Matt’s 1st Adult Physical Ch. 01

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Big Tits

This story is a work of total fiction. Any resemblance to real people, dead or living, is purely coincidental. Certain sexual activities, including BDSM, that may be depicted in the story are only safe in fictional literature scenes.

Matt had just turned nineteen and was required to have a physical exam to enroll in college, so he made an appointment to see me. After a brief interview of his medical history, I asked him to sit on the exam table and to remove his shirt. He seemed a little uncomfortable with taking it off. I could tell this was going to be a reluctant patient and I would enjoy giving him a physical. This was his first exam without his mom in the room and I assured him he did not need to be embarrassed, so I helped him remove it. I immediately became aroused by his fine sculpted chest and how hairy he had become since I saw him last. I asked him to lie down and untie the string on his red sweatpants. He hesitated but proceeded anyway.

“Since you’re hairy for a 19 year old, you probably have a high level of testosterone that usually comes from masturbating often.” He responded with a cute but embarrassed smile. “How often do you masturbate?”

He paused and I pulled his pants down below his knees.

Since this was a 10 AM appointment, I could smell a distinctive odor coming from his crotch and concluded he must have masturbated earlier in the morning. “Matt, why aren’t you wearing any underwear?” I asked while looking down and admiring his soft uncut dick. His cock looked to be about five inches long and had a couple of thick veins running along it, a sure sign it would be enormous when I arouse him to a point of getting it hard. As I reached for his dick and began pushing his foreskin back Ankara escort to expose the head, I could see it was still moist. “Did you masturbate this morning?”

“What?” He asked with embarrassment.

“Did you masturbate this morning?”

He nodded that he did.

“How many times a day do you masturbate?”


I tried to rationalize the reason for him to masturbate before coming into the office. I made a note on his chart.

“Please take your socks, shoes and pants completely off.”

“Doc, do I really need to be completely naked. I was never naked when I came in here with my mom.”

“Yes, you require a complete physical.” I looked at his face and he was more uncomfortable with the situation. He slowly sat up and I could see his defined abs contract as he crossed his left leg and reached for his sneaker and removed it. He then rolled his sock and handed it to me as I trained my eyes on his balls and cock being squeezed and twisted with every movement. He went to the other foot and removed the sneaker and sock and tossed them to the floor.

“Doc,” he asked meekly, “Can’t you just sign the college form so we can get this over?”

“No,” I replied, as I gently placed my hand on his chest and motioned him to lie down again. “Let me help you with your pants.”

I reached for his pants legs and pulled his sweatpants off. He was completely naked and stretched out on my examination table. My cock began to pulsate under my pants and I was concerned my precum would soak through my thin surgical pants. Like Matt, I was a fan of going commando so I also risked him seeing my hardon behind my pants.

As I began to examine him, I observed Matt was lean, yet muscular. He was Ankara escort bayan 145 pounds and only 5 feet 4 inches. “Matt, did you wrestle?” I lifted his thick right arm to check for lumps in his pit. I could tell he was a fan of barbells and bench presses by the look of his upper body.

“No. I’m going to try out for Lacrosse.”

I made a note on his chart.

As I inspected his pit and deeply inhaled the scent of his perspiration, I asked, “Did you shower this morning?”

“Sorry Doc,” he sheepishly replied as I became more aroused by the lack of his hygiene.

I examined his armpit and I parted the hair to take a closer look. “I’ll need to trim some of this hair since I think I see a lesion.”

He greeted me with a puzzled look and protested, “The guys are going to give me a hard time with shaved pits.”

“Don’t worry.”

I took an electric clipper and using force I ran it deep into his pit as the sound of the razor echoed throughout the room. “I’ll need to do the same to the other.” I lifted his other arm and removed the hair. Without warning, I moved the razor to his chest and passed it quickly along the width of it.

“Doc!” He shouted. “What the fuck are you doing?” None of the guys I spoke to said this was part of a physical!” He sat up and was quite agitated and breathing hard.

“To do a complete physical, I will need to put electrodes on your chest and they need contact with your skin. Your hair will get in the way.

“I also need to make sure you don’t have signs of skin cancer and normally guys your age don’t have this much hair. That’s because you masturbate too much and your hormones cause all this hair to grow. Now relax and let me continue.” I motioned him Escort Ankara to lie down again.

“You’ll probably like having a smooth torso to show off your muscles.”

I continued shaving his upper chest until it was smooth with no stubble and then repeated both armpits so they too showed no sign of stubble. As my cock continued to swell in my pants, I looked down at his uncut dick and saw he was still soft. I had hoped the vibrating razor on his body and that he was lying naked on the table would give him a boner.

“Matt, when you masturbate, do you ejaculate quickly and how much comes out?”

Matt replied, “You got to be kidding me? Do we really need to discuss that?”

As the sound of the clipper continued to fill the room, I moved to his abs and as the hairs from his body fell to the floor, I replied, “Yes, some guys have sexual issues so we need to determine if you are one of them.”

He confessed, “I cum quickly and there isn’t always that much.”

“I see.” I made a note on his chart.

What do you fantasize about? “

“The normal stuff,” he said.

“Girls?” I asked.

The movement of my clipper on his abs caused his belly to quickly contract repeatedly, but I continued to get closer to the edge of his pubic hair. Matt began to wiggle his toes, a sign he might be getting aroused.

“Guys usually get an erection during physicals so don’t be ashamed if that happens and actually one part of the exam is to make sure you don’t have any deformities on the shaft.” I repeated my question as I looked at his still soft but thick cock, “What do you fantasize about when you masturbate?”

Matt began to fidget and I placed my hand on his flat six-pack abdomen to calm him. His abs were so tight I determined it would be difficult to palpate his internal organs and made a note on his chart.

I predicted Matt was going to be an unwilling patient. This physical would be fun for me but a nightmare for Matt.

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