away and too shadowy under that skirt to see if she was maybe wearing a skimpy thong or whether nothing at all, but for sure I was seeing a lot of cheek.

Either way my mind raced and my manhood grew down my thigh inside my boxers.

I know I audibly gasped as I slid my hand down the front of my dress slacks and felt my arousal. But about then an older woman stopped to take a look in the window. I swear she looked straight at me. I know she had no way of knowing the condition I was in, but I still felt guilty and was sure it was written all over my face.

Then she too walked on. Any other day I would have been disappointed to lose a another sale.

To say this was a pure turn-on for me would be the biggest understatement of my young almost twenty years. Just the thought that this woman might get a sexual charge out of discreetly displaying herself was enough to get me hard. I watched as the woman moved between two display stands now, dangling two high-heeled shoes off her fingers, presumably her initial choices, as she continued to browse.

“Yes!” the woman suddenly exclaimed.

I was so turned-on and distracted I jumped in shock at her utterance. She picked up another pair of shoes, strapless four-inch heels. I took a huge breath and willed my partial erection to recede. It mostly worked, I wasn’t tenting out anymore at least, so I walked down the aisle toward my customer.

“Do I surmise that you have found what you are looking for?” I approached her from the side and had all the advantage seeing that cute butt jutting out behind her and the firm, although not sizable, but clearly discernable breasts thrust out front.

She turned to me with that gorgeous smile again, only now I could see her big sparkling brown eyes.

“I need a descent looking pair of evening heels and I think these are what I’ve been looking for!” She said with the excitement of a moment ago still in her voice.

The atmosphere in my shoe store was electric at that moment. It was clear she was totally excited about finding the perfect pair of shoes and I was excited for her exciting me!

“Uh, I’m glad. They are a new arrival actually.”

“Is there, any chance you have them in my size?”

I so wanted to say, ‘I have something in just the right size I know will fit you here in my boxers’. But instead, I said summoning my most helpful and professional salesman voice. “And do you know your size?”

“A size eight,” she said looking right into my eyes and smiled, hers very brown and very warm.

“Okay, let me see what I’ve got. May I suggest you take a seat back here and I’ll be back in a minute.” I motioned to one of the benches behind her and went off to the store room in back.

No sooner than I had gotten back amongst all the shoe racks than I put my hands out against one of them, took a deep breath and whispered to myself, “Damn she’s hot!”

With my hard-on still rubbing down against my thigh I went in search of her shoes.

To save time and to appear thoughtful I usually brought out the size the customer asked for and a size up and down just in case. We had all three so I grabbed the boxes off the shelf and headed back out.

I returned to floor only to find the woman not sitting up front on one of those benches, but rather on a bench closest to the stockroom door. I paused for a brief second coming out of the curtained doorway as I looked at her, okay I looked at her long lovely legs extending out under her short skirt. I closed my eyes, took another deep breath and willed my arousal to remain in check.

“I brought three pairs, a half size up and down, just in case.” I sat the boxes on the floor and pulled a stool in front of her then sat down. As I did I saw a smile in the woman’s eyes again. Damn those eyes were stunningly brilliant. But as I straddled the stool, I realized it wasn’t me she was smiling at, but rather the shoe box in my hand as I brought out the first shoe.

“They look so delicious.” She commented. As she spoke she lifted her right foot for me.

I slipped off Bayan escort the black pump she wore and reached down gently lifting her foot at the ankle. I could immediately feel how silky smooth her foot bottom was even through her stockings.

Now that was delicious!

Did I mention besides being a panty-fetishist I am also a sucker for pretty toes? Even through the stockings they got to me. They were painted a very deep red, too. Damn!

Abruptly she slithered down in the seat wriggling and squirming.

“Ticklish?” I asked as I still professionally held her foot.

“I’m terribly ticklish.” She curled her toes and giggled softly.

“I’ll be more careful, but I can tell already these are going to look great on you.” Even through my gradually rebuilding excitement I was still ever the salesman.

I placed her foot in the first shoe and proceeded to see if it fit. At least that was what I was doing by rote, but in my mind and in actuality I was looking straight up her legs to her thighs. With one foot up and one on the floor, her legs were already slightly parted. All I could see were dark shadows though, no further up under her short skirt.

I was disappointed, but I did have another shoe to fit.

“Okay, let’s get the left one on and see how they fit when you stand and walk in them.”

I reached out and took hold of her calf to lift her leg and slip her other black pump off. When I did, the electricity was still there and so obviously was her ticklishness. She giggled and squirmed on the bench again. As I fitted the shoe with my right hand, I let my left hand slide upwards until it was just below her knee. I glanced up her legs this time and saw she had opened them a little wider. I followed the nude colored stockings up underneath to her bare thighs. I could see the white garter strap hooked to the stocking pressed tightly against her soft flesh. Ever so slowly her knees spread apart further still. I licked my lips as I looked between her widening legs.

As I’ve said I had more than one glance up a woman’s skirt in my time on that job. No matter how hard they tried to be modest, they would usually have to open their legs at least once during the process, giving me a look at their upper thighs and on occasion a glance at a pair of panties, albeit a very brief glance.

My jaw dropped now as I got much more than a panty peek. I could see her mound and the start of her bushy cleft!

In all the several weeks I’d been fitting women for shoes other than several sexy bared thighs and a number of panty peeks I had never been pussy flashed!

I didn’t know if she knew what she was doing or if this was all just an innocent accident on her part. But it really didn’t matter, I saw it and that mattered to me. As long as I figured I had ogled I looked up to see if I would get a smile or a frown from the woman. But to my surprise I found she was looking at the handbags on the rack next to the bench.

Still kneeling there before her and holding a shoe up to her foot, I was trying hard to be professional while at the same time trying to get an even better look under skirt. As she adjusted her bottom on the seat again the very hairs on her mound came into view…the very thick, black, crinkly and curly hairs.

Wow! I was really getting carried away. And my job would be on the line if I was discovered ogling this woman like this, at least on the premise she still wasn’t flashing me on purpose! The one thing I knew for sure was she was going to be featured in some great masturbation fantasies for days to come.

I finally got that shoe on and let her foot ease back to the floor. She closed her legs and I tried to act none the wiser to her exposure.

She stood and immediately uttered, “Ooo, I think they are a bit tight.”

“Not a problem. That’s why I brought out the other sizes.” I reached for another shoe box. “Please, have a seat again and let’s try this one on for size.”

I kept my position on the stool and this time when she put her foot on the ramp she gave her leg a little extra shake causing her skirt to ride up right off. I took the calf of her leg in my left hand and deftly removed her shoe with my right. Rather than fitting the new shoe right away I just held the heel of her foot in one hand and let the other slide up her leg to her knee. I was sure that any moment she would snatch her foot away and stand up in protest, but to my surprise when I looked up at her, her head was tilted back toward the handbags again.

I carefully slipped the shoe off and replaced it with the same style but a half size larger. Ever-so-slowly I bent down to pick up the second, only now that I knew what I was looking for I stared with all my might at that junction between her legs. I could definitely see her pubic hair, so curly and thick. I swore I could see some pink through the thick bush, too.

Repeating the process with this foot she wiggled her toes and giggled before I got the shoe on.

When Escort I did I pushed back the stool. “Why don’t you walk around and check out their comfort now.”

She promptly stood up and smoothed her skirt down, then cocking the heels first to the left and then to the right she looked at them in the floor mirror as I admired the rest of her. It was surprising what a difference a couple inches of heel could do to a woman’s legs.

She did a short walk down the aisle and back.

The heels indeed made her already sexy feet and legs look even more delicious. As she walked up and down the center of the store, checking herself out in the many small floor mirrors I was checking her out. The view only added to the erection in my pants.

As she strutted back down the aisle it was as if she was walking a fashion show runway.

“These look marvelous!” She almost shouted out.

I grinned. “And how’s the fit? Any pinching around the toes?”

She looked down at me with a twinkle in her eye.

“They feel just perfect. They’re also the one last piece of apparel to make tonight’s outfit perfect,” and with that she ran her hands down her skirt again only this time she bunched it up a little. “Of course, the little black dress I bought is more like this length.” She held her skirt well above her knees and maybe, just maybe barely a couple of inches before she exposed herself to me. As if I hadn’t already seen what was under there already!

“What do you think?” She asked.

I didn’t say anything, not at first anyway. I swear I was going to reach under that skirt and grab those hips of hers and pull her dark bush right to my face as I stooped there on one knee with my face barely a foot away from her. I was so caught up in the erotic moment that when she cocked her hip toward my face I about fell backwards onto the floor.

I caught myself as she sat back down on the bench, crossed her legs and slowly slipped a shoe off her beautiful foot. “Mmm, these are simply delightful. Thank you so much.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” I said as I watched her remove her other shoe and slid her hand up her long, shapely leg.

Indeed the pleasure at that moment was all mine…and for the boner in my pants of course.

I took the shoes from her and placed them back in the box.

Luckily she stood first and perused the handbags she had been eyeing earlier.

That gave me the out to stand and position the stack of boxes in front of me to hide the very obvious bulge extending down my slacks.

I made it around the other side of the sales counter before she walked up. She had one of our latest handbags in her hand as she came up to the register.

“I will take this also. Its too much for tonight’s outfit, but I’m such a sucker for pretty purses, I just have to have this one.” She smiled at me again and went to pull her credit card out of her wallet.

I rang her out, while the whole time my hard-on banged against the counter.

“There you go. And I hope you have a wonderful evening.” I said handing over her shopping bag.

“Oh I plan to.” She came back and added a very telling wink.

My erection swelled and pushed against the wooden counter once again.

“You’re very nice,” she said. “Thank you.” With that she turned and walked toward the front door.

I stepped from around the counter finally and let not only my eyes but my cock watch her hips sway gently away as she left the store. I must have been holding my breath as I felt as if I was left breathless at that point. I shook my head and even with a huge hard-on still in my boxers I went to get the other shoes I’d brought out for her and took them to the restocking shelf in back. Then I made my way to out to the display I had been working on previously.

For the next few minutes I tried to concentrate on work, but every time I closed my eyes, I saw that sexy woman and her panty-less pussy in my mind. I kept running my hand down across the ever-present hard-on I’d had since I’d first seen her, only now I couldn’t will it to diminish. I was not going to be able to keep my hands off myself for much longer.

I needed some relief soon!

First checking that no one was coming in the front door, I ducked back into the stockroom. I pulled my cock out and started playing with myself while looking back out on to the floor through the curtained doorway. I leaned forward with a hand on the restocking shelf and the shoe boxes I had returned, my cock pointing at the pair of heels she had first tried on.

There would be no stopping me now.

Pictures of my sexy customer filled my head; her lovely face, her gorgeous body. I focused on the details.

Then I fantasized she liked me looking up between her thighs from that point blank range on my little stool. My fingers touched the hem of her skirt, raising it and drifting my fingers over the smooth warmth of her thigh. My hand drew her skirt higher, my fingers brushing the first of her kinky dark curls. I breathed hard at the thought of her having walked around my store without underwear and now I could feel the hot slick wetness seeping over my fingers as I edged them further through her dense pubes until I was touching her pink pussy lips.

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