Meeting in Paris

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I was fantasizing about us meeting in Paris.

Sneaking away from the rest of the group down at the bar, you knock on my hotel room door. I open it and see you there with that great smile you have. I take your hand and bring you inside and close and lock the door.

We kiss passionately and wet, our tongues intertwined, my hands all over your body.

I unbutton or somehow slip off your dress and see you are wearing a matching bra, thong, and stockings, which you know just drives me crazy.

I undo the clasp of your bra and trail kisses down to your breasts and then stop to tell you that I want to make you cum first: I want to please and pleasure you like you deserve. I continue to consume your breasts, my tongue running all over, sucking and licking and pulling.

My hand trails down to your thong and I can feel the moist heat. I lay you down on the edge of the bed and kneel in front of it. I slip off the thong and raise your legs on my shoulders and then begin to kiss inside your left thigh working up cevizli escort and then over your pussy.Just teasing you a bit, I move down your other leg and you beg me to eat you. I don’t want you to suffer so I say, “Yes my love .” I plant wet kisses all around your pussy and then start to lick around your lips and then taking to take long laps up and down, my tongue pressing between your lips and tasting your nectar. You arch your back and start to moan as I move faster and faster. I spread your lips and focus on your clit and it doesn’t take to long before you start to shake and tighten up as I am sucking and licking and nibbling on your clit. Your legs are wrapped around my head, muffling my hearing but I can feel you explode in orgasmic bliss and you start to relax your grip on my head as you pant to regain your breath.

I lay next to you now and hold you close. My cock is rock hard.

You push me to my back and gently start to lick my cock tip all around erenköy escort and then up and down to my balls. Your lips form a tight wet seal around it and you start to move your head up and down. The feeling is incredible. You look into my eyes, stop, and say, “I want it all.” Then you go back to bobbing up and down on my cock while gently caressing my balls. It doesn’t take long and I warn you I am about to explode. You lift your head and with a wink, you give me a thumbs up. I cum so hard it hurts and you just keep sucking and swallowing it all. When I’m done you go back to licking all over to clean me up.

Then you curl up next to me and we kiss and rest a bit, your head on the crook of my arm, but not for too long as I’m hard again soon because of your wandering hands.

I lay you on your back and kiss you, caressing your breasts. As I lower my body to you, my cock is pressed up against your pussy lips. I ask, “May I” and you say, “Take me silly”. I press esenyurt escort harder a you wrap your arms around me and we shudder as we become one.

You are so wet and so tight. We kiss long and deeply and I also play with you breasts as I slide in all the way deep and then back out all the way. Just to repeat it again and again.

The bed is creaking and we are sweating and there is just the sound of you moaning and our bodies coming together. I move in and out faster and faster and it’s so hard not to cum but I want to make sure you are pleased first. Thankfully, we are so aroused it doesn’t take long and I feel your body tense and you hold me in an iron grip as you yell something and cum hard.

Now your pussy is soaking wet and there are squishy sounds with each thrust. I can’t resist and quickly pull out to lick you and you cum again. I slide back in again deep and quick. I warn you that I’m close and you say, “I want to taste you again” so I pull out all covered in your juices as you take me in your mouth. You start licking and sucking again and hold me right outside your mouth so I can see my load spurt into your welcoming open lips. You swallow it all and and take me in your mouth again to lick me clean. Against feeble protests, I go back down on you and make you cum again.

We finally curl back up all sweaty and messy and pass out until morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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