Medication and Lactation Pt. 3

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***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

“Are you sure you want me in there with you?” I asked Katy as I opened the car door for her. She stepped out and my gaze lingered on her toned midriff that her white sweater failed to cover. She had a long torso, but I had tasted every inch of it and was looking forward to doing it again. The same went for everything she hid under her black leggings.

“Of course I do!” Katy assured me. She was acting as a surrogate for my sister’s baby and was about two months pregnant. She had just barely started to show. “Remember, you’re going to be an uncle, not just my boy-toy,” she said with a giggle.

I smiled. I really liked being her boy toy. I was also looking forward to being an uncle. I hadn’t planned on getting this involved with the pregnancy, but I was happy with the way things were working out.

Katy grabbed my hand and we walked toward the clinic entrance. I wasn’t exactly sure what this visit was about other than it was a follow-up to the previous week’s ultrasound. My sister had been at that one, but she wasn’t able to come today so I was filling in. I had nothing to offer in the way of knowledge but I was entirely supportive, and apparently, that was enough.


“Dr. Perkins will be in with you shortly,” the nurse said as she left the examination room and shut the door behind her. I picked up in the conversation between her and Katy that this follow-up was to ensure an “abnormality” found during last week’s ultrasound wasn’t anything serious. The bloodwork had come back showing no problems, but Dr. Perkins might want to “visually inspect” just in case.

The nurse had told Katy she could wait for Dr. Perkins before getting undressed. But within seconds of the nurse leaving she had her pants and underwear off, leaving her only in her sweater and long black socks that ended in white stripes above her knees. She laid back flat on the examination table and hooked her legs over the curved leg rests, which held them up and out for easy access to her womanly region.

I chuckled to myself as I took a seat at her left shoulder. Katy always just did what she wanted and I found it charming. I was much more reserved, so she was a good influence on me. She helped me open up, come out of my shell, and try things I never would have otherwise.

I enjoyed the sight of Katy’s bare skin as she lay with her eyes closed, breathing deeply and relaxing easily. She absently teased her clit with her long-nailed fingertips, a habit of hers whenever she was naked (which was often).

“I wonder if this new doctor will be as cute as the last one,” she murmured sleepily, her fingers moving slowly in small circles at the crest of her pussy lips.

“You’ve never met this one?” I asked. Katy massaged her clit with one hand as the other slipped under her sweater to tease her nipples through her thin bra.

“No, unfortunately,” she said disappointedly. “He was sweet and he had a nice touch.”

Mark ran his fingers across Katy’s flat stomach and drew circles around her pierced navel. She giggled. She was very ticklish.

“Why don’t you give me one of your famous tongue baths while we wait?” Katy suggested.

I glanced at the closed door, then back at her. “Are you sure?” I asked hesitantly.

“Don’t worry,” she reassured me. “We’ll hear her coming before she gets to the door.”

Well, this was the kind escort gaziantep kızıl bayan of thing you signed up for when you hung out with Katy. And I simply couldn’t say “no” to her.

I rolled my chair around until I was between her legs, able to glimpse the light sheen of wetness she had built up between her lips. I never got tired of the sight of her beautiful pussy, especially when her labia spread to invite me to have my way.

I leaned in and lapped hungrily at Katy’s slit, always making sure to pay special attention to the button at the top. She moaned as I sucked on her clit, allowing her to move her hips to get just the right sensation. She unhooked her bra under her sweater and groped her tits.

Ever since she had gotten pregnant Katy’s pussy had smelled and tasted a little different. It was tangier and had more flavor, which turned me on even more. I was so focused on eating her out that I failed to hear the footsteps coming down the hall. Before I could disengage my mouth from Katy’s pussy I heard the door swing open behind me.

I spun around in his chair, eyes wide and lips wet with Katy’s juices. Standing in the doorway was, I assumed, Dr. Perkins.

She looked young for a doctor, early to mid-30s. Her brown hair was tied up in a bun to show off her oval face, and my eyes were drawn to her full pink lips. Her modest knee-length black dress and white lab coat, open at the front, did little to hide what were obviously massive tits squeezed beneath the black fabric. She let the door swing shut behind her as she stepped into the room, towering over me in her black heels.

“Is this him?” the woman asked Katy. Still in shock, I couldn’t even begin to process what that meant.

“Yes it is, Dr. Perkins,” Katy confirmed.

Dr. Perkins crossed her arms under her heavy chest and cocked an eyebrow, apparently sizing me up. After a few moments, she said, “He’ll do.”

Having no idea what that meant, I rotated in my chair. “Katy?” I asked,

“What’s going on?”

“Uh…I may have fibbed a little,” Katy responded hesitantly as she glanced at the wall, avoiding my gaze. “I’ve actually known Dr. Perkins for a while and, well…we kind of have an arrangement.”

“Oh?” I prodded.

“Yeah, see…”

“I like to get fucked in my office,” Dr. Perkins interrupted. “Don’t ask why, it’s just my thing. Katy helps me screen guys so I don’t get ratted on and lose my medical license.”

“But no pressure!” Katy quickly interjected. “I just wanted to introduce you. You don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to.”

So I was brought here to fuck the doctor? The past few months had been strange in terms of sexual exploration, but this was a whole new level. I was going to need a minute to wrap my head around this.

I wasn’t going to get it.

“Never mind,” Dr. Perkins sighed as she turned toward the door. “Thanks, Katy. But he seems like he’d be too gentle. And it’s the gentle ones who snitch.”

I don’t know why that comment set me off, but it did. First of all, I was no snitch. Second, yes, I was normally a very gentle lover but I had learned a thing or two recently.

Dr. Perkins was just opening the door to leave when I sprang up, spun her around, and pushed her back against the door to slam it shut. I reached behind her to press the lock.

Still in her heels, she was just escort köle bayan gaziantep slightly taller than me. I planted my hands against the door on either side of her head, leaned forward, and growled into her ear, “What did you just say?”

Not skipping a beat, her hand flew to my crotch and grabbed me. “I said,” she hissed, “You probably fuck like a timid little bitch.”

Why did I find that so fucking hot? I could ponder it later. For now, there was work to be done. I grabbed the side of her face and smashed my mouth against her thick lips. Her mouth immediately opened to receive my tongue. Just then I heard Katy’s vibrator click on from where she lay. I determined to give her a good show.

I broke our kiss and spun Dr. Perkins around again. Then I pulled her lab coat off and let it fall to the ground. Her dress followed as I quickly unzipped it and pulled it down her body. A plump white ass, purple thong, and juicy thighs greeted me as the dress slid down to her ankles. Despite her previous comment, Dr. Perkins made no move to stop me.

I grabbed Dr. Perkins by the shoulders and pushed her forward, forcing her to catch herself with her hands against the door. This bent her over slightly and made her stick her ass out. I unfastened my jeans and pulled them down with my boxers to my ankles, then I did the same with her thong.

Instead of standing back up, however, I squatted and grabbed her thick asscheeks with both hands. Leaning forward and pulling her cheeks apart, I licked her crevasse from bottom to top, stopping to circle her asshole a few times. She tasted salty from a full day’s work. I loved it.

I stood back up and nestled my now fully erect cock in between her asscheeks. Dr. Perkins had removed a hand from the door and was now strumming her clit.

“She likes it rough on her tits, baby,” Katy moaned from behind me. Message received. I unclasped her bra, which fortunately didn’t take me too long. Dr. Perkins pulled it off and resumed her original position.

With my cock buried between her asscheeks, I reached around with both hands to sink my fingers into her tits. Damn, they were massive. And totally natural from the feel of it. My thumbs and forefingers pinched her nipples and I kneaded and smashed her breasts together. Dr. Perkins pushed her ass back against me, grinding her asshole long the underside of my shaft.

I brought one hand back to my cock and bent my knees. I slid my shaft between her legs and ran in along the underside of her pussy. She took the hint and bent further forward, making it easier for me to line up with her wet hole. I set the head of my cock against her cunt and slowly pressed in. She welcomed me inside of her eagerly, cooing as I sank my entire length.

With one hand on her breast and the other on her hips, I rocked my cock in and out of her, slow but hard. Each time I pulled her into me she grunted, obviously trying not to give me the satisfaction of hearing her moan, but failing.

I pulled and twisted harder on her nipple. Her breathing sped up and she quit trying to keep quiet. I slapped her ass in approval and she responded with “Fuck!” She thrust back onto my cock even harder, so I slapped her ass again. “Yaas!” she yelped.

At this point, Dr. Perkins had both hands planted against the door as she threw her ass back into me. I grabbed both tits and pulled, gaziantep kumral escort bayan sending my cock deeper into her with every thrust. Katy’s exclamations of “Oooh” and “fuck yes” became louder behind me.

I decided it was time to switch things up. Pulling my cock from Perkins’ pussy, I stepped out of my jeans and boxers and pulled my shirt off. I turned Dr. Perkins around and, for the first time, got a good look at her chest.

Those tits were majestic. Large and teardrop-shaped, they hung heavily. Her small nipples looked even smaller given the size of her rack. I wrapped my lips around one and sucked as much flesh into my mouth as I could. I buried my fingers into her wet pussy and ran my thumb in circles around her clit. I glanced down to appreciate the neatly trimmed strip of dark pubic hair above her mound.

I was planning on staying there for a while, but Dr. Perkins decided it was her turn. With surprising force, she grabbed my shoulders and, driving all of her weight down on me, brought us both crashing to the ground.

I rolled onto my back, the tile floor cold against my bare skin. Dr. Perkins, however, didn’t miss a beat. She kicked off her heels, straddled my hips, and impaled herself on my cock.

She picked up where we left off. Her asscheeks slapped against the tops of my thighs as she twerked her hips. My cock popped out twice, and each time she was quick to shove me back inside of her.

Now I really gave her tits all the attention they deserved. I slapped them around, grabbed and smushed them together, pinched her nipples, and even managed to bite them a few times.

Suddenly Katy appeared as she knelt beside us. She grabbed my face to turn it to her and, Dr. Perkins not slowing at all, pulled me into a wet, sloppy kiss. Her cheeks were bright red.

“I already came,” Katy announced contentedly. I smiled. But I needed to get Perkins off too. It was a point of pride after her comments at the beginning.

Katy had the answer for that too. She clicked on her little pink vibrator and pressed it against Perkins’ clit. The doctor froze in mid-thrust as the toy hummed against her button. Seeing an opportunity, I rammed my hips into her, fucking her as hard as I could from beneath while Katy made small circles around her engorged clit.

That did it. Dr. Perkins, losing all control, moaned deeply, “Aaahhhhh fuuuuck!” Her pussy tightened and twitched around my cock as fluids streamed down my shaft.

I let her enjoy the moment, burying myself up to my balls and holding myself inside her. But as she came down from her high I decided it was my turn.

I slide out from under her and stood to my feet. I grabbed a heavy breast with each hand and slipped my cock between them. Squishing her tits together, I slid my slick cock up and down across her sternum.

She let me fuck her tits for a minute or two, but then the good doctor pushed my hands away and, opening her mouth wide, took me deep into her throat. She dug her fingers into my ass as she pulled me into her, gulping and slurping sounds filling the air.

I peeked over at Katy, who had her vibrator buried inside of her with her eyes glued to the ensuing throat fucking. She was enjoying orgasm number two.

And the look of sheer pleasure on her face is what finally did it for me. Dr. Perkins swallowed hard as I drained my balls down her throat. She coughed but didn’t stop sucking my shaft until she had milked every drop.

My legs shook as Dr. Perkins pulled me from her mouth with one last slurping sound and licked her lips.

“What are…you two doing this weekend?” she said through labored breaths.

I looked at Katy, who smiled slyly. “Breastfeeding,” she said. “And you’re welcome to join us, Doctor.”

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