Meeting Anne

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I met her online. She had a profile that was both intelligent, yet with a spark of adventure. It had comments like I’m adventurous, willing to try new things, and looking to explore. Her interest as a submissive more than caught my eye, so I took the theme to heart when I wrote her.

Her response was what I had hoped for. It was reserved, yet with a bit of naughtiness, curious more than anything. Hesitant and unsure, but willing – and that is always the most attractive quality. She was like so many who wanted the freedom to explore new horizons without worrying about conventions or what her friends would think. So we agreed on some rules. That we would be lovers and nothing more, that she would follow my lead, and that the first no meant push just a bit further and the second no meant no.

We decided to meet for tea. When I arrived, it was at a French café in downtown. A place near her apartment – elegant, proper and quiet. And she was waiting just as she said she would. Dressed in a white blouse with a tailored skirt; her red hair falling loose over her shoulders. I asked if I could sit down with a wry grin across my face, knowing who was truly in charge, and did so. And we began our conversation. It was strange because we already knew more about each other than either of us cared to admit. And this was just a formality to which we both submitted.

“Myself? I run a small ad agency,” I told her, “and was simply looking for a playmate, to open up both their worlds to new experiences. I laughed, knowing I love nothing more than to explore and to push the boundaries. She told me about herself, and about her desires. I ensured she delved into all of them, telling me in a shy and somewhat shocked voice, worried about being overheard. I could tell she was aroused from it, from being pushed a bit. After sipping tea and finishing a small sandwich I suggested we wander back to her house. And we did.

It was a charming place, clean and nice with light streaming in from the windows. The furniture was meant for entertaining Sahabet and followed the lines of simple sophistication. We entered. Quiet and unsure of what to do. I asked for a glass of wine. She smiled and went into her kitchen. And when she returned, I spoke.

“Why don’t you open your blouse.” It was more a request than a question and it shocked her a bit. She didn’t smile or frown. She simply handed me the wine and began to unbutton. When she was about to pull it from her skirt, I stopped her, “No. Leave it in.” Her skin was beautiful and her breasts were held by an elegant and very white brassiere. “Does it open in the front?” She nodded and unclasped it. And her breast almost fell out, freed of the constraint.

“Come here.” I said. And she walked to me. I caressed her lips with my fingers, slipping one into her mouth and letting her feel the texture of my skin. My finger trailed down to her breasts, leaving a slight blur on her lipstick. The wet finger touched feather lightly on her nipple, feeling it’s taughtness grow. I could see her breathing quicken as I rolled the nipple softly in my fingers.

I let go for a moment. “Take off your panties.” Her hands went under her skirt and pulled on the lace. She bent over to pull them over her shoes, bending down, almost touching my own hardness. “Now pull your skirt up, to above your thighs.” I walked behind her and caressed her rear. Feeling her firm ass, moving a finger between the cleft of pale skin.

I looked to her. “How do you like being naughty? Hmmmmm? Have you ever touched your own ass? Or do you just prefer to watch someone else do it?” I never waited for her answer as my finger probed her opening. Not entering, just pressing. “Do you like that?” She nodded a bit, nervously. I pulled my finger out and gave her a firm smack on the ass. She jumped just a bit, “Yes,” she blurted out. “Yes what?” I teased. “Yes, I like it.” “You like what?” I urged. “I like your finger in my ass.” “Mmmmm, you are learning aren’t you? You are Sahabet Giriş a good slut, aren’t you?” She nodded. God, I could feel her wetness begin.

“Take off your skirt.” I stepped back to watch as she unzipped the side and let it fall to the floor. Her shirt was held by just one button. Revealing her body, yet hiding the patch of soft hair. “You really are beautiful, you know.” She smiled just a bit. “Tell me you know.”

It was almost harder for her to admit her beauty than to stand naked in front of me. “Come on, tell me.” Her shoulders went back, her head came forward, “I’m beautiful.” She smiled, “I’m very beautiful.” “And your sensual and sexy,” I said. I could tell she was getting into it. “I’m very sexy,” she began. “And somewhat naughty. But I want to be even more. I want to be seductive and sensual and bad.” And that was when I kissed her.

My hand went to her breast and squeezed. It moved to her crotch and caressed it. My hands were rough and hard and treated her so. I grabbed her hand and moved it to my crotch. And she grabbed at my cock through my pants. She held its length firmly and tried to pull it out. I pushed on her shoulders, telling her what I wanted by doing so.

She sank to her knees, throwing her hair over her shoulder and opening my belt. I watched her. Her eyes were intent on opening my pants. Again I stopped her. “First my shoes.” She groaned, not wanting to stop her actions. But she complied. She removed my shoes and socks, almost hurling them off my feet, and then rushed back to pull my pants down. And when she enclosed my cock with her lips it was like nothing I had felt. Her mouth was so wet and warm. Her tongue pushed against me and rolled me around in her mouth. Her fingers grasped at my ass and pulled me into her. She took me out of her mouth and held me and ran her mouth on the side of my penis. Her eyes broke their gaze for a moment and stared into mine before engulfing me again.

I let her go for a moment while removing my shirt Sahabet Güncel Giriş and then raised her from the floor. I lifted her leg and raised her foot onto a chair, exposing her sex from beneath her shirt. I stroked my cock, feeling the remains of her saliva. Her own hand I placed beneath her shirt and started its motion. And I kissed her. Our tongues met and entwined as our lips separated and we stayed that way. Playing with ourselves, our only contact our tongues.

When my hand went beneath her, I only felt wetness. Wetter than I ever felt. I knew what would be next. I knelt beneath her and moved my tongue into her and explored all the folds and hidden areas of her sex. I could feel her body start to shake as I moved deeper. And then she exploded. It was like opening the valves of a faucet when she came. And I in no way wanted to stop. I kept moving and exploring until finally her hand came to my head. I could only barely hear her words, “Please…”

I pushed her onto the chair. One knee resting on its seat, her other leg firmly on the floor. One hand holding onto the ornate back of the chair, while the other grasped the arm for support. Her shirt was now open and draped off her back as I entered her. My own hands reaching around to feel that hard nub above her sex. My thrusts were hard and long. And my hand treated her clitoris in the same manner. And she met every thrust with equal energy.

My one remaining hand reached up for her hair, pulling her head back. Forcing her to arch her back even more and raise her hips. I moved her hand to our sex. Placing her fingers on my testicles. We were both moaning at this point. Talking dirty and screaming lewd directions of “harder, faster, just fuck me.”

And when I came I pulled myself out of her to cum on her back. Watching the white streams of sex streak across her buttocks and hips. I placed myself back inside her and tried for a few more thrusts before pausing. I could tell she was smiling as I began to rub my fluids into her back. She twisted her head to watch me. Giving me the opportunity to move my fingers to her mouth.

She caressed my fingers with her tongue, taking my semen into her mouth. I then touched them to my lips. Tasting myself.

“I think I’m going to like this,” was all she said. And we started again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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