Maths Lessons Get Hot

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Laura had always had a thing for older men. Having had previous crushes on older men in the past, like her married neighbour, but this crush was different. From the minute she set eyes on the new deputy headmaster Mr Hunt she knew it would be.

At first she didn’t like him. He had come in and was changing everything but over her fifth year she spoke to him more and got to know him better. It all changed when she got into sixth year and was made house captain. This was her chance to get to know him even better. She soon developed a fondness for Mr Hunt but she kept this little admiration to herself as she grew closer and closer to him. She would find reasons to go talk to him and in her position he had to have weekly meetings with him which of course she paid no attention too she was too busy eyeing him up. Her best friend soon started hinting that she knew but Laura kept denying it. Her little crush was growing into a major obsession, or as she saw it falling in love.

Laura had never been good at maths she had always struggled and it never interested her so she never really tried her hardest. Mr Hunt used to be a maths teacher so he would regularly offer to help her with her homeworks or class work she was stuck on and Laura loved these little one to one sessions in his office. It made her feelings grow stronger and her desire to have him grow too. She eventually told her best friend who thought it was just a stupid crush like the other older guys but she soon realised this was more than a crush!

At the build up to her exams Laura was stressed about her maths. She was determined to pass it but all she could think about was Mr Hunt. She would sit with him every day at lunch and imagine fucking him on the table, at meetings she would imagine him going down on her right there and then. Her fantasies growing wilder and wilder!

Mr Hunt was not so innocent either. He began flirting more and more, he acted differently around Laura than he did to any other pupil. Laura had brought him out of his shell. Laura was trying to ignore him and put her mind to her studies but he was not having it. Secretly he loved the attention. He would think of reasons to invite her to his room where he would tease her. He would talk to her but while he was talking he would stretch or lean back and rub up and down his leg. This sent Laura wild. He would joke with her and play pranks on her and take any chance to stop her in the corridors and talk to her. Again to which Laura didn’t complain she loved this attention.

The week before her maths exam Mr Hunt called Laura out of her maths class and up to his office. Laura’s heart raced as she walked towards his door. She was extremely horny as usual. She had left her blazer in maths as it was a really hot day. Her bra cud be seen through her thin white shirt and she gaziantep escort bayan ilanları pulled her skirt up a tiny bit higher than it usually was. As it was summer she didn’t have tights on and she could feel a dampness on her nice tight white pants. She knocked on the door and waited. Mr Hunt calmly as always told her to enter. His deep strongly accented voice making her stomach flip as she walked in.

“Laura I know you are in maths right now…. but I feel a little…. one to one tuition would be more……. useful for you.”

Laura’s heart was pounding it was a dream come true! She couldn’t count the number of times she had imagined this moment and it was amazing. She began to feel the tingly pulsing feeling in her pussy as Mr Hunt swung back on his chair and fiddled with his pen. She looked at his thick strong fingers and imagined them thrusting deep inside her tight warm virgin pussy.

“I would love that sir, it would really help me” she eventually replied, shaking the image of him and her out her mind. He was constantly in her mind nearly every minute of every day.

“Meet me here after the last bell and we can go back to mine for your lesson. I don’t want to stay here to be disturbed, I know how easily distracted you are” he laughed as he sent her back to her class. Laura expected it to be just another one to one session in his office but when he mentioned taking her back to his house she realised this could be the moment she has been waiting for for nearly two years now!

Laura walked slowly back to her class with a giant smile on her face and heart about to explode out her chest. She text her best friend the minute she got back into class to tell her the news. Her pal then realised this was no ordinary crush!

For Laura the rest of the day went so slowly. She left French – the last class of the day- ten minutes early to go to the toilets and prepare herself. She had to look her best and she went through plans in her head about how she was going to play it. She was sure that Mr Hunt was just as interested in her as she was in him despite the nineteen year age gap between them. She didn’t care that she was eighteen year old and he was thirty seven year, it made no difference to her at all!

Mr Hunt was a tall thin man with curly brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes, overall pretty good looking for his age. He wasn’t married and was very open about this. The only family he really spoke about was his sister and his niece who he adored. Laura had dreamt so many times about marrying him and having his children, she had never felt like this for anyone in her life, she genuinely did love the man. Throughout her fifth and sixth year she had never paid any attention to boys her age she was to hung gaziantep eskort bayan up on Mr Hunt. The school bell rang and she gave it another ten minutes to let everyone file out to the buses before she headed up to his office. He wasn’t back from his bus duty so she went in and made her self comfy on one of the chairs in his room. She lay back and put her feet up on the table and tried to stay calm. As she was making herself comfortable in strode Mr Hunt. Laura’s draw dropped. He looked more gorgeous than ever. His blue eyes sparkled as the sun streamed in through the window. He had taken of his suite jacket. He had undone the top button on his pale blue shirt and had loosened his patterned navy tie. Laura was extremely turned on. She knew she would not be able to concentrate on any maths and to be honest she prayed that no books would even be opened.

“Shall we go then?”

Laura nodded eagerly and followed him down to his silver sports car. She had been in it a few times before but never on her own and not on the way to his house. It was a short drive about twenty minutes to his house and the journey was spent laughing and joking. When they drew into his drive Laura loved the house then minute she saw it. She was sure she wanted to settle down in that house with the man sitting next to her. She looked at him and smiled and said

“Lets get to work then!”

They went in and he told her to make herself at home, something Laura totally planned to anyway. She asked him if she could go get changed and he sent her to the bathroom while he got them a cold drink each. Laura had brought a white vest top and a pair of tight shorts both with emphasised her nice figure. She had always looked after herself. She went back through to the living room to find Mr Hunt relaxed on the couch wearing a tight white t-shirt and a pair of football shorts. This was the first time she had seen how muscular his body was. She wanted him so bad and he knew she wanted him but he was prepared to tease.!

“come and take a seat and get your books out, can you reach up and open that window before you sit down it’s awful hot in here.”

Laura walked calmly to the window and reached up to close it. She felt her shorts ride a little up her long legs as she did so, but she couldn’t care less. She could feel Mr Hunt’s eyes fixed on her as she did so, which she loved. She took a seat next to him.

“Where shall we start then sir?”

“Call me Iain he replied, we are friends in this house and it’s out of school hours”

Laura was in heaven she wanted this moment to last forever.

They opened the maths text book up and did a couple of questions. Laura’s short attention span was proving a problem though as her mind wandered round the room. Conversations gaziantep bayan escort began to flow and maths was soon forgotten about. They talked about everything and anything and had a right laugh. Mr Hunt had a sparkle in his eye as he started into Laura’s as they laughed and joked. Her heart pounded again as she grew closer to the moment she had wanted for so long now, she could feel it coming so she leaned forward slowly into the kiss and so did Iain. It started of a slow gentle kiss but before they knew it they were in a deep passionate kiss. They both stopped and laughed before the moment got even more heated and layers of clothing were removed. Laura was actually in heaven she slowly removed his boxers as his long erect penis sprung out to meet her. Mr Hunt slowly cupped her 34C breasts in his hands and kissed her neck slowly. They lay down on the couch and cuddled and kissed for a while both staring into each other’s eyes.

“You sure you are ok with this Laura, I have wanted this for ages but I wouldn’t like to push you into something you wouldn’t want!” he explained to her.

“Iain, there’s nothing I have wanted more for nearly two years now!” she gasped as he continued to kiss from her neck down to her stomach. She shivered with pleasure as he plunged his strong fingers inside her pussy, it was better than she ever imagined it to be. She groped his balls in her hand and rubbed his hard long cock before taking it into her mouth she sucked and caressed it with her tongue until he was gasping with pleasure too.

“Iain fuck me!” she moaned

He reached for a drawer and produced a condom.

“Are you sure you want to?”

“shut up and take me!” she screamed.

Mr Hunt slowly entered Laura’s tight warm wet pussy and she moaned with pleasure as he slowly moved in and out of her, getting harder and faster the wetter she got. He thrusted her hard and fast until she could take no more. She was screaming with absolute pleasure as they both came at the same time. The feeling of her juices around his solid cock make her shiver and moan with pleasure and joy. Afterwards they lay there on the couch. Mr Hunt stroked her hair and kissed her neck and mouth lightly. Laura wanted to lie there forever. It was a thousand times better than she ever could have imagined. She didn’t want to go home or back to school where she would have to call him Sir again and treat him like a teacher. She wanted to tell everyone that she was in love with Iain but she knew she couldn’t. The good thing was for her was that she only had two weeks left at school. Before that evening she was worried about leaving school and leaving Mr Hunt, but now she was looking forward to leaving… that way Mr Hunt could become Iain for as long as they both wanted each other and her love could be accepted as she was no longer a student.

She went back to school the next day sat all her exams and finished her school year. She had an emotional goodbye to “Mr Hunt” and all the other teachers she had got on well with but she knew that it was no goodbye to Mr Hunt it was only the beginning. That very night or soon after she would be back in Iain’s arms!

Laura proved that it was no stupid crush it was real love!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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