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Nia was a different kind of girl. She was beautiful: her eyes, her face, her smile, her hair, her body. Her breasts stood out proudly from her chest. They were prominent and drew the attention of both men and women. She had a butt that called out to be watched. Her legs were one of her better assets. One’s eyes could not stop from traveling from her ankles upward until her legs met. One could only wonder what beauty existed there. One, though, would be surprised. Nia had a “package”, a penis and testacies.

She was born in Africa and lived there before coming to the States to begin college. Her parents were doctors with ‘Doctors Beyond Borders’. Her Mother was from Brazil and her Dad from the United States. She was a late bloomer, a tom-boy well into her teenage years until her breasts began to develop. They developed quickly. Her parents had her blood tested. She was genetically a female. Later they had her sperm tested. She was sterile. She would not be passing her DNA onto to another. In Africa she had seen firsthand considerable diversity in people. She accepted her differences. She was what she was. Her parents were very supportive.

Once her breasts developed she could not wear skimpy tops. She wore a sturdy bra. When she started having morning erections her Mother introduced her to gaffs to hold her penis and testicles closely to her body. As such, she didn’t wear string bikinis. Her top had to be sufficient to hold her breasts. Her bikini bottoms had to be sufficient to cover the gaff.

Upon finishing the equivalent of high school she applied to and was accepted to an all women’s college in the States. Her parents were somewhat relieved. They felt that an all women’s college would provide her an easier transition into adulthood and things sexual.

Her parents realized that they could not protect her from the vagaries of life and encouraged her to live in the dormitories. They thought that it would be a “kinder” place to introduce her to the reaction of others to her “differences”. She had been taught from an early age to be modest in displaying her lower body.

Things changed on her the day her roommate, Jean, barged into their ensuite bathroom as she was exiting the shower. Her roommate stopped in her tracks. She stared at Nia’s penis. Nia froze too. Her roommate blurted “I’m sorry.” and turned around and left the bathroom.

Nia dried off, wrapped a towel around her waist, and left the bathroom. Jean was sitting in her desk chair staring into space. “Are you OK,” asked Nia. She turned to face Nia. She had seen Nia’s breasts before but now she knew what lay below. She blushed. “Are you OK,” again asked Nia.

“May I see it?” Jean asked. Nia paused and then removed the towel and moved to stand in front of her.

Jean was mesmerized. Even at her young age she had seen and played with enough cocks to recognize that what was before her was something very special. Aside from being affixed to a woman, it was beautiful. It was probably the most beautiful cock she had seen so far in her young life.

As she reached her hand out tentatively, she raised her face to Nia’s and asked “May I touch it?”

Nia nodded yes.

As she fondled it, Nia experienced her first erection at another’s hand. She had been circumcised. Her crown was waiting for attention. Jean leaned forward and sucked on it several times, bringing it into her mouth and then drawing her lips over it as she withdrew from it. Nia gasped. Then Jean took as much of the length into her mouth as she could and then pulled back grasping it as tightly as she could with her mouth. She did it repeatedly. Nia exploded, her cream filling Jean’s mouth.

Jean liked the taste. It was different than any other that she had tasted before.

Nia fell back to sit on her bed. She felt awesome. Jean, wiping her lips with her tongue, telling her, “That was delicious! Maybe will do it again later.” And absently mindedly, mumbling to herself: “This is going to be a great year. Just think I got a cock to use whenever I want.”

That night when Jean was ready to retire for the night, instead of getting into her own bed, she crawled in with Nia. She spooned Nia and immediately searched out her cock and began fondling it. Nia had retired earlier and was already asleep. She was stirred out of her sleep by something feeling good in her body. As her awareness spread she became aware that her cock was rigid and was being touched. She realized that there was someone else in bed with her. She started to turn over.

“Oh good, you’re wake!” exclaimed Jean as she moved and rolled Nia onto her back with her cock standing strong. Jean stroked Nia’s cock to get it harder. She had been toying with her pussy to get it wet. Just thinking of what she was going to do, had her juices flowing. As soon as Nia was on her back, Jean mounted her impaling herself totally on Nia’s hard cock in one continuous downward motion.

The feelings that Nia were experiencing were beyond anything she had ever felt before. She had feelings in her cock that were overwhelming. She orgasmed, her body shuddering several times. She sank into the softness of the mattress, Kartal Sınırsız Escort her body spent.

She became aware that Jean continued to straddle her. She was rubbing her clit aggressively with the flat of her fingers. A loud “Oh” came from her when she orgasmed.

She dismounted from Nia and walked to her own bed dipping her fingers into her pussy and bringing them to her mouth. “Hmmm, taste good.” She settled into her bed and fell quickly to sleep. Nia laid there thinking about what happened and how great she felt before falling back to sleep. She was holding her cock.

Nia awoke before Jean. When Jean awoke and saw Nia awake she nonchalantly said “Thanks for last night. I needed that.” She arose and proceeded to do her normal morning routine.

Jean getting off on Nia’s cock became a routine thing. Nia accepted it but wondered about it. Some nights Jean would orgasm, dismount and go to her bed leaving Nia to masturbate to get release.

Nia sought help. She was apprehensive about speaking to anyone in school. She didn’t want Jean to get in trouble nor make public her situation. By discretely asking questions she learned of a woman GP off campus. She called and scheduled an appointment.

The doctor listened to Nia. Upon hearing everything she told he: “You’ve been used, raped. It is consensual rape. In your case, you liked it. It turned you on. You became and remained erect. Your roommate impaled herself on your cock and bobbed up and down until she experienced her orgasm. The fact that you did not have an orgasm was immaterial to her.” She continued, “I’m not so much concerned about the raping. My concern is that you see recreational sex in a larger context of love making sex.”

“What is the difference?” asked Nia.

“In simplistic terms, recreational sex is about you giving sexual pleasure expecting that your partner will give you sexual pleasure in return. Love making sex is about you giving sexual pleasure expecting nothing in return. You do it for the feelings that you hold for your partner.”

She took Nia’s hands in hers and told her that because she had male sex organs it would be unlikely that she would have anything but a platonic relation with a male. She would, though, find a lot of women attracted to her. Thus, she would have to learn how to please a woman and how she’d want a woman to please her. She would have to guide them.

Nia nodded in understanding. She didn’t know enough to accept it or not.

The doctor suggested that Nia see a friend of hers who should be able to help her. Nia said that she would. She left Nia for several minutes returning to tell her that she called her friend, had explain the situation and her friend, Cindy, felt that she could help her. The doctor wrote down Cindy’s name and telephone number and gave them to Nia.

As soon as Nia left the doctor’s office she pulled out her phone and called Cindy. They agreed to meet later that afternoon. They would meet at a coffee shop not far from Cindy’s apartment.

Cindy was a high paid escort. It was not about sex. It was about public companionship with recognized expectation, sex not being one of them. Cindy was “eye candy” on anyone’s arm, male or female. But she was more than eye candy. She was a well educated, intelligent, articulate, self-confident woman at the young age of 28. She had developed outstanding social skills for making others feel comfortable with her. She was bi-sexual. She enjoyed a good capable cock but found that it was a “hit or miss” situation. She had learned that she could always find satisfaction in the arms and bed of another woman.

Nia was immediately attracted to her and felt comfortable with her. Cindy quickly learned of her background in Africa and her experiences with Jean. When they finished coffee, Cindy invited Nia to her apartment. Nia readily accepted. As they walked to her apartment Cindy wrapped her arm around Nia’s arm and pulled her close to her. Nia liked the closeness.

When they got to the apartment, Cindy showed her through it so that she’d feel comfortable being there. She directed Nia to sit on the couch and she sat next to her, turning towards her. “So tell me about what you liked when Jean used you?” she asked.

As Nia was telling her, Cindy interrupted her to ask, “May I touch you?”

Nia’s heart fluttered as she nodded yes. She was unsure of what Cindy’s was asking but she felt comfortable with Cindy and the doctor had said that Cindy could help her.

The seduction began.

As their conversation progressed, Cindy would play with Nia’s hair, stroke her arm and hold her hand in hers. When she sensed that Nia was comfortable with her being touched, she caressed Nia’s check asking “May I kiss you?”

“I think that I would like that,” Nia replied.

Cindy leaned in and kissed her. “Did you like that?”


Cindy leaned in and kissed her again. This time with a little more pressure, a little longer. As Nia warmed to the kissing and began kissing back, Cindy varied the kissing. Nia would respond in kind: Lips slightly apart. A little tongue teasing the other’s lips. Kartal Suriyeli Escort Tips of the tongues teasing one another. Open mouths. Tongues caressing the others.

Nia liked this thing called “kissing”. She began to seek it. She was fully involved. Nia realized that this was what “help” was about.

When it felt right Cindy began running her hand over Nia’s body. First on the arms, then on her thigh, then around her stomach, until she cupped Nia breast in her hand and squeezed it gently. Nia moaned and thrust her breast into Cindy’s hand. Cindy kissed her. Nia quickly open her mouth inviting Cindy’s tongue. Cindy sensed a hunger in Nia. When she broke the kiss, she leaned into Nia’s ear and whispered “I would love to see your body. I would love to see your cock.”

Nia smiled. She rose and stood in front of Cindy and stripped. She stood there proud of her body, cock and all.

Cindy reached out and caressed her breasts, twirling her fingers around Nia’s nipples. She caressed downward until her fingers caressed Nia’s cock. It was beautiful. Cindy grasped it in her hand and imagined how it would feel inside of her. She pumped it a few times to appreciate its length. She stood up and grabbing hold of Nia’s cock, led her into her bedroom.

She stripped the cover off of the bed and sat Nia on the edge. She stood in front of Nia and stripped. Nia watched intently.

When Cindy was naked she took Nia’s hand and brought it to her breast. Her hand over Nia’s hand she moved Nia’s hand around. She’d squeezed Nia’s hand. When she felt Nia moving her hand on her own, she removed her hand. Nia quickly became comfortable with what she was doing. She explored both of Cindy’s breasts relishing the feel of them. When Cindy’s nipples became erect she gently flicked them with her fingers. She watched as Cindy rolled a nipple between her fingers. Nia copied her actions with the other nipple. Cindy pulled out her nipple and let it snap back. Nia did the same.

Cindy reached down and took one of Nia’s nipples and began doing to it whatever Nia was doing to hers. Nia quickly recognized the causal relationship. Cindy pinched Nia’s nipple. It surprised Nia. She looked at Cindy and smiled. She liked the slight combination of pain and pleasure. Nia pinched Cindy’s. Cindy smiled.

When Cindy felt it was time to move on she took Nia’s hand and brought it to her pussy. She took Nia’s middle finger and drew it through her labia. When she withdrew it, her finger tip was wet. Cindy raised it to her mouth and sucked on it. She returned it to her pussy and again collected her nectar on its tip and brought it to Nia’s mouth. Nia opened her mouth and sucked her finger. She looked up at Cindy as she was doing it.

Cindy pulled Nia up and changed positions with her. When she sat she spread her knees wide and pulled Nia by the hand to kneel between her legs. Cindy pulled her labia as open as wide as she could. Nia moved closer so that she could see. She had seen pictures of a vulva, a pussy, and knew what all the parts were but this was the first real living one she saw. Cindy encouraged her to explore which she did. She explored with her eyes and fingers.

“Since you don’t have a pussy, I’m going to guide you in things to do to give sexual pleasure to a woman’s pussy,” Cindy explained.

“First there are the labia minor,” she said, spreading her labia wide and pointing to them. They are very sensitive. If you touch them with your fingers make sure your fingers are wet. Either wet them in your mouth or wet them with the wetness that you that find in the vestibule. Because your fingers might have rough skin I would suggest that you use your tongue. Try it.”

Nia did. She teased the labia minor with the tip of her tongue, lapped them with the flat of her tongue and sucked on them gently. She became aware of the effects she was having on Cindy. She liked being the cause of that.

Cindy continued: “Next is the clit. Again make sure your fingers are wet, better yet, use your tongue and mouth.” Cindy showed her the hood, nub and nerve sheath. She showed her how to rub the nub with the flat of the fingers in a circular motion and back and forth. She showed her how to grip the nerve sheath between her fingers to arouse her. “Try it.”

And Nia did. She explored with her mouth and tongue and when she felt that the clit was sufficiently wet, she explored with her fingers.

“Drag your tongue through my valley. I’m so wet!” directed Cindy.

Nia did as instructed. She found that she enjoyed it. She lapped it a few times collecting Cindy’s nectar. She liked the taste. It was subtle.

“And the last thing is the vagina.” Although Cindy was wet, she sucked Nia’s index finger into her mouth to wet it as much as possible. She wanted to impress upon Nia the importance of adequate lubrication.

She turned Nia’s palm upward and began to insert her finger. “Feel the top. Feel how smooth it is.” She pushed her finger in more, about up to the second joint. “Do you feel that sponginess? That is the g-spot. It, together with the clit, is very sensitive.

“Now, position the thumb of Kartal İranlı Escort that hand on my clit and rub it while at the same time you tap and gently rub my g-spot with the end of the finger. Ya, I know it’s like rubbing your stomach with one hand in circles and the other hand tapping your head. You’ll get the knack.”

Nia began and Cindy provided a stream of guidance. Nia continued. She noticed Cindy’s body language, facial expressions and her breathing. Cindy had closed her eyes. Cindy’s body grew rigid and then shuddered. Cindy opened her eyes and smiled. She bent down and kissed Nia with a soul searching kiss. Nia was aware of the feelings in that kiss.

“Thank you,” Cindy said, “that was marvelous. Taste my nectar. It is the food of gods. God is a woman.”

Nia did. “Wow!” Nia thought to herself.

Cindy stood and pulling Nia up, crawled into bed with her, on their sides facing one another. Cindy kissed Nia. Nia responded. Nia kissed Cindy. Cindy responded. Cindy caressed Nia. Nia caressed Cindy. As the caressing grew to encompass everything, Cindy began doing new things to Nia. Nia quickly recognized that this was part of the teaching process. What Cindy would do to her, she would do to Cindy. Cindy would repeat doing it until she felt comfortable that Nia was comfortable doing it. It was difficult for Nia to be attentive while enjoying all the new feelings.

First it was teasing Nia’s nipples and finally suckling them. There was something about having her nipple suckled that stirred something deep within Nia. She liked it very much.

Cindy placed her hand behind Nia’s head and brought her mouth to her nipple. “Do it to me,” she said.

Nia loved the experience. She held a breast in both hands and enjoyed its heft, it softness. She placed her head between Cindy’s breast and enjoyed just being there. She teased both nipples, suckling them. She was content.

Cindy rolled Nia atop of her and kissed her. She whispered in her ear: “Now lick my pussy and get me as wet as you can. Lick around my vagina and push you spit into it with your tongue. I’ll let you know when I ready. When I am push you cock into my vagina.”

Nia began to slip down. She again paid homage to Cindy’s breast as she passed along her journey. When she arrived at Cindy’s pussy she caressed it with the flat of her tongue repeatedly with each lick forcing it deeper between her lips until it was dragging across her valley. She could taste Cindy’s nectar. She found Cindy’s clit with the tip of her tongue and teased it. She caressed it with the flat of her tongue. She moved lower and located Cindy’s vagina and toyed with it, collected her spit and forcing it in with her tongue. “Fuck me!” Cindy said.

Nia rose to her haunches, positioned her cock at the entrance to Cindy’s vagina and slowly pushed it in. It slid in easily. Nia eased herself down to lie mons-to-mons on Cindy and began rising and lowering her pelvis. Out and in went her cock. Cindy was making appreciate sounds.

Cindy locked her legs around Nia’s waist and held her against her body. She whispered: “I want you to roll me over without removing your cock so that I can ride you.”

Nia did. Cindy began to ride Nia’s cock. She would lean forward and kissed Nia on the lips or suck on her nipple while doing so. She wanted to show Nia that there was a difference between being used as Jean was doing and what they were doing then.

As soon as she felt that Nia recognized that difference she stopped riding her, began rolling Nia’s hard nipples with her fingers and told her: “I’m going to dismount you and move along side kneeling head down. I want you to fuck me from behind. Either kneel behind me or move my butt closer to the edge of the bed and fuck me while you’re standing on the floor. OK?”

Nia smiled widely. “I think that I’m going to like that,” she said.

Cindy kneeled, head down. Nia got behind her and moved her butt to the edge of the bed. She wanted to fuck her while standing. She wanted to be able to have full mobility of movement.

When she fully penetrated Cindy, she paused for a moment to appreciate everything about the moment. Cindy wiggled her butt. “Come on, I want to feel that thing going in and out,” she prompted.

Nia started slowly. She pulled her cock out to the crown and slowly pushed it in to its full depth. She became aware that Cindy would vary her pelvis position in order to feel her penis rubbing within her vagina differently. Nia suspected that Cindy was looking to have the crown rub her g-spot. She would enter Cindy slowly until she was past the g-spot and thrust more boldly until she had penetrated completely. After doing it a few times Cindy exclaimed: “Oh, my gosh. That feels so good.”

Nia continued. She noticed that Cindy had brought her hand to her pussy and was rubbing her clit with the flat of her fingers. Cindy started pushing back onto Nia’s cock. Cindy was in control. Nia picked up her speed a bit so that Cindy could focus more upon the sensations that she was experiencing. Once they picked up the speed, Cindy’s orgasm happened quickly. As she orgasmed, the walls of her vagina gripped Nia’s cock more firmly and Nia orgasmed. Cindy collapsed onto the bed. Nia fell upon her. They remained like that until Nia’s cock grew flaccid and eased itself out of Cindy’s pussy. Nia rolled off Cindy, Cindy turned to her and they kissed. It was a kiss with feelings. It was a special kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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