Masturbation Mistake

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Slipping quietly into the room, watching the torch light dance.

Seeing no one, I slip behind the bar and strip my clothes, putting on my favorite apron….not much material…lots of lace and the lovely built in clips that clamp the bib portion to my nipples…growling softly as they bite in. Running my finger along the edge of the bar and glancing at the spanking bench…but hard to use by yourself.

Seeing the mount on the wall, I walk to the cupboard and select the double penetrating dildo and affix it to the bracket on the wall. Reaching between my legs, smearing some of the nectar around my ass….my pussy dripping and well lubed, I grab the strap on clit vibrator and affix it so that it brushes my aching clit.

Using the step stool to climb up and mount the double dildo…the cold wall at my back…I scream as the thick cock like length penetrates my tight sphincter, it pushes slowly in as I lower myself down. My cunt and ass muscles twitching as I lower my body so that both are deeply embedded.

I turn the clit vibe on high…tucking the controller into the straps that hold it in place. Moaning and wriggling, I reach up to squeeze the clamps on my nipples, and before I can change my mind, grab both shackles, tucking the key between my teeth and close each one around my wrists, leaving very isveçbahis little room for movement. I extend my feet outward to the far pegs, leaving my holes exposed….thighs spread wide.

Wriggling, my ass grinding into the wall…nipples aching as they swell and my clit being tormented by the strong vibrations. I watch the door, hoping for someone to enter. The sensations building quickly and as the first waves wash over me. I gasp…dropping the key. I can hear it hit the floor as I scream in orgasmic bliss. The waves keep striking, my clit in constant flux as it bucks and heaves. Wave after wave…non stop total body climax.

My arms rattling the chains that hold me, my sweet cum juices dripping down my legs, soaking me. My screams changing from blissful to near painful, as I realize that there is no relief from the constant vibrations of the little jack hammer that assaults my swollen nub. Sweat dripping as I cum over and over….praying for the batteries to die as each new climax wears me down a little more. Hearing the door, barely able to lift my head to see who has arrived….

I can see my Master enter the room and he walks slowly over to me…letting his eyes gaze into mine…seeing the sheer madness of my predicament. He bends to pick up the key and slips it onto the table. I watch him walk away, opening isveçbahis giriş my mouth to beg to be let down as an even stronger orgasm tears into me. My howls fill the room and through my half lidded eyes, through the tears that stream over my cheeks I see him pick up the dreaded flogger.

My very breath sticks in my aching throat, as I shake my head from side to side…silently pleading, no not that one.

He looks at me…puts the flogger down and picks up his single tailed whip…approaching me, he smiles, a menacing smile. He removes the clamps holding the apron in place, making me yelp a fresh volley of screams. My heart beating a tattoo against my rib cage, I see him draw back his hand and as the first lash strikes my right nipple my held breath explodes from my fiery hot lungs.

Before I can catch my breath the whip kisses my nipples 11 more times leaving me slumped onto the impaling dildos, my insides aching, muscles clenching. Eyes tightly closed, I can hear the sound of my pounding heart and the echoes of the screams that slipped over my lips.

Slowly opening my eyes to see him in front of me still, but this time with the dreaded flogger, the one that brings real tears to my eyes at its mere sight. Finding a bit of strength, I pull at my arms, lifting myself off the phallic shapes that invade isveçbahis yeni giriş me, lessening the pressure. I watch, helpless as he tests the distance and then….omg…the first touch of the flogger sending me into a fit of trembles. The second one makes me lose all muscle control and I drop hard onto the dildos once again. It pushes an orgasm through me, painful, ripping into my very core. Screaming….I count 10 blows to my belly before he drops and kisses my inner thighs with the devilish falls of the cursed flogger.

Slumped forward, arms pulling at the shackles, I feel the feathery kisses as he traces the line the flogger made. His lips working their way to my parted legs, fingers removing the vibrator from my clit…the relief overwhelming, my entire body shudders. My eyes flutter open to look down just in time to see his mouth descend on my tortured clit. A scream explodes in the same instant that his teeth lock on, pulling back, stretching it, and then he shakes his head.

My cunt squelches as even more juice floods from it, pushes out around the impaling dildo. Taking advantage of the copious amounts of lube, he pushes two fingers in beside the dildo, I can feel his tips at my gspot. The combination of filled ass, stretched cunt, the pressure of his thick fingers and scissoring teeth and tongue on my clit are too much. Sensations like the kiss of a lightning bolt travel from my stretched pussy to my swollen clit…

Darkness overtakes me, the last sound I hear is of my own ragged scream, ripped out of my tortured lungs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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